Standard disclaimer. This is fantasy of course but it involves sex between men and boys and as Imagine cumpires having the ability to take on many forms, in later chapters, sometimes women and boys. Consensual sex mainly oral, anal and lots of foot fetish, as that is my thing. Even though there is violence and torture and one rape in this story, the protagonist is a boy lover who worships and loves boys. Please donate to Nifty at fty/ for where else can you find this amazing resource? As well if you would like to offer kind words you may reach me at; ail

The Cumpire

Part 2

Timo sat up in the bed in the state room. The light from the hanging lamp casting shadows up and down his perfect naked body as it rocked with the movement of the ship. It was much less light than I would of liked to have with a naked boy this beautiful laying before me staring up with those large brown eyes with a look, what was it fear? Nervousness? Certainly my friend had explained to him that I was boy lover and if Timo was offering his body to my services there should only be excitement in his eyes. When my boys see that look in my eyes as I take them, sometimes in their beds, sometimes in the pool, gardens or even on the kitchen table when the servants are not present, there is always a look of eager excitement that leads to some giggles as they showed off the parts of their bodies they knew made my hungry mouth drool. Timo however was truly nervous, was he a virgin? There is no possible way, not with my friends self confessed obsessions.

“Come and sit next to me Johnathan.” My friend beckoned.

I walked over to the small table and sat next to him and he poured us a glass of claret as we both stared hungrily at Timos” exquisite form.

“He is truly remarkable isn”t he?” My friend asked

“Oh god yes.”” I responded my lust making my voice deep and raspy

“I have been feeding on him for years.” My friend said

I took my eyes from Timo and looked at my friend.

” You mean blood?” I looked aghast.

“No, of course not I know you have been listening to me. I have been feeding from the sweet nectar his beautiful young balls produce.”

“But, how is that possible? He cannot be more than eleven perhaps a young 12. He could not have possibly been ejaculating for years.”

“Well actually Timo is closer to 16 now.”

Even with all I had witnessed my friend do I could not help but look upon in him as if he were mad.

He just laughed and sat back in his chair, finishing his claret in one fluid motion before pouring himself another.

“I assure you my friend, I am not lying, nor am I mad. Once you make love with your boys in your new form you will see the changes in them quickly. As they drink your ejaculate or as you find release inside them during your coupling, there skin will grow even more beautiful and smooth, impossibly soft. Disease, illnesses will simply not effect them and their youth will extend, further developments in puberty held at bay for many years. Your saliva as well will be able to heal any wounds they suffer instantly and for a brief moment in time they will share your immortality. “


“Yes of course. Once we are done tonight you may go and heal his bruises and wounds.”

“What? Why didn”t you do this already!?!?” I asked angrily standing to my feet.

My friend simply smiled and nodded.

“I could not of course do so. Thomas suffered incredible trauma at the hands of a stranger, how would it be possible for another stranger to engage in such intimacies without causing further distress? No my friend as much as I hated to see that beautiful child suffer, and your suffering because of his, I could progress no other way.”

“Fine.” I sat back down and looked at my friend

“Let”s do this quickly then.”

“There is no quickly. I”m sorry and I must make sure that you understand. I will first give you the vampires” kiss and then you must drink from me. The pain you experience will be excruciating and ffrightening. You will awake with a hunger that will be so strong that, if I was not here to protect him, Timos” very life and indeed the lives of everyone on this ship would be in danger.

“Blood drinking? But I though you said…”

“Yes and I did not lie. We are vampires who must adapt to being cumpires. When you change and until you make the adaptation you will be in essence a eater of blood. That will be a very dangerous time. I will be here to help you. I have explained to Timo what will happen and he has agreed to offer himself to quench your hunger. Do not fear I will not allow you to hurt him.”

“but I would never! I mean I don”t care how much I hunger I could never hurt Timo.”

“Yes, I believe this to be true, it”s why I chose you.”

I nodded and looked back at Timo with fear in my heart and a profound love for him that he would be willing to put himself in this place. I was truly struggling now with the decision until Timo gave me a brave smile and a nod in affirmation.

“Okay, how do we do this?”

“Remain seated.” My friend stated.

