Subject: The Fall of the Parker Bros. Part Two Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome aim. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between above the age of 18. Nifty is able to offer this service for us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider giving below to allow Nifty the opportunity to fty/donate.html That night they all came over and brought a 12 pack with them. We had order half a dozen pizzas and had more beer than 60 people could drink. We had set up the TV’s in the main room and had them all connected so we could play some epic games. They settled in, grabbing a slice and a cold one, even Sammy. His brothers seemed ok with it so I didn’t care, I could tell John was keeping one eye on his little brother. Sammy had a baggy pair of shorts on and a Captain America shirt on that hugged his frame a bit too well. John was in a Dallas jersey and a pair of jeans şişli travesti while Eli had a hoodie and a pair of khakis on. The three of them could not have dressed any different but they were all obvious related. It reminded me in video games where you have to pick you character, The huge one, the skinny one or the one most people choose, the one with the perfect body. John and Eli got into the tournament pretty fast while Sammy watched from the other side of the couch. His calves were huge and covered with a light dusting of blond hair. He was leaning forward to watch and I could see his tight ass through the shorts and knew instantly I wanted to fuck this kid badly. After a few games my guys were holding their pwn but it was obvious that Eli and John had played together a lot. The first game went to overtime with the Parkers pulling it out at the last second. There were groans all around and more than a few fucks and bullshit muttered. Beers were passed out again for round beylikdüzü travesti two and one of my guys asked if they wanted to light up. Eli and John looked at each other and then John looked back to Sammy. “No way.” “Oh come on!” Sammy cried, “It’s not like I haven’t before!” “I don’t care, of mom finds out you got stoned with us she will kill me, like literally take a knife to my throat kill me.” “Me and my friends get blazed all the time!” he shot back. “Then get high with them.” Sammy made a face and then stomped off to the kitchen. They lit up and began to pass around the joint, I decided to follow him. He was getting another beer obviously trying to calm down when I walked in. “Hey man, that sucks,” I said. “I get high all the time!” he raged, “Fuck I do it more than them. So unfair!” “So let’s go up to my room and smoke our own joint.” His face broke out into a smile, “Really?” “Yeah, fuck them, they’re gonna be down here playing all night. We istanbul travesti should be clear upstairs.” “Fuck yeah!” he said cheering, “Dude you’re the best!” I walked out and told John we were gonna go play Fortnite upstairs, he didn’t even look back and said, “Cool man, Sammy behave.” Sammy flipped his back off as we walked upstairs to my room. I locked the door behind us and told him to turn on my Xbox while I got the weed ready. He eagerly turned everything on while I went to my weed stash. I could have rolled us one but I had a few special joints for special occasions. This was a special occasion. I grabbed a Rompums for him, that’s a joint laced with ketamine, and a normal one for me. As I sat down I handed him the Romp and lit up my normal one. He leaned in for a light and took a huge drag off of it, I could tell this kid had smoked before and assumed it was a normal joint. He inhaled and I saw him make a face, “What’s that taste?” he asked. “It has rose oil in it,” I lied, “Makes the burn smoother.” He took another drag, “Yeah, I can feel that shit.” I toked on mine and grabbed a game controller, “You ready to play?” He had the joint hanging outside of his mouth, “Fuck yeah I am.” It was only a matter of time now.

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