The Make-up Sex


I was already in a bad mood that day and it didn’t help matters that I was running late for work. I sped through town, rushing every stop light and stop sign to ensure I’d make it there within the allotted grace period – not that there actually is one. Anyways, I made it in just in time to slip by my boss and into my desk. Awesome part of that – he hadn’t noticed I was ten minutes late. That heightened my mood a bit, but I was still mad that Aly wanted to play knowing that I was going to be late for work. And to make matters worse, I gave in to her unrelenting request. But when I noticed I only had a few minutes to get ready, I pulled out of her and went straight for the shower, leaving her without an orgasm. Needless to say, she was pretty pissed off about that. “What the fuck, Mike?! You didn’t make me cum yet!” Aly screamed at me as I got into the shower. “I don’t wanna be late for work, baby!” I chimed back, hearing the bathroom door open as I presumed she walked in. “Yeah, but you didn’t finish the job and now I’m aching, baby! It’s not the same without you deep inside me…” she continued to whine as I began washing my body, willing my hard cock to go down so I could finish showering comfortably. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to finish the job and make her cum, but I just didn’t have the time. “I know, baby, but you know that I can’t be late again.” She was beginning to piss me off. I just wanted to shower and get my ass to work. I would definitely give her what she wanted when I got home, but for the moment, she had to get off my back and let me do what I have to do. “But I was close to cumming…can you at least make me cum real quick? Please?” She continued to pressure and pester me, further pissing me off. “I’ll take care of you when I get home. I can’t be late etlik escort and all you want is to get off, so either get yourself off or just wait!” I was beginning to fume. “But, baby! I cum so much harder with you…I’m gonna have that aching need all day…” she said as she kept whining. Thank God, my shower was just about done. “Yes, we’ve established this, but I have to get to work. Now just let me be and I’ll take care of your aching problem when I get home. I promise,” I said as I walked past her and back to the room. I began pulling out my clothes and quickly got dressed before she could jump me and make me even more late than I was going to be. “Urgh…fine…” I kissed her goodbye and left for work. *** Work seemed to drag on and on. I tried counting down the time until I got off work just to get out of this hell hole, but to no avail. I wanted nothing more than to just get home and back to Aly so we could finish what we started. Not only did it affect her, it also affected me. I was definitely feeling the consequences of not cumming and the worst part about it; I couldn’t do anything to relieve myself. That would be a very bad idea to try and pull off at work. In the meantime, I was stuck with an aching set of balls until Father Time was gracious enough to let me get home. I was becoming more and more infuriated as the day went on. I was dealing with annoying co-workers who seemed to think it was funny to be late on a deadline to further dampen my chances of making it home at a reasonable time. It didn’t help matters when our boss decided to call a meeting out of nowhere so he could rip the new guy a new one in front of the whole office. As humorous as it was, I also felt bad for the guy because I had been in his position before. While keçiören escort he dealt with that, I was dealing with the nuisance that was in my pocket – the fucking cell phone. The damn thing kept going off all day with texts from Aly saying how bad she wanted me. How she had to have me deep inside her. I was becoming very annoyed and frustrated with lust because there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t just leave to go home and fuck her brains out and then get back to work. I couldn’t go and just rub one out in the bathroom either. I was stuck where I was with a hard-on that wouldn’t subside because she thought it would be cute to send racy texts. This went on for a couple more hours until the texts finally stopped. I felt relieved and was finally able to concentrate on my work – well, for the most part anyways. The thought of being inside her was still a side note in my mind and my thoughts kept drifting dangerously close to being consumed by her naked image. I could just picture her laying there underneath me, writhing and crying out while my cock repeatedly slammed deep into her impossibly tight pussy. I could see her hands pulling and tugging at her erect nipples, bringing her closer to an orgasm that would clench my dick so tight that I would almost be forced out of her. I had to quickly shift my thoughts away from her because I would catch myself just staring off into space and not doing the work that was supposed to be getting done. An hour later and no text messages, I decided I better check on her and see what she’s up to. I would hate for her to have frigged herself silly and then fall asleep, ruining her mood for later. That was the thing I hated about her. If she fell asleep, her mood for sex was all but ruined. She kızılay escort would wake up all groggy and sometimes grumpy. I sent the text anyways… Hey, baby. Just checking to see if everything is alright. I can’t wait to get home and finish what we started… I waited. And I waited some more. About thirty minutes later I received a text back from her. Hey…I’m not really feeling up to playing when you get home. I’m tired and just not horny…maybe later. I was pissed. Here I was expecting to her to be waiting to jump me as soon as I walked through the door, but no. She wasn’t in the mood anymore. I knew I could quickly change that, but why? Why should I when she was begging for it this morning? I wasn’t about to beg for shit. Fine… That was my subtle reply, but the next text kinda set me off. Yeah, it damn well is just fine. Excuse me? It damn well is just fine? What the fuck happened to the Aly who is always wanting my cock? I was infuriated… It damn well is just fine? Wow, that was really rude… I took a moment to calm down – just in case I was overreacting. Rude? How was that rude? You said fine and I was agreeing with you. I went back and read what was said. I don’t know. Maybe the way it was worded? It just seemed rude to me. Maybe she was just agreeing with me… I didn’t mean to make it sound rude. What do you want me to do about it? I was calming down, but I still wanted her to know she was sort of in the wrong here even though this little skirmish was my fault. Well just pay attention to how you word things so this doesn’t happen again… Mistake… Fuck you, Mike…it’s just how I am. I sometimes say things and mean something else. I wasn’t trying to be deliberately rude. It just fucking happened! And out come the gloves… Fuck me? You worded that text so it came out as being rude! Oh wait a second… Whatever, Mike…this is a stupid and senseless fight. Maybe you’re right… Yeah…but why don’t you want me to fuck you when I get home? You were just begging for it this morning… In all fairness, she really was… I was, but I just don’t want it anymore.

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