The Caregiver – Chapter 1


The Caregiver – Chapter 1The day our family moved into our new home, Robert and Anna came over to welcome us.  They were helpful with information about where to shop, suggestions for new healthcare providers, and things of that ilk. We liked them immediately.An elderly couple, who never had children of their own, it seemed as if they adopted our family and the feeling was mutual.  My wife Jane and I adored them.  Our kids, who were in elementary school when we moved in, viewed them as surrogate grandparents.  In fact, one year, when my folks couldn’t come to Grandparents’ Day at school, Robert and Anna filled in for them. As the years rolled by, there was almost daily interaction between our families.  We would wave as we pulled into, and out of, our driveways, there was always interaction at the mailbox, quick visits while doing lawn care, and a constant flow of baked goods between the two houses.  It was the kind of neighborly connection that leads to a house becoming a home.One takes those things for granted, I suppose, but life has a way of snapping us back to reality rather harshly at times.For me, it was the day I came home from work to see an ambulance. with its lights rolling, in Robert and Anna’s driveway.  My wife was standing beside Anna practically holding her upright as the crew worked frantically to get Robert into the ambulance.“It’s Mr. Robert,” my son said as I got out of the car.I rushed to Anna’s side and helped Jane hold her up.  Through tears, she said, “He just said, ‘Anna, I don’t feel well at all,’ and then he just slumped in his chair. I called 9-1-1.  I can tell.  It’s not good.”I caught the eye of the EMT as she was about to close the door of the ambulance.  She didn’t say anything, but I could read the expression on her face.  Robert was gone, but they would continue to work on him until they could get him to the hospital.Jane and I took Anna to the hospital, but it wasn’t long before the hospital chaplain and the emergency room doctor came out to confirm what we feared.  Robert had indeed died.  We stayed at the hospital until the funeral home picked up his body and then we took Anna home. “Do you mind helping me?” she asked me.“Of course, we’ll help you.  What can we do?” Jane responded.“I just need to think,” she said.  “Robert was always so good about taking care of things.  I know we have wills and we pre-planned our funerals years ago.  Do you mind helping me look?”“I bet I know where we can find all of that stuff,” I said.  “With your kind permission, I’ll look in his desk.”“Oh, would you?  You both are so dear.”I didn’t have the heart to tell her, but Robert and I had discussed this possibility a couple of months prior to that day.  I knew exactly where to look.One Saturday evening, as I was finishing up some yard work, Robert slowly came over to visit with me. I loved those chats.  I was going to miss them.  They were normally filled with warmth and laughter.  Not this one.  He looked at me with a serious expression on his face that I was not accustomed to seeing and asked, “William, do you have a minute?”“Of course, Robert.  What can I do for you?”“Well, it’s Anna.  I can tell William.  She’s slipping.  Her memory is going.  She’s repeating herself.  Forgets where she is or what she’s doing.  It’s not really bad yet, but it’s only going to get worse.  Just part of getting older I suppose.  We’ve only been married sixty-two years.”He breathed a deep sigh and said, “I’m not ready for this.”Then he launched into a speech that I could tell he had rehearsed a hundred times.  Robert was always a planner. “If something should happen güvenilir bahis to me, I’m concerned about her.  I want you to know a few things.  You, Jane, and the children are the only family we have.  I know you will be there for her, but neither of us wants to burden you either.  In the bottom left drawer of my desk are our arrangements, our life insurance policies – all that stuff.  Would you mind helping Anna if it comes to that?”“Robert, Jane, and I would be honored to help in any way we can.  We’ll take care of it.”“I knew you would buddy.  We love you guys.” And, with that, he turned and slowly walked away.I thought about that conversation as I sat down at Robert’s Oak rolltop desk.  The papers were exactly where he said they would be.  I stalled for a few minutes, pretending that I had to look for them, and then took them to the kitchen table. Robert was always good about taking care of details – it just showed in how he managed things around the house.  It was not much of a surprise then to find that his funeral arrangements and will were neatly prepared.  There were, however, two surprises.  First, he and Anna had more resources than I had anticipated and two, there was a power-of-attorney form authorizing Jane and me to take care of Anna’s needs.  