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Till the next Time Van T Z Boi) Tobias sighed as he felt Artar’s hard meaty member once again push inside his boypussy and claim it for his own; his own urging passion still enhanced by the ingredient in the stew was very much active within his system and the lightning bolt thrills that ravaged his nerves made him tremble and quiver with anticipation. The slightest touch of Artar’s cock against the special itching tingle inside him was amplified beyond anything he had experienced before. Artar too found the tight love canal that held him was sending similar enhanced messages throughout his own body and involuntarily he thrust forwards, deeply inserting his demanding member into the hot boytube that only served to enflame his lust to greater desperate desire and yearning. “Boy,” he whispered, “my boy,” he repeated as he covered the willing and trembling form beneath him. His head bent downwards to kiss Tobias’s head and Tobias on feeling the delicate touch bent his head upwards, together they kissed sweetly as Artar plunged his cock back and forth inside the velvet glove he knew so well now. Tobias sucked greedily as the broad tongue that ravished his mouth, his body already trembling with another hot dry climax. As he thrilled though yet another tantalising wave he felt a further heavier weight on his small frame; as he grabbed at Artar’s strong arms, he felt his lover tense and brace his body. “My love, my sweet love,” Captain Harder sighed as he mounted Artar from behind, his flaring nine inches sliding in like a flaming arrow into the man’s depth’s. Artar lusting desperately for Tobias had to contend with his own savage want as well as deal with the Captain’s frantic fucking. All three were blinded by their mental desires; enhanced by the properties of strange ingredient added to the meal. Tobias was full of his happiness as Artar fucked him, unbeknown to him Artar was lost with memories of his loving times with his long lost Sean and as far as Arta was concerned it was Sean he was making love to. Captain Harder, a man and also a boy of the sea too had a past, a certain Dilko, a Nubian boy put up for slavery that he had saved only for the two of them to form an onboard unbridled physical liaison which had spanned a number of years until one late evening the ship passed the boys home island. Dilko now a young muscular man, bred by the captain and bred to the sea had watched the nearby coastline and latent memories had stirred him; recognising where he was he had jumped ship and swam back to his island home, leaving behind his saviour and lover; the call of his homeland proving too strong for the ties that had bound him to his Captain. Each made love now with devotional desire to the imagined object of their heartaches. Passionate words of declared love and troth being floated on the warm breezes went unheard by the recipient; the mystery drug allowing the three entwined lovers to hear only what their addled minds wanted to hear. Minds might have been confused but lusting amorous bodies were not. Artar felt his thirsting, craving explosion beginning, his overworked balls almost vibrating as they sought to breed and seed Tobias; at the same time Captain Harder himself was on the point of his climax, his thick cockhead flaring even broader as the white molten heat of his manly juices jetted along his shaft. Tobias juddered as another wave of boyish joyousness wracked his eight year old body and then the smelting heat of Artar’s breeding essence blasted inside him; both cooling and reigniting his voluptuous desires. Captain Harder jerked spasmodically as his orgasm ebbed and flowed and his arms clasped Artar as he murmured unheard mutterings to his long lost dark-skinned lover. Artar himself whimpered similar uttering’s in the ears of Tobais, who heard the words but not the `Sean’s’ as he writhed fiercely, riding the further washing waves of orgasmic bliss under the combined weight of the two men. The loving threesome remained coupled for some further minutes as their passions cooled. Captain Harder in his lusty trance moved first, he tugged at the now pliant figure of Artar who allowed himself to be moved, his mantube sliding from Tobias’s wet and dripping boypussy. Harder laid the man on his back and once more climbed on top and inside him, Artar winding his hands around the broad muscular back of his captain as they sleepily dozed; joined lastingly together by the stiff nine inches of manmeat that connected