The Lake

Cowgirl Position

The Lake This is more than just a fuck story, more than just a one night stab at something that may, or may not make you feel bad afterwards. This is a plan to bring three people to a spot in their life where it don’t make any difference if it is a dick or a pussy that makes them happy. A spot where it is more than just the act of sucking dick or eating pussy, it is bringing extreme joy to another person. Of taking care of another how you would like someone to take care of your needs. I started with a trip out of town to lake, this is my second home and to honest it is nicer than my place in the city. But this story is more than just the location of where it is to occur it is about what is going to occur. The area of the lake is a wonderful spot to just sit back and let the feelings of the moment take over. Not just one time or one night but for the entire weekend. 2 nights and 2days of grabbing and sucking and fucking anything you might want to try. No holds barred. No refusals, no pain, just pleasure and cum and cum and pleasure. We all will have to make some adjustments to our normal feeling on sex, no more “I can’t do that” to an OK I will do that. Paul, at first was reluctant to try he was the last one to get on the cum train we started. But he has enjoyed the fruits of my labor so much lately that he was afraid to say no. He decided that he was going to go along for the ride, and what a ride it will be. It took his wife quite along time to convince him to go along with her plan but when Pat puts her mind onto something she usually gets her way. There were some things I had to overlook. If I were going to pick someone to have a weekend fling with it probable would not be someone with a much bigger dick than I. But that is something I would have to deal with. As Pat says he has, what shall we say, a huge member. There is only one rule for the weekend and that is the person in the middle of the bed has to take care of the other two folks, No exceptions. It will be one at a time, with the only touching allowed by the two on the ends is kissing. After arriving we had to decide who was going to be in the middle first. That was a no contest, the old saying, “if mommy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” kicked in. Pat is the first in the middle of the bed. The sun was setting and the weather was just great, but everyone had more on their mind than warms days and relaxing nights. We all made sure that before each group grope that we were clean and ready for action. Pat was more than ready, she stripped off and jumped into bed with no pushing by anyone, Pat were ready for this, 2 guys, 2 dicks, and 4balls full of cum. Pat were in heaven Paul and I slowly lay on the bed wondering who Pat would do first, well we did not have to wait long for güvenilir bahis the decision, Pat sucked Paul’s dick into her mouth with all the lust that had been building up since she came up with this idea. I lay there and watched and saw his dick getting bigger and harder with each stroke of her mouth. It is quite nice to sit back and watch the look and moans of another while he is getting his dick sucked, it was quite exciting. And not to leave me out of the mix Pats hand would make it over to my dick and every once in awhile and stroke me making sure I was getting in on the excitement. I watch for awhile and started to feel left out but I remembered the rules and was kind of stuck in what I could do. By now Paul’s dick was at full length and to say it was massive is not really giving it justice. I could only wonder how I was going to take care of it. Pat had her mouth a little over his head and was fisting him with her hand. There was lots of room on that pole I think she could have put both hands on it, end over end and still had more room. Pat sucked on Paul’s dick for it seemed hours and every time he was close to coming she stopped, I could see the veins throbbing on his dick, his balls were starting to tighten up getting ready to cum, but Pat would have none of that. Pat then turned so her pussy was close to Paul’s head and commanded him to suck it. He buried his head in that pussy and started slowly at first but she was ready to cum. She started fucking his head moving her pussy in grinding motions. I could tell by the moans and the look in her eye she was coming. Paul kept on her pussy he just could not enough of it, Pat came repeatedly but she was always ready for more. Pat then sucking on his dick again and some precum dribble out. After a few minutes I saw Pat look up at me and our eyes locked, then she started to tease me. She held Paul’s dick in her hand slowly stroking it up and down and licking the head like a cone. Then she looked over toward me and mouthed the words; “You want some”. Pat knew dam good and well I did, but she teased anyway. After a few minutes she motioned for me to sneak down to where she was working licking the head of that massive dick. Paul was still sucking Pat’s pussy and his head was buried so he could not see. As I got closer Pat held his dick for me and whispered, “Take a suck, it is good” I slowly lowered my head and could feel the heat of his dick. I could tell his smell was different than mine as I continued to get closer to my prize. As I opened my mouth Pat surprised me and pushed my head down and his dick slid it my mouth. Pat would not let me move and just held my head with Paul’s dick in my mouth.   