The Oregon Coast Pt. 05

Big Dicks

“On your hands and knees baby, it’s time for you to get what you gave out so well,” Darlene purred, her voice as soft as a caress.

I arranged myself, and I was trembling with sheer sexual excitement and nervousness, I felt like a bride on her wedding night, as Darlene started to run her hands up and down my back. She drew spirals across my back, Mmmmm, that felt so nice, circling down, down to the twin globes of my ass cheeks. They were cupped by soft hands, spread slowly apart, and I felt a surge as I realized that Darlene was looking right at me, right there.

Darly cooed, “Oh yes Angie, mmmm, I can see the tight pink starfish of your sweet asshole, it’s beautiful, so tight, and I’m going to love kissing and licking that sweet tightness.”

I felt my body shiver as Darlene started to kiss and run her tongue along the crease, then the overwhelming rush as I felt her hot, wet tongue licking right along the rim of my asshole. The sensation of having my asshole licked just about sent me through the roof.

“Oh my god, oh fuck, that feels so fucking good!” I cried.

With encouragement like that, Darlene was eager to keep going, then another bolt surged through me as I felt her tongue, eager to lick and probe, start pressing into me, I worked on relaxing the clenching, and Darlene’s tongue was able to push into me, I was gasping with pleasure as she gave me the licking of a lifetime.

I felt a finger dip into my cunt, I was dripping, and the finger swirled lazily through my pink folds, oh yeah, I knew what that was for, and I worked on relaxing the tight pucker even more. Darlene lifted her tongue from my tight hole, quickly replacing it with her finger. The push and her finger started to push apart my rim, and enter.

“Mmmm, oh yes, so tight, Mmmmm” Darlene cooed.

Oh god, it was making me see stars, and I was grunting and gasping as she slowly buried her finger in, as deep as she could go. I could feel the walls of my tunnel clenching tightly at her finger, as she pulled back slowly, then drove her finger back in, oh god, I was getting my asshole finger fucked for only the second time ever, and I was vibrating with pleasure.

Darlene purred, “Now it’s your turn baby. I want you to sit on my face, and I’m going to finger fuck your tight asshole, while I lick your hot, juicy cunt! I want your cunt to explode, cum all over my face Angie baby, I want you to wash my face down with güvenilir bahis your cunt juices!”

I was throbbing with desire, as I growled, “Oh my god, so fucking sexy, so hot, lick my cunt, and fuck my asshole Darly baby, let me have it!”

My body was on fire with burning lust, Darlene lay down next to me, her eyes were glowing with sexual heat, and she smiled at me, opening her mouth, and wiggling her tongue at me. I lifted myself up from hands and knees, and I slid my leg over her head, in a squatting position right over her face.

“Oh yeah, lower yourself down baby, oh god you cunt smells so hot and steamy, I’m gonna lick you like crazy baby,” Darlene cooed.

I felt her hands grasp my hips, and pull me down tight against her face. I felt the sizzling wetness of her tongue against my lips, I felt her hands cup my asscheeks, spreading them apart, then I let out a grunt of pleasure as I was once again anally penetrated. She started to gently finger bugger my asshole, at my insistence she picked up speed, setting up a fast rhythm reaming out my asshole, her finger pumping in and out, giving me a hard and fast finger buggering, and my head was spinning.

The feel of her hot, wet tongue swiping all over my gushing lips was like heaven, and I could feel that climb towards the peak starting, picking up speed. Her mouth moved up, and her lips clamped around my clit, that hard, pink stiffness, her tongue laving at it, surrounding my throbbing orgasm button in a world of hot, wet sensation. That did it, my clit started twitching crazily, my asshole started to clench and unclench at her pumping finger, and I went roaring over the edge.

“Yes, fuck, fucking, so fucking good, yes, OH MY GAAAWWWDDDD!!”

My voice rose up to a scream, and I was cumming like a burning hot slut in full heat. I could feel my cunt explode its juices, pumping out a shower of my girl cum, the idea that I was gushing it all over Darly’s face just powered me on, if felt like my womb was doing flips as I growled, squealed, and gasped, my orgasm setting my cunt vibrating with shooting sensations, my asshole throbbing with the sensation of Darly’s finger reaming my asshole. It was the most intense, all body rush I’d ever felt, and I was lightheaded as it started to ebb, and I slipped off her face, and fell into her arms, feeling her wet face against mine, nuzzling and kissing gently at me, making my heart thump, Darly, oh Darly, güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m falling in love with you, I thought to myself.