them. Tobias shook his head as he sensed that his lover had gone, the empty feeling in his boypussy however was filled by a raging demanding drug-influenced desire. He saw with no understanding Artar lying under the captain, the drug fuelled urges inside his young body drove him back on his feet and without even a glance back he trotted down the beach in hunt of further prey. His slim calloused fingers fluted his three inches of pulsing boymeat and his inner passion nub pulsed and demanded attention. All along the beach members of the crew were engaged in lusty actions, men who had formed dislikes of each other, common amongst such diverse groupings of ship’s companies were now locked in passionate clenches declaring love and universal eternal promises as they fucked each other. Tobias trotted from couple to group to couple in search of the free member he needed too fill the vacant desperate desire between his legs. Liam the youngest man of the crew, just sixteen and hornier than any devil rose from the sprawled form of Standel, a fellow crewman who lay on his front still grinding his cock into the scratching sand. Liam’s normally thin member now crowed, bloated and thick it stood proudly from his matted curls, a glistening pearly strand dripping and swinging from the flared head. Tobias felt excited by the waving fleshy tube, the dribble of sperms, the long stringy thread hanging from the sticky head. The boy grunted as he saw Tobias and in one lunging jump brought Tobias down on the sand, his distended member, grown thicker and longer out of all proportion to its usual state; slipperly slid inside Tobias’s hot funnel. Both groaned as they hit the shifting sands, not just with the force of their landing but also with the primal urge to once again breed. Liam kissed Tobias, his mouth closing over the boys face, Tobias responding as if to a long standing, long loving lover; the drugged embrace continued as they rode at each other. Liam felt the tightening undulations of Tobias’s fuckhole contracting around his probing shaft as he pounded the young boy. He battered the swelling inner bulge with his now dominant fleshy member, producing wave after wave of delirious joys for Tobias who clasped the teenager to him with zealous lust. Furiously under the beaming moon they thrust repeatedly at each other, hands caressing, stroking, pulling and grabbing at naked flesh as they coupled on the shifting sands, the waves a rippling background to their rippling passion. “Urggh, ruugggh, oohhhrgh,” grunted Liam as his seed fermented by their rampant lust blasted into the spermy recesses of Tobias’s fuckhole. His orgasmic spasm continued, eight white melting blasts of youthful vigorous ripe teen seed bred the boy underneath him. Tobias rocking through yet another white molten heated dry orgasm then quickly followed another comet riding journey as his enhanced state rose and flourished anew. Grunting they lay, moving slowly as their respective climaxes ebbed and flowed. “Ugghrgh,” Tobias mewled and then cried out as the still hard and still probing member was torn from his love canal. His eyes focussing clear but distant, he caught sight of Stewey pulling at Liam. The teenager roared and then was felled to the sand by Stewey’s foot catching him by the ankle. Stewey growled and followed Liam to the cooling sands. His thick member finding Liam’s tight teenage hole by drugged inspiration thrust itself in one swift ataköy escort motion through Liam’s hot pussy lips. Tobias was completely forgotten by the teenager as he responded to the plunging cock inside him and he wrapped his legs around the stout cook, driving him even further inside his well raddled teenpussy. Stewey grunted and assaulted Liam’s mouth, his broad tongue flicking in and out of the panting hole. Tobias stood up, he was unsteady on his feet and he watched for a moment the virile fuck session before him before turning away. Rocking as though onboard ship when sailing a stormy sea he made his way back down the beach towards the fire. A few yards on he noticed Santos, he saw him being mounted by two of the crew; his fellow crewmate was taking two hard and thrusting members at the same time. Tobias watched with unseeing eyes as the distended boy pussy opened up to accept the thick poles riding him. As one of the men cried out, he was dragged of the whimpering, writhing boy so that another bloated cock could enter the boy’s jewel. “Here lad,” Tobias felt the hand grasp his dicklet and he turned. Jacobs one of the