Subject: the nice side of law enforcement part 1 This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. Some of the parts are real but will leave that up to the reader to decide. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. You may contact me at [email protected] if you would like to comment. Also I have many more stories so if you use the search feature on fty you can use woodd_guy as the key word and you will find my other stories. (Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories please consider a donation to fty) The ce Side of Law Enforcement This happened a while back when I was in my mid-teens, it was a Friday afternoon and happened to be a really hot day out. I had just gotten off of school and decided that I needed to take a run in the park. I changed into my shorts and a t-shirt at the gym and took a short walk to a local park. I had forgotten to grab a water bottle from my locker, which I knew was dumb of me since it was rather hot out, and I knew I would need the water after I had run a while. But being a teenager we sometimes just do things without thinking about them, so once I arrived at the park I started running down the trails. I should have said this earlier I have been running since very young in order to help lose some young boy fat and once I lost the weight, I started doing weight lifting and have to admit I was in very good shape. I was I say average for my age so I was maybe 5’5″ and not real thin but a solid build and flat stomach. And as many boys my age I was not sure it was because I jerked off a lot but I also had a more then average package in my shorts. I had been running a while and have noticed the looks I get from some of the other runners and have to admit I get noticed by both men and women. When I was in my preteens, I had a very good buddy and as we grew up together, we had tried stuff that a lot of boys do. At times we jerked off each other and also at times we did trade blow jobs. Then as time went on, we both sort of dated girls, but at that age dating, if lucky, was a kiss or maybe a feel and being left horny we stop at one or the others house and sneak off and before long we be in 69 position and both get a happy release. So back to my story as I was running, I was really starting to get hot, so I took off my t-shirt and I could feel my chest and back sweating a lot. I know I should have slowed down, but always pushed myself and kept up the pace, since I felt I was close to the end of the run. I was feeling sort of faint but made it to a bench, that’s when I could feel my lights going out. I was not sure what took place but when my eyes opened, I was looking at a police officer and he was holding a wet cloth on my head. He also had a cold bottle of water in his hand, I was coming back when he said try drinking some of the water but only take a small sip. I took the bottle and took a sip and of course I spilled some of it and that ran down my chest and then onto my shorts. Not sure if it was the cold water on my chest or the fact that I just gave my cock a shower that I was more revived. I was now a lot more aware of my surroundings and I realized the police officer that was helping me was Jack, He was assigned as part of his patrol to stop at the park and with a mountain bike mounted on the patrol car, he at times would take a tour thru the park. Also, since he was part time bike officer, he wore shorts as part of his uniform. This patrol was started since a few runners had fallen or like me fainted while running and the police chief felt it was a good idea to have a bike patrol in the park. I had spoken with Jack a few times before he was in his early thirties a really nice guy and on his off hours, I have seen him running in the park, for some reason we never talked but always saying hello. After giving myself a bath, I was now awake but still not 100 percent, I still felt very tired, I suspect from heat exhaustion, Jack stayed with me a while and since it was so hot out the park was empty. Jack stood over me he ran the wet cloth over the back of my neck and it felt good. He moved the wet cloth from my neck and was cooling off my back and that also felt good, Jack asked if I needed him to call for an ambulance and I said no just give me a minute I will be ok. As we waited, I am not sure why but when he ran the wet cloth over my chest, I started getting a hard on and no way he did not see that. He had me escort izmit lean back and he ran the wet cloth over my flat belly and I seemed to have no control over my cock as it was tenting my shorts. I could tell he was enjoying this as I could see his member also filling up the front of his shorts. By now I was revived as much as I could, but what I needed was to cool down some. With that in mind Jack suggested that since he was getting off work very soon, if I liked he would take me back to his place and we could use the pool. I knew that sounded like a good suggestion. I also was not thinking that I did not have a bathing suit. So off we went, Jack put his bike on the back of the patrol car and since we live in a small town the police get to take their cars home with them. Once we drove a little while and I was cooled off with the A/C in the car I was feeling a lot better. Jack pulled into a nice house in a little more rural area of town where the houses were built on lots larger lots of land, so it was private. As we drove in and he parked on the side of his house I could see he had a pool in the back yard that looked inviting. We both got out of the car and walked into the house, which was simple but very pleasant looking. I said the pool was a good idea but I do not have a bathing suit, he said no problem you can go in without one or try one of mine. I really wanted to go naked but was being safe and said “OK I will try one of yours” even thinking that he was a lot larger then I was, and his suit had to be too big for me since he was not heavy in any way, but he was just taller and beefier then I was. Jack went into