The Cabin Ch. 23


Hey there everybody. Thank you for being a part of David, Chelsea and Angel’s journey. It’s been so much fun writing this story, but all good things must come to an end. Thank you all for the encouragement and for reading my story. This is the final chapter of The Cabin, and I hope you enjoy how it wraps up in the end. I do have another project in the works, and I do have plans to go back to one of my older stories that’s incomplete and finish it up. The new project isn’t an incest one, so if that’s all you’re into, I’m sorry. However, the other project I want to complete does have a bit of that in it. Anyhow, enjoy the final installment of The Cabin. Much Love to all of you!

Chapter 23

“What does it say?” Angel asks but Chelsea doesn’t turn around.

“Chels?” I say softly and move to the edge of the bed.

She finally turns towards us her face a mixture of fear and excitement. Wordlessly she steps up to me and hands me the pregnancy test. I look down at the little round indicator and my jaw drops. My head feels like it’s floating off my shoulders, my heart is racing like a rabbit in fear for its life, and then as if my spirit is returning to my body, I shake my head, hand Angel the test and jump to my feet. I know I’m grinning from ear to ear and so is Chelsea, so I pull her into me and kiss her hard on the mouth and she returns it, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“AHHH!” Angel screams excitedly and then joins us, kissing Chelsea and then me, and then Chelsea’s belly. “This is your aunty-mommy if you can hear me, you little bean! I love you already!” she says and Chelsea laughs at her.

“There’s no way he or she can hear you,” Chelsea says. “At best I’m only two weeks along,” she reminds her.

“Right, well, still! That kid is going to know my voice as much as her mommy and daddy! Oh my God! We’re going to be parents!” Angel screams. “We need to celebrate, um, what do you want to do, Chels? Anything at all,” she asks excitedly.

Chelsea chortles at her. “Angel, calm down,” she says. “I just want to relax for now. I’m glad we know why I was so nauseous, but I’m exhausted from the flight, all the sex, from puking, from all the excitement we’ve had lately. I literally just want to relax here with the two people I love most,” she tells her.

“Then that’s what we’ll do. When do we want to start telling people?” Angel asks.

“Can we wait until we get back from our honeymoon at least?” I suggest. “Not that I’m not excited, but let’s just enjoy our new freedom we have with our marriage and just celebrate us.”

Chelsea agrees with me by cupping my face gently. “That’s exactly what I was thinking,” she says.

Angel takes a deep breath and then lets it out. “Okay, you’re right. Everything is just happening so fast; I got a little overexcited. Has your Zofran kicked in yet? Because I’m thinking that I need something shoved in a hole or two to shut me up or I’m not going to stop talking about this and might do something crazy like-” Chelsea interrupts her by shoving her tongue in Angel’s mouth, which is exactly what Angel was hoping for, I believe, as she kisses back with vigor.

I step up to join in and Angel pulls me in to suck my tongue into her mouth; Chelsea takes a step back and then says, “Keep her busy, I’ll be right back.”

Chelsea takes the small duffle into the bathroom with her and shuts the door as I pull Angel’s dress up and over her head, discarding it somewhere behind me. She pulls my polo up and over my head in the same manner, tossing it haphazardly away and then I grab her by both ass cheeks and lift her up off the floor. Her legs wrap around my waist as her arms slither around my neck as we resume kissing on our way to the bed closest to the door. They only had two-bed rooms, and I wasn’t going to complain since it was for only one night. When I reach the queen-sized bed, I drop Angel onto the mattress and then drop to my knees, spreading her legs and diving straight into her muff.

“Fuck, yes, eat that pussy, David,” she says. “Eat your sister’s pussy,” she adds but I don’t care what she says and at the moment I don’t care who hears it either.

I do as she begs and devour her like it’s my first meal after a week of fasting. I shove my tongue deep inside her, pressing it against every wall I can reach while I hold her legs down with my arms wrapped around her thighs. She tries to buck her hips against me, but I hold her down, completely restricting her movements. She does manage to dig her heels into my back, between my shoulder blades, pulling me tighter into her.

“Please, stick that dick in me, big brother,” she begs.

I don’t know why she’s fixating on our natural relationship over our new relationship as husband and wife, but I do as she requests regardless and stand up, grip my cock and press it against her wet pussy lips. Her mouth forms into a perfect O shape as fluids suddenly gush out of her, flowing over the tip of my cock, allowing me to slip into her. The more I press into her, the more güvenilir bahis fluids flood out of her, coating my cock with her natural lube until I’m completely engulfed in her snatch. I lean over her body for a moment, just savoring the feel of her completely wrapped around my cock again and stare down into her gorgeous blue eyes.

“Pound me, David,” she says in just above a whisper. “Don’t hold anything back,” she says and then I stand up, my cock still mostly impaled inside her and then I take her legs, fold her in half and rest her legs over my shoulders.