swarthier sailors, dark haired and olive dark skin pulled him downwards. Tobias unsteady as he was went down on his knees, the splat of his landing on the man’s skin making a flat smacking sound which echoed in the sea salty breeze. Tobias straddled the hard six inches of manmeat that reached skywards, his wet boypussy easily slurping in the boycunt seeking fleshy tube. Instinctively he adjusted his position so that Jacobs’s hard cock would stroke him inside where it was most needed. He commenced bouncing up and down, rotating his hips when necessary as his new lover fucked him. As he worked his hips Tobias was conscious of Calkin, the Captain’s young favourite stumbling past, he could see the flushed rock-hard teenage dick probing the salty air, then the boy turned and fell upon the still sand thrusting form of Standel. A triumphant cry arose as he entered the forty year olds man pussy and he began crowing like a demented rooster as he rode the steamy mancunt. Standel grunted as he was penetrated yet again howled wolfishly to the same sky and reached behind with his muscular hands to control the wild thrusts so that they matched his needs. Selfishly he manipulated the teenager as he rode him to their combined lust riddled destination with the emphasis on the personal pleasure of his journey paramount in his ministrations. Tobias heard Jacob’s own responding crowing; unintelligent words they were but the meaning was plain to his aroused state. He retracted his inner muscles, squeezing and pressing them tighter against the foaming cock, his passion nub right against the pulsing head and they both yowled as their respective orgasms shattered their systems. Tobias sank down on his knees as his young frame for an instant became tired and limp, but it was just for an eye blink of a moment. Jacobs grunting gutturally pushed him off his body, his cock in the process sliding along Tobias’s boy nut which sent another wave of desire afloat. Tobias fell to the sand as Jacobs stood up, his six inch dick directing the path to tread and he lumbered down the beach to seek a new place to ravage. Tobias sprawled on the beach lay there, not stunned just expectant. A dark figure loomed towards him. Turmel, a fellow crewman lunged at him and they coupled quickly. Tobias was continually raddled with desperate needs, spread his legs open wide; the squat sailor easily thrust his engorged five inch member into the slippery entrance. His eyes unfocussed gazed into the starry sky, the man was just a fucking machine; his hips moved repeatedly, his cock slid back and forth inside Tobias’s love canal, riding the waves of the spermy sea that filled it. The lock gates of Tobias’s pussy lips closed around the fat base of the stolid manprong, trapping it inside his tunnel. A slight adjustment of Tobias’s legs brought the mushroom head of the spongy cock into the needed contact with his passion nub and then he was away. Turmel, taciturn by nature, growled his lusty wantings above Tobias’s head as he fucked the eight year old ignorant as to which cunt it was he was using. Tobias wantonly needful of cock, pure hard pulsing manflesh, in turn worked his hips to accommodate his needs. The white orbiting lights were only scant movements away and he squealed into the warm breeze as yet again another delightful wave of orgasmic joy coasted through him. Moments later Turmel, grunted, forced himself deeper inside the grasping boypussy and unloaded his seed, the watery concoction mingling with the previous manjuices. Drake under the leaves of a palm tree; rose up and down repeatedly on the slim figure of Gaddy Barlow, the wiry sailor, an old hand who had retained his almost emaciated thin boyish figure, held the boy by his hips as he repeatedly drove his six inch todger inside the wet moistness. In his mind he was once again back home, on the earthy ground behind the cowshed with his employers son. He had worked for Farmer Greatstone for several years and had serviced the farmer’s sons since he been engaged as cowhand, his experience of milking cows teats gave him special talents in milking the farmer’s boys who excited by the antics of the bull they led to the cow, used his other attributes to impregnate their farmer holes. A drunken night on the road when he had been helping the farmer drive his cattle to market had lent to being pressganged by Captain Harder. At twenty he had swapped one master for another and his fellow crewmates soon appreciated the discovered talent of his milking hands. Gaddy