I began to respond but faster than I could see he moved behind me. My breath caught in my chest as my head tilted backwards and his fangs sunk into my neck. It did not hurt. Actually it felt pleasant almost like love making, I felt a warmth rush through my body and my penis began to harden then as suddenly at it began the warmth was replaced by coldness that rushed up from toes. My heart began to beat rapidly, fluttered and then slowed. Instinctually I reached up and attempted to pry him from me but my arms were too weak and quickly fell to my sides. The world began to grow dim around me and I knew my life was ending.

“Quickly my friend you must drink.”

I was so weak. I smelled it first, the iron smell of blood. I felt it on my lips and I parted them. At the very first taste I felt life rush back into me and a hunger, a hunger that I never felt before, that I never knew possible, a hunger that ravished my soul as it fed me, the craving of an addict like all of those I had witnessed consumed by the drink. I drank deeply and long as if I could drink from that fountain forever and forever crave more.

“Okay. That”s enough!” My friend said as he yanked the source of life from my hungry lips.

It hit me like a hammer or more accurately a sharp, fiery hot glowing sword jabbing into my gut and out through my back. The pain travelled rapidly up my chest strangling the scream in my throat. My muscles spasmed and felt as if they were ripping from their sockets. I held out my hand to my friend to save me. I rolled on the floor, writhing in terrible agony until finally the pain began to subside until I felt nothing. My heart pounded in my ears and then began to slow, growing fainter and fainter until silent.

“What”s happening to him?” I heard Timo”s young voice as if it was far away.

“His mortal form is dying Timo. When he awakens he will be one of the Immortals. It”s happening now. Timo go back to the top of the bed. Don”t worry I will not let him injure you.”

My heart ceased to beat only for the briefest of moments before fluttering back to life and with that my senses flooded back to me like rushing waves. I could hear everything, the snoring of the sailors in their hammocks at the opposite kütahya escort end of the ship, the ships wheel and the rough hands as they moved to hold course. And a tiny rapid heart beat in the room with me. Then smells, tar, wood, the sea, the claret on the table and boy, delicious boy and blood, oh god blood, much finer and more pure than that which had given me life. I opened my eyes with a snap and the room about me, which had been dark with the dim lantern casting shadows was illuminated as if it were day only made darker by rain laden clouds. I could see every small detail of the wooden walls and my friend above me, radiant and glowing but he was not what had awakened me from my death it was that yummy, fucking boy and his blood that pumped so deliciously through the veins in his delicate body. I crept from the floor like a cat, slowly up the foot of the bed to see Timo, beautiful, sexy and delicious Timo cowering at the head of the bed, legs tucked up into his chest. I felt my friends powerful arms restrain me.

“Now my friend, remember who you are. Remember the love you have for your boys, the love for this boy before you.”

The images of each of my boys flashed through my mind, their smiling laughing faces, the smells and tastes of their young bodies, my body groaned with hunger and in my thoughts I saw me devouring them sucking the blood from them as if they were nothing but perfect meat to feed my hunger. The shame of those images hammered my soul and I groaned in anguish at the thoughts that flooded my mind.

“Yes. I know Johnathan but what can you do, if you do not eat?, are not able to satisfy that hunger? There is another way. Timo, your foot please.”

Timo tentatively stretched out that beautiful foot towards us. I wasn”t able to see it properly before in the dim glow of the lantern with my mortal eyes but now, with my immortal vampire eyes, it was truly glorious. Perfect little heel, flowing into a pale arch that flowed perfectly to long delicious toes ending plump, round and pink. The hunger growled in me and I moaned in desperation. I could hear the blood pumping in that soft foot and as it came closer my fangs elongated in my mouth. My friend held me back so that the little foot was just out of reach of my bloody hunger. My tongue elongated long and narrow as a snake and I licked up the smooth soft sole tasting the salt and flavor of boy.

“Put your fangs away my friend. This is the time you must remember your love for your boys, Young Thomas waiting for you to heal him of all his wounds, body and mind. If you listen and let me help you, you may heal him and protect him and all those you love. Let that love overcome the ravaging hunger.”

