The House Boy Ch. 03


Tom couldn’t help but smile almost lovingly down at the young man currently on his knees, servicing his cock with his hot, wet mouth. His blue eyes were gazing back up at him, willing, almost desperate to please him in return.

Standing to his right was Mike, sipping at a beer, the left hand of the young man stroking his eight inch cock. Mike was almost a twin in certain ways. Same colour hair, though Tom wore his longer, both had blue eyes, though his were lighter, and both were strong and fit, roughly the same height and cock size.

The right hand of the young man was currently stroking William. He was a tall man at six-four, incredibly tanned as his sport was volleyball, either on the court or on the beach. Reddish blonde hair and green eyes, even straight men would find themselves weak of knees when under his gaze. He had piercings in various spots across his body, and did enjoy body art, though not the full sleeves of others. He was also incredibly hung, the longest cock in the house at ten full thick inches. When Steven had seen it the first time at its full erection, he’d almost leapt back in fear.

It was Friday night, the end of their first week back at university. Tom had been worried the young man would have found himself too distracted by them. Perhaps it was a good thing that the first week for first year students was relatively quiet, more about learning what they’d be studying and introductions to their subjects, in addition to getting to know their fellow students. He wasn’t sure if he’d made any friends, simply because he’d kept in constant contact with his housemates.

Tom thought that was simply adorable and made sure he wasn’t the only one to make sure he was always available if he needed some help or just a little company.

Tom hadn’t slept with him every night that week. Monday night, he’d taken Mark by the hand and spent half the night sucking his cock to at least a couple of orgasms. Mark couldn’t wipe the grin off his face the next morning as he was blown again during breakfast, while Justin found his cock sucked for the first time. Tuesday night, Graham was taken into his room for the first time, who waxed lyrical about their house boy the next morning. Wednesday night was for William, and that’s when they heard the story the next morning about their young man being a little fearful. Thankfully, William was a gentle soul, reassuring him all would be well, and he did enjoy hearing that Steven did his level best to swallow as much of his length as possible, though did worry about the idea of being fucked by such a large cock. Thursday night, Mike got his chance, who appeared in the kitchen on Friday morning with a shit-eating grin as he told everyone that Steven had made him cum four times during the night, swallowing two and taking the other two on his face.

Arriving home from campus on Friday evening, Tom didn’t have classes, sitting in the living room with a drink, reading a book and enjoying the silence. Steven appeared, having stripped from closing the front door to appearing in front of him. Placing his book down, the young man immediately straddled his lap and kissed him. Tom smiled at the confidence, kissing him back immediately, running his fingers up and down the smooth skin of his back before gently grabbing his supple cheeks.

“Tom,” Steven breathed, “I want to make love tonight. I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”

“I need to feel you inside me. I want to feel all of you inside me soon.” He kissed him again, the young man quickly finding himself on his back, Tom stripping off his shirt and shorts quickly, the two naked men pressing their bodies together as he took control, Steven responding to everything he was doing positively. Leaning back a moment, seeing his chest rise and fall rapidly, there was no missing his excitement.

Tom couldn’t help smile. A smooth body, ripe for the taking. There was a boyish quality to him. He went to the gym but didn’t focus on weights, more on aerobics. He barely had a hair on his body. Was sure he rarely needed to shave. There was a light covering of hair around his groin, but even his arse was lovely and smooth.

Leaning back down to kiss him, his young lover moaned into his mouth more than once, but when he reached down between them, gently grasping both their cocks and starting to frotting them, he gasped and smiled, breaking the kiss. “Oh god,” Steve moaned.

“Never done this before?” He smiled as Steven shook his head. “It’s a lot of fun. Even better if we cum together.”

He watched Steven bite his lower lip, which just made him look even cuter, his blue eyes full of desire, a need to orgasm. Leaning down to kiss him again, he leaned back and spat down on both of them for lubrication, kissing him again as he stroked them off faster. His young lover started to move his hips and moaned, his kissing become increasingly urgent yet passionate. He knew Steven liked him. A lot. A hell of a lot. And he couldn’t help feeling the same way. There was just escort izmir something about him, and he knew he wasn’t the only one in the household who felt the same way.