groaned and shoved upwards, his body arcing off the sands as he was in turn milked by Drake’s undulating pussy walls. A long groan followed his ejaculation and then Drake rose up, flexed his knees and went in search of another ride. Gaddy about to rise himself was then pinned to the ground by another crewman. Drug lusted, it was the work of moments before his manpussy was invaded, the touch of the thick manflesh inside him once more igniting his own mantorch which blazed redly at the tip. Drake walked away unaware of the passionate grunting behind him, he stumbled onwards looking for another vacant perch to place his pussy on. Calkin lay under the embrace of Chalky White, the sailor had pounded on him as he went in search of Drake, drug blind and lust blind he had succumbed to the probing embrace of the man’s prick and was moaning as his own teenage cock readied itself to blast his own seeding juice into the space between their fucking bodies. A warm wet mouth however fell upon his pulsing rod, in his desperate drugged state Calvin somehow knew it was Drake and accepted the fellating kiss, his hand moving to stroke Drake’s head as Chalky fucked away at his pussy. Chalky looked down, his cock glittered in the moonlight as it slid back and forth and his eyes focussed on the slight figure sucking at Calkin’s cock. He already knew where he was going to put his fucking cock next and he howled wolfishly at the silvery moon as he gave vent to his lust and flooded Calkin’s wet lovelength with his semen. Calkin grunted and never noticed the removal of the spitting manprong, he was more intent on the mouth taking him to the expected glory of fountain dewness. Drake’s sudden harder thrusts at Calkin’s cock were due to that fact that he was now being fucked did nothing more than enhance Calkin’s pleasure. The teenager groaned, grunted and spilled forth his emissions inside the slurping mouth. Drake swallowed the salty offerings, supported himself on his hands and knees as the assault on his pussy became more forceful, Calkin had risen and gone, disappeared momentarily from his viewpoint but the trolling teenager had not gone far, he had merely got to his knees and with a swift sidestep had thrust his sperming teenprong so it was now immersed in Chalky’s manhole, both grunting with the intense need to breed eternally. Captain Harder kissed Artar heavily on the mouth; it seemed as though his cock had never left the man’s cunt at all so at home did he feel inside the fluctuating walls of Artar’s love tube. Artar filled with the insane drugged desire felt no need to push his superior lover away; he relished the feel of the nine inch hardness inside him and the taste of Captain Harder’s maleness as they swapped saliva’s. As the moon crossed the sky they fucked long and deeply into the night, whispering passionate murmurings to lost loves. Around them the beach was littered with copulating men and boys, partners only for just a fucking moment then cocks and pussies were exchanged in an ever revolving scene of orbiting orgasmic orgy. Men who would not even share the same air shamelessly shared their bodies with whomever as the infernal internal drug pushed them into copious copulations. The campfire, fanned every now and then by the sea breezes illuminated the throes of passionate embraces of those who chose to fornicate by its warmth. The moon lit up the further excesses of lusting depravity that had strewn itself along the sandy reaches, the glittering waves sending further flickering flashes of silvery light to expose the entwined bodies. As the night ebbed, and passions ebbed, Stewey strode the beach offering the ladle of desire from the stewpot he carried with him. Once gorged and imbibed, sated bodies merter escort became even more wanting, engorged organs were further stimulated, bloated and distended beyond natural proportion as unimagined depravities beckoned. Stewey grinned as he surveyed the abandonment of sexual boundaries as the carnal crew sought to satisfy their rekindled yearnings. He paused to survey some of the interweaving scenes unfolding before him, his own depravity nourished by the dissolute fornications exhibited before his engrossed eyes. He took a small sip at the ladle himself; his squat member already thick, swelled and bloated monstrously and he knelt down and forced himself into the anus of one of the writhing crew, thrusting forcefully he joined the group, in seconds his body was indistinguishable from the rest of the entwined knot of heaving, straining