The Lion Chapters 7 , 8


Lifeguard 6Jill was shivering even on a warm summer night. Once Alex had Jill’s clothes off, he turned her slowly around so that now they were both facing his parents, Jill in front, Alex in back. Alex reached around and began to slowly rub her breasts with both hands. Her nipples hardened and extended as far as they could. Her nipples ached. She moaned. He kept one hand on her breast, then slid the other one into her wet pussy and moved his cock so it was sliding up and down the crack of her ass. She came for the first time that night. He helped her keep her balance while she rocked on up and down his fingers plunged into her pussy. His cock started to move a bit faster up and down the crack of her ass. They kept watching casino siteleri his parents making love. Mom and Dad had slowed a bit and were sensuously enjoying each other. Alex kept rubbing on Jill’s beautiful luscious body. He bent slightly at the knees, holding Jill upright, and slid his penis slowly into her waiting pussy. She was on her tiptoes as he stood straight into her. He was deep. Jill had never experienced anything that deep. She gave over to bliss, closing her eyes and giving into Alex slowly moving in and out of her pussy while still holding her erect.Then she felt one, then two sets of lips begin licking and sucking her nipples. One set had a little stubble on it, the other güvenilir casino was soft and sweet. Neither set of lips was from Alex as he was kissing her on the back of her neck and ears.She didn’t bother to open her eyes and just started cumming, hard.“Fuckkkkkkk.” is all that came out of Jill’s mouth.She started cumming like a jackhammer, pulsing, noisy, and fully. Alex held her tight so she wouldn’t fall. While Jill was cumming, the stubbly lips went straight to her pussy and began licking and sucking. She came again.Alex slowly lifted her, pulling out, laying Jill on her back on a chaise, and began shooting stream after stream of cum all over Jill’s body. Jill was only seeing Alex cum with half-closed canlı casino eyes as she wasn’t over her last orgasm. What she felt next were two sets of lips licking the cum off of her body, then a third. Alex had started at her pussy and was inching his way up her body sucking his cum off of Jill as he went.When Alex finally got to Jill’s lips, he kissed her there, for the first time, and at the same time, let some of his cum slide into her mouth.Yes, all she could say as she was swallowing was, “Fuck me.”Lifeguard 7After Jill finished cumming and Alex had finished eating the remainder of the cum off of her body and after he also fed some cum to her on the outdoor chaise, she was led to a master bedroom of Alex’s Mom and Dad. All four people moved to the king-sized bed. Jill found herself locked in a loving embrace face-to-face with Alex’s mother. Jill had never made out or made love to another woman before. She quickly realized she’d been missing something in her life.

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