I did. I let the memories of joy and happiness and endless times of pleasure with those beautiful young boys flood through me. Thomas” voice like an Angel. His bruised and battered body restored to it”s natural beauty. The love for them flooded my mind like a wave and I felt the fangs shrink back and disappear. I nodded and breathed deeply. The hunger was still there strong and ravenous but I felt in control of it now, if only barely.

“Good. Now Timo is going to stretch his foot to you so that you may press your face into it. Remember if you give into the lust for blood, it will absolutely consume you and you will never again be able to control it, you will lose your boys forever and never be able to help young Thomas. Just listen to my words and follow what I say and the hunger will be fed another way, a better way. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head.

” Good, now look.”

He had a hold of the smallish foot, his long fingers wrapped around the thin delicate ankle.

“Put your nose between his toes and breath deeply.”

I groaned desperately as I pressed my face against those soles, the smell of blood was there but also boy, sweat and musk. I had always loved that smell. The smell of a boy at the end of a day at play. It was why one of my favorite part of the body was there between their soft toes where their boyish smell was most concentrated. I groaned louder as I felt the hunger rise up in me but it was different now. Not for blood as much as the taste of the essence of healthy young boy, something only a true pederast could ever possibly understand.

“Yes. Now you understand. Taste Timo, savor his sexuality, the pleasure you will give him. Hear his heart beat with passion. Feel the trembles of his heightened senses. Taste the the pheromones his young body exudes for your pleasure.”

My fangs were gone now once and for all and I began to worship that little Godling”s foot. I started at the heel sucking the whole thing in mouth and sucking it hard as if it was the most savory sweet. Timo”s moans echoed through my brain and my heart pounded as my lust grew. I licked up the smoothest soles I had ever had in my mouth and consumed his toes, sucking them all into my mouth at once and his entire foot up to the arch and my tongue elongated to an impossible length to lick upwards from around his ankle over his heal and back up his pale soft soles. I felt something soft on my cheek and smelled fresh boy foot unwashed by my tongue pressing towards me, desiring to be serviced. I let the foot I was devouring plopping from my mouth with a loud slurp and consumed the other one, savoring the new flavor of unwashed boy.

Timo was thrashing about on the bed, His little hard, circumcised cocklett, twitched up and down on his stomach (I had heard of such a thing amongst the jews but never had I seen one before.) It was beautiful. As smooth as the rest of him, one light blue vein visible under the pale skin. And the smell, by all that is holy, the smell of fresh boy cum churning in those tiny hairless sacks. Churning and preparing my meal. Gone was the thought of blood and death replaced by an all consuming desire to give this little body so much pleasure that those balls would create the most pure, savory and nutritious ejaculate possible. That was what I craved now and I already knew what to do, I had done it so many times before with my boys. With every lick, every nibble, every suckle I felt the boy”s lust grow strong and those little balls do their magic creating the nectar of life.

Timo whimpered as I left his feet behind and he moaned again as I licked and sucked up his sweaty ankle and smooth athletic little legs. Now my boys always enjoyed this part of our sex play but the moans of pleasure and lust coming from Timo was well beyond what my boys had ever displayed in this part of our love making. Suddenly I sensed his pleasure as if I was inside his mind. Every lick registered in his brain as if his cock was being worship by a very talented mouth. Indeed I somehow knew that if there was not a psychic force holding his young mind in check then at any second his cock would fire volley after volley of hot cum. As I licked and suckled the boys soft inner thighs, savoring the smell and flavors there, I pushed against that force, pushing the boy closer to orgasm.

Timo”s head tilted back, eyes clamped shut and moaned in incredible pleasure grasping the sheets in tight little fists. The force pushed back right as his little cocklett twitched violently and I sensed the cum return to his tiny balls, churning, mixing, purifying. The smell inside those two tiny sacks was an aphrodisiac of incredible power to me and I groaned myself and I elongated my tongue, thin and stretched as that of a snake it reached down between his perfect ass cheeks, tickled his tiny opening. Timo spread his legs lifting them up to his chest and I was quick to oblige. Pushing those legs backwards I lara escort dove in. My tongue danced along his little starfish. The boys moans and whimpers were constant. I used my saliva and the strength of my tongue to over power his anal muscle and sink into velvet heat. I elongated and fattened my tongue and fucked Timo passionately with it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck please. Oh god, please. Uh uh uh? Oh gods please let me cum.” Timo begged and whined above me.

