The Gigolo Chronicles III – Heidi, Part 2


To say that Heidi had a beautiful pussy would be like saying the Mona Lisa is nice art or the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is “pretty”. Shaved baby smooth, her pussy is tight and her lips are tucked in neatly. Drops of her dew clung to her slit, beckoning me to sample her deliciousness.Well, it was an invitation I couldn’t refuse and I leaned forward, taking a long, luxurious lick at her bald beauty. Heidi moaned loudly as she felt my tongue lapping at her.”Oh God, I have missed that tongue!” she moaned.With her legs over my shoulders, my arms were just long enough to wrap around her legs and still be able to pull apart her pussy lips with my fingertips. I opened her flower, peeking into the wet, pink interior for a moment before I plunged my tongue into its warm, sweet depths.I fastened my mouth to her dripping honey pot and began feasting on all the juices that Heidi had collected there. There were a lot of them and they were delicious.After relishing them all, I started probing with my tongue around the edges of that same lovely hole. I know she has some sweet spots there and I wanted to feast on more of her nectar. My reward was a sudden spurt of those delightful juices, which I devoured.I started licking her pussy lips, holding the outer side of one of her outer labia against my lower lip and caressing the inner side with my tongue. Next, my tongue probed the inner lip, which is more sensitive. The more I licked and probed, the more aroused Heidi became and her pussy started squirming under my face.The lips on the other got the same gentle treatment, and soon Heidi began thrusting her pussy against my face, while her sweet hole poured out its appreciation even more heavily. I licked the nectar she offered from her love hole, and once again probed the seam between her first inner and outer lips, this time using a little more pressure.My tongue caressed along the entire length of the seam but passed her clit. Once again, the other pair of lips got the same probing, but once more I avoided her throbbing clit.Heidi’s body was writhing under my actions and her thighs had rotated outward, fully presenting her pussy to my mouth. Her pussy was so active she seemed to be trying to wrap it around my face. “My clit! Please lick my clit! Oh please, Tony, my clit!” she gasped.I clamped my lips around that engorged love button and applied strong suction, while my tongue massaged that most sensitive of sweet spots. After just a few minutes of this, Heidi started cumming.”Ahhh… I’m cumming! Oh, I’m cumming!”, she crooned and her hands went to the back of my head to press my face tightly against her pussy.Her legs scissored against my temples, alternately squeezing and releasing my head and her heels wrapped tightly around my neck, almanbahis şikayet pulling me into her crotch harder. Heidi continued crooning and moaning and crying out for as long as she was cumming. After her orgasm, she relaxed again and her legs released my head, falling to the floor on either side of me and twitching as the last jolts of her orgasm passed through them. Her hands continued running through my head and stroking my hair as she purred happily in ecstatic bliss. There was an ocean of fresh juices in her pussy to please my taste buds so I licked them all up and waited for her to be ready for more. Heidi truly loves having me eat her pussy and I truly love eating her pussy, which is why we normally do it twice.After a few minutes of rest, Heidi’s breathing and heart rate had returned to normal and she was ready for more fun. “Tony, I hope you want to eat my pussy some more. But I like to spread out and there isn’t room here. I want you to put your finger in my ass too, so let’s go into the bedroom.” I wanted nothing more than to eat Heidi’s pussy some more, and not just a little, but a lot more. She was still a bit weak, so I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom where our love-making would continue.Her bed had two pillows; one would go under her head and the other would go under her ass to present her lovely pussy to me. Heidi lay on her back with her legs spread and a big smile on her pretty face. The smile was partly showing affection for me, partly in the enjoyment of what we had been doing and partly in anticipation of what we would be doing again momentarily. I knelt beside her and kissed her warm lips and her throat and licked her adorable nipples. Her pussy was already wet and eager to be eaten but her nipples were so rigid and inviting that I had to lick and suck on them first. After a few minutes, I got up, knelt between her legs and adjusted the pillow so her ass and pussy were presented even better to my fingers and mouth.Heidi raised her legs and reached down and spread her ass cheeks. Pussy juice made a good lubricant for my middle finger and I finger-fucked her with it a few times (which only served to heighten her arousal and get her even more turned on). I leaned in between her upraised legs, placed one shoulder against the underside of her thigh and slowly slipped the juice-soaked middle finger into her waiting ass. “Oooh, that feels good”, she murmured.I pumped my finger in and out of her tight hot ass a few times, then leaned farther forward and licked around the edge of her beautiful love hole. When I had cleaned around her entrance, my tongue plunged into that delightful place to get all the delicious juices she had already produced since cumming the first time. By far, almanbahis canlı casino my favorite kind of oral sex is eating a hot, juicy pussy like