Sensing his orgasm approaching, he released his own cock and focused on Steven. He had timed it right as he felt the cock throb in his mouth, Steven crying out, Tom smiling as he watched cum shoot up his paler body. Breathing deeply, Steven had cum a lot, Tom leaning down to use his tongue to clean some of it up. He enjoyed the taste of his cum, moving down to take his cock in his mouth.

“Oh god,” Steven whimpered, moving his hips almost involuntarily. “Tom…”

“It’s okay, baby,” he whispered back, “Just cleaning you up.”

Giving him a few minutes to rest, kissing back up his body to his mouth, he smiled when feeling Steven’s hand immediately wrap around his shaft. “Can you cum on my face?” Steven asked.

“Anything you want, sweetie. Get on your knees.”

He was so turned on, he lasted barely a couple of minutes, Steven opening his mouth as he aimed his cock, the first two spurts leaving white streaks up his face, the next couple placing the head of his cock into his mouth and depositing it there. Steven immediately wrapped his lips around the head of his cock, ensuring everything else he swallowed, stroking his cheek and his hair as Steven happily sucked his cock for a few more minutes until Tom needed a break.

After dinner, they’d wandered out to the backyard, gathering around the pool. There had been a lot of friendly teasing, all of them getting ever hornier, and as soon as cocks were being freed, and Steven was as naked as they were, little surprise there were now in the positions they were in the living room.

“That’s good, baby,” Tom moaned, noticing Steven was smiling.

“I might need a little attention soon,” William stated. As soon as he said that, Steven leaned over and swallowed at least half of his cock.

“Fucking hell,” Mark laughed, “I reckon we need to do one whole day where he just sucks us off constantly.”

“You like that idea, Stevie?” Tom wondered.

“Fuck yes,” he replied, before leaning across to take Mike’s cock in his mouth next.

“Fucking him soon?” Jim asked him.

“I’m waiting for him to finish up so I can take him upstairs.”

Steven stopped, sitting back on his knees, starting to blush like usual. “Oh… I thought…”

Getting down on a knee, he pulled the young man closer to him. “Steven, your first time isn’t going to be in front of all your housemates. In the future, sure, you’ll be having sex all over the house, and I’m sure you’ll get used to be fucked somewhat publicly. But your first few times should be a little more private, until you’re used to and confident with the idea.”

“Can we go upstairs now?” he asked softly, and Tom heard the nerves in his tone.

Standing up, he offered his hand. To his surprise, the others simply bid them goodnight, probably not wanting to cause Steven too many nerves considering what they were going to do. Stepping inside Steven’s bedroom, he shut the door behind him as his young lover turned to look at him. The nerves were clearly starting to take hold as he could see the slight shake in his body.

It was incredibly cute to see as he knew how eager Steven was to please him as well. Leaning down to kiss him, he pulled him closer and felt him relax in his arms. Moving them over to the bed, Steven sat down and made to kiss down to his cock. He stopped him before his lips could wrap around his cock again.

Lifting him up easily, he positioned Steven on his knees, getting behind him as Steven leaned down, resting on his forearms. Sitting on his knees behind him, he marvelled at the small, youthful body before him. He might have been slim but he did have a tight little body, but it was his butt that had definitely gained their attention. Kissing up his back towards his shoulder, he felt Steven jump as he breathed against his neck. “Just relax,” he whispered, “I promise to make sure it doesn’t hurt too much.”

“I know,” Steven whispered back, “It’s just… I really want this but don’t want to fuck it up…”

“You won’t.”

Kissing back down his back, he felt Steve jolt as he ran his tongue across his rosebud. He would have normally liked to eat him out for ages, but his young lover was clearly so eager, even desperate to make love, he wasn’t going to make him wait even longer. Lube sat on the nightstand as always. Pouring a healthy measure onto Steven’s butt, he slowly slid a finger inside him. Steven moaned as always, still not entirely used to having something in his back passage.

Stroking his back with his other hand, he felt Steven slowly relax, sliding a second finger inside him. He smiled to himself, enjoying the moan that escaped the young man. He knew Steven was going to thoroughly enjoy having a nice thick cock sliding inside him soon. He knew no-one had slid more than two fingers inside him, so when he added a third thick finger, escort izmir he chuckled as Steven moaned even louder.

“Oh fuck,” he cried softly. It wasn’t a cry of any pain, it was one of utter pleasure. When he felt Steven start to move back against his fingers, he knew that he was just about ready, though he’d still have to be slow to start with.

