Subject: The Nephew Problem 10 (Gay incest,Mb,Mmb,oral,anal and masterbation) The Nephew Problem-10 The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. ** Warning ** :This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving incest, oral, anal and masterbation, between a Man and a boy. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on Nifty, please consider contributing to the archive! This story is the property of the author and no copying, posting or reproduction is permitted without the author’s written consent. If you enjoy this story, please let me know! You may contact me ast I will try to answer all emails. Flamers will be ignored and blocked! Brief recap: Bobby age 10 and his middle aged uncle Tony, continue with their new relationship. The nephew problem- Part 10 A story by: Papa Bear After Bobby had left, my life felt empty. My heart ached to hold him in my arms again. I truly had fallen in love with my young nephew and he was at the center of my thoughts. My sister seemed to accept our new found friendship, but would kill me if she knew we’d become lovers. A few days had gone by and my phone rang on this one particular day. I looked at my caller id and it was my sister. ” Hey sis what’s up.” I said to the caller. ” Hey Tony it’s me Bobby.” He said. ” Well hello buddy, I guess your mom’s not around.” I said. ” No she’s running to the store and I didn’t want to go.” Bobby said. ” Cool, so how you been?” I asked. ” Ok I guess, but I really miss you.” He said in a sad tone. ” I miss you too baby.” I said. ” I hope we can see each other soon.” He said. ” Me too baby. We have to see what’s going on and when we can get together.” I said. ” Well you know what?” He asked. ” No what baby, tell me.” I replied. ” We’ve got a school day off next weekend, teacher duty day I think.” he said. ” Oh awesome, so you’ve got a long weekend.” I said. ” Yeah and well I guess maybe I could ask mamma if I could spend the weekend with you.” he said. ” Yes that would be great. She would probably say yes, if you ask nice.” i said. ” Cool, when do you think I should ask her?” He asked. ” Well let’s see. It’s Tuesday and the sooner the better. Just in case she’s making plans.” I replied. ” Yeah I guess your right. I’ll ask her tonight at dinner.” He said. ” Perfect, remember to ask nicely and maybe she will say yes. Of course she will call me so don’t let her know we talked.” I said. ” Oh yeah good idea. I won’t tell her we talked.” He said. ” Cool, we can’t go camping but maybe we can go see a movie.” I said. ” Oh way cool, I’d like that.” He said. ” Okay just remember to ask nicely and I’m sure she will call me.” I said. ” Okay Tony I will and I love you.” He said. ” I love you too baby.” I said. ” I’ll ask mamma when we eat dinner.” He said. ” Great buddy, I love you and hopefully we’ll be together soon.” I said. ” I hope so I miss you.” He said. ” I miss you too baby.” I said. ” Well I better get going, got homework to do.” He said. ” Oh yeah buddy get that done, don’t want you to get in trouble.” I said. ” Okay I will. I love you Tony.” He said. ” I love you very much Bobby. Bye bye for now.” I said. ” Byebye.” He said and we hung up. Later that evening my sister called and told me how much Bobby wanted to hang with me. She told me if I wanted he could spend the weekend, since he didn’t have school Monday. All of this I already knew, but let her continued in her explanation. Long story short, I agreed and we made the arrangements for her to drop Bobby off Friday night. On Friday night he arrived and my sister was all thank you’s and appreciate it. She said it would give her some me time and let us guys bond. Little did she know just how much we’ve bonded already. Bobby was wond tighter than a spring and happy as could be. After we did all the pleasantries and said goodbye, my sister headed out. No sooner than she pulled out of the driveway and Bobby jumped into my arms. We quickly locked into a very steamy kiss and he wrapped his legs around my waist. He was clinging to me like a monkey and kissing me like a long lost lover. My hands gripped his cute tight ass, as our tongues slid istanbul travesti together. Our lips locked and we sucked on each other’s tongues. My precious little nephew, my lover and my desire melted in my arms. We broke our kissing and I gazed upon his beautiful face. He smiled at me and