The Flirt – A Heather Story – Part 3


“I wish I could come with you,” I said, still lying in CJ’s bed, watching him pack a suitcase.”I do too,” CJ sighed. “But the truth is, I normally wouldn’t even be going on this trip. My dad plans on turning over some things to me in Vancouver though, and I think he’s wanting to spend our time one on one – away from what he would consider ‘my distractions’.””I get it. I’m sure my dad will appreciate having me to himself too.” “You’re welcome to stay here while I’m gone,” CJ said, consoling. “Thanks Babydoll. I might swim or work out a little. Maybe KT will want to watch a movie or something.””Whatever you want,” CJ smiled and kissed me. “I’ll call you when we get there.”CJ was leaving for the week. It was the first time we would be apart for more than a few days. I wasn’t terribly upset, but I did wish I could go. My parents took me to Mexico once, but I was too young to really enjoy it. The fact that CJ got to travel internationally, albeit Canada, I still found exciting.When I got home, Daddy was making up his bed with clean sheets. No doubt, he made good use of his time alone, I laughed to myself. I helped him put the comforter on, and told him about CJ’s business trip. “So I’ll be home pretty much all week,” I said, tossing his pillows into fresh pillowcases. “Unless you…” pointing at the laundry basket of sex-fouled bed linens, “want to have another sleepover,” I laughed.”Stop it,” he laughed. “I didn’t have a sleepover.””Whatever!” I laughed, heading to my room. Might not have slept, but he definitely got laid. I didn’t have much right to scrutinize my dad’s sexual escapades. He never had a girlfriend stay the night while I was home. I’m gonna make sure he gets more opportunities, I thought, slipping into a short skirt and heels, my usual work attire. My flirty tops were always tight, but my ripening tummy was becoming undeniable. Soon it would cease to be cute though, and blur the line into obscenity. I was happy to be at work. The warm weather and our summer sale bahis şirketleri meant a lot more activity for the dealership. It would have been a terrible, lonely week, otherwise.I knew I needed to spend some time with my dad. But I also wanted to give him another opportunity to… entertain someone, discreetly. KT was free Thursday night, so we made plans to meet at my house. I’d take her to spend the night at Shale Rock, maybe get in the pool and watch a movie. “So how was your day?” Daddy asked, as I scooted next to him on his bed.”Ugh,” I groaned. “We were crazy busy. And I’m starting to feel this baby in my back and feet!” I lifted my legs, showing how horribly swollen my feet looked in heels.”Come here,” Daddy said, pulling my legs to his lap. He slid off my shoes and began massaging my feet and calves. “You’re going to have to put your feet up at work, Heather. I’m sure they’ll understand.””Oh God, that feels good,” I said, closing my eyes. “You can change the channel. We don’t have to watch the game.”I didn’t even reply. When I woke up a few hours later, the TV was off and Daddy was sound asleep, my legs still lay across him. I should have just gone back to sleep, but I had missed several texts from CJ. I kissed Daddy’s forehead and went to my room. CJ was just getting back to his hotel room, so we chatted a bit on the phone. I listened to CJ tell me all about the business meetings with his dad. He seemed excited, which made me happy for him. I caught CJ up on my plans for the rest of the week, letting him know I had invited KT to hang out at the estate. He told me to let him know if we wanted anything specific to eat while staying at his house. I agreed to it, but I really didn’t want to bother the staff while CJ wasn’t there. “You gave my dad a good chuckle tonight,” CJ told me, as we were wrapping up our call.”Should I even ask?” I said, laughing.”He saw me sending texts to ‘The Most Beautiful Girl I Know’ earlier.””Ohhhh!” I laughed. “That’s how you have me in bahis firmaları your phone? STILL?””Yep! No reason to ever change it,” he told me, sweetly.When we hung up, I watched the girl in the mirror undress. I marveled at her cute waistline, accentuated by her perfectly round, little tummy. He better still think I’m the most beautiful girl he knows…I thought, looking down at my showing belly and swollen feet. Or I am going to blame YOU, little one, I laughed, and stepped into the shower.The next few days were more of the same; missing CJ, but spending my time smartly with my dad and KT. Daddy seemed a bit too obvious in his excitement when I told him my plans to spend the night with KT at the estate. “That sounds like fun!” Daddy beamed, then blushed when KT and I giggled knowingly.”Oh I’m sure it will be,” I said, smiling. But not NEARLY as much fun as you’re gonna have, changing your sheets again, I thought.As I expected, KT flipped out when we pulled up to CJ’s house. It was fun to show her around. She loved the glowing swimming pool. I took her to my blue world for a bit. Then we just sat with our legs in the water, and watched Jurassic World. The dinosaurs projected onto the wall looked truly life-size. I was really happy that KT was in my CJ world with me.After our movie, I couldn’t wait to bring KT into the main house and show her the nursery CJ’s family had set up. They had wasted no time, painting the walls a neutral green and decorating the room. I wasn’t sure what the implication of a king sized bed was. I didn’t expect to sleep anywhere except in CJ’s room, so maybe it was just for appearance. The room was certainly big enough, even with the ostentatious crib and matching changing table.We grabbed a few cans of soda and some snacks from the kitchen, then finished our tour in CJ’s suite. I turned a fire on in the fireplace while we ate and chatted in the den outside CJ’s bedroom.You girls having fun? CJ texted.Yes. KT loved the pool! I replied.I’m glad. She kaçak bahis siteleri and Cam are welcome anytime, CJ offered.I grabbed KT’s hand and hurried into CJ’s bedroom to take a selfie of us on his bed.Look, Babydoll! 2 girls in your bed! I sent, attaching our selfie.Always The Flirt! You look beautiful, by the way, CJ replied.KT said thank you! I sent, with a laughing emoji.We exchanged a few more texts, finishing with our goodnights and I love yous, while KT admired the rest of CJ’s suite. “So,” KT started, settling back on the bed and putting a hand on my round tummy. “We’re laying on the baby maker!” she finished, laughing.”Honestly, that big bathtub may be the baby maker. Or the shower. Or the lounge chair YOU were sitting on,” I told KT, giggling.”Must be nice!” KT squealed. “I’ve only done it ONCE in bed. I mean… other than when I am alone,” she finished, laughing and covering her face.”Really?” I asked. “Where do you and Cam do it then?””In his car, a few times. Not comfortable,” KT said, flatly. “His brother snuck us into his dorm over Christmas break, letting us have the room all night. That was the only time we had a bed.””Just be careful, Dear. You know this,” pointing at my tummy, “can happen, with or without a bed.””Yes, we’re careful,” KT sighed. “It’s been mostly spit babies for me lately, anyway.””Oh my God!” I screamed. “You did NOT just say that!” I laughed.”I’m serious! Cam has become a vaginatarian!” KT joked. “Hey, if he knows what he’s doing… more power to you! Never done it at my house, even since getting knocked up. I just think it would be too weird with my dad in the next room.” “Well, let me know if you need me to come over and distract your dad some night,” KT said, then dodged a pillow I threw at her head.”I know you’re just joking around. Yes, my dad is a hottie. Where do you think I get my good looks?” I remarked, smiling. “But trust me, you’re not his type!”.”What?” KT blasted me. “He’s hot for me! How do you know I’m not his type?””Believe me. I’ve seen his internet history. He is very discriminating. The only girls he ever goes out with look like models.” I swiped my phone and opened Instagram. “See for yourself,” I said, scrolling through my dad’s recent pics.

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