The Past Brought to Present


The lake is where I have always felt at peace. Where I had the biggest sense of being home. Maybe it was growing up so close

To them and having some of the best memories made there. As a teenager it was a place to escape that always provided fun and laughter.

I don’t have any memories of him at the lake. But now I can’t imagine thinking of the lake and not thinking of him.

Twenty two years ago at a party is when he entered my life. Two people at a party who couldn’t be further apart on the social scene. We spent the next two years spending time together whenever we could sneak it in. I’ll never be able to tell you what pulled us together. Or why after twenty years it continues to pull us together.

That day at the lake I couldn’t shake that feeling of being watched. Sitting on the beach I couldn’t stop feeling a set of eyes burning into me. Maybe it was the heat making me feel restless.

As I stood out in the water, I felt watched. I was Thankful for the dark sunglasses i was wearing and took the opportunity to scan the beach for familiar faces. I’m not sure what or who I hoped to see. But those all too familiar eyes staring right back at me, we’re not what I expected. The sunglasses bought me some time to study him, while he debated whether I saw him or not. My legs were weak, this man has a power over me that I haven’t been able to defeat. It’s an almost animalistic magnetic pull. Do I wave? Do I pretend I don’t see him? We’re on a public beach and I feel like I have tunnel vision. Does he know I see him? He has to almanbahis yeni giriş know. I opt for a quick nod and continue to scan the beach. He’s hurt by this move. I know that. But twenty years later this man still reduces my ability to think clearly to rubble.

Later that night walking into the laundromat, my mind is heavy. While I’m folding laundry, I hear the door open and close. I don’t bother to see who it is. But I hear a voice say, didn’t you recognize me. I still make no move to turn around. I know that voice. Shakily continue to fold and say, ” of course I did.” When I turn around his eyes are burning into mine. He’s irritated…. I have always had this effect on him. He’s used to women falling at his feet. I’ve never been one of them. My nonchalance has always been the flame that ignites the dynamite between us. We fight, we ultimately stop talking and then the universe throws us together again like some sadistic joke. Neither of us are free to act on it, and it still happens.

I hear myself say, “it’s good to see you”.

“That’s it?”, you reply. I feel my temper taking over “What do you want me to say? I miss you? Nothing has changed and I still have feelings?”

I see you face relax a little. You ask if it’s true.

“Of course it’s true. History like that doesn’t just go away.” You’re all but standing on top of me now, so take my chances and put my arms around your neck and pull you down. Our lips meet and it’s fire, like it’s always been. Your arms come around me tight. Then your hands are almanbahis giriş in my hair, making me forget we’re in the middle of a public laundry room. My hands slide into your shirt and I dig my nails into your back as you groan and your mouth moves to my neck. Your hands are everywhere and somehow it’s not enough. I feel your hands under my dress on my ass and Suddenly I’m off the floor and wrapping my legs around you. Your mouth is on my neck and my hands are in your hair, silently begging you not to stop.

I feel the cold countertop meeting my warm skin and even hotter core. I pull your shirt off, I need to feel more of you. I feel your fingers slide over my bikini bottoms, you whisper that they are in your way and pull on the strings and they are on the floor. Your hands skate up my thighs while you stare at me. Almost daring me to look away. Soon your thumb is on my clit and I moan. Your thick finger slides into me and I grip the counter. “God, you’re so tight and wet”. I need more, I need you inside me. I’m so wet right now.

“Oh god”, I moan, as you slide another thick digit inside me. You pull your fingers out and push my legs further apart. You look at me and say “I want to make you come with my mouth.” Your tongue is on my clit teasing it, and I feel your fingers inside me once again. My hands are in your hair and I’m moaning your name. I’m so close to coming. Your tongue continues it’s assault and soon I’m arching my back so much I feel like I could bend in two and pressing my aching pussy against your mouth almanbahis güvenilirmi riding the waves of the strongest orgasm I’ve had. I pull you up to me and taste myself in your lips. When I pull away, I whisper to you.

I still need you inside me…..

You look at me with a dangerous look in your eye and pull me across the counter until I’m on my feet in front of you. You pull me against you and lock your mouth on mine. You close your fist around my hair and tell me that you’ve needed to be inside me for a long time. You pull away and spin me around. My hands slap in the counter to stop from falling. I feel your hand roam up my body. Your fingers plucking at my nipples while you whisper in my ear “next time I’ll be sucking these while my fingers are buried in your wet pussy, do you want me to make you come that way?”

Your hands slide down to my hips and your one hand slides to my clit and I start to moan. You slap my ass and tell me to bend over so you can watch your cock slide into me.

I feel you pushing the head of your thick cock into my wet hot pussy. You whisper in my ear that you’ve fantasized about taking me this way many times.

You groan out “your pussy is so hot and wet, as you continue to push your cock inside me. You grip my hips tighter when you hear me moan at how thick your cock is. I hear you ask if I like this, and I tell you to fuck me hard. You slam your rock hard cock into my pussy and I moan out your name. My legs are shaky as you pound into me. I can feel I’m close to coming. You tell me you’re going to come. You slide your fingers across my clit and demand I come all over your cock. The sensation is enough to make me come instantly, while I feel you shoot your thick load inside me. I feel your sweat slicked body slump against me, and the real world comes back to focus.

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