Somehow I knew, like a vintner would with a fine wine, that we had a ways to go yet. I did though push once more against that force in his mind bringing the boy to the very edge of climax. Timo squeaked and thrust his hips forward until at the last moment the psychic energy I battled against was able to gain control and push back against the impending orgasm.

I let go of Timos”s legs and licked and suckled each smooth ballsack into my mouth worshipping and paying homage to the work they were doing to feed me, before stretching my tongue wide and flat and slurping my way up the three inch nail to roll my tongue around the head. Timo literally screamed a high pitch squeaky noise as I sucked that hard soft living thing into my mouth and devoured it to the base. I knew that the force that held his orgasm at bay was at the very razor”s edge. Timo”s actions confirmed this by thrusting his hips up holding them there as a boy”s body does when it ejaculates, trying to feed the source of its pleasure as much cum as possible, he held it there for quite some time as the cocklett twitched violently in my mouth but nothing happened and again his balls held back the ejaculate to work and churn and strengthen it.

Timo literally sobbed as I left his hard nail behind to make my way up his stomach. So smooth so naturally tanned. Everywhere I licked and sucked shot signals to his brain and back down to his dick and balls. I could sense it now and by the time I had spent countless minutes suckling and nibbling at his hard little nipples and chest, I knew the reality. It was my saliva. The same that had the promise to heal also released some kind of aphrodisiac into the body through the skin and not just that but the psychic connection I had with Timos” mind, pouring all of my pleasure into him, the hunger I felt for the taste of his skin the smell of his boyish youth all of it heightened his senses and pushed him to ecstasy. As I kissed and suckled his neck and ear, my leg draped over his legs, my naked hardness pressed into his small hip. I felt that connection and understood. I controlled when he climaxed. With the aphrodisiac from my saliva and the connection to their mind I could make a boy cum from simply sucking on their toes. Or prevent them from cumming until I was ready and with that thought I felt the other force in Timo”s mind depart, leaving me in perfect control.

I left that neck and crawled with feline grace to kneel between his legs. I cradled his neck in my long fingers as if he were a baby and pulled him upwards until he sat on my thighs my large cock twitching up against his tiny hardness. I held Timo, leaning him back and admired is unbelievable beauty and sensuality. His eyes were closed and those long black eyelashes touched his cheek. I pulled him closer and ran my tongue upon his lips, he opened them slightly and I went in, my tongue meeting his intertwining as I savored his taste. The aphrodisiac flowed into him causing his entire being to be consumed by lust. Indeed that”s all the boy was now. I ran my hands down his back around his legs down to squeeze and massage is soft feet and felt every touch and motion send shockwaves of pleasure through him. I lifted the boy upwards, his eyes never opening but a grimace of pain mixed with pleasure past over his face as his eyes clinched tightly. I reduced the size of my dick slightly and slowly impaled him upon it. God his velvet heat sent lightning bolts through my body and his whimpers of pleasure culminated into a great sigh of contentment as I finally bottomed out into him.

I pulled him close, and his arms wrapped around me squeezing me tightly as he began to ride. Up and down slowly at first and then with much more urgency. I could feel the incredible pleasure he was recieving through his immature prostate as I enlarged my cock back to its original girth and his cocklet rubbed up and down my hairy stomach. Combined with my stroking fingers that brushed up and down his back, legs, his perfect smooth ass and sensitive feet I kept him right on the edge of orgasm. I didn”t force his mind any further I just let him find his own pleasure as he moved his body in the rhythm that kept the waves of lust washing over and through him.

I laid him gently backward on his back again and never once did his body stop moving upon me. Pulling his legs upwards I pressed his toes into my mouth and felt his anal muscles clamp and release upon my cock.

His whimpering and moans were constant. His face scrunched in extreme ecstasy as I began to worship his feet and toes once more. I licked them up and down, heel to soles. Each toe and between them. I sucked them into my mouth, retracting my teeth, I bit hard for maximum pressure as I sucked the flavor from his foot. I began to fuck Timo, slowly at first in time with the worship of his feet. Then faster and harder as I bit down upon his heals and soles hard with teeth completely retracted beneath my gums. I fucked him and I pushed his mind to the razor”s edge of orgasm and held it there as I slammed into him. His entire being and mind were consumed by pleasure and we wrapped together, folding into one another in spirit and soul.

