the office_(3)


It was just the beginning of summer and it was hot! Entering my seventh month of pregnacy did not help any. My huge expanding tummy made me short of breath, and my nipples were very sensidtive and hard. The heat drenched my body with sweat. Dropping into my chair at the office, I turned on the ceiling fan waiting for some needed relief. I was still at work even though everyone else had left. It had been a long day and I was tired. I stood up and stretched, and for some reason I cupped my full breasts through my blouse and tweaked my hard nipples. Being pregnant had an arousing effect on me. All of my tension seemed to gravitate to my pussy, which was dripping and throbbing in anticipation of a much-needed orgasm. Bruce was out of town on business for a few weeks, so it had been awhile. As I continued caressing my breasts, my breathing became much more labored, and began furiously fingering my wet cunt untill my whole body shuddered as it was consumed by a crushing climax. I collapsed back into my chair gasping for breath, and letting the fan cool my sweaty body. After regaining my senses, I headed home for another night alone, but Bruce was coming home tomorrow.

The next day, I went to Bruce’s office and after half-hour, he was not back .I was getting extremely fidgety, so I closed the office door and sat on his dessk with naughty thoughts dancing around in my head, I was getting more and more aroused. While daydreaming about our last time togetther, I partially unbuttoned my blouse, izmit rus escort and hiked my skirt up to my hips. I rolled my nipples between my fingers, alternating between the two, making them seeth with pleasure. I was lost in my arousal when the door swings open and in walks Bruce. I stand up and give him a long, deep, wet kiss. I could feel his erect member. I unziped his pants and his turgid cock springs free. Helping me down to the floor, he lifts my skirt up and tears off my panties, unable to control his lust for me any longer. “Baby…this is…the…image I…couldn’t…get out…of my …head,” he panted. “I’m so…hot…for…you.. He felt my hard nipples and sucked them hungry into his mouth. He placed his erect cock in between my breasts and within several minutes he was squirting his load all over my breasts. I was gasping for breath, but realized that we both were sexualy tightly wound springs, and one orgasm, no matter how powerful,was going to release all the tension. “Hon…let’s finish…this at…home. I….need a…breather.” I was done in with my orgasm at my office and pleasuring him at his office. We were disheveled as we left his office. I was still breathing hard as we got into the car.

We were silent on the drive home. I had a 20-minute catnap in the car.(being pregnant was extra hard work) As we walked into the house, I took his hand and lead him to our bedroom. We embraced and caressed each other. I started to rub the front of his izmit escort pants and felt him grow. “You certainly don’t have a problem getting hard.” I said , looking at the unmistakable outline of is stiff cock.

“All it takes is the right stimulus” he replied. “Believe me, all I got to do is look aat you, and I’m as hard as a rock.” I slowly unclasped my bra and let the cups slid down. I shook my shoulders, causing my massive pair of boobs to wobble to and fro. Bruce dove in and rubbed his face against them. “They are all for you, baby,” I said seductively. He sucked on my nipples as I held him in my arms. I was getting horny and could feel my cunt getting wetter. Bruce sank to his knees, hugged my waist and began kissing and licking my belly. It was so soft and round. He kissed around my navel and then inserted his tongue into it, circling it over and over. Before I knew it, Bruce’s anxious tongue was inside me. He immediacy went for my harden clit and licked it rapidly. I screamed out in pleasure and grabbed his hair in my hands and guided his face into me further. Bruce was licking my clit growing with gusto, pausing only to breath. I began to move my hips in response to his darting tongue, which seem to hit its target perfecstly. He reached up and put each nipple between his index finger and his thumb and pulled them gently. He continued to tongue me fervently,knowing that he was about to give me a stunning orgasm. Soon he felt my butt moving with excitment and returned his hands kocaeli escort to my hips and grabbed as much of it as he could. I waas moaning in ecstasy, my volume increased with each of his tongue strokes. Suddenly, I let out a scream and released love juice all over his face. I collapsed to the floor in a heap. Bruce saw me breathing very hard, sweaty, and red faced and became concered. “Are you alright babe?” After a few minutes I gasped out “WOW” . I put my head on his chest and regained my composure. My big boobs were heaving up and down with each deep breath I took, and were covered with a fine mist of perspiration. I rubbed each tit aganist his face wiping the moisture from them on him. He had a raging hard-on, and I stroked it until a thick, warm transparent fluid was leaking from the eye of his stiff cock. With great effort I got on top and guided his penis inside of me. Sitting still for a few minutes, he gasped, “Babe, please…I need…to…cum! No… more. teasing.”
OOHHH…that’s good,” I purred, feeling the stiff shaft slid in and out of my tight wet pussy. I could feel my blood beginning to hammer through my hot flesh and seethe with need, “YES…OOHH…YES”
He held on to me tight and puullled himself into me as I was pounding away on him. He could hear himself groan with pleasure as he released his cum in my bouncing pussy. I was still humping away wildlly as the last of his cum rose inside of me. I collapsed on top of his sweaty body, sucking in air like a sprinter. He was breathing helplessly in my ear, and gasped “OH…I’ve…died…and…gone….to…heaven. We both drifted off to sleep, having pleased one other to the point of exhaustion.

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