The Difference Between Us


My friends, they said it wouldn’t work.Despite our love, eventuallythe difference would consume us.Fragrant candles flickering,we’re snuggled in our downy nest,naked bodies holding tight.Long, slow etlik escort kisses to begin,then fingers tracing outodes to love on contra skin.I break first, traveling keçiören escort down.Your nut brown nipples fill my lipsand beg my teasing tongue.I cross your dusky kızılay escort bellydarting right, then slowly downto find its end and feast.There your rich dark lips,graced with ebon curls,spread with wanton need.Lily white, my finger stirsinto the crimson perfection,before my mouth consumes.My devotion rewarded in climax,first half of our night together,I know I’ll follow soon.My friends, they said it wouldn’t work.’Cause I’m a vegan and she is not?Are you always what you eat?

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