Subject: TUESDAY MATINEE: THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 9 adult/youth TUESDAY MATINEE: THE DAY AFTER CHAPTER 9 The sunlight glared into the tree house on Saturday morning. All the boys were under the top sleeping bag that covered the other sleeping bags spread out on the floor. All the boys had slept naked and during the night there were so many hands grabbing dicks that nobody knew, or cared, who was touching who’s dick. All four boys enjoyed having sex with each other and knew they wanted to do it again someday. Christian jumped up and woke Tyler up telling him to get dressed as they had to get home before 9AM. Christian’s baseball game was at noon and Tyler would be going to the game with him. It was a very important game for Christian’s team and if they won this game, they would advance on to the Regional Championship Tournament. The winner of the Regional Tournament would advance to the Little League World Series. Cooper and Dalton woke up because of the commotion and saw Christian standing up next to them totally naked. Tyler slid out from under the covers and stood next to his brother, both boys totally naked. Cooper rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked over at Dalton, Dalton’s eyes meeting Cooper’s eyes . Under the covers, Dalton reached over and touched Dalton’s large 5 inch penis which soon expanded to his 6 inch hard penis. Cooper likewise, reached for Dalton’s soft penis and held it until it reached it’s normal 4 and 1/2 inch length when hard. Christian and Tyler gathered up their clothes and put them on, explaining to the boys that they had to hurry up because of the game. ” I’ll give Brian a call right now to see if we can come over later this afternoon, after the game” Christian said. Christian took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Brian’s number. Brian was happy to see Christian’s number light up on his display and quickly answered. Christian explained that he and Tyler would like to come over later in the afternoon and bring company. Christian went on to explain that two other boys, Cooper and Dalton, wanted to come and they wanted to meet Brian. Brian explained that he had to leave but he would be home by 3 and they could all come over at that time. That was perfect for Christian as his game would be over by 3. Christian ended his call and told the boys to come to the game and they could go to Brian’s house from the game, once the game was over. Christian’s parents would be at the game but it was a short walk to the ball park and Christian planned on telling his mother that the boys wanted to stop over Dalton’s for a little while on the way home. Christian and Tyler started for home leaving Cooper and Dalton alone. Dalton moved under the cover and got close to Cooper’s large penis and began to masturbate Cooper. ” Let’s have some fun” Dalton whispered to Cooper. Cooper closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of Dalton stroking his penis. Dalton cuddled up with Cooper face to face and kissed Cooper as he masturbated the young boy. There were almost 200 people attending the game and Christian’s team was not doing well entering the 6th inning. Little League baseball is only 6 innings long.. Christian’s team was the home team and had the last at bat being down by 2 runs. Christian led off the inning with a walk and the next batter hit a double off the left field fence. With runners on 2nd and 3rd and two outs, one of Christian’s friends came to bat. The fans starting stomping their feet and yelling CASEY CASEY CASEY.. It truly was a Casey at the bat moment. Casey was one of the smallest players on the team but he had a powerful swing. Christian had a crush on Casey and was determined to eventually find a way to spend the night with Casey someday and try to see Casey in the nude. Christian knew that if his team could advance to the Regional Tournament, he was told by the coach that the boys would be sleeping in a dorm that was divided into cubicles and four boys would share a cubicle. Christian and Casey had already agreed that they would request to share a cubicle. They just needed to find two other friends to share the cubicle with. Now they just needed to advance to the Region Tournament and maybe there would be a chance for Christian to see Casey and the two other boys naked . Either in the shower or when changing shorts in the cubicle. There were two other boys on the team that interested Christian. Ben was the left fielder and kids at school kept calling him gay boy. Christian thought he was very cute and if Ben is gay, Christian was very interested to spend time with him. Tanner was the teams shortstop and was another boy that Christian had a crush on. Tanner was a natural athlete and had an athletic body. Christian would think about Tanner when he would masturbate at night. Christian would picture in his mind what Tanner