bodies. Calkin found Drake at last and dragged him away to a quiet spot, a mere stone’s throw from the beach, here he lay his young lover on the sparse grassy clumps intermixed with scratchy sandy patches. He lay down beside Drake and they turned to each other and kissed, despite their enhanced and aroused state they fucked slowly, each slow sensual motion sending pulses of passionate delights that enriched their desire for one another. Calkin only saw Drake, this was his preferred passionate memory and the drug which sought to explore such momentous moments hidden in the brain’s recesses could only amplify the emotions and sensations; similarly Drake, his system dominated by the way he felt about the teenager experienced the same enrichment and enhancement. Both viewed and thought their gentle copulation under the moonlit and starry night as a romantic idyll on their combined journey through to a possible long term future of mutual adoring eternal love. Borgan another east European crewmember was also in the throes of his remembered memory; the night the Cossacks had invaded his remote hamlet, the flames flickering from the fire recalling to his mind the burning of his dwelling and that of his neighbours. He shook too as he recalled the muscular Cossack who had picked him up as he ran from the inferno and threw him over his saddle, then with the burning buildings as a backdrop he had been heaved to the ground, his clothes torn from his young body. Trembling and unaware he had looked apprehensively as the huge figure stripped; his remembering eyes could not force themselves away from the huge fleshy protuberance that projected, pulsing and powerful from the burly Cossack’s beefy body. His screams as he was ravished as his village burned to the ground went unheard amongst the other similar screams of other villagers subjugated to the same violent assaults. Borgan growling with unleashed rage against his imagined oppressor, took his penetrating revenge and repeatedly thrust his raging cock into the wet maw of Turmel’s man cunt, the fellow crewmember accepting the hard fucking with intense desire and pleasure, even the blows to his body were just an appetiser for the tortuous delights he was experiencing. Disciplined from a young age by his drunken and violent father he had grown accustomed to the pain of his childhood and now it was a necessary torture for him; he had been known to ejaculate when being flogged for misdemeanours and sometimes in the deeper recesses of the ships bilges he and Stewey would reciprocate their depraved desires. As Borgan violated his arsehole he smiled with masochistic pleasure as the pain intensified his emotional orgasmic climax. The moon shifted on her way and the stars flickered and sparkled above the desperate couplings. At last the drug lessened its control on the multitude of entwined bodies; exhaustion of strength, energies and empty aching balls took it toll and the depraved crewmembers slumped, intoxicated with their desperate sluttish lusts. Hands, cocks and bodies lay entwined all along the beach, a goodly number close to the warming embrace of the slowly dying fire. Cocks still twitched and minds still remembered and twitchings and writhings and jerking movement could be observed amongst the array of naked flesh but as the moon waned all was at last still. Stewey, the orchestrator of the night’s events woke first; he stirred, jerked, twitched and swearing under his breath, covered his eyes to the blinding light of the morning sun. He sat up, his cock slipping from the hole it had been encased in, a gloop of semen slid down the open cheeks of Groggs who had been his final conquest of the night. Rubbing his stubbly face with his hands he stood up and stumbled towards the fire, a careful prod of the embers produced a few glows and soon he had a good cooking blaze going. He dragged out the two barrels of fruit juice he had prepared and took a deep draught himself, the natural sugars quickly working to dispel the inanimate drug dormant within his corpuscles. He made sure there was no water within reach, he knew the properties of the strange tubers effects and readied himself for the crew who would be ravenous after their nights ravishing’s. Flatbreads were soon warming on the rocks by the fireside and more chunks of various cuts of fruit piled up on platters lay with easy reach. The first man up was Borgan, he stood unsteady and wavering on his rocky feet, blinking in the hot sun he drank heavily of the flagon Stewey