We lay together quietly, the day was still foggy, and after a while, Darlene looked out the window.

“Angie, let’s go and skinny dip again, I enjoyed it so much, I want to do it again!”

We each grabbed a towel, and I let my eyes roam all over her nudity, feeling the flutters of excitement, now that I had tasted the pleasures of her body, I knew I’d just want more and more. Hand in hand we walked down to the water, the fog was still pretty thick, and Darlene looked over, smiling.

“It might be a bit cooler today, let’s just do the mad dash, get used to the water quicker!” Darlene said.

I took her right hand in my left, smiled back, and cried, “Let’s do it!”

We raced at the water, I could feel the cooler water as we splashed our way out, then dived headfirst. I felt the shock of cooler water closing over my body, and I dived down, then shot up, popping up like a loose cork, letting out a howl of sheer joy. Right next to me, Darlene shot up, and let out a loud squeal.

“Whoa, what a difference, the water’s really nippy!” she cried out, laughing. “Not quite cold enough to freeze those balls off a brass monkey, but still the ocean has got a bite to it today.”

We played around, feeling the joy of our shared discoveries until Darlene and I were clinging together, lips cleaved to each other, tongue-filled swirls of passion making our hearts race.

I cooed, “Let’s go back to our motorhome, and warm up the best way possible.”

Darlene grinned, and we walked out of the water, eager to warm up. In just a few minutes, we were on the bed, entwined in a 69, both eager to give and receive that most intimate kiss. Breasts pressed to bellies, lips, and tongues kissing and slipping between each other’s lower lips, I cooed with ecstasy as I felt the tip of Darly’s tongue softly probing my pink lips, gently burrowing between my pink walls.

I gazed at Darly’s pink treasure, spread open for me. The scent of her arousal, hot and musky, surrounded me, making me dizzy with desire. I could feel the sizzling pleasure of Darly’s tongue stroking gently at the folds of my pussy. 69, I’m going to 69 my best friend. My tongue quickly did what my mind was seeing, sliding along Darly’s luscious pink inner lips. The growl of desire from Darly spurred iddaa siteleri me on, as I felt the sizzling pleasure being applied to my steaming core in kind.

I felt one of her fingers stroking at my tight little asshole, and I quickly copied that, our pussy muffled moans sounding as we made the hot, satisfying lovemaking that I had been missing. My mouth was being filled with Darly’s musky taste, and I went wild. In that loving embrace, we pulled each other’s pussies tightly against our faces, and we moved in unison, ardently giving each other the hot, steamy loving we were eager to give and receive. Darly’s tongue was dipping deep into my fiery center, her finger teasing at my asshole, eager to lick up the sweet juices that were flowing out of me, and I was rewarded by Darly’s sounds of pleasure, as her tasty juices filled my mouth.

I could feel it building up, oh fuck, oh yeah, we were just two hot, wet horny cunts, with nothing else in the world but to make each other cum like fucking crazy. I clamped my lips around Darly’s pleasure bud, and I felt Darly’s tongue wrapping around my bulging clit, pulling at my swollen, engorged orgasm trigger, and we licked each other’s clits wildly, and I felt the pleasant rush as I was anally penetrated, my finger probed her in kind, oh god, I could feel it so, so close, then the rush as it swept into me, I was almost crazy as I felt my cunt burst apart in a shower of sizzling sensations and gushing juices, then I was rewarded as my orgasm pushed Darly into her own, squirting my face down with her climactic release, drinking deeply of her copious flow, our cries of orgasmic pleasure filling the motorhome. We held on to the last little shudderings, then we were face to face, kissing each other. I knew the feeling, and I wanted to say it, so I did.

Taking her face in my hands, and looking her in the eyes, I said, “I love you Darly, I really, really love you!”

She gasped, then she said, “Oh baby, I love you too, so, so much, I’ve been hoping you might fall for me, and you did!”

We were kissing wildly, and I could feel that needy heat start building back up. We didn’t get out of bed for the rest of the day, although we slept very little.

The next day, the fog had burned off, and after a skinny dip in the ocean, and a long, drawn-out early morning session of slow, gentle, totally satisfying lovemaking, we were on our way. After taking a side trip to Las Vegas, and getting married at one of the chapels by a dead ringer for Elvis, it was official. Behind the wheel, with Darly, my loving wide by my side, we continued our drive, the motorhome taking us into a new, and exciting future.

The End

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