Subject: Dadfuckers Club pt. 2 The Dadfuckers Club Bill Drake ail) The usual disclaimers apply: this is a made-up fictional story for adult readers only. It contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men. Nifty Archive relies on the support from readers to keep doing the awesome work they’re doing. Please take some time to pay back and pay it forward. This chapter is a long time coming. No actual dad-son pairing or incest theme in this one. Special thanks to Jockboy Brent and Petr V for their assistance and encouragement. Horny Dad Tales 31 The Dadfuckers Club Chapter 2 Mac’s story I didn’t think my boss would be a notch under my belt, but you can never tell how life will pan out. I did know that I had a major bone for him. Kevin Russo. Like his name, his background was half-Italian, half Connecticut WASP, and he’d inherited the best of both. Stocky barrel-chested build kept trim through religious running, brown eyes that contrasted nicely with his thinning hair, now mostly prematurely gray. Strong legs, amazing ass that filled out his suit pants. He was 43 and really fucking good looking. “You wanted to see me, Kevin?” Russo always insisted being on a first name basis. He looked up, a glint in his eyes. Unless he was really pissed off he always had that easygoing nature about him. “I need you to work late tonight, Mac.” I had a feeling this was coming. “OK. How late?” “I don’t know. Till we bang the analytics on this goddamn Perelman account out. Might be a while. You’re the only one I trust on this.” To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I’d been flirting with a hot cop on Grindr lately and after a couple weeks and mismatched schedules we’d made plans to meet that night. But my career came before sex. So it was yes, sir, Kevin, no problem, Kevin. I worked like crazy the next three hours, hoping that maybe I could wrap up early. To no avail. Around 5 o’clock, I sent my 50 year old bottom police officer a message that I’d probably have to take a rain check. “No problem,” the man replied but I wondered if I’d fucked up a good thing. Certainly I could use a good lay. Russo could smell my dissatisfaction, too, no matter what game face I put on. It was just him and me, some empty takeout cartons, and a laptop in the corner conference room. “You had a big date tonight, didn’t you, Mac?” he said out of the blue as we went over a spreadsheet of figures. “Not exactly a date,” I replied, maybe a little too candidly. Kevin leaned back, stretching his arms behind his head. The man looked real good in a dress shirt and tie, I’ll tell ya. Big meaty pecs swelling out the fabric, arms bulging against the material. The suit coat was the cherry on the sundae but we’d both removed ours hours ago. He gave me a knowing smile. “Ah, one of those apps then. You gay dudes are so lucky.” I shook my head, not believing my straight-laced boss was having this conversation with me. Kevin leaned forward, kind of excited, almost conspiratorial in his question. “Seriously, be honest, Mac. I hear you just log in and up pops hundred of guys within a block waiting to blow you.” I chuckled. “Pretty much. If that’s what you’re into.” He looked confused. “That’s not what you’re into? Oh, you mean, you prefer to be the sucker.” “Jesus, Kevin!” I said. He laughed nervously. “Sorry, Mac. A little too personal, I know. I could care less. Whatever floats your boat.” We went back to the spreadsheet, but something in the back of my mind made me continue the conversation. “Actually, I love getting head. But I’m usually looking for more.” I just let the idea float out there. Kevin took the bait. “Anal?” “Yep,” I said. I was taking a risk going into such HR-unfriendly territory, but Kevin had started it. “I’m a top.” Kevin let it sink in. “And the guys on your app. They’re looking….” “To get fucked,” I finished his thought, enjoying being so forward. “At least the ones I contact.” He seemed nervous now. “Well it’s seven-thirty. I guess if we make a push of it you can get done in time….” “It’s OK, Kevin, I already brushed the guy off. You owe me big time, though, OK?” The man smiled. “Deal.” I know your boss isn’t really your friend but it was cool to be on such laid-back terms with Kevin, particularly after our frank talk. We worked for another half hour before Russo brought up sex again. Clearly fascinated. “So, this app thing. You just say you’re looking for ass and some dude says sure, come over and nail me?” He leaned back and seemed to be asking for a friend’s perspective, not talking to his direct report about a hookup app. “Sometimes it works like that, sometimes there’s a