handed him. A few minutes later he shook his head, his vision cleared and his body recovered from the exotic and murderously erotic memories. He looked at Stewey; his face posing questions. “Never `e mind about that,” Stewey passed him a platter, “get some of that down yer, there’s bread abaking too.” Borgan suddenly realised he was actually ravenous and gobbled at the cut pieces of fruit and taking more draughts of the juice, stuffed rough hewn lumps of warm bread into his mouth. Other men awoke, rose up and Stewey organised the first few as his waking team into helping the other fellow crewmembers. Down the beach he could see men walking towards him, some still with engorged organs that bobbed up and down as they walked. `Need to deal with that,’ he told himself as he knew the effects of the tuber were still prevalent. Santos wriggled out from under the body of Liam, he felt the odd disappointment as Liam’s hard member left his pussy but he was thirsty and he licked his dry lips with a dry tongue. Staggering and tottering at times he headed towards the group around the fire. He passed others also waking up and disengaging bodies and he felt the tickle inside him growing as his eyes spied the various crewmembers organs that were still rooster strong but his arid thirst was paramount. Near the fire he spied a skin hidden under a pair of discarded trousers, yanking the skin out he tugged at the stopper, the water was cool, not cold but to his parched throat it was like ambrosia. “NO!” Stewey demented cry came just seconds too late. Santos swallowed the refreshing nectar and then as the cooling libation flowed down his throat and into his stomach, an equally sudden and powerful heat arose within him, as parched as he had been for water now he was as parched if not even more so, for cock and more cock. A red mist rose before his eyes and he turned, an innate sense telling him that there was an available member ready for him. He pulled the naked blinking man towards him, yanking him down as he too fell to the warm sands. The man reactivated by the hand on his cock and an instinct formed from primordial times, thrust his cock into the boy. Growling and groping at each other they continued the nights excess with rested vigour. Stewey stood aghast and jumped to grab the waterskin, he held it tight to his chest watching the rest of the men. The ones who had broken their fast with the fruit juice watched the fucking pair, Stewey’s eyes searched from one to the other and he relaxed as he saw no stirrings, no engorging organs, the fruit juice had done its work to neutralise the tubers aphrodisiac effects. He still held the waterskin tight, defending it from all. Another man came within reach of the coupling twosome, he grunted, his cock was still engorged and crowing he knelt at Santos’s head, the boy readily sucking in the huge expanse of cock. Stewey was horrified and scared on case the disturbance spread, swiftly he posted two of the safe men at the campsite edge and equipped them with some of the juice from a barrel and platters of fruit. “Let no man pass other than he has drunk and also taken fruit,” he instructed, his fearful manner conveyed to the men the importance of the task. He returned to the fuck session, the men had changed places by now but the nights excesses were clearly taking their toll, the men were flagging. He had no choice, carefully he offered the men but a wash of the mouth of the waterskin. Almost instantly their skins glowed and vibrant vigour returned as their fucking became striven. He checked on Santos, the boy was clearly in another place, once which Stewey was well aware of. `It will take more than two rogering cocks to satisfy the stupid boy,’ he knew. He stood up and walked down the queue that was forming as the men compliant in their waking state obey the instructions regarding drinking and eating fruit. He pulled eight younger men with hard members from the line up, they followed him to where Santos was now riding one man whilst bahçeşehir escort sucking the other. As if a pulse had crossed the divide the men Santos had chosen surrounded the boy, stroking their cocks as though instinctively knowing what was required of them. Stewey again proffered the waterskin, a mere tongue wash per man was all that was needed. He placed a few more unaroused men to guard the orgy noting that their attention was not producing erect and interested members; clearly the fruit juice was doing its job of working the drug out of their systems. Captain Harder