The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds – Part 13

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Neil waited outside Karl’s bedroom door while they fucked. The cries of passion had ceased a while ago but he still stood waiting in the silence. Claire and Karl had uncoupled and were resting on top of the bed as they kissed and touched intimately. Karl’s fingers were drawing circles around her nipples while Claire’s fingers were cupping his testicles. “What are you thinking about?” Karl asked her. She laughed. “I was about to ask you the same thing.” “I was thinking about food, actually,” he replied. “Thinking about Sunday lunch.” Claire laughed. “All about appetites, is it?” “Well my sexual one has been taken care of, so… “ She kissed him. “We could try the pub in the village.” “You have one where you live as well,” he told her. “I think Neil would prefer that one.” “What makes you think that?” “In our conversation this morning Neil told me that he wants to be cuckolded properly.” “Properly?” “He just doesn’t want it behind closed doors,” Karl told her. “He wants you and me to be seen together outside; on dates, that sort of thing.” “No fucking way.” “That’s what he wants.” “Well I don’t want my friends knowing,” Claire said adamantly. “And as for work, well, I don’t want my work colleagues knowing either and my bosses might take a dim view as well.” “Just saying that’s all,” almanbahis şikayet Karl told her. “I have known cuckolds who like that kind of humiliation. Anyway, what about when I get you pregnant? You won’t be able to hide that for long, not past nine months anyway.” Claire was silent for a few minutes. “I guess I really haven’t thought things through that far ahead.” “Well you need to.” “I got caught up in all the excitement of it all,” she told him. “With that couple that Jerome and I knew they had an exit plan,” Karl told her. “They had already planned to move away.” Claire said nothing as she continued to stroke Karl’s testicles. She thought about Neil and what he had told Karl what he wanted. She knew that she must sit down with him and have a good talk about everything that had happened but this was not the time. She too was hungry. She turned and kissed Karl. “So its lunch at our local is it then?” Karl smiled. “And no touching.” Karl reached down between her thighs, “I can’t guarantee that,” he told her. “Especially as you will be wearing stockings.” “Stockings? I didn’t put stockings out for Neil to take with him.” Karl laughed. “I know. But I rang and told him to bring a suspender belt and a pair of stockings with him.” Claire kissed him. “You think of everything don’t almanbahis canlı casino you?” Karl and Claire showered together but he had to go to the shops so he got dressed quickly. Neil sat on the edge of the bed and waited until she emerged from the shower. He took the towel from her and began to dry her. “Have you had a good time?” he asked her. “From the sound of it you have.” “I’ve had a wonderful time, thank you.” “When will… when will you two be sleeping together again?” “Tonight, most likely, why?” “Just wondering.” “You seem quite into this cuckolding, Neil.” Neil said nothing. “I don’t want the whole world knowing about our… lifestyle, Neil. This sort of thing should be kept private.” “Sorry,” he told her. “It’s… it’s just that… “ Claire kissed him as she reached for his erection. “I know… but… “ “Look, I know that I have never really been a good lover,” he told her. “I cum too quickly and yes, I know that I am quite small but I don’t want you missing out. I don’t want you feeling restricted. I want you to enjoy a good sex life.” Claire hugged him. “Thank you,” she told him. “That means a lot to me.” Neil continued to dry her and dropped to his knees to dry in between her thighs. He took his time around her mound, patting very gently. “You’re… almanbahis casino you are quite swollen around here aren’t you?” Claire looked down. “Yes,” she told him. “I’ve taken quite a pounding from Karl’s cock.” “I bet you feel the difference between me and him, don’t you?” “Yes, you could say that.” “I’m… I’m very happy for you.” Claire thought about telling him. “Can I kiss you?” he asked her staring at her pussy. “Of course you can.” Neil planted a couple of kisses on her flesh. “You smell lovely down here,” he told her. Claire smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. “How do you really feel about Karl fucking me?” she asked him. “That… that is supposed to be your pussy; it’s supposed to be for your enjoyment and pleasure.” “I… I just can’t explain it,” he told her as he stood up. They kissed and Claire held onto him. “L… last night wasn’t the first time,” she told him. Neil stood back. “Thursday…. we spent Thursday night together as well.” “Thursday?” Claire nodded. She told him. The lingerie; the lunch; Jerome, everything. Neil stood impassively and listened. “Our bed, Thursday night as well,” she continued. Neil remained silent. Resolute but also erect. Claire reached for him. She stroked him. “Which was better?” he asked her. “Last night or Thursday night?” “Last night,” she told him. “I hated the cheating part. Thursday just happened. It wasn’t planned. Last night… well, I enjoyed it better knowing that you knew and approved.” “Would you have continued if Friday night never happened?” Claire nodded.

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