Moreover, Anna had already signed it.  As I thought about it, I realized it was dated the day after our conversation.“Oh, you found it,” Anna said as I sat down beside them.“Yes, ma’am. I did.”After an awkward moment, I held the power-of-attorney form up to her and asked, “Anna, do you know what this form is?”“Yes William, I do.  God love him, Robert was always looking out for me.  He knew something wasn’t right.  What he didn’t know was I knew something’s not right.  I catch myself sometimes – it’s like I lose focus.  I never said anything to him and he never said anything to me either, but we both knew.  Thank you and Jane for agreeing to help me and for being here with me now.”Obviously, when Jane and I got home, I had some explaining to do.  Fortunately, she was understanding.  I hadn’t really given my conversation with Robert much thought at the time and really had forgotten about it. Jane nodded at my explanation and didn’t say much.  That was kind of what our lives together had come to I suppose.  We were the best of friends and I loved her dearly, but the fire in our marriage had not since gone out.  We were good partners, co-parents, and roommates.  We had just forgotten to be intimate with each other, and yes, that included forgetting how to be lovers at some point. I was envious that Robert and Anna still seemed to have some spark in their marriage even up to the end of his life.  I once caught him grabbing her ass when they didn’t know I was walking up the sidewalk to bring him their newspaper.  Anna would have been terribly embarrassed if she knew I had heard her turn to him and say, “Tease.”I, however, thought it was very cool.Two weeks after Robert’s funeral, Jane suggested that we needed to sit down with Anna and discuss the possibility of her bringing in a caregiver; someone to sit with her during the day.  I worried about how Anna would receive the news but agreed with her.  Anna already appeared to be losing weight.  I was worried she might leave a burner on the stove turned on or fall without anyone really knowing about it.  Love her as much as we did, Jane and I couldn’t care for her all the time.Anna, as she had been throughout everything, was stoic.  “If you think it will be helpful, I guess it would be a good thing.  William, are you sure I have enough money to do this?”I smiled, güvenilir bahis siteleri “Yes Ms. Anna.  Robert made sure you could do this if you wanted to.” “He was always taking care of me.”“Yes, ma’am he was.”Jane placed an ad in the local newspaper advertising for someone to sit with Anna.  Within a week she received three responses. I did not sit in on the interviews.  Jane and Anna met the three candidates – all ladies – around Anna’s kitchen table. As luck would have it, the three ladies had very different needs in terms of their schedules.  So, Jane and Anna asked all three of them to come back – this time with me present so that I could meet them too.Jane introduced me.  Anna called me the “son she never had” and told the ladies to be nice to me.  I smiled, thanked them, and told them I would be happy to help in any way I could.  We chatted for a few minutes making small talk.  Margaret was short, with closely cropped gray hair.  She impressed me as being a young, hip grandmotherly figure.  Quite the combination, I must admit.  Her schedule was such that she could only cover the weekends.  She was alert and funny, and the most experienced of the three in working as a caregiver.Bobbi was a quiet one.  She would work from seven am until three pm each weekday.  Not overly big, her curly brown hair framed her face well.  She was slender, not overly attractive.  I sensed a toughness in her – a form of determination.  She was a person one would respect.The third was Pamela.  Taller than the other two, she was full-figured and, yes though I tried not to look, she was very well endowed. More than a breast size though, she had a radiant smile.  She was funny and loved crafts.  She and Anna made a quick connection as they looked over Anna’s quilts that had been passed down through her familyOver the course of the next few months, Anna seemed very happy with their company.  Jane and I never heard from her at night, so we really felt a little disconnected.  Every now and then, one of us would stick our heads in and check on her.As I usually stopped in after getting off work, I – more often than not – encountered Pamela.  Our early conversations were nothing more than small talk but, with each conversation, we got to know each other better and became more comfortable with each other.  The conversations gradually increased in length.  After a while, the frequency of my visits increased, but now they were occurring almost exclusively when I knew Pamela was with her. Pamela was married and quite proud of her family.  On the handful of occasions that she wasn’t with Anna, she was with her family.  