said. ” I really missed you so much Tony!” I smiled back and replied. ” Oh I missed you more.” That started a I miss you more back and forth, as we both laughed. His cheerful laughter was food for my soul and we once again kissed passionately. After some intense kissing we slowly broke away and I let him down. We got his stuff and settled him in. We chatted for a bit, with him talking about a million miles per hour. He was really happy and wound up. After some time we decided on what we would like for dinner and went with his choice of going to Denny’s. Bobby was bouncing around and excited about going out. Since it was the weekend we could really do anything. I was getting hungry so I told him to get ready to go to dinner. I headed to get ready myself and freshen up. No sooner than I finished freshening up, Bobby came running in and bounced on the bed. His choice of clothing was typical for a boy his age. He wore a blue tee shirt and a slightly tight pair of sports shorts. He was chattering about school, his friends, this and that. I listened as I grabbed some fresh clothes. Since it was only Denny’s I chose casual tee and shorts. Bobby slowed his chattering and watched as I stripped naked. I was grabbing a shirt when he came over and took my cock in his hand. Looking down at my precious little boy, I smiled and ruffled his hair. ” Feels good buddy, but I’m really hungry. We can play later.” I said. He let go of my semi erect cock, with a little bit of a disappointed look on his face. I threw on my shirt and shorts, of course going commando. He quickly returned to his excited chatter, as we prepared to leave. His attention to my cock had me aroused and his tight blue shorts weren’t helping. My growling stomach was the only thing keeping me from throwing my little lover down and making wild passionate love too him. ” ok baby I’m all set, let’s go get something to eat.” I said. ” cool, I’m hungry too.” He said We headed out the door and off to Denny’s we went. The drive wasn’t long, but Bobby clung to my side and was rubbing my leg, occasionally my cock as well. His clinging to my side and rubbing me certainly was making me hard. We arrived at Denny’s and it took me a few minutes to gain my composure, as my cock slowly deflated. Bobby was still wound tighter than a spring. The hostess was busy and told us to sit where we’d like to. I asked Bobby and he looked around, pointing at a corner booth. We headed to the back corner booth and entered, with Bobby once again clinging to me. It was a medium booth and we scooted inside of course Bobby was tight at my side. It was a little busy and took the waitress a little time to bring us our menus and take our drink order. As we were looking over the menus I kept feeling Bobby rubbing his leg against mine. Needless to say I was still semi-erect from his attention in the car. We made our selections and waited for the server to return. While we were waiting Bobby kept fidgeting and rubbing his hand along my leg. A short time later a server returned, but not the same one as before. The server was a much younger guy and very cute. He greeted us with an adorable smile and introduced himself. ” Hello I’m your server Mark, are you ready to order?” I checked him out from head to his cute tight tail. He was quite a cute young man, I’d say about 20, with dark brown hair,slim twink build and bubble ass. Couldn’t see his package, on account for his server apron. I was so busy checking him out he asked again and smiled. Most likely he saw me scoping him out. ” Oh…yeah sorry. What did you decide on Bobby?” ” I’m going to have chicken nuggets and a chocolate milkshake.” Bobby replied. ” Ok buddy and for you sir?” Mark asked. ” I’ll have the burger,fries and diet coke please.” I replied. ” Very good. I’ll get your order in right away.” He said, as he took our menus and headed off. Bobby was in rare form and very wound up. While we were waiting on our food he got very bold and was fondling me under the table. His playful rubs turned into grabbing and stroking my now hard cock through my shorts. I got so turned on by his actions in kadıköy travesti public that I also lowered my hand down his back and into his shorts. I squeezed his cute little ass and traced the crack. It was very busy so I didn’t see anybody watching us. We did this playful fondling of each other while we waited. I got so