The Naked End


I feel the black silk of the hooded robe they’ve put on me over my naked, oiled body after my hands were loosely bound behind my back. I’m blindfolded, and being marched onstage, flanked, I think, by two people.Hands grip my arms lightly from both sides, positioning me just so. I stand for several heartbeats, then an amplified voice – Mistress Andrea’s – speaks in a formal manner, her voice echoing through what must be DeCoven’s Great Hall.“Mistresses and Masters, welcome. Those from across Europe and Russia who have traveled to attend this event – welcome, and our thanks for your presence here today. Masters and Mistresses of the DeCoven Club, we welcome you, too, for this is an important day for our Club.“In recognition of that significance, today’s vows will be administered by the High Leader of The Society of Covens in Europe. You are all called to witness the vows of this person, who wishes to become slave to our Sister, Miriam.“This person, who stands before you, has gone through not just the usual training for a pleasure slave, but, at the insistence of her Mistress, been tested by every means available to us, and succeeded. She has received training at the highest levels in all areas of service and pleasure, and has excelled. She has offered service with her body, mind, and spirit to members of this Club, and to the Grand Master of the Berlin Club, and has succeeded beyond expectations.“Whereas most slaves are trained for a month or two, this one was trained for three full months, including a weekend accompanying and assisting the Grand Master of the Berlin Club as an escort and personal assistant. He has given her his unqualified approval in every respect, and supports her candidacy.“We are now ready to ask this one if she is willing to accept a life of bondage and servitude, to give pleasure when ordered or asked, and to accept her Mistress’ will as her own.”I heard her move slightly, then say in a lower, but still ceremonial voice, “Are you Nika S.?”“I am,” I answer.“Are you of age to be initiated as a pleasure slave?”“I am.”“Are you, of your own free will, prepared to accept the vows of slavery and bondage, to subjugate your will to that of your Mistress, now and forever?”“I am.”“Have you, Nika, studied, and do you understand the solemnity, importance, and significance of the vows you are about to take here today?”“Yes.”“Are you prepared to fulfill those vows, as interpreted by your Mistress, for as long as you both shall live?”“I am.”At that, the blindfold and robe are removed. I blink, blinded by the sudden glare of the spotlights on my naked body, but stand absolutely still. My hands are still bound, and my heart is pounding.I’m standing in the center of a circle of candles. Beyond that ring are the Dominants from the DeCoven Club, robed in black and facing me in another circle. Beyond them, seated in the audience, are some fifty Dominants from other Clubs and countries, gathered to witness my acceptance into slavery.My hands are released, and I am loosely fitted with red silks, indicating that I will be a pleasure slave. These silks clothe, but do not cover me, revealing my breasts and pubis.I turn to face a figure in shadow, wearing a black, ornately decorated, hooded robe. I presume this bahis siteleri must be the High Leader of the Society in Europe. I swallow on a dry mouth and wait. There is silence and tension in the room.A voice calls “Obeisance!” and I feel a shock run through my body, even as I drop to the floor to obey.~~~~~After Hans had dismissed me, I showered again, more carefully, then had a quick nap, thene, I dressed, packed, made myself up so I once again looked like an office intern. I was waiting in the lobby when my chauffeur arrived, asking if I was Katja.I got to Berlin-Tegel Flughafen Airport in plenty of time, was directed to the First Class check-in after an attendant glanced at my ticket, and eventually boarded the plane for Amsterdam. The flight home was short and uneventful, but it was slightly nerve-wracking because I wasn’t used to having people wait on me.When we landed, I finally found my suitcase, then had a confusing time finding my way out of the baggage claim area. As I walked out, I saw The Keeper, one of the main trainers from the DeCoven Dungeon, waiting for me.I thought about dropping to my knees, but decided not to as we were in the vanilla world. He smiled at me, took my suitcase, and said, “Welcome home, Miss! And congratulations on passing your final test! We are all very proud of you.”That was not what I expected to hear from someone who had ridden me mercilessly – sometimes literally – on and off for the last three months of my life. I swallowed and smiled back at him. “Thank you, Keeper,” I said meekly, then walked with him to the limousine.As we were driving back into Amsterdam, he said, “Mistress Andrea is waiting to speak to you,” then kept silent the rest of the trip. I was feeling distinctly uneasy about my apparent change in status, but my training required me to act as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I spent the trip looking out the window.We entered DeCoven through the secret tunnel from an adjoining building. The Keeper took my suitcase, telling me he would return the items, but that I was responsible for returning the clothes I was wearing. He called a servant to take me to my rooms, which turned out not to be my Dungeon cell, but a bedroom apartment, with an en suite bathroom and a sitting room. There was a lock on the door, but the door opened freely.Once I was alone, I washed up quickly, stripped off my clothes and returned them to the costumery. Then I hurried to Mistress Andrea’s office, knocked, walked in, and dropped into Nadu. I noticed there was another woman in her office, standing quietly behind her, someone I had never seen before.Mistress Andrea kept reading a document on her desk without acknowledging my presence, then finally put it down, and looked at me.“The Grandmaster of Berlin sings your praises in his report, and he is widely known as a perfectionist, difficult to please. I don’t know what you did for him, but whatever it was, congratulations. He has passed you on your final test. “You will be initiated tomorrow at 20:00 hours. You are to be kept in isolation until then. You may go.”I stood up, bowed low, then backed three paces before turning and walking away.I was surprised. No one led me, no one escorted me, no one monitored me. canlı bahis siteleri I walked back to the room I had been assigned, closed the door, then sat on the bed and thought.Since I had nothing better to do, I decided that I would do some yoga and meditation to pass the time. I had kinks, physical and psychic, to work out.Later, a servant brought me supper, bowed, then left without saying a word.