I felt my release come and I spit out his toes as my cum flooded into him. With sheer force of will I held back a scream as I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life. Still in the throes of that passion I looked down to see Timo, his face locked into an orgasm that would not come and quickly I bent forward and consumed him into my mouth, suckled his hard throbbing cocklett to its base and sent the signal to his brain, pushing him far past the point of climax. He forced his hips up, his dick deep into my mouth as spurt after, hot, wonderful spurt of watery boycum shot into my mouth. Over and over again he shot. His guttural screams and screeches of pleasure grew louder with each spurt. Fuck!, the boy just kept cuming and each watery squirt filled every corner of my being, not just satiating my vampiric hunger but filling the very fabric of my being. I saw flashes of that which exists in realities beyond ours, brief moments of revelation of the nature of life itself, music (yes I know it”s insane but music) and the boy below me his back arched his dick pushed up into my mouth his eyes screwed shut, his mouth open in an agonizing grown of pleasure and I knew him then and loved him. I saw just the briefest moments of him as a handsome man with a family of his own, wealthy, respected, loved and then it was over. The final dribble of his nector rested on my tongue as his body grew limp in my arms and sagged back into the bed with a sleepy , satiated sigh.

I rolled his essence around in mouth savoring its flavor with heightened immortal senses before leaning forward to kiss his lips. He did not stir or return my affections.

“He will be out for hours. Timo has spent countless hours of pleasure at my hands and mouth but I think it”s safe to say nothing as intense as that. There nothing to compare with the passionate embrace of a brand new cumpire.”

I looked up from the beautiful little boy, who had so willing offered himself to the throws of passion. My friend”s eyes were wide with awe and in them I saw love and respect reflected back.

“You did lara eve gelen escort so well my friend!” He said with tears forming in his eyes.

“much better than I had ever hoped. The hunger blood lust you had is gone forever now so do not worry. It is forever replaced with the passionate pleasure of boys, as you just performed so remarkably well.”

“what would you have done if I failed the test?” I shuddered at the thought of that small beautiful brown foot and my insatiable desire to sink my fangs into it.

“I would have destroyed you quickly and painlessly and dumped your body over the side into the sea.” He placed his hand on my shoulder.

“I would have taken your boys to raise as my own and insured that they had all the very best that wealth and experience could offer.”

I nodded to him and smiled

“I understand and If I became what that hunger pushed me to be I would have wanted it no other way.”

“And now you know why there are so few of us. Okay now, up you go. Get dressed I have something I want to show you.”

He stood and walked to the closed door. With a movement of his hand the door opened on it”s own.

He turned back to look at me and then down at little Timo with a smile. I followed his eyes downwards. My cock was still buried in that tiny perfect ass, my black pubes covered the boys tiny hairless sacks. I pulled out with a loud wet slurping noise. I stood over the boy and pulled on my night shirt which rested on my hard long cock.

“please, would you do something about that monster? A bit unseemly don”t ya think?” he chuckled at my predicament.

“Oh yes, you are right of course.” I looked down at my hard cock, bigger than the original one I had just an hour ago and willed it to return to it”s normal size and then shrink back to its flaccid state. It complied immediately and I looked up at my friend and he gave me a wink.

“Good now put on your boots and come with me.”

“Wait what about the crew?”

“They all sleep soundly and the helmsman and man on watch ears heard not a thing.”

I looked down at the beautiful boy covered with sweat, remembered his cries of passion and shook my head in wonderment of the new life I found myself embarking upon. We passed the boys room and I heard each of their breaths and heartbeats, each unique to them. Even the wonderful smell of their bodies were unique. I looked in on Thomas and my friends hand touched my shoulder.

“Not just yet Johnathan, there is something you really must see first and then the rest of the night belongs to you and young Thomas.

I closed the door behind me as I followed my friend through the narrow passageway and up the stairs to the deck. My breath caught in my chest, my hand covered my mouth as shock and emotion flooded me.

