The Collins’ Brothers: Chapter 5 (Cousin Charles)


It was finally the beginning of November, meaning Charles was able to visit the Collins’ household again. I had abstained from sexual activity since July. A little background of Charles: Charles is an eighteen-year-old muscle god. He has blonde hair and hazelnut eyes. He currently is a freshman at the University of San Francisco, majoring in Business. He is one of the youngest in his class, but he is for sure one of the biggest. Charles is pretty insecure about his body but is very confident about it when he is around family. I came over to the Collins’ house and see Mr. Collins and Mrs. Collins. “Hey Mr. Collins,” I said. “Hello Noah,” he said, “None of the boys are home right now, but Charles should be over in about thirty minutes. Why don’t you go unpack your things in the guest room?” My house was being isvecbahis renovated so Mr. and Mrs. Collins insisted that I stay at their house until it was finished. “We will be going out into the city,” said Mrs. Collins, “Again, Charles should be here soon, but the boys are currently on their camping trip right now so they won’t be home till tomorrow morning.” I waved them goodbye and settled into the guest room. I lied down on the bed and accidentally fell asleep. I woke up and didn’t know how long I slept. I tried to get up, but I struggled. I looked and saw that my feet were tied down. Am I being robbed? However, I saw a figure in the restroom. The figure came out and to my surprise, it was Charles. I was in awe. Charles had grown bigger. His chest was peaking out; his biceps were bulging, his isveçbahis giriş quads were humongous.”Well look who woke up,” said Charles, “It’s about time.” “You’re so… so big,” I said.  “Yea, I worked out intensely during quarantine and now I’m big,” he screamed as he did a double bicep pose. I never realized how cocky he got and how deep his voice got. “You remember how you were supposed to ‘babysit’ me a few months ago?” he asked, “Well, today’s the day you do so.” He started to crawl on top of me. He did push-ups on him. His chest was in my face going up and down. His abs were rubbing against my cock. My cock was throbbing, waiting to explode. He stopped as he felt my cock bulging out of my boxers. He smiled and started to do push-ups even faster, intensifying the rubbing of his abs on my isveçbahis yeni giriş cock. My face was deep into his hairless, shiny chest. I was in paradise. He stopped, however, and went up. I saw that my cock had precum dripping. “I will dominate you,” he said, “You will be my bitch. You will call me Master Charles from now on.””Yes, Master,” I moaned. I had always had a thing for youngs guys dominating me. The amount of power they had over me even though I was older than them always turned me on. “I’ve dominated so many bitches at my college. They think they are straight until they see me. I’ve had at least ten juniors and seniors worshipping these muscles, and they couldn’t last for ten minutes,” he said. I was too busy looking at his juicy pecs instead of paying attention. My cock lost its erection; however, when Charles saw it, he grabbed my cock and pressed it against his biceps. He flexed his biceps as my cock was fucking his biceps. I moaned and moaned. This feeling was very immaculate. However, he stopped before I was about to cum.

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