song and dance.” “That’s wild,” he said. I think he was loosening up a little. He pulled out his phone, “I got a confidential question for ya Mac,” he started. “I sure as hell hope our whole conversation’s confidential,” I half joked. Like I say, I was nervous about the office-inappropriateness of what we’d been talking about. He nodded. “Sure is. Anyway, could you help me install it? Which one do you use?” I gave him a surprised look. “Don’t look at me that way, Mac. I’ve not had sex in weeks, man. I told my wife I’d be staying over in the city…” He paused. “… and damnit, I could use a blowjob.” Color me surprised. I told him I used Grindr and how to sign up for an account. He fiddled with his phone and within a minute had the app downloaded, up and running. “Just answer the questions,” I said. “And you’ll need a profile name.” He looked up from his phone. “Yeah? What should I put?” It was weird I was helping my boss hook up, but part of me was intrigued by the idea. “Some variation of ‘DL exec’.” He looked confused. “I’m not an executive though.” “Doesn’t matter,” I said. “In Grindr, exec is more of a type than a job title, you know?” Russo shrugged his shoulder and started typing on his phone. “Be sure you select looking for right now,” I added. “If indeed you are.” My boss looked up with a glint in his eye. “Yep, I am.” He fiddled some more setting up the profile. “What’s Tribe?” I laughed. “Just leave that blank.” Then. “You’ll need a picture,” I said. “You’ll probably want one of your torso for your profile.” He held out his phone as if to take a selfie. “Um, shirtless,” I corrected. “And it doesn’t hurt to have a couple other pics for messaging. Your face, and if you’re looking to get sucked, one of your….” I weighed my words, not wanting to get into inappropriate territory with my boss even more than I’d gotten already. “your junk.” He looked at me cautiously. “Not a word about this to the other guys,” he admonished. “Scouts honor, Kevin,” I said. My heart beat up in my throat just thinking about some dude sucking on Russo’s bone. As much as I prefer to be serviced, this man might have me flipping sides. My words seemed to put him at ease. “Um… mind if I go…” He gestured toward his office. I took that he was in a rush to finish his profile. I chuckled. “Have at it, Boss.” He smiled and stepped away for about 10 minutes and came back a little sheepish, with no tie on and his dress shirt half untucked. A half-boner was still evident in his suit crotch. “We’ll see if the fish bite, Mac,” he winked as he sat down and we finished our report. It didn’t take long before the notification to ding. Russo pulled out his phone and smiled as he read the screen. “Damn,” he said, excited, but didn’t elaborate. He typed out a reply, then a minute later another. Soon there was a back-and-forth. “Are they all this fucking chatty, Mac?” Kevin said, a little frustrated. “Is he setting up a time and place?” I asked. “No, he’s asking if I’m real. What the…?” “You’re a new profile,” I said. “He’s feeling you out.” “Fuck, and now he’s gone.” Russo was clearly annoyed, setting down his phone. “I thought you said this was easy, Mac.” “Well, I’m not sure I said that. It’s like anything else, sometimes things click, sometimes they don’t.” Russo started to reply when the phone dinged again. He picked it up, and smiled. “This one’s a little more direct,” he said. “Is he good looking?” I asked. Maybe Russo wasn’t picky about that, but he nodded. “Oh yeah.” “Give him a compliment,” I instructed. “That goes a long way.” Russo nodded and typed a reply. There was some back and forth. “Any luck?” I asked. He shrugged. “He seems hot to trot, but maybe he’s still feeling me out.” “Message him the dick pic,” I said. Russo’s mouth turned up at the corner, in a half smile, as he did. A little more back and forth, then, “Bingo!” Kevin stood up and slipped his phone into his pocket. “All right, Mac. I’m gonna get some relief. See you tomorrow?” “Yeah, Kevin,” I replied, a little peeved Russo was going to get head while I had to blow The Cop off. Russo gave my shoulder a friendly shrug as he walked by. “Don’t worry Mac, I owe you one.” I wasn’t sure if he was referring to my staying late or helping him get off that night. “Yeah,” I grunted. I powered down and gathered my suit coat and gym bag and soon was hitting the elevator, probably not five minutes after my boss had left. Then, an idea occurred to me. A long-shot hope, really. Pulling up my app, I fired a quick message to the cop. “Hey man? Just got off work. You still up for meeting by chance?” şişli travesti No reply for a few minutes. Then, “Your