into it and turned on that when I looked up and around to see if anybody was looking I caught the server staring at us from the station. When our eyes met he gave me a wicked grin and a wink. Then he just went back to his work. I was a bit worried he would say something yet at the same time I was turned on knowing he saw us playing with each other. A short time later Mark our server approached with our food and Bobby quickly let go of my hard cock. I slowly removed my hand from his shorts and we got ready to feast. Mark started handing us our food and said. ” Here you go guys. Can I get you anything else?” ” Nope I think were good, might need more to drink in a bit.” I replied. ” No problem I will be watching. Enjoy your dinner and have fun.” He said with a huge grin. As we began eating our meal I thought about what our server said. The way he said it and his facial expression. The fact I knew he was watching us turned me on big time. Every once in awhile I would look over and see if Mark was at the station. I’d catch him every few minutes staring over at us, but we were busy eating. Shortly after Bobby finished his meal he was all over me again. I had barely taken my last bite when his hand was groping my rapidly inflating cock. My mind was flooded with lustful thoughts and I wish I could have taken him right there on the table. I looked over at the station and sure enough Mark was staring at us and I swore I saw him adjusting himself. I guess from his position and angle he had a good view under the table. Now my shorts were fairly loose fitting and comfortable. Not Long after Bobby started groping me our server came over and asked if we were done. ” Oh yes we’re done but might want dessert.” I said. ” Great no rush take your time and have as much fun as you want.” He said with a smile and a wink. He turned to leave and then paused. Then added. ” I’ll be taking a break but I’ll be around watching you.” With that said he turned and walked off. Wholly shit this young twink was really getting into the voyeurism thing. The whole time Bobby never let go of my ridgid cock and between my little boy lover and our hot voyeur server I was ready to cream my shorts. I thought about it and nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore this. The longer we sat there the more aggressive Bobby got. I was so fucking turned on I threw all caution to the wind and reached into his shorts and began fondling him. This continued for awhile and I noticed our server Mark had returned and sat down at the station. His right hand had gone under his server apron and was definitely playing with his cock. I got bold and winked at him. He smiled and winked back. Bobby’s cock was hard as steel and mine was so hard it ached. Bobby got even bolder and pulled my cock threw the leg opening. His little hand grasped my raging hard-on and he started to slowly jack me. The look on his precious little face was priceless. Mark’s eye’s transfixed on the action and I saw his apron move in a rhythmic motion. He was obviously turned on and jacking his cock. This went on for a few minutes and all three of us were giving glances at each other. Mark our server got up and walked over and said. ” I’m still on break but if you want anything at all, I’ll be in the bathroom.” He gave us a wicked smile and a wink, then walked into the bathroom. ” Hey buddy let’s go to the bathroom.” I said. ” ok cool. ” Bobby replied and quickly scooted out of the booth. I adjusted my cock and followed him into the bathroom. Our server Mark smiled and locked the door. He pulled out his dick and began stroking it. He had a gorgeous cock with a mushroom head. He was clean shaven with no pubes. Bobby’s eyes were wide open and he was licking his lips. ” Go ahead Bobby, suck his dick.” I encouraged him. He didn’t even hesitate and took Mark’s cock in his hand, then licked the precum from the slit. Mark let out a low moan and the site was most arousing. I moved in behind Bobby and pulled his shorts down. Mark grabbed Bobby’s hair and slid his cock into my bakırköy travesti nephew’s waiting mouth. My eyes locked into Mark’s eyes and we smiled at each other. My cock was still aching and hard as steel, begging for release. The stream of precum oozed from the tip and I smeared it across Bobby’s tight hole. Bobby went to work on Mark’s cock, as I pressed against his sweet rosebud. The