The Mystery of Celia Allene


“Now don’t you go anywhere my dear, I won’t be too long, hopefully, perhaps home by eleven.”“How can I go anywhere, you’ve tied me to the bedposts.”“Oh, yes, I knew there was something I was supposed to do before I left. Sorry darling, I’m late already. You don’t mind, do you E?”“What if I need a wee-wee?” Came the quiet girly pleading tone from the bed.”Darling E, I do not think you want to urinate on the bed. The consequences do not bear thinking about, especially for you.”“But you said I could come and watch the show with you.”“Indeed, I did. I cannot help it if you weren’t ready in time.”E knew she had been tricked. The little game had been nothing more than a ruse to get her tied up and out of the way. The big grin on Alice’s face made E sneer and stuck out her tongue in a grand gesture.“My, my, E, we are getting brave. I will deal with that naughty tongue and its owner later. Now try to be a good little girl and behave whilst I’m gone.”With that E saw her turn, a laugh could be heard. The one fingered salute went unseen, luckily for her. Drumming her feet hard against the bed in frustration she swore once more as the door shut. Twice more banging her feet before finally, the tantrum was over, the realisation that it was not another joke, that she really was going to be left with her arms tied to the bed. Not only that, her bum was in a wet patch, and no amount of manoeuvring could get completely out of the mess made by the juices during their naughty little sex game earlier.It had been unexpected.The grabbing of the wrists in the kitchen, the gentle kisses to the neck and the slow caressing of her breasts had gotten her in the mood for some quick fun. They moved slowly to the bedroom. It all been so nice, the kissing, the touches, the exploration of each other. Not that they didn’t know each other intimately, but this felt like a first time all over again. The undressing, slow and seductive with each newly exposed piece of flesh kissed.It hardly lasted until they hit the bed. A wanton eagerness took over, a growing desire that needed sating desperately. Alice’s hand soon between her legs, the wet pussy lips slick to the touch, the merest caress of the clit making it swell, as if by magic.The time for foreplay had lapsed. E began to rub her breasts, not there was much to fondle, but the pink hard nipples occupied her hands whilst the lower half was taken in a fury of passion. She felt the waves, a sudden want to keep the impending orgasm in check. It was no use, Alice knew her body too well.When it came it was small compared to the one ten minutes later. It scared her sometimes how quickly her lover could get her off. Literally, one finger and the tip of the tongue was all it took to take her over the top this time, with an intensity that had her shaking uncontrollably. Then again, until, finally too exhausted E surrendered and lay there, breathing hard, trying to control her body as she watched Alice through flickering eyes.Tongue, fingers and lips had made her cum over and over in the hour that been spent in the bedroom, but it wasn’t finished. E, barely able to focus, realised Alice almanbahis şikayet had reached into the drawer. It was all too late; her hands were being tied by a red ribbon.The anticipation in her body grew more, the nipples already hard, became like bullets, the juices began to overflow. The thought of being helpless was her favourite thing about sex. The tingle inside, as her lover had complete control of her body was almost too much.She was now helpless, tied tightly to the metal bedposts, arms raised above her head. Her tits teased, her nipples nibbled, her face a picture of pain and desire. A need to be treated like a whore as she thrashed about on the bed with a cruel tongue flicking still at her titties, two fingers pumping inside her snatch as she humped back hard against them. Hips lifting, grinding and humping until getting herself off for the final time.Except that now she knew why she had been tied. The postcoital euphoria had seen her so elated that she drifted into snooze mode with a big grin on her face. Then the sneaky so and so had showered and changed ready for the show, leaving her dangling with a wet bum.E now had a problem. What was there to do for a few hours whilst tied up on a bed. Sure, she had been left tied up before, sometimes feet and hands, but never for this long. She did blush when thinking about the time a Rampant Rabbit was stuffed down her knickers whilst tied for up for an hour. It left her very drained, very sore and with a fear of even cute white bunnies. It wasn’t her fault, not strictly true, as it takes two to tango as they say.*****”Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s Art and Culture programme, I am Alice Lelane. On tonight’s show, we are taking an exposé on the life of Celia Allene. We will be discussing with our guest, Anna Jameson, the recent discovery of some extraordinary audio tapes and her revelations about them.””Welcome, Anna.””Thank you.””Now you have put pen to paper, so to speak, and written a series of articles recently about these tapes. Firstly, how did you come to find the tapes?””Well, Alice. The tapes were sent anonymously to my office. They arrived on a Tuesday morning in a plain brown envelope with no markings, no letter and no return address.””So, a complete surprise then.””Yes, indeed it was. Mind I was so busy completing another project that I didn’t get time until the weekend to find out what they were.””The tapes just sat on your desk for nearly a week. Weren’t you intrigued, even a little bit, to see what they were? It’s not every day that one receives a mysterious envelope.””Yeah, I was sort of, but as I said, I was completely engrossed in something else that needed to be completed, in fact, it was already late.””Right, you sat down and played the tapes. What was your first reaction?””To be honest I was totally taken aback with how vulgar they were.””I’m guessing then that you didn’t realise what they were straight away.””That’s right Alice. After I had gotten over the initial shock of them I actually put them down again. It took me another twenty-four hours before I played them again. almanbahis canlı casino That was Sunday morning as I relaxed, and it was then that I realised who and what