The Magic of Jules


I was sitting, buck naked in the driver’s seat of my dad’s Land Rover Discovery 4 (I was able to use it while my olds were stranded in Queensland), feeling on top of the world. I’d just been resoundingly fucked, cargirl style, by Naisha, a lovely Indian girl I had gotten to know through Jules, who was an equally lovely red-head I’d met at university. Both were naked and sitting on the backseat, replaying the video that Jules had shot of Naisha fucking me. My tingling cock and pubes were still coated with our combined cum.The girls were glued to the small screen of the camera, their eyes growing bigger and darker with arousal as they watched. Each had one foot up on the seat squab, fingering their pretty, flush-pink vulvae and teasing their beautiful little clitorises with wet fingertips. Apart from the odd, whispered comment or giggle, all that could be heard was their heavy breathing and the tinny, orgasmic noises from the video. After viewing the video, Jules set the camera aside and kissed Naisha on the mouth, gently tugging at her lower lip with her teeth. Naisha returned the favour.Another lingering kiss followed, until they were kissing with raw, deep passion, sighing and moaning into each other’s mouths, as their tongues flicked and danced together. Their sopping wet vaginas were making sucking and slurping noises, as they finger fucked each other. Rivulets of salty, oestrogenized water ran down their perinea and dripped onto the seat. I was very happy just to watch, while coaxing my cock back to full length.“Hey, Chris, come and join the fun,” Naisha panted. She leaned over to give me a hot, musky kiss.Taking mere seconds, I slid the front seats well forward, reset the backrest of my seat and scrambled into the back, to be immediately greeted by two hot, eager mouths and tongues. My lips, tongue and hands were free to roam over two gorgeous, heated, sweaty bodies, as their lips, tongues and hands explored mine. Two pairs of long, stiff nipples (dark-chocolate coloured in Naisha’s case, deep-pink for Jules) and sex-swollen breasts were freely available, to be licked, sucked and teased. My hands and fingers were soon coated in a warm, rich cocktail of pussy juice, as I finger-fucked two juice-filled vaginas.It was a sensual, sexual, sweaty, deeply erotic, wonderful, hormone-scented ballet, backed by an orchestra of soft moans, sighs, warm giggles and whispered sweet nothings.After maybe ten minutes of this lovefest (but who was counting the time?), I was lying on the backseat with my head resting on a cushion and Jules sitting astride of my hips. We both sighed as her slick, steamy love tunnel expanded to accept the full length and thickness of my manhood. Once I was in Jules up to the hilt, she sensuously ground her mound hard against my groin and purred as my cock massaged her vaginal walls. She lay down on top of me, with her chin resting on her arms and her breasts pressed against my chest. Her lovely green eyes were hot and seductive as they looked into mine.“So, how’s it going, birthday boy?” she asked, as her vagina gave me an extra couple of squeezes. I responded by flexing my own pelvic muscles, making my cock twitch and pulse inside her.She smiled, as I stroked her damp hair, ran both hands down her body then cupped bahis siteleri and squeezed her firm, but deliciously bouncy buttocks, “Well, so far, it’s been my best birthday, ever; thanks so much to both of you. And how’s yourself?” I asked, kissing her nose and forehead.“Just great,” she purred, rocking her hips, “I mean, I’ve been wanting to get naked and dirty with you guys for, like, ages.”With that, she sat up, held my hands to her breasts and leaned into them, bracing her hands against my chest. We copulated slowly, sensuously. Jules’ slick vaginal walls rippled against the ribs of my tumescent, electrified cock as it slid up and down inside her. We copulated for the sheer enjoyment of sharing our most intimate body parts, both between ourselves and with Naisha, who was having her own fun masturbating, as she knelt in a footwell videoing us. Finally, we came almost simultaneously. Jules gasped and whimpered, as I pulled her hips hard down; we both groaned luxuriously, my cock pulsing exquisitely as my gonads pumped my third load of the day over her cervix.