would look like without his clothes on. He also would try to picture Tanner in the nude. Since Tanner was moving up to the 7th grade next year, Christian prayed that he got into his gym class so he could see him naked. After having slept with four boys the night before and enjoying sex with the other boys, Christian wondered if something sexual like that could happen with Tanner, Ben and Casey. Casey came up to bat and the kids in Christian’s dugout were yelling as loud as they could. The fans were cheering loudly for Casey to drive in the tying or winning runs. Casey took a mighty swing but fouled it off. The second pitch was a strike that was taken. After that, three straight balls were taken by Casey who now had a 3-2 count. If he walked the bases would be loaded for the next batter Tanner. If Tanner could come up with the bases loaded, there was a very good chance that he would at least tie the game.. The pitcher looked in for the signal and checked the runner on third base. He decided that he would rather pitch to Casey than have to face Tanner. He threw a fastball that came right down the center of the plate and Casey swung as hard as he could. The ball headed to center field and the center fielder started running back as fast as he could, ordu escort he reached up in the air with his glove. The ball cleared his glove by a couple of inches and went out of the park for a 3 run Home Run . Christian and the other boy touched home plate and Casey rounded third with a huge smile on his face. Casey was mobbed at home plate and everyone piled on top of him. Christian’s team had won the game and would now advance to the Regional Finals. Once the thrill of the moment passed, Christian began to realize that his fantasy in the cubicle with his three baseball teammates was now a real possibility. Cooper and Dalton ran onto the field and hugged Christian and cheered with the players on the field. Christian’s parents came onto the field and hugged him and gave him a kiss in front of his teammates embarrassing Christian. Tyler, being the proud brother that he was, hugged him and gave him a high five. Once the excitement was over, everyone started heading to their cars to head to their homes. Christian told his mother that he wanted to walk home so that he could be with his friends and that he would be home in a couple of hours. He also told his mother that he needed to stop by Dalton’s to get something that he left on the sleep over. Tyler knew what he was talking about and told his mother that he would be with Christian. Dalton and Cooper were close by and the four boys headed to the snack bar to grab a hot dog and coke, all paid for by Christians coach.. Once the parents were gone, the boys began to walk the short 3 block walk to Brian’s house. “What do you think he will do” asked Dalton. ” I told you, he likes doing stuff with boys, just like we did last night” Christian responded. It was just a few minutes after three when Christian rang the doorbell at Brian’s house. Brian opened the door and smiled when he saw the four cute boys in front of his door. “Come on in guys” ” Would you guys like a coke or something? “No, I think we’re good. We had a hot dog and coke at the park AND we WON the game , Christian said with a huge smile “Alright, I am so proud of you. I wanted to come but I had to work for a couple of hours today” Brian said with a sad face. ” Hey Brian, these are my friends Cooper and Dalton. Dalton is actually Tyler’s best friend but he’s pretty cool. Cooper stayed with us last night at the tree house. We had FUN” Christian boasted as he looked at the boys and winked. All the boys smiled, knowing what Christian was talking about. “So what did you guys do?” Brian asked “We all slept naked under a sleeping bag and we did a few fun things” “I bet you had fun, too bad I was not there to have fun with you” Brian said with a smile Dalton spoke up and admitted that they played strip poker and everybody got naked. ” You sound like MY kind of boys” Brian said “I told them that you liked boys and I told them that you were cool and we could do stuff and not get in trouble” Christian said. “So Cooper and Dalton, are you OK with me doing things with you guys?” Brian asked Cooper and Dalton looked at each other and both shook their heads agreeing to whatever he wanted to do. When Brian first saw Cooper standing outside, he was struck by how beautiful the Hispanic boy was and he knew that he was probably uncut. He was hoping that the boys would be open to doing what Christian and Tyler did. ” How old are you Cooper?” Brian asked ” I am 10″ “Wow, you are such a handsome boy .” Cooper smiled. Brian and the boys all sat on the couch. Brian could tell that Cooper and Dalton appeared to be nervous. He knew that he would have to make them feel at home. “Christian, do me a favor and stand up in front of me Brian said ” Let me admire this