lucky day. Another dude I lined up just flaked on me. Your place?” “Give me thirty,” I typed back. My bone came roaring up the whole Uber ride of my apartment. I had a few minutes to straighten up before I heard the intercom buzz. I let The Cop in. The Cop was a sight for sore eyes. A couple inches shorter than me, with a beefy build. Not a perfect bod, but real honest to god, Irish cop daddy beef, fit into a snug T-shirt and workout shorts. The cherry on the sundae, though, was the full head of mostly silver hair. I have a real thing for gray haired men. My buddies, the other guys in the “Dadfucker’s Club” as we call it, tease me for it. We each have a type. I go for the Silver Daddies. The Cop was one hot piece of Silver Daddy. “Hi ya,” he said, as he stepped into my place. “Boss riding your ass hard tonight, huh, buddy?” I laughed. “Pretty much.” He looked me up and down. Not to be conceited, but The Cop was pleased with what he saw. “You work on the Street?” I nodded. “Yup.” “Hot,” he said in his New York accent. “I have a thing for you Street guys. Cocky young fucks.” Damn, this guy was pushing my buttons. “You left our horny,” I said, stepping up to kiss him. He deflected my advance. “Sorry, guy, I don’t kiss. OK if we just get down to business?” he asked unbuttoning his shorts. “Works for me,” I said, gripping my crotch. I nodded toward the bedroom and he followed me. The Cop kicked off his shoes and stripped quickly. It took me longer to remove my suit, but it gave me a chance to admire his beefy figure crawling up on the bed, on all fours. The Cop had a moderately hairy ass but had shaved his crack and hole. Like a lot of older bottoms, his hole had seen some use, with a relaxed pucker. That in itself wasn’t a surprise to see in a trick, but the idea of this police officer bending over for it regularly had me rock hard. I crouched behind the man and gripped his buns. I love rimming and this meaty ass was practically begging for my tongue. “Oh yeah, boy,” The Cop growled. “Eat my fucking ass. Big dicked Street boy getting my hole ready.” The Cop was verbal. Not always what I wanted in a bottom, but it was working for me just then. I ate him out good and soon those beefy buns were grinding in my face. I leaned back and pushed a lube finger right inside. The ring had a lot of give and my digit pushed in easily, but it was more snug inside than I expected. This was gonna be a good ride. “This cop hole want some dick?” I teased. “Oh yeah,” he growled. “My ass is so fucking hungry tonight.” I pushed a second finger in. “How about now?” “Jesus, buddy, just get that fucking dick in me.” I gave a slap to his butt and got to my knees, fisting my cock a couple of times to spread the lube and prime the pump. I leaned forward and pushed right in. “Unf,” The Cop grunted. “That’s it, buddy. Fuck me.” I pushed in deep, held for just a second, then went to town. Great thing about experienced bottoms like this was just being able to go wild. So I did. Fucking hard and heavy. The Cop loved it too, egging me on and bucking his ass back in a rocking rhythm as I boned him. His verbal talk was like a mantra now. “Oh yeah…. that’s it buddy… use my hole… I got the Financial District beat… see you young studs day in day out… cocky fucks strutting around…. jizz backed up… waiting to bend a dude like me over… unload deep inside one of New York’s finest.” I don’t know how or when he perfected his sex talk, but it was tripping my wires in a big way. “Fuck!” I yelled as I gripped his cheeks and came deep inside him. “Oh fuck yeah!” he encouraged me. “Fucking shoot that load, buddy. Aw yeah.” He was stroking now, quickly working his rod toward his nut. I was still buried inside him when he came, his big body shuddering in climax. After he rode out his aftershocks, I withdrew slowly, and climbed down off the bed, to give him room. “I’m gonna sleep like a lamb tonight, man,” I said. “That was incredible.” The Cop laughed. “Glad my other dude cancelled on me,” he said, stepping into his shorts and finding his T-shirt. He didn’t bother to wipe or clean off our sex remnants and it thrilled me that the police officer would be going across town with my spunk still in his hole. “That dick of yours hit the spot.” “Any time, man,” I winked, my hands on my hips, half-firm dick still hanging lubed and cummy from my crotch. “Need me to let you out?” “Nah I’m good,” He said, making sure he had his phone and keys. “Have a good one, buddy.” After The Cop left, I pulled on some shorts to lounge in. I usually didn’t allow myself a beer during the week, but after the long work day and that amazing fuck, I