“Are you ready?” he had to ask.

“Please,” Steven cried softly.

Lubing up his thick cock, he teased Steven for a minute, rubbing his thick shaft against his crack and rosebud, hearing him hiss slightly but there was no doubting his desire. He wanted to be taken. He needed to be taken. He needed a thick long cock sliding inside him, taking his real virginity.

Grabbing his shoulder to keep him in place, he pressed the large head of his cock against his tight opening. He waited until Steven had relaxed before slowly pressing forward. The young man moaned, noticing his brow furrow. He knew it wasn’t going to be completely painless, but he wanted as little pain as possible. Going so slowly wasn’t something he was used to doing but he could see the pleasure as the smile formed. Once the head of his cock finally slid inside, Steven released the sort of moan that would make the cock of any man throb with excitement.

Moving his hands to his hips, holding him tightly, he pushed more of length inside, moving back after a few seconds, before pushing forward again. Steven moaned again and again. Thankfully, he didn’t appear to be finding any pain in it. Definitely discomfort as it was something new and Tom had a large cock, but there was that same slight smile that didn’t fade. He was certainly enjoying it too.

When he felt his groin press against his cheeks, his entire length inside, Steven opened his eyes and turned to look back. Tom wasn’t surprised to see they were glistening. “You okay?” he asked. Steven could only nod. “Ready?” Steven nodded again.

Resting his head down again, he started to slowly thrust into his young lover. The feeling of his tight, hot arse around his cock was fantastic, slowly building up a tempo he could enjoy. Steven was moaning with nearly every thrust, Tom moving one hand form his hips back up to his shoulder. The slight change in angle earned a grunt from Steven.

“Oh fuck yes,” Steven moaned.

Tom grinned to himself that Steven was enjoying it already. Thrusting faster, he could feel his larger, heavier balls bumping into Steven’s. Leaning forward slightly, another change of angle, he kissed up the young man’s upper back and shoulder, resting his head not far from his young lovers.

“Love your arse already, cutie,” he groaned.

“I had no idea it was this good,” Steven moaned softly.

“Love my big, thick cock?”

“Yes, though I want to feel you cum in me.”

Leaning down to kiss him, Steven turned to kiss him properly, amused when they moaned in unison, Tom thrusting a little faster again. Steven was clearly adapting and enjoying the thick cock now plunging deeper and deeper inside him. “Fuck yes… Fuck me, Tom…”

Changing position so he was almost mounting him, Steven grunted as Tom started to thrust into him a little harder. “This what you want?” he growled into his ear.

“Yes,” his young lover whimpered, “I’ll be your little house boy.”

He couldn’t help grin as Steven whimpered and moaned as he started to thrust faster and faster. He could feel his orgasm building up. “You’re going to be sucking so much cock and being fucked constantly going forward,” he breathed into his ear, “I’m just preparing your arse now for the inevitable.”

Steven groaned loudly, likely wanting to orgasm himself. “As long as you fuck me constantly, Tom.”

“Oh, rest assured,” he grunted, now really driving his cock into his young lover, “You’re going to fall in love with my cock.”

Tom could feel his orgasm was imminent, that tingling feeling at the base of his balls that would soon surge through his cock and out. Pressing Steven’s arse lower down with his body, he was now fucking him hard and fast, thoughts of not causing him pain briefly leaving his mind as he was now desperate to cum into his young lover. He grunted a few times, hearing his young lover whimper again and again, before he finally groaned, burying his cock as he felt that first surge of cum.

“Fuck yes,” he cried, thrusting as deeply as possible, “Oh fuck, take my cum.” He pumped and pumped, feeling his entire body, his soul almost leaving his body into the arse of his young lover. “Holy shit, what an arse. Fucking hell,” he groaned, continuing to pump his cock into the young man until he simply couldn’t keep himself upright, gently relaxing down until he was resting on top of Steve.

They were both catching his breath when he heard a whispered, “Thank you.”

Tom couldn’t help chuckle. “Stevie, I should be thanking you.”

“No… That was perfect, Tom. Just what I wanted. What I needed. Now I know who I am. I feel wonderful. Even euphoric. I loved every second, even when it was hurting.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

“No, it’s okay, Tom. I knew it was going to hurt at times being my first. I’m glad it was you.”