came up, he was hand in hand with Artar and traces of juice and fruit could be seen around his lips and that of Artar. “What’s amiss?” he stood watching the depraved sight of the young Santos taking on the ten men. Stewey bobbed his head and embarrassed flusteringly explained. “My apologies Capt’n,” he grovelled, “the tuber was stronger than I knew, I merely thought to enhance the nights pleasures but it proved to be far more powerful than expected.” “So why this exhibition?” Captain Harder stroked Artar’s muscular back as he indicated the depravity that was Santos. “The effects can be ridden by fruit-juice,” Stewey explained, “but water, simple water only serves to reactivate the drug. I had thought all such supplies were hidden well away but the boy,” he shook his hands and head helplessly, “he found and took a deep draught of water from an unknown skin. Once imbibed there has to be time before fruit juice can be effective and once aroused there is no cure other than fucking or else he will be tormented and torment all others. I have seen its effects before. I had to give a small amount of water to the more able men so they can satisfy the boy’s devilish desires, once the lust lessens then I will administer the antidote but it will take time.” “The rest of the crew are safe then?” Captain Harder placed his hand protectively around Artar’s shoulders and glanced around him. “Yessir,” Stewey’s head bobbed furiously again, “but the men, all the men,” he added pointedly, “will need time to recover from last nights excesses. My apologies Capt’n,” he grovelled again. “How long?” Harder asked, his mind already on costs. “At least a day, possibly more, the older men,” Stewey shrugged his shoulders. “Well we still need to reprovision,” Harder stood silently and then shouted, “Bo’sun!” The Bo’sun hurried up a half-eaten melon slice in his hand, “Yesssir Captain?” “Organise a hunting and water party, the ship must be provisioned before we can leave,” Harder ordered. “Artar come with me, you can help me to bathe.” The Bo’sun stared as the two men waked away to the small cove where the Captain had his pool and he looked at Stewey. “How goes that?” his tone was astounded. “Side effect of t’tuber,” Stewey replied, “t’will pass in time, all will pass in time,” he cast an eye on the writhing bodies. He had already explained what had happened to the Bo’sun. “Y’now there is good money to be made with something that p’werful?” the Bo’sun mused, “there are many who would pay good gold for such,” he looked at the cook with avaricious eyes. “Aye and my purse the emptier for your thieving hands,” Stewey spat at the ground, “tis’ my secret and will remain so, now get about yer work,” he strode away contemptuously, “Here Tobias lad, grab that empty bucket, the Capt’n will be wanting hot water now.” Stewey placed himself so he could keep an eye on Santos as he prepared the hot water for the Captain’s ablutions. `That Bo’sun would steal the very hairs of the back of your back’ he said to himself, `but the man is right, that tuber is p’werfull indeed, twill be a rich investment for my pension,’ as he worked and kept an eye on the copulating bodies he also considered his options. Tobias could not help his eyes from glancing at Santos surrounded by the ten engorged cocks. He observed with an ever increasing opened mouth as the boy was fucked by two men, their cocks sharing the spermy space with thrusting ease, he had a pulsating cock in each hand and two more slobberingly fucked his mouth and he whimpered and screamed for more as the other four men stood around stroking their distended dripping members as they waited their turn. Tobias found it difficult to look away until Stewey cuffed him on the head. “Keep yer eyes and yer thoughts on yer work boy,” he threatened Tobias, “else I’ll give you sum more o’that stuff and yer can join Santos,” he chuckled as Tobias hustled out of arm’s reach and fearfully bent to the task of filling the bucket with warm water. Santos’s cries of ecstasy followed his ears as he tottered down the path to the Captain’s pool and Tobias did his best to ignore the desperate pleas of, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” which unnerved him somewhat. He turned the bend and received another shock, the Captain sat upright inside the pool and to his amazed and unremembered eyes, totally ignorant of the night events he saw Artar slowly riding up and down Captain Harder’s cock, the two engrossed men kissed heavily, tongues seen swirling around and