relented, pulling a cold one out and popping down in front of the TV to watch the Mets lose in extra innings. Feeling fully and incredibly satisfied. *** Getting laid took away some of the sting from the busy workweek. And it was a brutal one. It all came with the territory but staying late four days out of five wasn’t fun. Russo was back to his normal boss self. Laid back but on strictly business terms, with some sports banter thrown in. Russo was one of those men who got more excited by following sports, statistics, and fantasy leagues than in rooting for a team, but the upshot was that he was able to talk about pretty much any player. He liked to commiserate with me on how lousy the Mets were this year. It was 4 o’clock on Friday when Russo popped his head around my cubicle. The ones sitting around me had already left for the day, and I was hoping to real soon. Kevin’s appearance made me dread that maybe he had another late night in mind. “Heading out, Mac?” he asked, his polo shirt tucked into his trousers and loafers on for casual Friday. Damn, as good as he looked in a suit, he looked real fine showing off his fit bod like this. “Hoping to,” I replied. “What’s up?” “I just want to thank you for the extra work this week. I know I owe you one.” “That’s all right, Kevin,” I started. There was a part of professionalism where you just take your lumps and don’t raise a fuss. “Seriously.” He smiled and nodded. Maybe it was what he expected to hear. “No, Mac, I want to treat you. Would you be interested in coming out to my Hamptons place next weekend? My wife’s got other plans out West so it will just be me having a bachelor weekend.” He mistook my surprise for hesitation. “Or you can go another weekend when we’re not around…” he added casually. I knew what I should answer. I should have declined. Or asked for that other weekend. But I was eager to spend some time with Russo, and I wasn’t even thinking about what I expected out of that. I wasn’t thinking, period. “Nah, next week sounds good. I’ve always wanted to see this famed beach house,” I said with a wink. Kevin smiled. “Cool. Maybe we can take next Friday afternoon off, head out before the traffic.” So like that it was established that I was going to the Hamptons next weekend and my boss was driving me. I had a weekend and a week to get some sense, but the idea of a weekend with Russo overrode any logic. Even if it was a chance to see the man in a swimsuit, I was excited. I related my plans to my buddies that weekend, when we were hanging out at Jim, Matt, and Ryan’s place. “Bro, I think you’re crazy,” Wes said. “You gotta work with the dude. What are you thinking?” I pulled up a photo I had of Russo on my phone. I had more photos of my boss than I should admit. I showed it to the fellows. “This is what I’m thinking.” “Why am I surprised he’s a Silver Daddy?” Ryan teased. “He’s hot,” Matt chimed in. “Hot enough to lose his job over?” Wes cautioned. Wes, who did side work as a personal trainer, made his professional detachment from his clients a point of pride. “Dude, Russo and I aren’t doing anything. I’m just going up to his house. I’ll get to scope out his bod on the beach but that’s it. I’m not stupid.” I think I believed myself, even. *** My excitement ratcheted up a notch that next Friday, when Kevin showed up even more casual than normal, in khakis and a polo. Those tan pants showed off his ass well, too. A high, meaty, and full rump. I had to keep my thoughts in check. I took off first and went home to change and pick up my bag. Around 12:30, Kevin pulled his Lexus up to my building. He was wearing sun glasses and had a big smile as I eased into the passenger seat. “Ready for some salt air, Mac?” I had to be careful if I wasn’t going to crush out on my boss this weekend. Traffic was light for most of the way, and we were there in about two hours. I expected Russo to have a pretty sweet place, but the house was pretty fucking amazing. Not huge, but big enough, with an amazing view and even better deck. I told him what I thought, and he smiled. “Glad you like it, Mac. You’ve been working your tail off, don’t think I haven’t noticed.” “Thanks, Kevin.” I was genuinely thrilled at his compliment. Not least because it’s good to have the boss notice your efforts and appreciate them. He pulled off his sun glasses and set them down on the granite counter. “What do you say we get some sun while the afternoon’s still young?” Russo showed me beylikdüzü travesti to the guest room, which looked pretty much like you’d expect, all interior designer-ed out and bright and airy, and showed me where the beach and bath towels