Gently pulling his cock out, Steven rolled onto his back, spreading his legs so Tom could lie between them again. Steven’s cock was still rock hard and leaking pre-cum. Leaning down to kiss him, he caressed the cock of the young man. “When I fuck you again, jerk yourself off. I want to see you cum all over yourself again.”

“How many times can you fuck me tonight?”

Chuckling at his enthusiasm, he needed a moment to smile before replying. “As many times as you want, Stevie. Did you like it that much?”

“I loved every second.” Then their eyes met and Steven blushed. Tom knew what he was feeling. The first lover would always be special. He still remembered his first male lover fondly, though they hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years now. He had also been a slightly older man.

Tom was hard again within a few minutes, making out with Steven certainly firing him up quickly. After another quick application of lube, he made sure Steven had his legs spread wide, his butt lifted by a pillow, carefully sliding his cock back inside him. Steven’s face lit up once he was buried once again, unable to stop smiling at the sheer joy on the face of the young man.

Steven proved flexible, moving his knees back so they were almost touching his shoulders, his body tiny compared to his own broad physique. Using slow, long strokes of his cock deep into his arse, he watched Steven’s face. There was no sign of any pain now, only the joy of being fucked by a big thick cock. Resting on one hand, he reached down and stroked Steven’s almost painfully hard erection.

He shuddered at his touch, moaning loudly as his head rolled back. Tom smiled at the reaction, knowing his young lover wasn’t going to last long at all. “How badly do you want to cum, cutie?”

“So much, but only with your cock inside me.”

It was barely a dozen strokes before Steven erupted all over himself. Tom stopped, leaving his cock buried, giving him a couple of minutes to recover, cleaning off his thumb and fingers before he used his finger to scoop up his cum and offered it to Steven. He was pleased there was no hesitation at all. In fact, Steven smiled up at him. “I taste pretty good, though I’ve already tasted my cum before.”

Resting his hands behind his knees, he curled the young man into a ball and started to pump him faster. He knew he wasn’t going to cum anytime soon, and with Steven now relaxed after his own orgasm, it was now just a case of enjoying a nice, slow fuck. Tom couldn’t help but marvel at his near virgin hole. He’d never found his cock buried in an arse so tight. He’d fucked virgins before, but it was as if his arse had been untouched. From what Steven had told him, he didn’t even have a dildo that he’d used on himself. Every other lover had at least had something phallic up themselves when masturbating.

“Love fucking your arse,” Tom grunted, “Or I love your fucking arse.”

“Both is fine with me,” Steven managed to reply with humour, “Could say the same about your thick cock. Will it always feel this good, Tom?”

“It’ll only get better, Stevie. Only get better.”

Leaning forward, Steven’s ankles resting on his shoulders, he pumped his young lover harder and faster still. He watched Steven’s face for a reaction and was pleased to see him only smile in return, his eyes speaking volumes. He was loving it and wanted more. A lot more. Tom growled, leaning down to kiss him hard, their tongues duelling, earning another loud moan from his young lover. He was amazed to look down and see thick cock disappearing into the body of someone so much smaller than himself.

“Loving the view?” Steven asked.

“Fucking love it. I’m going to want to record us fucking.”

“Fine by me. Would love to see your big cock disappearing inside me. Soon enough, you’ll all be pounding me something stupid.”

Meeting his eyes, he smiled at Steven’s face. It hadn’t taken the young man long to come out of his shell and find some confidence. He liked to think he and his housemates had helped. There was no missing the young man was a real sweetheart, unbelievably cute and, frankly, far too damned adorable for his own good. He knew other man would just gobble him up and spit him out. The eight of them in the household felt they would need to protect him from certain people they knew.

Tom could feel his body getting increasingly slick with sweat. Steven didn’t appear to be sweating as much but his pale body had taken on a slightly reddish hue, though he was fairly sure a lot of that was due to be completely and utterly turned on. They continued to make out as Steven almost begged him to keep fucking him faster and faster. Tom had stamina and enjoyed the fact Steven was loving it just as much, his arse full of his cum and ready for another serving.

“I’m close again,” he eventually warned him.

“Fill me to the brim. I want to be leaking all night.”

“Fuck,” he moaned, “They’re going to love fucking you soon.”

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