huge amount of precum coated his inviting entrance. I firmly grasped his hips and entered my lover, who was now being impaled at both ends. His hot ass sucked me in and enveloped my raging hard cock. ” Oh fuck, oh fuck Bobby you feel so fucking good.” I growled. ” Shit dudes this is fucken hot.” Mark cried out. Bobby’s moans of pleasure echoed in the bathroom, as we both began to fuck him at both ends. I knew I wouldn’t last long, as the foreplay had me already at the edge. Mark had begun a steady rhythm in my nephew’s mouth. His grunts and moaning became much louder. The bathroom exhaust fan was the only thing masking our sexual noises, as we began plowing Bobby. I reached under my nephew and grabbed his dick and jacked him, as I began slamming his ass. Mark had a tight grasp on Bobby’s hair and was really fucking his face. The slobber from Bobby’s mouth was streaming out and dripping on the floor. His slurping and gagging noises rang in my brain. My orgasm was rapidly approaching and from the sounds that came from Mark, I knew he was about to flood my nephew’s throat. ” Oh Jesus Christ dudes, oh fuck I’m gonna blow.” He cried out. His cries fed my lust and I rammed Bobby’s ass with fury. My breathing increased, my muscles tightened and my orgasm hit me like a bolt of lightning. ” Oh my God, oh shit, shit, shit I’m cumming….ohhhh fuck!” I growled, as I slammed deep in Bobby’s ass and filled it with my jizz. ” Fuck, fuck, fuck ohhhh fuuuuccckkk!” Mark cried out, as he flooded Bobby’s throat. Bobby’s gagging and wild noises filled the air, as his little body shook and his cock pulsed in my hand. My little nephew’s body trembled, as his orgasm hit him. We were so overwhelmed by our orgasm’s, we collapsed against each other. My cock was still deep in my nephew’s ass, as Mark’s cock slowly deflated and he pulled out of his mouth. My cock also slowly deflated and plopped out of my nephews ass, as cum streamed down his ass and onto the floor. ” Jesus guys that was fucking unreal.” Mark said. Bobby stood up and smiled, his lips still covered in Mark’s jizz. My cock, still semi erect, was still dripping with cum and drizzling to the floor. ” That was wicked.” Bobby said. Mark ruffled his hair and said. ” It sure was, now I better get back to work.” ” Yeah don’t want you to get in trouble.” I said. “You guys go out first, I’ll clean up the mess on the floor.” He said, with a chuckle. I laughed, as I pulled my shorts back up and Bobby did the same. I shook Mark’s hand and whispered in his ear. ” What happens in vegas, stays in Vegas, right.” He whispered back. ” Oh hell yeah, no problem.” ” Ok Bobby we better head back to our booth.” I said. ” Thanks Mark that was awesome.” Bobby said. We slowly exited the bathroom and no one was around and Mark quickly locked the door. We scooted back in our booth and chilled for a bit, finishing up our drinks. Mark exited the bathroom and a short time later returned with our check, asking with a big grin. ” I hope you enjoyed your time with us here and can I get you anything else?” ” Oh no Mark I think Bobby’s full and I’m quite content.” I replied with a smile. ” Great, let me know when you’re ready I’ll pickup your check.” He said. ” All set bud, here’s my credit card.” I said, handing him my visa. ” I’ll be right back.” He said,as he walked away. ” Tony this was the best dinner ever!” Bobby chimed out. ” I’m glad you enjoyed our dinner fun.” I said, with a wink. Mark returned and handed me my card back. Then said. ” Just sign the top copy and your all set. Oh I put my number on your copy, in case you need anything else.” Then gave me a wicked smile and a wink. I looked at the receipt and sure enough it had his number. I signed it then Bobby and I headed out, waving at our new friend Mark. To be continued….. Papa Bear If you enjoy this story check out my other stories here on : https://www.//gay/adult-youth/peeping-boy/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/roberto-the-boy-lover/ https://www.//gay/adult-youth/street-ball-boys/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-nephew-problem https://www.//bisexual/incest/caring-for-samantha-and-jason/ If you like this story and other stories presented to you on the Nifty Archive, please consider donating to help this site continue its good fty/donate.html)

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