beautiful boy in his baseball uniform” Brian reached up and unbuttoned the uniform shirt. He removed it from Christian and flung it on the floor. Brian ran his fingers across Christian’s tan chest and pulled him closer to the couch. The boys watched as Brian rubbed Christian’s chest, resting on his belly button and rubbing his palm just below the button. The boys knew that had to be a good feeling and they began to feel a tingle in their soft penis. Brian took his hands and unhooked Christian’s belt holding his uniform pants up. He took the belt off and the pants fell down to Christian’s knees. Christian knew that Brian wanted to strip him in front of the other boys and played along with the game. Christian kicked the pants off and stood with just his blue boxers on. Brian looked at the boys ” Should I” All the boys replied at the same time “YES” Christian placed both of his hands on his hips and looked at the boys. ” This is going to be FUN” Christian said with a big smile Brian slowly pulled the boxers down and Christian kicked them to the side. The boys watched as Christian’s penis went from it’s natural soft state to a rigid hard penis. They watched it slowly grow in size, sticking straight out and then finally reaching towards the ceiling. Finally it stopped growing as it arched up to his belly. Brian touched the erect circumcised penis with his index finger, moving it up and down. The penis began to twitch up and down. All the boys had erections by now and were enjoying the show that Christian was putting on for them.. “This is what I like to do with boys” Brian said as he looked at the other boys on the couch. “And a LOT MORE” he added Brian pulled Christian close to his face and shoved Christian’s penis into his mouth. Each of the boys had their hand on their own penis trying to hide the fact that they were all hard . Brian licked on Christian’s penis, moving his tongue around the circumcised head. He stuck his tongue out licking the head. Brian wanted the boys to be able to see what he was doing to Christian’s hard penis. He used his tongue to touch the pee hole and moving the penis up and down. ” Your turn Tyler” Brian said. “Keep standing there Christian, just make a little room for Tyler” Tyler jumped up knowing that he was going to like this game. Brian removed Tyler’s shirt and touched his chest just osmaniye escort as he had done to Christian. Brian touched Tyler’s little brown tits and made them get hard. He began to run his hands up and down Tyler’s chest, rubbing his belly. Brian moved his fingers up and under Tyler’s arms and began to tickle him under the arms. Tyler laughed out loud and begged for him to stop. Brian kept tickling. Brian moved his fingers down Tyler’s chest tickling all the way down to his belly. Tyler did not have pants on as he was wearing his basketball shorts. Brian pulled his green shorts down just leaving Tyler’s tiger underwear on. Brian put his fingers on the outline of Tyler’s hard penis that was underneath the undies. He began to tickle Brian’s penis, moving his fingers down to the balls and tickling them as well. Brian put his hand inside of Tyler’s underwear and tickled his penis again. Tyler was laughing each time he got tickled. . Tyler loved that Brian’s hand was now inside of his underwear and feeling his treasure. His penis twitched every time Brian touched it. Brian took his hands and pulled Tyler’s undies down and pulled him close to his mouth. Tyler kicked the undies away . Brian put his tongue on Tyler’s penis and licked it, pausing to plant several kisses on the shaft of his erect 4 and 1/2 inch penis. “You have a absolutely beautiful boy cock for a 9 year old boy” “In a couple of years, you’re going to start growing some hair around your dick and you will be shooting white stuff out of your dick” Brian told Tyler. Tyler watched as Brian put his entire penis into his mouth and sucked the hard cock Brian ran his fingers up and down Tyler’s tan body and moved his hands to cup his ass cheeks. Brian put his face entirely into Tyler’s pubic area and Brian, using Tyler’s cheeks, pushed his pubic area onto Brian’s face over and over, rubbing Tyler’s penis across his face.. Brian took his left hand and held Christian’s penis as he continued to have Tyler rub his pubic area all over his face. Tyler understood what Brian was wanting and Tyler responded by rubbing his dick and balls across Brian’s face as if he was washing Brian’s face with his boyhood toys. Cooper and Dalton could not take their eyes off of what Brian was doing to Tyler. They wished he was doing that to them. Brian finally stopped and told Tyler to move a little towards Christian. He looked at Dalton next and asked Dalton to move to where Tyler had been standing. Dalton had on a baseball T shirt and Brian reached over and pulled the T shirt off over his head. ” How old are you Dalton?” ” I am 9″ Dalton