his room and I could hear him getting changed taking off his uniform and a few minutes he came out with his bathing suit and an extra one. Being shy I took it went into the bathroom and changed into it the fit was very loose. Before we went for the pool I asked if I could call home and tell my parents that I would be late, I spoke with my mother but told her I was just at a friend’s house and would be late, I added they said I could stay for dinner so do not expect me till after that, Jack looked at me but did not say anything. Then the both of us headed out to the pool but Jack stopped on the way and grabbed two beers. He just looked at me and said is this OK and I said sure I was not going to say anything to anyone, Once outside he both slipped in the pool and the water felt good and was very refreshing, we just stood around and talked and Jack asked me why I was pushing myself so hard in this heat and I admitted that I seem to have a tendency to push myself, he replied I can see that it seems to show in that you have a nice body as I could feel his eyes looking at me. As I said I had sex with my best friend for years so being with a guy was not out of my comfort zone but this just felt different, Jack was looking at me in a very special and loving way. I was not sure what to do but being honest I sort of liked it. Jack was a good-looking guy and had a powerful build and even that he was nice he had a dominate personally. I suspect that was required when you are a policeman and in situations you need to take control. I could feel his eyes looking into mine and I guess I just decided I was going to do one of two things lean in and kiss my handsome friend or the second was just to dive into the water. Not sure why but I choose the second option. I swam fast to the other side of the pool got out and decided that I dive back in from the diving board. I had been on the swim team at school so I have to admit I was a pretty good diver, I took a slight bounce got some air and entered the water in a graceful dive. The only points I would have lost from the judges is when I hit the water the loose bathing suit I was wearing came off. As I came up, I realized I was sans bathing suit. Jack was standing by the side holding the suit and laughing. He then said you looking for this as he held it over his head. I came to the shallow end of the pool came out walked over to him and went to reach for it and he held it high in his arms so in my desire to grab it from him is was pushing my naked body against his and my cock was reacting. Before long I was sporting a hard on and still trying to reach for my suit being held above Jack’s head. In one of my reaches I was up on my toes and my body on his like I was trying to climb his body as my cock was rubbing against his thighs. Next thing I feel is his hand come around and grab my ass and his hand izmit escort is rubbing my ass and I have to admit it felt good. I sort of forgot about the bathing suit and just looked into his eyes which were a nice brown color. Jack dropped the suit and reached around with his other hand and also grabbed my ass and pulled me in and up to him. By now my cock was rubbing his cock and I could feel his cock growing under his bathing suit. I looked up and stared straight at him, he leaned in and found myself being kissed by him. This was new to me as I said my friend and I have traded blow jobs but we never kissed. I was getting into this not sure why but him kissing me was way better then when I had kissed a girl and having our two cocks pushing against each other felt fantastic. We kissed for a long time and it felt just so right, Jack let me down and said “I hope that was Ok what I did”, and I looked at him and said “one thing would make it better” and with that I pulled down his suit and let his cock free. I have a good size cock maybe five inches long nice cut helmet head and hanging balls. Jack was just a lot bigger version of mine just a longer and a lot thicker and I have to say his cock excited me. Once we were both naked and he kicked off his suit from his ankles I went in close and Jack held onto him, he reached around and using my ass he picked me up so that our cocks were touching and we grinded them together as he kissed me, he broke the kiss and “asked are you sure you’re Ok with what we are doing” and I had to say yes and hold his face as he kissed me again. I could feel his tongue enter my mouth, and I loved the feeling. Jack told me he has seen me in the park before but since our age difference he was afraid to suggest that we meet. I kissed him again and said I am glad that I fainted and this was happening. He lowered me down and he sat on the edge of the pool and I got in and was standing in the water with my body between his legs. Jack and I spoke and he said what we are doing by some would be considered wrong so if I was unconfutable with it then we best stop because he did not want to do anything I did not want and of course we had to keep this between us. I said I knew that if it got out it be bad for both of us, there was one boy in my class that was caught giving another boy a blow job in the gym shower and some of the guys made his life pretty bad. And I suspect if someone found out about this with me and Jack he be in big trouble since of his age and mine, but I said I was Ok with it and I for one would not say anything and as I looked into his eyes, I found myself lowering my head and next thing I know is I have the tip of Jack’s cock in my mouth. I suspect from sucking my friend I had learned some tricks and even if Jack’s cock was a lot bigger, I could tell he was enjoying what I was doing. He just leaned back presenting his cock to me as I used my wet mouth and tongue to please him. From his actions I could see what I was doing was working. I worked on his cock with him in my mouth then pulled out and used my lips and tongue to lick and wet his shaft and going down further even his balls. I never played with my friend’s balls but it seemed like