The Only Woman for Me- Part Five


      I can’t believe it but the day has finally arrived. Elaine is back in town.   She is moving in to her home right now. I am getting ready to head over there and help her unpack everything. Mike offered to help as well and I couldn’t think of a good enough reason to turn down more assistance so he is coming with me. I am standing in the mirror giving myself on finally look over, as nervous as if this was a first date or something. I am so excited to finally see her again I am about to jump out of my skin.   One last look in the mirror and I turn away heading out of the bedroom when Mike says, “Susan, you ready?” “Yeah I am coming now.” The drive to her house doesn’t take 15 minutes but it feels like hours, my stomach in knots. Even Mike can tell I am acting weird. When he asks me about it I realize I need to calm down and act normal. Shit I am helping her unpack it is not like anything is going to happen today anyway. We pull up and park out in the yard. I see her walk out the front door but she doesn’t seem to notice our car focused on get another box out of the truck. Seeing her takes my kaçak iddaa breath away. I just sit in the car looking at her unable to move for a moment just watching her. “Hey you getting out or what baby?” I hear Mike ask. “Yeah…yeah… I am.” I open the door and get out of the car. When I shut the door I see Elaine look up at the noise. Elaine looks over at me and stares from a moment at me, my heart pounding wondering what she is thinking. Then I see her beautiful smile emerge on her face as she puts the box down and walks towards me.   I start heading towards her as well. Our smiles getting bigger as we close the distance between each other. We stop and stare at each other for a second and then she grabs me in her arms and pulls me tightly towards her. “God how I have missed you baby.” She whispers in my ear. “I have missed you too…you don’t know how much.” I respond with a sigh. “Uh… Hi I am Mike, Susan’s boyfriend.” Mike says. I pull away from Elaine and look over at Mike. For a minute there I forgot there was anyone here. The world seemed to fade away in her arms. “I’m sorry… Elaine, kaçak bahis this is Mike. Mike this is Elaine.” Elaine’s brother John and his wife Cindy are there as well. After pleasantries are exchanged we get started moving box after box into Elaine’s home.   Just being near her is turning me on; we keep glancing at each other and smiling. Being this close to her and not being able to touch her is driving me nuts it reminds me of the day Elaine and her husband had helped me move……       We had finally gotten all the boxes and furniture moved in. Everyone had just left her husband literally pulling out the drive way when she walks up behind me and bites my neck wrapping her arms around me tight. “Don’t move.” She whispers in my ear. I stand perfectly still for her as she takes my shirt off. Her hands rub against my breasts pulling at them. After she takes my bra off she begins to pull and twist my nipples making them hard and causing me to moan and lean my head back against her. SMACK. Elaine slaps my ass hard saying, “I told you not to move.” “Sorry…Fuck.” Elaine wraps her arms illegal bahis around me undoing my pants and pulls them and panties off. I step out of them and she tosses them aside. Her hand runs across my pussy for a moment. I have been watching her all day my desire for her is almost more than I can stand. Just that slight touch causes me to moan again for her. She goes back to pulling at my nipples her hands running rough over them, just pulling and squeezing them. It is starting to make me wet. I so want to turn around and kiss her feel her breasts against mine but I stay unmoving doing as she asked. I feel her kiss my shoulders and then her teeth dig into my back biting on my shoulder blade I pull away and again she smacks my ass harder than before saying, “Stay fucking still bitch.” Slapping my ass with each word she utters. I try and not move as she does it each slap causing me to move just a little but she lets that slide luckily. I am breathing a little hard from the excitement and pain of her slaps as she goes back to licking and biting her way down my back. I feel her teeth nibble at my sides first the left and then the right her tongue running across my back causing me to shiver and moan. She pushes me towards the couch telling me to bend over slightly, my hands on the back of the couch I bend over a little.

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