I will do my best to describe what I saw that night with my new cumpiric eyes but with all my centuries of life I have never found the words to do that properly.

I am reminded of the book “2001 space odyssey” by Arthur C. Clark, and the Astronaut”s astonished words “My God it”s full of stars.”. The sky was that, beyond radiant, the stars filled the night and I could actually see them for the first time in all their glory and splendor. The sight, that once moved my mortal soul with emotion, now staggered my immortal soul with awe. Tears fell from my eyes as I stood in reverence. My friend motioned for me to come to him at the railing and I floated to him as light as air. I do mean this literally as I looked down and I hovered above that swaying deck. I began to feel disoriented almost as if I may float from that deck up to become one with the vast universe of light all around us. Quickly he reached out and pulled me to him. We left that deck and soured higher into the sky until the ship vanished below us and we were indeed one with the heavens.

I entered Thomas” room and lowered myself beside him. He was sucking his thumb, something he had out grown many years before. I sighed to myself. Willing him to remain in a deep comforting sleep I slowly unbuttoned his night shirt and removed it from his small frame. My immortal eyes saw every bruise and welt, every cut scabbed over. I started at his lips and watched the scab heal instantly and with my licks the swelling reduce back to normal. I took my time working slowly over every part of his body. I touched his throbbing cock, large for his age but narrow about the size of one of my index fingers. I stroked it and it throbbed.

“Later my tasty little friend we have years of fun ahead of us.”

I licked and suckled down his legs each of them returning to their natural beauty and splendor. I took special precious time with his exceptionally cute pale feet and toes. They had been abused most horribly by the torturers whip, tiny toe nails returned, bruises and red welts disappeared and by the time I was done I held the perfect delicate feet of a beautiful 11 year old boy in my hands. I kissed them and lowered them gently to the bed. I rolled him over and repeated the same process for his back and butt. Licking his hole that had been ripped by that evil monster. When I was done and certain that my boys body was perfection once more I held him to me. My hardness pressed into the back of his thighs, my face breathing in the wonderful fragrance of his soft blond hair. I I felt my mind drift and felt a connection with his consciousness.

I gently, carefully, allowed our consciousness to merge. I gasped and tears formed in my eyes as I felt the amount of pain and shame he felt. It was honestly overwhelming and I wasn”t sure how, even an adult could have coped with what he was feeling.

I kissed his head as my tears flowed and reluctantly I allowed myself to sink further into his memories. I refuse to ever repeat or write down, the things they did to him, not just the pain the inflicted to his body but the horrible depraved things they told him, did to him, things meant to break his soul and spirit, and to a child no less.

One memory I forced to seer into my mind was the joy on the fat disgusting face as he enjoyed the pain and humiliation he inflicted upon the boy I loved. I lived those memories with Thomas and he whimpered in his sleep until I soothed them over. I dulled the pain, I removed the memories of the words they said to him, removed the shame of it, the feeling of helplessness. I didn”t want to take the memory completely away from him because there was one other part to it. Thomas” unbelievable bravery.

Two days of torture and my boy refused to give in. Refused to confess to the lies they told him to say. It was on the second day that they brought my other boys in and witnessing the horror they begged Thomas to say whatever the evil men wanted to make the torture stop. It was their cries and pleadings and the Bishops promise to repeat the same tortures on each of them that forced Thomas to relent and confess to the lies that would condemn the man who had saved and loved him.

His soul broke then and it was the shame and betrayal of me that was chief amongst the pain that overwhelmed him. My tears flowed as I pulled him closer and whispered in his ear, even as I pushed the words to overwhelm the pain in his mind.

“You are loved, you are forgiven, you are cherished and you are the strongest, bravest, person I have ever known. I felt the shame leave him then, the pain lesson. Thomas let out a long sigh of utter contentment. We lay together, my arms and legs wrapped about his, my lips kissing about his hair, ear and soft rosey cheek and ever so slowly we both drifted off into the deep sound sleep of the loved..

I wrote these chapters during the covid isolation. felt like they were the best I had wrriten. Thanks so much for the kind words so far. I am slow with chapter 3 just because my mind is in a different place. Hopefully coming soon.

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