were stacked. Then he went to change. I slipped into my trunks and flip flops. I had a few texts on my phone from my buddies. Jim teasing me: “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;)” Matt, too: “go get ’em Tiger!” I shot them back grumpy retorts, then I grabbed my towel and rejoined the living area. The sight I saw stopped me in my tracks and about took my breath away. Russo was shirtless and wearing just his board shorts. I knew he had a good bod, but bared like that it was breathtaking. Toned, DILF physique with a stacked chest, trim waist, rounded shoulders and bulging arms. He putting a few beers in a cooler bag. “Ready?” he asked. It was incredible to walk down into the sand and to a quiet, mostly deserted beach. Definitely gave me some aspirations for success in my career. Kevin and I settled into our spot and popped open our beers, pouring them into a Yeti tumbler. “To the weekend,” my boss toasted, and I clinked his cup. We chatted, about nothing much. Sports, restaurants in the city, craft beers, innocuous stuff. I soaked up the sun, but we both had to apply sunscreen to keep from sunning too fast. Finally I decided to take a dip in the water. It was brisk but not too cold. It was just the thing after being heated up. When I strutted back to our chairs, Kevin looked up at me through his sunglasses, his handsome face beaming. “You young guys are into the skimpy suits, I see,” he said. I was wearing square-cut trunks, nothing too revealing, certainly not the skimpiest of styles. But they were trim cut, showed off my hairy legs, and hugged my ass and crotch pretty well. “Why not advertise the goods?” I said, pulling up on my shorts to let my dick flop out a little. I didn’t mean to be lewd, it just the kind of thing I’d say with my friends. Only Kevin’s gaze seemed drawn to my crotch. “That how you lure your bottom buddies?” I plopped down in the chair. “I do OK,” I said, half boasting once more. “I bet you do,” he said, looking back out at the ocean. “You got an incredible bod, Mac. You must work out nonstop.” “A good bit,” I admitted. “I got a buddy who’s a personal trainer, he keeps me on track.” “I’ve been going to one myself,” Kevin said, pulling out a second beer. “Though I gotta stay away from these except on special occasions.” He held up a second to see if I wanted one too. I nodded. “This seems like a pretty good special occasion,” I said. “Bachelor weekend at the perfect beach house.” “Nah, the perfect beach house is six houses down. The mansion Jim Marshfield owns.” “I guess we all want what we don’t got,” I said. “This place is pretty sweet from where I’m sitting.” “Thanks, Mac.” It was great to see my boss in his relaxed mode and I felt a little guilty, maybe only a little, for perving out on him. We sat, mostly quiet, and enjoyed just being there. Still, I couldn’t help but toss it out there. “I hope you don’t mind me saying, Kevin, but your trainer’s done a great job.” He looked over at me, surprised but then broke into a sly smile. “Yeah?” I took that one word as permission to go further. “Absolutely. I mean, take it from a gay dude, you’re smoking hot.” I could see the man’s chest puff out a little as his legs spread some. Russo trimmed his chest fur, I could tell, and manscaped in spots. The brown hairs he had accentuated his toned musculature. “I’m glad I invited you here, Mac. If only for the ego boost.” I was tiptoeing to a line I shouldn’t be crossing. I was probably crossing right over it. “If you weren’t my boss, I could boost your ego a lot more.” Kevin was silent at my flirty comment but he didn’t make signs that he was too offended. Instead, he said, quietly. “Maybe I can pretend I’m not your boss this weekend.” Those words made my cock rock hard in my trunks. “Fuck,” I muttered, and I squirmed some in my seat. “What?” Kevin asked. Then realizing my predicament, he smiled. “Damn, that is an ego boost.” He nodded down at my erection. “I really do that to you?” I stood up. It meant Russo could see my hardon even more plainly. “Either I give an answer I regret or I go cool off, Kevin,” I said. I turned and walked back down to the water. It helped, both the physical sensation of the bracing cool water and the psychological sense that I’d broken away from my dick calling the shots. I already was probably in trouble. I waded in the waves, and as I turned around saw Russo walking toward the water, his DILF perfection on display with each step in the warm sand. “Feels nice,” he said as he got in waist deep. “Yeah,” I answered, my reply catching in my throat. I was so turned on by this man but had no idea what he was angling