“Mmm, thank yo-o-ou,” she drawled, with a warm, radiant smile, “my pussy really appreciated that.”After rewarding me with some heartfelt ‘thank you’ kisses, Jules reluctantly pulled up and away, releasing my cock from her snug womanhood. She sat back, pushed two fingers into her oozing vagina, then sucked and licked them clean, “Hmmm, man-cum, the best a girl can get,” she said with a laugh. Swinging her legs wider, she peeled her just-fucked-pussy lips open and smiled at Naisha, “hey babe, do you want a taste?”“What do you think?” answered Naisha, who was still crouched in the footwell. She took some close in footage of Jules’ cum-soaked pussy, then moved in to kiss and lap at her best friend’s dripping pink vulva.Both girls laughed as Jules’ vagina gave a squelchy fart, dribbling a big dollop of creamy cum sauce down her perineum. Naisha was quick to scoop it up with her tongue, then sat up on the seat next to Jules and shared it, mouth to mouth with her. Suddenly, following a quick, whispered conversation, the girls looked disapprovingly at me.“Hey Chris, we’re kind of disappointed in you,” huffed Jules, folding her arms.“Huh? What have I done?” I asked, slightly puzzled by the apparent change of mood.Naisha gave me a stern glare, “Oh, you know full well. You haven’t eaten us out. I mean, honestly, I’ve sucked your cock.”“And we’ve both fucked you,” added Jules, “so how about a little love for our hard worked pussies, huh?”“Uhhh, sorry, almost forgot,” I said, pretending to be suitably abashed.It took a nanosecond for me to get into the footwell and push a shoulder under Jules’ right thigh. Raising her hips, using a cushion the girls had brought along, gave me full access to her beautiful pussy. Her clean shaven mons was smooth and silky to the touch, while her warm-pink, sex swollen pussy lips were heavy with our love juices. Up close, her clean, slightly salty, oestrogen-heavy scent and taste, and the texture of her skin, were as irresistible and exciting as her physical assets.Turning to Naisha, her pussy was as irresistibly beautiful as Jules’. The light caramel of her skin melded into a subtle blend of caramel and burnt-sienna on her mound. A narrow landing strip canlı bahis siteleri of black pubes led down to her slit and her pouting, succulent inner labia; their burnt-sienna tips quickly faded into the delicate, blushing pink of her vulva. Jules gazed at her BFF’s privates and heaved a deep sigh.“Mmm, Naisha, I love your pussy so much,” she murmured, stroking Naisha’s inner thighs and mons, and delicately teasing her inner lips with a wet fingertip.“Thank you,” Naisha said quietly, “mujhe bhee tumhaaree choot pasand hai; I love your pussy, as well,” she translated. Jules and I enjoyed it when Naisha spoke Hindi, because she rarely used it outside of her immediate family and her closest extra special friends. She had been quietly teaching me the language since I’d met her, but I was still far from fluent.Jules suddenly leaned over, pushed her face against Naisha’s groin and growled, “rwraaarrrr, rrwwaarr, rwwarr!” sounding like a fox terrier harassing a toy. They looked at me, smiling from ear to ear and looking oh, so smug.“Yeah, yeah, okay,” I said, slightly miffed. The first time I went down on Jules, she’d likened it to an enthusiastic puppy with a bone and had been teasing me about it ever since. Of course, she’d shared that little faux pas with her best friend!“Aww, I’m sorry,” Jules suppressed her giggling and made ‘puppy eyes’, “you’ve been really, really nice to my pussy ever since.” We kissed and made up. After all, Jules had encouraged me to explore her lovely cunt, while teaching me how to do it gently and without rushing, maximising her pleasure, as well as mine. I was determined to show Naisha that the lessons hadn’t been wasted.Fortunately, because the two naked pussies were thoroughly warmed up, I was able to transition fairly quickly, from feather light kisses and touches, to peeling labia wide open and lapping at the hot, juicy vulvas within. Easing Jules’ and Naisha’s glistening, pink rosebud-like clitorises out from under their hoods, I took time to examine them closely, then gently pleasured them with the tip of my wet tongue, eliciting warm yelps and sighs, quivering thighs and curling toes. Gently gaping vaginas and tasting the walls with the tip of my tongue brought a flow of salty, oestrogen-rich cum that flooded my mouth, dripped down my chin and flowed down the girls’ perinea. It was truly satisfying to