The Confession


I never knew I was a cuckold until it happened.My wife and I are in our late 30s and the marriage was going through a rough spell. A little too much arguing and a lot too little fucking. Still, I never would have imagined Danielle looking elsewhere in a million years. It came to a head with an argument about money and suddenly she just blurted it out: “I’ve been cheating on you for more than a month.”At first I thought she was saying it just to piss me off. But she started to cry. She said she needed to tell me and that she wanted us to start over and stop the fighting. I was silent. She said “I need to tell you about it. Wipe the slate clean.”And then she began. She said it was with a young guy who helped manage the office suite where she worked as a child psychologist. She said she picked him because he was young and good-looking but not very bright, so she knew she would never get involved with him. Other than screwing him. She said she offered to ‘hang out with him’ and he didn’t pick up on what she meant. He came back the next day, ducked almanbahis his head in the office and asked “Did you mean that you wanted to…”Danielle nodded at him and said “Yep.” He asked if the offer stood and she said “Yep.”He said “I’m done here at five.”She said she was shaking as five approached, but she was sure she was going to go throigh with it. I coiuldn’t believe what I was hearing but was interested. And my dick was starting to get more interested.They got to his apartment. Both were like nervous high school kids. He asked if she wanted a drink and she said water. They didn’t know what to do so Danielle said she said to him, “Why don’t stand up and take off all your clothes. Like right now.. Get naked.” For someone he had only had a professional relatonship it must have been strange. By the time he got to his underwear, it was clear he was excited. The underwear came off and she motioned him to where she sat on the couch.His dick was nearly fully hard. She touched it lightly, ran her fingers around the head. She said it was average almanbahis yeni giriş size but the head was big. She leaned down and ran her tongue along his dick, making it rock hard. And then she put her mouth around that big head and started sucking another man’s dick, her first other than mine in fifteen years. His hips began rocking and she took more in. He put his hands on her head and fucked her mouth. As she sucked, she worked her shoes off. She pushed him back a step and slipped from the couch to the floor so she could strip while still blowing him. She unbuttoned her blouse and shook it off and unzipped her pants and worked out of them. Down to her bra and panties she moaned on his dick and slipped her hand inside her nylon panties to work her clit. Jeff was able to reach down and unhook her bra and get it off.Jeff pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lie back on the couch. He was going to go down on her but she told him to forget about and fuck her right now. At this point, I had gone from angry to rock hard. almanbahis giriş She was shocked to see me take it out and jerk and I asked not to leave out anything. She said there wasn’t much to say about that afternoon. He stripped her panties off and pushed the big head deep into her pussy and gave it a good hard fucking. It didn’t last too long because of the blow job. After he few minutes he said he was going to cum and she told him to shoot inside her. When he was done, her pussy was a soaking mess and she was officially a cheater.Danielle said she felt terrible as soon as it was done and told herself it would never happen again. Never lasted a week.When he came to her office and asked if she wanted another round, she couldn’t believe her own voice saying, “Yes.”Back to his apartment, this time to the bedroom. He ate her pussy for the first time and they fucked in different positions. He laid her on the edge of the bed, standing while he drilled my wife’s wet cunt. Then he rammed her doggy. Now more comfortable, he started talking dirty to her, calling her a slut and it turned her on. She had limited experience, just a couple of steady boyfriends, before me. The idea of cutting loose turned her on. “Take all my cum,” he growled as he empited his balls into her.

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