they were.””What was your reaction?””After the initial shock, I just sat there for a while and did nothing. I wasn’t sure what to think. I mean, why would someday suddenly send me these explicit tapes, and for what purpose. So, the investigative journalist in me started to become intrigued and to get ideas of what I wanted to do.””Right, what did you do next then Anna.””Well, I threw everything off my desk for a start.””That’s always a good place to start.””Then I began to analyse them sentence by sentence and then word by word. I even got specialist equipment to help me slow them down and do voice print checks on them. I wanted to check that they were genuine before I went further with them.””Wow, that seems a little fanatical.””Maybe it was, but as you know I have written about Celia many times before. She is one of those people whose everyday life is a mystery to the public at large. She pops up occasionally and when she does the media clamber over themselves to write, photograph and speculate about her.””As you say, little is known about her except for her art modelling and writings. She has been referred to be the media as a female Banksy; I believe you also wrote something along those lines a few years ago.””Yes, indeed Alice. At the time I called her across between Banksy, Dali and Lord Byron.””Now, why don’t we play a part of the first tape and then we can discuss a little further why your article focused on another aspect of the tapes, not just Celia. We must warn you that these do contain vulgar language and adult themes.””They call this place next door to hell? Well, who made it hell if not little Miss Thang herself? Slutty girls trying to be too cool!! All that pink headed nonsense; bet she touches herself when she uses the computer!!””Yes, because you make me.””Oughtta make her take her sticky laptop and her Goth wardrobe packed up in a dusty suitcase and run her out of town, half-naked and crying the whole way. Lainey, Lainey thinks belts make a skirt! One of those belts is gonna come down and put it to use on your skank hide!! Oh, because some “mistress” made her do it, well! And what devil told her to take up a mistress!””You mistress.””Wretched Goths, excuses, excuses. Yeah, it’s payback on the Goth sluts! She’s a dumb little trollop, and she’ll do as we say! No matter how silly or humiliating the orders!! She fingers her sloppy wet cunt for us to watch it all and film the action! Yes, rub it in and out, that little finger, add another while you’re about it slut! “Yes, mistress.””Ha-ha and that clit’s as shiny and pink as your stupid belts! Maybe we should take her and have her tattooed “Subslut Lainey”, say across your bottom. Oh, is the little slut about to come her nasty lezzie self? The so-called serious student who parades herself like a greedy slut?””May I cum now mistress…””They way they blush and act so silly and get so needy begging, really, and easily aroused; cum for your almanbahis casino audience missy! Bring on the nasty flood, dirty goth girlie, needy slut!! Dirty, dirty Goth and flirty, little Lainey’s gonna come till she’s thirty. Slut it up on the parks and streets; drip, drip, drip hits the asphalt.””Hmmm, my fingers are very wet now.””Then lick them, you silly cunt! Do I have to do everything?””Yes please mistress.””Right, indeed, that was very explicit Anna. I can understand why you were taken aback when you first listened to them.””Yes, the first tape lasts about fifteen minutes and just the first minute or so you have heard is nothing compared to some parts of it.””So, you heard them, became intrigued and analysed them thoroughly. What made you decide to investigate further?””There were many things really. It started with the fact that why would someone who is a complete enigma make a tape of this type. I mean, why risk that they could end up in the public domain.””Well, perhaps it was because she is an enigma that she risked it. We’ve seen how risqué her art modelling and poetry can be.””Yes, I came to the same conclusion. That is why my focus switched away from Celia.””Yes, the main part of your article focused on the other girl in the tape. The girl referred to as Lainey.””That’s right. The tapes are recorded live and they are unedited, I began wondering why someone would let themselves be humiliated in this way. It was obviously a form of sexual gratification to her and she seemed to enjoy being a willing partner in it.””A very, very willing partner in it I would say.””Quite.””You began to focus upon her. What did you want to know and how did you go about finding out about her?””I knew it was going to be a long and possibly laborious job with very little to go on, but as I said the investigative side of me kicked in and I slowly and surely through very hard work began to piece together something. I would say that I did have help from two wonderful people, Katie and Charlotte, without whom I couldn’t have got as far as I have.””So, what did you three find out about Lainey?””She is referred to first of all in one of Celia’s poems during what she has called her ‘Abstract’ period. These poems were first aired online and it was there we began.””How did you come across this as the reference is very obscure?””Indeed, it is but we were looking for a needle in a haystack at the time and any little thing we found would be looked at to see if it went anywhere.””Then you found a little nugget. Was it easy once you had a start?””It was a little easier, but it was still a lot of hard and time-consuming work.””I believe you found references to Celia in some work that you have now accredited to Lainey. Although you do stress that these are your personal opinions and not factual.””That is true, but I am ninety-nine percent sure I am right.””Now before we listen to the next tape please tell us a little about when you think these tapes were made.””Well the tapes are a few years old, maybe the first one is five or six years old and the last one is three or four years old.””That seems an awfully long time between each one. What is that one per year average?””Yes, something like that. With what we found out there is a reason that it was probably like that. They were all made in the same place and I am even convinced that they were made in exactly the same room.”

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