witness their involuntary vaginal contractions and spasms, accompanied by mewling and whimpering as the girls came.By the time Naisha and Jules begged me off, having experienced several orgasms between them, my cock was fully primed, ready to eject another load into a willing vagina or mouth. Jules supplied the release by kissing around the base of my cock, licking and sucking my balls then taking me as deep as she could. After a few minutes of this, my pulsing manhood flooded her mouth with my heated semen, accompanied by my primal grunts of relief. Again, Jules and Naisha kissed to share the liquid bounty.With that done, the three of us sat together on the backseat to chill out. By now, the interior of the Disco was dominated by the strong perfume of hot, sweaty, musky sex. The windows were steamed up, because I hadn’t left the engine running to power the air conditioning. By the sound of things, canlı bahis the rain had cleared away. A look through a cleared window showed that, if anything, the fog had gotten thicker, with visibility down to maybe twenty-five metres, although the sun was peeking through high cloud.I leaned between the seats to turn on the engine and started the air conditioning. There was an esky cooler that I’d loaded with several bottles of spring water and a couple of ice packs in the rear compartment, so I got some out. We all drank deep, enjoying the cool water after the heated exertions of the last hour or so. As our hormones settled down and our skin cooled, we also felt one of the downsides of our activities.“Hey Jules, did you bring any coconut oil?” asked Naisha, stroking her mound and looking slightly rueful, “my pussy’s starting to feel a little dry.”“Ah, snap! I almost forgot; I could use some too,” answered Jules, leaning over the back of the seat to retrieve her small backpack. She pulled out a plastic container of Wild Coconut Oil, “here it is,” she grinned at me and patted my half erect penis, “and how’s your pussy pleaser?”I had to admit, my ‘pussy pleaser’ needed some tender loving care as well. Jules often used coconut oil to pamper and moisturise her pussy and breasts, and had persuaded me of its efficacy by using it as a natural lubricant on my cock during and after sex. She also showed me how to massage it into her genitals: not much oil was needed to help alleviate dryness, as well as imparting a lovely, smooth sheen to the skin. An added bonus was that pussies, especially, took on an interesting savoury, salted-coconut flavour.With the availability of the oil, there followed a relaxing, sexy session of pussy and penis pampering. Naisha and I traded kisses as I spread a dab of coconut oil onto my palm and carefully massaged it well into the skin of her groin and mound, while taking extra care of her clitoris and inner labia. In turn, she was doing the same for Jules. The process elicited lots of purrs and sighs, and yet more trickles of oestrogenized pussy juice. When it was my turn, plenty of tender loving care was given to my cock.Things were heating up nicely when we were rudely interrupted by a fairly loud exhaust approaching along the road. Shit! We’d almost completely forgotten that we were in a public car park, even if it was at an out of the way picnic spot in a National Park. Naisha scrambled over to the front passenger seat to get to her clothes, while I hurriedly got dressed standing outside, on the driver’s side of the car. Jules was able to get dressed quicker than both of us, and got out to stand next to Naisha’s door, nonchalantly studying her phone. Just as I had gotten my trainers on and joined Jules, a 1960s vintage Holden station wagon chuntered into the car park and parked about ten metres away.The driver, a balding, middle-aged bloke with a salt n’ pepper goatee, wound down his window, “Gidday, I’m Bob,” he said as I walked over, “how long’s it been like this, ‘cos me and the Mrs came here hoping to have a picnic and go for a wander. Do you know whether there are any walking tracks around here?”“Yeah, I dunno how long it’s been like this,” I answered, lying through my teeth, “we’ve been here about five minutes, but it looks like it’s been raining pretty heavily. I’m Chris, by the way,” he had a handshake like a wet fish, “I think there’s a track back on the entry road,” I advised, pointing back the way Bob and his Mrs had come.

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