the right thing to do. So here I was between his legs and just having fun sucking my new friend and the fact that he was a man made it so much more exciting. I knew from sucking my friend that Jack was getting close so I slow up and stop just so I could slow up his release, I already made up my mind I wanted him to cum in my mouth just not so soon. When I stopped for a little while Jack pulled me up and held me as we kissed and he said to me “I suspect you done this before” and I told him about my best friend and then slid back into the water and returned to playing with his cock with my mouth. I could feel his cock get so hard and I was looking at the veins pumping the blood to make his cock so hard. I then started sliding his cock in deeper into my mouth wanting to take it all. I reached my limit with about three quarters of it but I could tell Jack was loving it. As I pull his cock out some, I use my tongue to circle his cock and I felt it jerk once in a while, then Jack said “are you sure you want me in your mouth” and I looked up and shook my head up and down to say yes, which had to look funny since my mouth was filled with his cock. Then he put his hand behind my head and I took in as much as I could and then I felt his cock twitching and then tasted izmit kendi evi olan escort and felt the strings of his cum hit the back of my mouth. He tasted different from my friend but I have to say I really enjoyed his load in my mouth. I milked his cock till he could not take any more and he pushed me gently off of him. Jack asked me to climb up and I did so and slinked up his body and it felt as good as my body rubbed on his as he pulled me with his arms until we were face to face and he leaned in and kissed me. As he was running his tongue in my mouth, I could feel his powerful arms reach around me and his hand running over my body. I loved it when his hands made their way to my lower back and then onto my ass cheeks. I felt his hand grab my ass and sort of position me so that my cock was now aligned with his and he was pushing and grinding on my hard cock with his cock that was for sure coming back to a hard state. It just felt so good with my chest being hugged as I felt myself in his powerful grip. I just knew I wanted to do a lot more with Jack than we had just done and I was positive that Jack wanted the same. It was starting to get late but we still had some time and Jack said there was no way he would let me go home without getting off also, I told him it was Ok I could go home think about what we did and jerk off in the shower. Jack said no way could he have me waste cum on the shower floor and he picked me up and carried me inside the house. He stopped when he reached the kitchen island counter and set me down. He then had me lay back and he lowered his mouth down to my cock and took me in and I was enjoying a fantastic blow job. I was getting close so just like I did to him he stopped lifted my legs up towards my head and started licking my balls and that felt so good. Then he went down further and I felt his lips and tongue on my taint and that felt fantastic. Then he went lower and I could feel his tongue circle my ass hole and that I really liked, I told Jack that felt fantastic and he said “if you are willing I would love to do things that would feel even better, I kind of looked at him and said I am willing you can do whatever you want I love it all so far”. With that he used his tongue to get deep in my hole then after feeling so good he went back up took my cock into his mouth and I proceeded to shoot string after string of my cum into his mouth. After I came, he came up and kissed me and shared my cum with me. The whole day just felt so good and I knew I had to have more. By now it was getting late so we cleaned up and got dressed, we then took his private car stopped at a burger place and ate while we parked back in the lot so no one would see us. Being honest it was not a big deal if we were seen just easier not to have to explain it. Jack dropped me off at the park we left and this was close to the school and also my house. While we were in the car we talked and it was decided that he wanted to see me again and I for sure wanted to see him, and I sort of said “I really wanted to see what else you had in mind since I really did like when you were playing with my ass”. Jack said that be great since he thought my ass was very cute and if I was willing, he be more than happy to show me what fun two guys can have. I have heard of guys sticking their cock in an ass hole before and I was not sure if that would work since he was a lot bigger thea my friends were and we never tried it. I had the feeling he would never try to hurt me so I was willing to see what happens. The only problem was how we could keep seeing each other. Then Jack asked if I was willing to do some work for him, I said sure my father’s been telling me I need to get a small job just to start paying some of my own expenses. He then said “I have an idea that will work, when you go home tell your parents that you saw a note posted on the board at the park asking if anyone wanted to make some extra money for helping me paint my house. Then tell them you saw me at the park asked me about the job and I explained that I would show you what you needed to do and also my house was not a two story so no big ladders were involved”. He did add that he was really looking for help in painting the house but he sure he find some time for us to have some fun. I thought this was a great idea and I was positive my father be happy for me to do it. Once dropped off I headed home and so did Jack we both got off and I was ready to tell my father that if he was Ok with it and I could not see why not, I had a part time job. I sort of left out the part that I also was going to learn a lot about painting a house and also what fun two guys can have together. If I hear from my readers there will be more to come. email me hoo

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