replied. Brian undid Dalton’s belt and pulled down the jeans that he was wearing. Brian looked at Dalton’s fruit of the loom underwear and noticed a perfectly shaped penis that was obviously hard. ” Can I pull these down” Brian asked . ” Yes” Dalton replied. Brian pulled his white undies down and was happy to see that Dalton’s penis was also circumcised and at full mast. ” So you and Tyler are the same age but your dick is about an inch bigger” ” Both you and Tyler have such beautiful cocks” ” I wish that I could suck both of you each and every night before you went to bed” Brian asked Tyler to stand right next to Dalton so he could see both of their hard penis’s next to each other. The two boys faced each other, belly to belly, with their hard penis’s pointing towards each other. Brian took his hand and moved both penis’s straight down. “Now move closer and try to put your penis against the other one” Brian said. The boys moved closer and Brian used his hand to make both dicks touch end to end. Tyler’s penis was only 3 and 1`2 hard but Dalton could reach 4 1/2 hard. “Tyler, you hold Dalton’s dick and Dalton you hold Tyler’s dick” The boys did as they were told by Brian. ” Now both of you jack each other off” Brian said. Dalton and Tyler began to jerk each other in front of Brian. The two boys had done this many times in the tree house and enjoyed the feeling. Christian and Cooper enjoyed what they were watching as well. . Brian put his left hand on Christian’s dick and began to jerk his penis as well. After a few minutes, Brian asked Tyler if he would suck on Dalton. Tyler without being told twice, dropped to his knees and inserted Dalton’s hard penis into his mouth. “Beautiful” Brian said as he continued to fondle Christian. “Dalton, start moving your dick faster and faster into Tyler’s mouth” Dalton did as he was told and like a piston , he was driving his hard tool into Tyler’s eager mouth. Some saliva began to form around Tyler’s mouth as the sucking continued. “You guys turn sideways so that Dalton’s ass is in my face” Brian said.. The boys moved as requested and Brian placed his face against Dalton’s ass and began to lick between the crack, moving his tongue down to Dalton’s hole. As Dalton was driving his dick into Tyler’s face, Brian’s tongue was driving into Dalton’s hole. Dalton started to moan and Brian knew that he was hitting his sweet spot. Tyler stopped sucking and closed his eyes as Dalton’s cock keep shoving up against Tyler’s face. The penis was moving towards Tyler’s nose as Dalton continued to fuck Tyler’s face with his hard penis. Christian began to masturbate as he watched the two boys having sex. Cooper placed his hand inside his pants and was rubbing his hard cock as he sat on the couch watching everyone . Finally Dalton moaned loudly and said he could do not it anymore. Everyone knew that Dalton had just had an Orgasm. Brian turned him around and took his penis into his mouth and licked it hoping he could taste some boy cum but there was nothing that the 9 year old could produce. “Are you guys having fun?” Brian asked All three boys agreed that this was AWESOME “OK Cooper, lets see what you got” Brian asked. Cooper got up and stood in front of Brian. As he did with the other three boys, Brian slowly undressed Cooper. Cooper was down to just his shorts and Brian could tell that Cooper had an extremely larde penis. “Wow Cooper. How big is that monster?” “6 inches” Cooper replied. Brian ostim escort did not hesitate, he pulled Coopers boxers down and was amazed to see his six inch boner standing at full attention against his brown skin. The penis was pointing straight up and arching towards the belly button. Cooper’s balls had both descended and he had the penis that many meny would envy. Brian moved the penis around looking for pubic hair but only found a couple of hairs that were just starting to grow. They were dark but there were mor light colored hairs around the penis and many more on his balls that were short and dark. “How old are you Cooper” ” I am 10″ ” WOW, you have the best looking cock I have ever seen on a 10 year old boy and I have seen MANY” Brian said. “You guys are all cut but Cooper is not circumcised” ” I want to show you boys something that is really cool” Brian said. Brian reached over to Cooper’s penis and pulled the skin back. He had a very loose skin at it was easy to roll back. ” Look at that beautiful head” Brian said. Brian reached over and licked Cooper’s head using his tongue to circle the entire head. Brian placed just the head of Cooper’s penis into his mouth and sucked on the head. Cooper closed his eyes and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of a man sucking his cock. Brian began to lick the head and moved up and down the shaft of the long penis, kissing the pubic area everytime he moved up the penis. “I want to show you boys something else” Brian