Heidi’s, and I really love to suck and lick and kiss and nibble the whole thing.Rather than go directly to her clit so a woman will cum quickly, I often take my time, building up the anticipation, and give both her and myself as much pleasure as I can before her climax. Most women prefer that also, unless they are under time constraints, although sometimes a woman will be so horny that she wants to cum right away and then have me take my time in bringing her to her second climax.That day, I had tried to take my time but Heidi had needed that quick orgasm to start off with, and then to relax and have a long, slow session with my finger in her ass and my mouth on her pussy until we both enjoyed her cumming the second time.I started on an outer pussy lip again, slowly licking and nibbling with my lips only, gently kissing the edge of the outer lip. I licked and nibbled and kissed the entire lip, all the way to above her clit. I gently tugged on her fat meaty lip with my teeth playfully and I heard her cooing as she felt me pulling and stretching her lip up. Heidi’s eyes were closed and she was murmuring in pleasure but she knew I had just started. The other outer pussy lip got my attention next and I licked it to above her clit, again moving slowly and covering all the surface area many times over. Heidi was luxuriously nestling her head into the pillow and her pussy was squirming under my face.Her juices were flowing freely, and her pussy had started slowly grinding against my face. She moaned each time her clit rubbed against my nose and my tongue thrust deep into her pussy. After licking up the delicious juices that were available, I started probing between the other two labia, again curling my tongue to greater stimulate the inner lip. This time, when I reached her clit, the contact was not so minimal. I licked all around that sweet charmer, and when I moved my tongue away, Heidi’s cooing had turned to moaning from the pleasure.”Oh, fuck, Tony! I love it! I love it, baby. Keep eating my pussy,” was her reaction. But I didn’t, at least not for a few minutes. While my mouth was reveling in her lovely pussy, I had been thrusting my middle finger in and out of her ass. Heidi enjoyed this immensely, both as a complement to the way I was eating her out and as a pleasure in itself. When I inserted both my index and middle fingers together and in combination started plunging in and out of her ass all the way to the knuckles, she responded as expected.”Ohhhhhhh, God, that’s good,” she exclaimed and when I started twisting the fingers back and forth while thrusting them into almanbahis casino the sensuous place they had found, her reaction was even more pronounced. She pushed her ass toward me as if trying to get my fingers in even deeper, which they couldn’t do. Besides those movements, her ass was almost lifting off the bed, her pussy was fucking into the air so strongly. I knew it would soon be time for her to cum.My fingers continued going in and out of her ass and my mouth returned to Heidi’s pussy. The outer surface of her inner lips had been thoroughly covered by my tongue so now it was time to get serious about eating her pussy. I formed my tongue into the semblance of a small cock and began stabbing at her hole with it. pecking at her pussy liked a woodpecker does a tree. Heidi came unhinged with the combination of both things going on in front and in back of her.”Oh, fuck Tony! Oh my God yes! Yess!” she cried out. She was at a loss at what to do; if she moved forward, she lessened the work of my fingers in her ass. If she moved backward, my tongue wouldn’t be as effective on her pussy. So instead she just lay there wriggling and crying out as her hands raked across her tits, her long red fingernails digging deep into her creamy flesh.Heidi’s thighs had rotated outward again so her pussy was once again fully presented to me, and I sluiced up all the fresh juices from her love hole. After I had devoured them, I thrust my tongue in as far as it would go and brought it slowly back out, pressing hard against the top of that delightful place, to massage the underside of her clit. After I drew my tongue back out, I licked all around the edges again. Under my face, Heidi’s hips were swiveling; her legs were thrusting out over my shoulders like two pistons and she was panting, almost crying, and begging me to suck her clit.That would be the next place on my tour of her incredible pussy. After licking all around the engorged love button, to be sure the hood was out of the way, I clamped my lips on the warm flesh surrounding it and started sucking, while my tongue continued to flick and tantalize Heidi’s adorable clit.Suddenly, with a cry that I was certain would bring the law down on us any second, Heidi started cumming, harder than I have ever seen her cum before. With one leg hooked around my neck and the other thrashing about wildly, she was like a woman possessed of the devil. She moaned and cried and whimpered–she did everything but speak in tongues! Her hands pushed down on my head and her leg around my neck kept Heidi’s pussy plastered so tightly to my face that, as her ass bounced up and down off the mattress, she carried me with her.Heidi’s cumming took much longer this time. For every immensely enjoyable second, I concentrated on keeping my lips clamped around her clit while my tongue lovingly caressed the sides and top of the sweet love toy. When Heidi climaxed, she arched her back, lifting her ass high off the bed, with both her legs locked around my head for leverage.

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