~~~~~The next morning, I was awoken just after 09:00 by the middle-aged woman who had been in Mistress Andrea’s office the previous day. She arrived carrying a tray with eggs, ham, fruit juice, toast, and coffee, saying, “Good morning, Miss! I’ve brought you some breakfast. Miss has a full day ahead of her, and will need all her energy!”More than having breakfast delivered to me, it was the word “Miss” that caught my attention again. Clearly, my status had changed, yet I did not know what it was. I sat up and said, “Thank you, please put it on the table. And what must this one call you?”She smiled at me, “I’m Ursula, Miss, and I’m going to be helping you get ready for your initiation tonight. If you would please eat and ready yourself, you have a full day ahead, as well as the initiation tonight.”I did as she bade me, using the bathroom, then ate the large breakfast while she drew my bath, then waited patiently, standing, until I finished.I found this unnerving. First, to have someone hovering over me while I ate was not something I had experienced outside of a restaurant. But more than that, I had thought the initiation would be simple and straightforward. I would kneel before my Mistress, recite the required words, be collared by her, then we would go home – something I had been dreaming of ever since I had arrived at DeCoven three months ago. Why should that be complicated?She didn’t let me linger in the bath, but hurried me along, then handed me a thick towel to dry myself, and another for my hair. Next. she knelt, put slippers on my feet, had me stand and helped me slip into a red, silk robe, then directed me to a loveseat. She was very polite, but also very firm, and I knew better than to ask questions.Shortly thereafter, Mistress Andrea walked in, and seated herself. I immediately dropped to the floor in Nadu. She let me wait for a time, then called for me to sit next to her on the sofa, which I found remarkable. She handed me a document, and said, “Read this, please.”I quickly settled in and started reading. I looked up at her puzzled. It appeared to be a script for the initiation, but it read like a coronation.Holy Shit! I thought to myself, What the fuck is happening tonight?“This will be a major event. There will be Masters and Mistresses from covens all over Europe and Russia present as invited guests. As a result, it will be presided over by the head of the entire Society in Europe. We cannot afford to have the smallest thing go wrong. You will study this until you know it by heart. You will be perfect this evening. Do you understand?”I nod, but I’m in turmoil. I had no idea there were so many more covens, let alone an entire society of them. And the head of it all was going to initiate me? Why were they all coming here? To see me? Suddenly, I’m more nervous than at any time since the day canlı bahis I arrived for my training.Mistress Andrea stood, and I dropped to my knees. “I’ll be back later to check on your progress,” and leaves.After she left, I looked up at Ursula. She stood up. “We’d best get started.”I looked again at the script, and think, No shit!~~~~~I spend the day being prepared. Ursula is more than helpful, and, at my asking, agrees to help me study the script. First I read it, then again, then ask her to rehearse me through my lines.I have no idea what Ursula’s status is, and she gives no indication, but seems as eager as I am to make sure I’m prepared, and coaches me all though the day.Meanwhile, I get a complete physical examination by a doctor, who doesn’t say anything, although she does tsk about the cuts and bruises I got from Ivan and Kristol. But they’re minor and will heal, she comments.Next, I have a light lunch, followed by a short nap. Then, at 13:00, I get a deep massage, which is wonderful, followed by a full-body wax, including my pubis, which is definitely not!At around 16:00 my hair is done, then my nails, about as well as they ever have been, then my make-up is done.The make-up is interesting. I had thought, given everything else, that it would be heavy, slutty, and sexy. Instead, it was so artfully done that when the make-up artist was finished, it looked as if I wasn’t wearing any make-up at all! Yet, I looked more beautiful than when she started. I don’t know if I will ever be able to repeat that, but the effect was stunning.And through it all, Ursula stayed with me, overseeing everything, demanding things be done differently or faster if necessary, all the while quizzing me, and correcting me as needed, on my lines for this night. I told her she was my hero, and she just laughed.It was only much later that I found out that Ursula – Mistress Ursula – was very senior in DeCoven, and was, in fact, the assistant to Mistress Andrea. She felt I would be more relaxed if her status was left ambiguous. She truly was my hero throughout the day, and I later found a way to let her know how much I appreciated it.As a result, when Mistress Andrea stopped by to test me, I knew my lines perfectly, and she nodded, pleased.Finally, it was almost 20:00. I was in my room, my hair pulled back, my body oiled, and naked. My hands were bound loosely behind me, and I was blindfolded. Then a hooded, silk robe was placed around me, and loosely tied closed. I’m standing, jittering, anxious for the ceremony to start.Finally, I hear a door open, bodies moving, then two hands grip my arms lightly, and I am told to walk forward as they guide me.It’s time…~~~~~When I heard the head of the Society call “Obeisance!” it shocked me, even as I dropped to the floor to instantly obey.I knew that voice!The Grand Mistress of the Society in all of Europe was my Mistress, Miriam!“Who approaches?” she demands.“One who is unworthy to stand before you,” I replied.“Then kneel.”I knelt up, head bowed, and my black cloak is removed.“Why are you here?” she asks.“To embrace the Way.”“What is the Way for you?”“Submission,” I reply.“How will you show your submission?”“By obedience, trust, and acceptance of the collar and the wearing of the silk.”“Nadu.”I shift into the formal Nadu position, and my blindfold is removed.Now I see Miriam. She is dressed in black ceremonial robes, and is holding my collar before her. Her face is stern.“Do accept My collar?”“I do.”“Ko-lar.”

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