No movement, Pat held my head stationary, just the feeling of a hard dick. Every once güvenilir bahis siteleri in awhile it would throb, as he was getting more and more excited from sucking Pat’s pussy. When it did a small amount of cum would seep out the head and into my mouth. Loved it. Then Pat pulled my head off and took over the job, I knew Paul was ready to blow and she wanted to get into it. I watched as Paul laid back and letting Pat suck his dick; his face was all wet from eating her pussy and glistened in the light. I thought that he would never know it was my mouth on his dick for awhile but I guess it is kind of hard to hide a mustache. He looked over and me and smiled pointing to my upper lip. Oh well. I slid over closer to Pat two so I would not miss a beat, Pat’s head was a blur and Paul was leaning back with his eyes closed. I have no idea what the fuck happened but just sitting there watching I started to moan along with the two of Pat. I could smell Pat’s pussy juice on Paul’s face and just wanted a taste. Honest! So I just started licking the juice off his chin I could taste Pat and it was wonderful, licking the cum off Paul’s face. Then something happened that I had not counted on Paul suddenly turned his face and put his lips on mine. I was licking Pat’s juice one minute and had a tongue in my mouth the next. I don’t know what came over me but I returned the tongue and we continued on like that while Pat finished sucking his dick. My mouth was on his, tongues buried and flicking it was strange at first but I got into it. I held his head in my hands and gently kissed his lips. I suddenly felt him tense and could tell he was ready to cum, I buried my tongue in his mouth and heard him moan as he filled Pat’s mouth with cum. Pat opened her eyes and saw what was going on and started sucking even faster. Just watching both of her favorite guys holing and kissing each other was enough to get Pat off. Her mouth was full of cum and she could not be happier. She decided to swallow this load herself and busied herself with swallowing as fast as she could.     Part two. Now we had to figure who was going to be in the middle for the next part, we had stopped and rested and went over the actions of the last few hours. It was not big deal just three friends talking and getting ready for the next adventure. Things were quite at first but as time wore on Pat could feel the sexual tension start to build. I was going to volunteer to be in the middle but Pat and Paul had other ideas. Paul was the first one to step up and decided he wanted to be in the middle, I just went along with it trying to imagine what might be in store for us. I did not have to wait long at all as I lay down and took off my sweat pants I was grabbed in a big affectionate iddaa siteleri hug. Paul said he was not sure how he was going to feel about doing anything when he first started but now he was into it he could not wait to try things out. With that he went over and gave Pat a big wet sloppy French kiss. Pat felt his tongue was going back to the end of her throat, he was not trying to be sloppy, it just turned out like that. Paul French kissed Pat for a few minutes as I watched and I wondered where I was going to come into the mix, I thought I might get left out. But not to worry my turn was to cum, so to speak. After a few minutes Paul leaned over toward me like he was going to say something and I leaned forward to hear it. What he said was “I want to suck your dick; I want you to cum in my mouth”. No problem from me, I told him. I laid back and waited for the sensation to take over, and almost at once felt a new set of lips taking my dick deep in his mouth. Now I ain’t no slouch and have been sucked by many folks but this one was a first. To be sucked off by a husband and wife. Now that is a new one on me. I am been sucked off by men, women, and both but never a husband and wife. To be in both of there mouths my cum shooting down both of their throats, now that was different. I looked down as Paul hesitated to go down the entire length of my dick. I watched as his head worked up and down and could only think what was going through his mind. I started to take control of the situation as I did not want to cum right away. I wanted this to last. So I slowed him down and guided him toward my nuts. I wanted them sucked for awhile. Paul was glad to oblige and started sucking my nuts in his mouth. I could tell he was starting to get into this as his dick was hard and kept getting in his way. But he kept sucking my nuts. He then started to work his way under my nuts and was sucking in between my ass and nuts. It was a great feeling but as he was that close I wanted him to lick my ass, put his tongue in my ass, just to feel what is was like. As he was reading my mind or something I feel this big, wet tongue go into my ass he licked and sucked for awhile like he was working on a pussy and as fast as he started he stopped. He again turned his attention to my dick, and I let him. This time no control, I wanted to coat his mouth and throat with my cum, and it turned out that is what he wanted too. His head became a piston, up and down, over and over. I started pimping him, I asked, “You want to taste my cum?” Yes he weakly replied. “Then tell me how much you want it”, I asked. The more I talked to him the faster he went, now I knew I was going to blow a big wad, after watching Pat and Paul fuck and tasting Paul’s dick I was ready, I needed to blow a load into someone and quick. Paul was that someone; he was deep throating it when I shot the first load. I took him by surprise but he did not move. I shot all my cum into his mouth and he sucked in all down, all except the last bit of the load.

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