The Office Tease


My heart both leaped and sank at the same moment. I so badly wanted her to finish what she started in me, but to have the night continue longer and to remain hers for the duration was also quite enticing.“Mistress please!” I mumbled as she laughed.She lightly touched my cock with her finger continuing to make it twitch with desire then she laughed again.“Oh no big boy! You aren’t gonna get out of this that easy!”She poked my cock and I involuntarily twitched again. “Haha, I love that!” she said as my cock bounced and swayed.I just groaned.She stood up and walked around behind me to the far side of the room.I listened as her heels clicked once again on the stone floor. Soon I heard her coming back and this time she was wheeling a small cart.“I’ve got such plans for you baby,” she said.I could hear her moving items around on the cart. My imagination got the better of me and I began to tremble. Suddenly I felt her hand on my butt again.“Tell me who you belong to again?”“I belong to you mistress,” I responded.“And exactly how much of you belongs to me, baby?” she asked.I said, “All of me mistress.”“That’s right,” she said as she slowly parted my cheeks and began to run her finger down in between them.I pulled in a deep breath, not knowing what was about to happen.She paused once her finger touched my backdoor.“Who owns you again?”“You do mistress,” güvenilir bahis I answered.She tapped her fingernail directly on my spot, causing me to jump in my chains.“And how much of you do I own baby?” she asked again.“All of me mistress. All of me,” I repeated.“Mmmm,” she murmured and then I felt her hands, now wet with some kind of lubricant, begin to massage my most sensitive spot. Slowly and insistently they worked on me. Rubbing, pushing, kneading. At first, it felt very awkward. I felt so exposed and vulnerable chained naked and having that particular spot touched so directly by such a beautiful woman. Never before had I experienced anything like this, nor had anyone ever touched me “there.” My cock actually softened a bit as her finger suddenly slid into me.“Deep breaths baby,” she said and began to slowly slide her finger in and out of me.I concentrated on breathing and as she continued to work her finger, the unfamiliar feelings the situation had produced in me began to slowly turn into feelings of pleasure and my cock began to slowly harden once again.A remarkably intense, and not at all unpleasant, feeling washed over me as she, without warning, flexed her finger and rubbed my prostate directly.I fell forward in my chains, my chest heaving with deep breaths. I heard myself moan without intending to.“Awww that got your attention güvenilir bahis siteleri didn’t it baby?” she said while beginning to rub me harder.“Yes, mistress!” I gasped while jerking back and forth in my chains. I must have looked ridiculous pulling against my chains, my cock bouncing crazily, my chest heaving, and all the while involuntarily moaning.She kept up what she was doing for what seemed like ages and I began to feel like I could cum from the stimulation.“Mistress…” I gasped through the moans, “I feel like I might cum.”“Don’t,” she said simply and without stopping even for a second.In fact, I’m convinced she began to rub even harder and faster. My moaning grew constant and the stimulation, overwhelming. I could feel my entire body pulsing. I looked down and saw that my cock was dripping precum.“Mistress! I’m dripping. You’re going to make me cum!”“Hold it!” she said firmly as she pulled her finger out of me suddenly and I gasped with relief.However, with my intake of breath, I felt a much stronger push and something large stretched my opening much wider. Right before becoming painful it popped into place and gave me some relief, although now I was held open and a new feeling of fullness washed over me.“I’m impressed, baby!” she said standing up and cleaning her hands behind me. “You did quite well with that!” iddaa siteleri She walked around to the front of me and came in close for a deep kiss. “I know all of that was a bit of a stretch for you,” she said with a wink.I hung there gasping and throbbing and, with her comment, the feeling of vulnerability returned and I’m sure I blushed a good shade of red.She knelt and inspected my cock. It was still throbbing and a nice drip of precum clung to the underside of the tip. She smiled and looked at me while she slid her finger up the underside of my cock and removed the drop.“Awww! For me?” she said softly. Still looking me in the eye, she licked her finger clean and swallowed.I sagged in my chains and loudly moaned, “Please mistress! I want you soo badly!”“Awww that desperate from the preparation alone?” she said. “I haven’t even started to edge you yet! You’re not asking me to break my promise are you?”My heart skipped a beat as I realized I didn’t know what to say. “I just want you so bad mistress. I’m on fire.”“Mmmm… Just the way I want you, baby. Are you ready to begin?” Then she laughed and said in her low husky voice, “I guess you don’t really have a say, do you?”I moaned again as she walked out of sight behind me.She came back with a pillow, towel, spray bottle, bottle of tingling lubricant, and a small back box with several buttons that had wires coming out of it. She put the pillow down and knelt on it and arranged everything about her within easy reach. She must have noticed my puzzled expression because she picked up the black box and asked, “Wondering what this is?”

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