for. More compliments? I could give those till sundown but maybe not without saying some inappropriate things. He waded in further, first with a playful dive, then coming more directly toward me. His eyes seemed more nervous than the rest of him, if that makes sense. I think it was the nervousness that flicked the switch. It brought out the top instinct in me, and I found myself standing upright, posture erect, facing my boss. I had no idea what was on Russo’s mind, but I knew something was, and like I say I was working on pure instinct. “I’ve been meaning to say,” Kevin said, as if we were casually chatting now instead of making heavier eye contact. “Thanks for helping me with the Grindr stuff last week.” I fixed him with a steady gaze. Wading forth a little to stand chest deep in the water, the waves lapping at my nipples. “Sure. Anytime,” I said. “I take it you got off?” Kevin smiled, nervously now. “Yeah, the guy was awesome.” Then, “this stuff stays just between us, right, Mac?” I nodded. “Of course.” A big wave came and crashed over my shoulders. Kevin ducked down and reemerged from the water, a little closer to me this time. I could see only his shoulders, but that let me notice how perfectly rounded they were. Not real big, but proportioned, strong. “I still feel bad I made you miss your date,” he said. I smiled. “It’s all good,” I said. “It turns out I nailed the dude that night after all.” Part of me still couldn’t believe I was talking to Russo so bluntly but the man just gave me a questioning look. “Seriously?” he asked. “Yep.” “Personal question, Mac, but do you do that a lot?” The question took me aback. “What? Have sex?” He shook his head. “I mean, find guys online. You know…. to fuck.” I couldn’t tell if Russo was impressed or judgmental. The answer was the same either way. “Well, work keeps me pretty busy, and I’m religious about hitting the gym after. But, maybe 3 times a week, or any fucking chance I get really.” “And it’s always you fucking them?” “Usually. It’s my favorite thing. That and rimming a hot guy.” Kevin seemed to let those words sink in. “That’s pretty wild. I’ve never done that.” “Probably a lot of things you’ve never done, Kevin,” I said. “Probably,” he chuckled. “Still I have some experience, even with guys.” I must have had a surprised look on my face, because he continued, “Back in college, my fraternity brother and I experimented. And a few times after,” he winked. Despite the cool water, I was rock hard again. I had to take a chance. “So I won’t get in trouble if I tell you how amazing your ass is, then?” Kevin’s voice got soft, all serious. “No, you won’t, Mac.” “Well, you got a really hot ass, Kevin.” He seemed to really like my compliment but also seemed embarrassed by it. “I’m sure I’m not as hot as the young guys you get on Grindr.” I puffed my chest out, almost involuntarily, and stepped further toward the shore. My midsection was now exposed, and if he looked Russo could easily see the boner in my trunks. “I’m not into the young ones,” I said. “I pretty much go for older guys.” Now it was Russo’s turn to be surprised. “Mac, you don’t have to…” I interrupted him. “Serious, Kevin. It’s kind of my thing. I fuck older men. Pretty much exclusively.” “Wow,” he muttered. It was like he was feeling over his head. I hadn’t considered that he was anything more than a straight dude getting head from guys on the side. I still wasn’t sure he was. But the idea he might be looking for more turned me on big time. I stepped up further, hoping Kevin would look at my hard crotch. He did. Blushing he looked up at my face again. “And you think I have a hot ass?” “Amazing,” I confirmed. “If you weren’t my boss…” I started then stopped, thinking better of it. “What?” he asked. His waist was still below the water, which was frustrating. I’m not sure I could see if he was erect in those board shorts but I wanted the chance. “I’d be all over you, Kevin.” He didn’t reply to that, either positively or negatively, which was frustrating as hell. Somehow, the spell between us seemed broken. At least I figured I wasn’t going to be reported to HR for harassment. He looked out at the horizon and said, “I think I’m going to head in. You gonna stay out here for a little longer?” I gathered Russo was looking for some distance, so I said I wanted some more sun, to dry off. “Hang out here istanbul travesti as long as you like. Maybe we can have happy hour before grilling up some steaks for dinner.” “Sounds awesome,” I said, kicking myself inside for making a fool of myself. I did get to watch Russo get out of the water ahead of me. Even in those damn board