about lips as Artar worked his hips for both their pleasures. Tobias stood stock still watching his beloved Artar slide easily up and down the thick organ, he could see the Captain’s fleshy pole as it slid in and out of his lover’s manpussy, the manlips opening to accept with ease the prodigious manpole. He dropped the bucket. Eyes swung his way at the rattling and splashing sounded that loudly in the quiet of the cove. “Ah there ye are lad, “Captain Harder greeted Tobias with a broad beaming smile. “Come up here boy, quickly lad, my sweet boy here wishes to fuck you.” END OF PART FOUR To be Continued… (Avast there me shipmates, time to drop anchor and tie up and moor for the moment, if you are a fan of my work you should know by now that I tend to leave you `well the phrases is hanging’ but I’m sure that its more uplifting. Okay Well if you want to sail with Tobias again and want me to continue this story why not write and tell me and don’t forget if you like this one then I have plenty more stories to whet your appetite, just look up V for Van T Z Boi on ‘s prolific authors listing. Please, please also make a different deposit in ‘s coffers for without them you would not be able to enjoy this further chapter. All the best, Van T Z Boi) (In response to all those who are interested; the Lost/Rejected stories are still undergoing editing and once they have been posted I will announce the link. The good news is that god ole’ have provided copies of `Detained at Daddies’ and `Mummy Said’ from their records so now I have recovered all the missing stories, so mucho thanks . Sorry I can’t be more forthcoming at this time as to when I will be able to post them but please watch this space. Van T Z Boi) Update on Nifty listing TitleDescriptionLatest Banged AwayBehind closed doors, juveniles at their best15/02/09 The Captain’s BoyAll at sea, The Captain, The Crew and the lust27/03/10 The Case of the Gardener’s BoyA boy is missing and a Private Dick is on the case15/10/10 Casey Plays His HandCasey loves helping his sister’s boyfriends16/06/17 Charlie Gives It UpThe 50’s No TV how does a boy amuse himself12/08/16 Cub Camp Set UpNew Cub is so anxious to please22/03/10 DonnyTeacher and pupils get closer22/04/17 Fagging For GuyLife at an Edwardian Public School29/04/17 Galahad Rides OutEdwardian Public Schooldays and Nights17/08/16 Game, Set and MatchBall boys score is love all06/05/17 The Gigolo BabysitterA complete story on one way to earn a living09/04/10 Half Term HiccupHalf Term and Jack’s on the loose04/10/16 Harry Potter and the Whimsical InvocationsHarry learns how magical his wand really is17/09/16 Hot DateFriday night and the boys are out with their men22/01/11 The J BoysFamily fun with horny big dicked dad and sons24/06/17 Ace TalesAce is the best see why below 1 Family FunAce shows a family how01/07/17 2 Jets First StopoverIf only every first stopover was like this10/04/17 Learning the RopesA youth and boy but whose teaching who12/05/17 A Lesson LearnedSpecial lessons for the new boy009/05/17 Lil’ Slut at Scout CampOne boy takes it all in10/09/16 Looking in the WindowNo money, no job how can Timmy earn21/03/10 Marlon’s MondayThe school week begins for this teenager23/09/09 Pa, Grub and MeHilbilly love28/08/16 Partytime FunThis Partyboy knows how to please the boys27/05/17 Pecking Order at the Boys Spring HopHow the cool guys size up for high school19/09/09 Playground LovePlayground play when the teachers are absent06/11/09 Playing TrainsBabysitting fun04/06/17 The RockerA boy, a motorcycle, A Wild One ride together14/07/16 Scott’s Cool Brother2 brothers, 1 dad, some friends get real close13/03/10 A Scout in the SnowAre snowballs more fun this way01/04/17 Seamus ServesAn altarboy serves it up19/02/17 Standing at AttentionThe Sergeant always gets his boy09/06/17 Taking It DeepAlone in the woods with six men how will I cope01/08/16 Teenage LustSex education lessons can be fun18/04/09 Wayne’s Best Mate’s BrotherOlder teen treats his brother mate19/06/10 A Week in WalesCookie cooks up some cum fun survival techniques17/04/17 REJECTED/LOST STORIES – UNDER REVIEW POSTING DETAILS TO BE ANNOUNCED Delighted and SchooldazedTeacher shows his class how to love on anotherN/A Detained at Daddies PleasureA prison for teaching daddies boysN/A JimboFirst year was never like thisN/A Mummy SaidMummy away so who’s going to love DaddyN/A Oh Yeah Finally Caught in the woodsN/A Young LoveBoys, teenagers dad and the wild, wild woodN/A

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