I also noticed that when she was gone, I missed her company.I never heard her say much about her husband, but it sure felt as if she was in a boat similar to my own.  A boat that had no destination other than frustration.I was reminded of that frustration one day when I was visiting and Anna, reaching for a glass of water, knocked the television remote off the table beside her chair.  I started to get up to retrieve it when Pamela, who happened to be coming into the room at that moment said, “No worries. I’ve got it.”She was wearing scrubs – which were incredibly flattering to her very attractive body.  When she bent over to pick up the remote, I suddenly realized that I was staring at her ass.  I felt a bit of breath leave my lungs and became very conscious that I had inadvertently let out a slight, “Oooooh” as she had bent over.  I could only hope Pamela hadn’t heard it.Pamela said, “There you go Ms. Anna” and turned to me and smiled.  I felt my cheeks flush and I iddaa siteleri couldn’t help but smile back with an incredibly stupid-looking grin.  I could not help but wonder if her smile was an indicator that she had heard me or that she was merely being friendly.  I wasn’t about to ask of course, but I wondered nonetheless.With each visit, I began to realize that I was increasingly attracted to Pamela, and it bothered me some, but I rationalized it by saying to myself that neither of us had done anything out of line and that as Anna’s power of attorney, I had to keep tabs on her. Yeah… right.The visits were soon accompanied by the fantasies.  I caught myself thinking of her – innocently at first – during the day for no apparent reason.  In the months that followed, my G-rated fantasies began to transform into more adult themes.  I wondered if she was a good kisser – I knew she had to be, if she enjoyed sex, and wondered how that lovely ass looked not covered by scrubs.At first, I would quickly try to redirect my thoughts, but eventually, I was worn down by thoughts of kissing her and touching her lovely body.  More than once, I found myself thinking of her while at work.  I became quite aroused.  Fortunately, my desk hid the accompanying erection quite nicely.  Which then led to thoughts of her being under my desk and sucking on my cock.During the winter, Pamela dressed for the weather, but I think she could have worn an old-fashioned diving suit and I would have found her attractive.  By this point, I was practically looking for excuses to see her on a daily basis.  Weekends seemed to last forever without her. I was like a damn teenager.  It was wonderful and awful all at the same.The months passed and, just as Robert had feared, Anna began slipping even more. One April day, I was sitting at my desk at work when I began to think of Pamela for the umpteenth time that day.  I looked up at the clock on the wall and realized that, sure enough, it was just before three pm.  Pamela should be pulling into Ms. Anna’s driveway.  I hoped I would see her.A little more than two hours later, as I pulled into my driveway, I saw Pamela coming out of the house and waving.  I put my car into park and got out.“Excuse me, William.  Can I ask you a favor?’ she asked from the front porch of Anna’s home.“Sure, how can I help?”“It’s Ms. Anna.  She’s a little upset.  I just thought maybe she might calm down a little if she could talk with you.  Jane isn’t home, so I promised her I would see if you were available.”“Of course.  I’ll be right there.  Jane and the kids are at her folks for Spring Break.  They’ll be there the rest of the week.”“Before you come in, I need to tell you something.  Well, I don’t know how to say this, but Ms. Anna’s behavior is off a little today.  I think she’d be very embarrassed for you to hear some of the things she’s said, but well, she’s been a little graphic.”“Graphic?  How so?”“Well, she’s talking about Robert and their…” she said very awkwardly.  “Well, she’s talking about their sex lives,”  Pamela said with a smile as she turned a light shade of red.“Oh wow.  Really? Wow, that’s not like her at all.”“Well, see for yourself.  I just didn’t want you taken by surprise is all.”“Thanks, Pamela.  Yeah, I have to admit.  That’d probably freak me out.  That doesn’t sound like the Anna I know.”With that, I went into the house.  Anna looked up at me and said, “William!  I have missed you so much.  Where the hell have you been?”Anna had never used profanity in front of me ever.  So, I’m glad Pamela had warned me.  “Uhhhh hi Anna.  Are you okay?’“Oh, I miss Robert.  He was so good to me,” I had heard her say that very phrase a hundred times I suppose but, warning or not, I wasn’t prepared for what she next said, “Oh, that man.  Mercy.  What he could do to me in bed.  Did you know that William?  He was a stud.”

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