shorts his ass looked like a million bucks. Russo had the right genetics, but his trainer also knew what he was doing. I put on my sunglasses and lay back on the beach chair, nursing my hardon with my fingers and hoping the throbbing erection would go down soon. I hoped I hadn’t fucked things up too much. Russo’s my boss and I had to work with the guy day in and day out. Something made me think it was OK. I mean, he seemed to want to bring up sex and seemed to egg it out of me. Fuck, I groaned to myself. I didn’t know how I’d get through the weekend. The sun was getting lower and I suspected it was getting close to 4:30, maybe 5:00. Maybe I could jerk a load off in the shower. I gathered my stuff and headed back to the house. Things were quiet inside. I thought Kevin would be watching TV or reading or something. As I walked down the hall to the guest room, I saw the door to the master bedroom open. Not ajar, wide open. I put my head in and was shocked by what I saw. Kevin Russo’s 6’1″ body was stretched face down on the bed. Completely nude, his white buns a contrast to his more tan back and legs. The tan line made the ass pop out even more. He knew I was there but made no comment. As my eyes took in his ass, I saw the buns flex and contract, playfully, teasingly. I knew an invitation when I saw one. I slipped off my trunks real fast. My erection had gone down but now my dick was rising again. My hand touched Russo’s calves, and he didn’t seem startled. He just lay there, so I moved my fingers up along the back of his leg, caressing back and forth. Then I climbed on the mattress and knelt so those perfect buns were in front for me. I put my hands on those, too. The man’s ass was hairy but not extremely so. I gave gentle kisses at first. The left cheek, then the right. Then deeper into the crack. I pulled the cheeks apart and leaned forward, darting my tongue right to his hairy pucker. “Oh fuck,” he hissed. “This OK, Kevin?” It was my boss. Even now, I wanted to be sure. “Oh yeah. More than OK. It’s been a long time. I’d forgotten.” I dove in now more eagerly, eating daddy hole like I enjoyed doing. Lots of tongue work, lots of sucking on the hole, lots of munching. Russo got real into it, hiking his butt back and forth on my mouth in small movements. I had no idea just how much dude-on-dude experience the man had, but the idea that he might be an eager bottom sent me into overdrive, and I practically drilled his hole with my tongue while I held on to those meaty cheeks with my hands. “You want to fuck me, Mac?” came his voice, seemingly deeper than before. I practically lurched up, crawling on top of the man’s DILF body. “Fuck yeah,” I growled. “So bad.” I was now humping my dick against his spit-wet crack. I scooted back and angled so I could nudge his pucker with my wet dick head. Kevin squirmed away beneath me. “You gotta go easy, though. It’s been a hell of a long time for me.” “Promise,” I said, running my hands along his strong back, feeling the firmness of the middle-aged muscle and enjoying how his graying hair looked from behind. The man leaned over and opened his bedside drawer, fishing out a tube of KY. “Will this do?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said, taking it from him and flipping the cap. I gently teased his hole with my finger, applying the gel first to the outside, then pushing it in. Russo moaned but in a good way. I kissed his neck reassuringly. “Fuck, Kevin, you’re the hottest guy. Seriously, I’ve been boned at work for the last year.” My words seemed to help him relax and I slipped a second finger in. Russo wasn’t lying. His guts were super snug around my fingers and I knew they would be around my cock. I took my time, but soon I figured the man was ready. I hoisted my body back on top of his, supporting my upper body weight with my arms as I pressed my dick into the crevice of his perfect ass and against his lubed hole. I applied pressure and was rewarded when the ring opened up enough to let me in. “Oof!” Kevin grunted and I stopped then and there. About an inch inside him. I so wanted to shove right in but held myself in check. Soon I felt Russo worm his ass just a little back on my cock. “Ready for more, Kevin?” I asked. “Yeah,” he replied, and I slowly slid more into him. Another inch, then two. The penetration got easier and I felt my prick bury deeper now, pushing all the way in. “Oh God,” I grunted, excited beyond belief. I’d had hot sexual experiences, but boning my boss had to rank up in the top 3. “Man, you’re big,” he hissed. “I knew it when I saw you in that swim suit.” “Yeah?” I asked teasingly, kissing the