said. ” Tyler, you have the smallest dick so this will work best on you. Come here and face Cooper.” Brian had the two boys facing each other. He then took Cooper’s penis and pulled the foreskin away from Cooper’s penis. ” OK, Tyler I want you to put your dick inside of Cooper’s foreskin.” Tyler was fascinated about doing that and moved as close as he could to Cooper. Tyler held his penis and shoved as much as he could inside the foreskin. He was able to shove almost two inches of his penis inside Cooper’s foreskin. Tyler was turned on knowing that the tip of his penis was touching the tip of Cooper’s penis. While the penis was inside, Brian reached over and held both dicks and started to masturbate the two boys as they were docked. “OH MY GOD” Cooper yelled out. ” I LOVE DOING THIS” Brian tried to masturbate the boys but Tyler’s penis would fall out every now and then. “I want to do that” Dalton yelled. ” Me too” Christian said. Brian arranged for each boy to insert their penis inside of Cooper’s penis and dock. All the boys said the feeling was awesome. ” We’ll have to do this a lot in the tree house” Dalton said. “He Dalton, maybe you and me can do this to each other’ Tyler yelled “Sorry Tyler, how are you going to do it if you are both circumcised? ” Laughed Brian. “We’ll just have to get Cooper to camp out with us every Friday night” Both boys responded. “Come here Christian” Brian said. ” Sit on the couch next to me” Christian sat next to Brian. ” Now put your tongue on Cooper’s dick head and lick it like I did, you will love doing that.” Christian pulled Cooper close to him and did as Brian suggested. He placed his tongue on Cooper’s long penis and licked the penis head, using his tongue to circle the head. Cooper continued to keep his eyes closed as Christian played with his penis. After several minutes, Brian told Dylan and Tyler to sit on the couch. “I want you guys to sit on each side of Cooper and both of you are going to lick his cock head. Dylan was on the left and Tyler on the right. Cooper moved his dick in between them and both boys began to touch his penis head with their tongues. As they tickled the penis head, each boy flicking his tongue, their tongues would meet on the penis head. As the tongues would meet, the boys would flick their tongues at each other as well. Brian had his penis out masturbating as he watched Dylan and Tyler licking Cooper’s cock head with their tongues. Christian stood behind Cooper and inserted his hard dick into Cooper’s hole. Christian placed his hands on Coopers ribs and began thrusting his hard dick into Cooper’s hole. Cooper had never had anything like this happen to him before and having two boys sucking his dick and another boy fucking him was more than he could handle. Cooper told the boys that he ws about to get the tingle. Tyler and Dalton flicked their tongues over the dick head faster as they knew he was about to get the feeling. Brian got on the floor so that he could look up at the boys licking Coopers dick and he took turns sucking on Dalton’s penis as well as Tyler’s penis by burying his head into their pubic area. Dalton and Tyler were so turned on my what they were doing to Cooper and getting sucked by Brian , that they could feel the tingle starting to swell in their bodies as well. Dalton and Tyler reached their orgasm at the same time with their hard 9 year old boy cocks. Christian was pumping away doing something he had never done to another boy before and he realized that he was having an orgasm and was spurting semen into Cooper’s ass. Sucking on Tyler and Dalton’s penis’s caused Brian to have his orgasm and some of his semen landed on Coopers legs. Cooper’s penis began twitching up and down and he had to stop as the orgasm was affecting his 10 year old penis and he could not continue any longer Everyone was exhausted and all four boys were breathing heavy. “OH MY GOD you boys made me shoot more than I have ever shot before” Brian said. The boys all laughed . “” Anytime you boys want to come over and do this again, I CAN’T WAIT” Brian said “What about it guys, do we want to do this again” Christian asked “FUCK YEAH” Dalton, Tyler and Cooper shouted at the same time. Christian laughed and thought about how lucky he was to meet Brian. If he had not gone to the dentist that day, he would never have met Brian at the matinee. All of this fun with the other boys might never have happened if he had not met Brian. Christian began to think about the other boys he wanted to have sex with. Boys on his baseball team that would soon be going to the Regionals . He smiled when he thought of what might take place in that little cubicle with four horny boys. ” I think that I am a boylover” Christian thought to himself. THE END Hope you enjoyed this story. Be sure to let me know your thoughts and comments about this story..

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