back of his neck. I was decently hung and a man’s appreciation of the fact always egged me on. I pulled out and slowly reentered him. “Yeah,” he said. “I knew I wanted to try it.” His words excited me and I thrust into him once more, more firmly this time. And again. “You knew you wanted me to fuck you when you saw me in my trunks?” I fucked in again. “I was thinking more about sucking you, actually,” he said, grunting a little at my thrust. “But you said you preferred this.” His admission was an insanely hot to me for some reason. I humped faster. Not hard. My experience is that newbie bottoms rarely actually like it hard. For lack of a better word, my fuck strokes were insistent. I was definitely getting pleasure from them but I wanted to make sure Russo was taken care of, too. I picked up the KY and tossed the tube next to his hand. He looked back, unsure of what I meant. “Jerk off when I fuck you,” I said. “I want you to come.” I actually didn’t know if I could hold off for him. Russo’s ass felt that good. Like it was gonna suck every ounce of juice from my nuts. But I bit my lip and clinched my muscles and kept fucking. “Oh wow,” Russo moaned as he started stroking his rod in time with my thrusts. “Feel good?” I asked. I was putting more power into this now, working us both up. “Shit yeah. Fuck me, Mac.” I fucked harder. Russo flogged away, his upper body growing tenser. “Oh yeah, keep going. Keep fucking me, Mac. Oh fuck… I’m gonna come!” It was a trip to hear the voice I’d heard in countless meetings begging to be railed. Russo had a deep orgasm and it wasn’t a second too early. I was right there with him, spraying his insides with my younger seed. We both caught our breath and I watched as the man removed his hand from his crotch and pull it up by his side. His fingers were covered with his pearly seed. I gradually lowered my weight and pulled out of him, rolling to the side. I patted his ass, still unable to believe I’d just tapped it. “Damn, Kevin, that was amazing.” He looked up at me, a well-fucked and happy look on his handsome face. “I’ll say. Wow.” “Not your first time, I take it?” “No,” he admitted. “But it was my first time coming like that, you know getting fucked. My fraternity brother never got me to do that.” “A shame,” I said. “You always make your guys come like that?” His naivete was thrilling to me for some reason. “Not always,” I admitted. “Some of them just want me to pound them and dump in them. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fun, too. But I love getting an older man to come on my dick. It’s a real rush.” Kevin seemed to mull my words over. “You don’t mince words do you?” “No more than any of the guys in the office. Only they’re talking about boning chicks.” He nodded. “Probably. What do you say we get cleaned up and have that happy hour?” I hoisted my body off the bed. “I don’t know what’ll be harder to get off, the lube or the sunscreen,” I laughed. “Well, you got sand all over me, Mac. The bed, too,” Kevin said. “It was worth it.” I let him have his privacy and went to the other bathroom to shower. It felt awesome to clean off, actually. I pulled on a pair of shorts, commando, and took a minute to admire my reflection in the mirror. I’m not a vain guy, at least not too much, but I reflected on what Russo saw in me. At 5’11” I was a couple inches shorter than him but with a buffer body that I’d waxed smooth for the summer to show off my abs and definition. The suntan was making my muscles look even better, and I had to admit I was in great shape. I wasn’t sure anything else was in the cards this weekend, certainly not this evening, but I decided to go shirtless. I slipped on my flip flops and joined Russo on the deck. He had on shorts and a polo. He’d gotten some sun today, and had raccoon eyes on a reddish-tan face. His eyes brightened as I stepped out. “Damn, your body’s great, Mac,” he said, offering me a drink. “A G) Logging on to see what your profile looked like.” “Like what you see?” I typed. “No false advertising. You’re hotter in person.” “Thanks. You, too.” “Gotta go, Mac. Bye.” With that he logged off. I shook my head, wondering what the hell I was doing. Why I wanted Russo with me right then and there. I watched the show distractedly and scrolled through the profiles some more. Looking for a good substitute. Another message came in. The Cop. “Hi bud. I’m not sure if you ever do repeats, but I just saw you on and had to ask.” “Normally don’t,” I replied. “But for you, yeah.” “Sweet.” “Right now?” “Give me twenty?” I nursed my bone. “Yep. Come on over.”

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