Just as I thrust forward, I hear the bathroom door open and anticipate Chelsea crossing the room to join us. I wait with my shaft deep inside of Angel until Chelsea arrives at the bed, the black rubber cock bouncing as she approaches Angel’s head. Angel opens her mouth like a baby bird waiting to be fed by her mama until Chelsea climbs onto the bed and directs the big black cock into her mouth. I lean forward, folding her more in half and meet Chelsea’s lips with my own. Angel sucks on the fake cock while squeezing mine with her tight cunt. I caress Chelsea’s beautiful face once before standing up straighter and begin pumping my cock in and out of Angel’s pussy as Chelsea slowly does the same into her mouth.

I hadn’t noticed at first, but Chelsea has one of Angel’s small bottles of lube in her hand as well and it makes me realize what her plan is. After a couple more minutes of plowing into my sister, Chelsea takes control.

“Get up,” she commands Angel, so I pull out of her and slowly jerk my slickened cock with one hand as I await instructions from Chelsea.

As soon as Angel is off her back and sitting on her knees, Chelsea lies on her back with her fake cock sticking up in the air. She instructs Angel to mount her in cowgirl, and I watch as she rides Chelsea for a minute or two before she gives new instructions.

“Lie down,” she tells Angel, pulling her down on top of her, kissing her deeply as Angel gently rotates her hips slowly. “Now,” she says breaking their kiss and then she feels around for the lube, finding it next to her right hip, and then hands it to me. “You’re going to take her ass,” she tells me and I grin in response; Angel looks back at me with excited anticipation.

“Yes, ma’am,” I say and then put a liberal amount of lube on my cock, slathering it up to help the entry into Angel’s ass. I rub some onto her rim and finger some an inch or two into her as well, hoping I have plenty on my cock to get into her the rest of the way.

Satisfied that her dirtiest hole is slick enough, I press the tip against her brown eye, applying just a little bit of pressure. She winces, sucking wind between her teeth but she doesn’t stop me. I feel her ass hole relax and I’m able to press in about half of the tip of my cock before I meet more resistance. I can already tell that this is going to be a tighter hole than I’ve ever entered before and that’s just because of the added pressure of the thick, fake cock in her cunt already. When I feel her anal cavity release again, I press in a little further, sinking the entire mushroom head of my cock inside her.

“Shit!” she yelps in pain.

“Are you okay?” I ask her and after a few seconds of deep breaths, she nods.

“Yeah, I just haven’t done this in a long time,” she says. “Normally I prepare with a butt plug but I didn’t think to bring one on the trip,” she explains.

“Maybe we can pick one up in town before we board the boat,” I suggest, rubbing and caressing her beautiful ass that I’m working myself into.

“Yeah, less talking, though,” she says and Chelsea giggles softly. “You can push a little further now,” she tells me and I do as she says. Luckily her ass is as the perfect height while lying on top of Chelsea in the missionary position for me to comfortably enter her while on my knees.

I push another half an inch before I can’t go much further, so I pull back slightly and rock forward again and her ass accepts two more inches.

“Yeah, do that, baby,” she encourages me to continue. “Just go slow until you’re in as far as we can get you,” she tells me and that’s what I do.

I slowly rock my hips, pressing just a little further each time as her ass slowly swallows up my cock. My movements also cause her to move up and down on the big, black dildo already stuffed in her cunt as well. How she hasn’t already cum herself is a mystery, unless it’s due to the stretching of her ass. I’m corrected when I suddenly feel her body shudder and goosebumps pop up all over her skin.

“I just had a small orgasm,” she confirms with a pained giggle. “Keep going, David,” she pleads. “Fill my ass with your cock.”

How can I deny such a sweet request? The short answer: I can’t. So, I press into her again, her orgasm allowed her to relax her tight, bubbly ass some more, allowing me to nearly bottom out, but I’m as far as I can get in this position; I’d have to be laying on top of her, sandwiching her between me and Chelsea to güvenilir bahis siteleri get any deeper. So, I pull back about half way and slide back in smoothly, her ass now stretched enough to allow me to begin pistoning into her in a steady rhythm.

Chelsea picks up on this and begins to buck her hips, working to match my pace, but going in the opposite direction. I can feel the fake cock as if there’s only a thin membrane between the two. I’ve never had any gay tendencies, but I can’t deny that feeling it rubbing up against me isn’t adding to the sensation of fucking my sister’s ass; and the fact that it’s fake and from my cousin helps me justify in my mind that there’s nothing gay about it.

Angel is thrown into complete silence, unable to make a sound due to having two big cocks working two of her glorious holes. I think the mix of everything involved is more than she can take and she’s being pushed beyond the ability to communicate beyond facial expressions, which I unfortunately can’t see since her forehead is pressed against Chelsea’s. Chelsea lovingly plants kisses on Angel’s face, but I can’t even see from my position if she’s responding to that at all. After a few minutes of slowly building up momentum, Chelsea instructs me to stop so we can change things up and give Angel a short break.

I pull out of Angel’s tight, slick ass and stand up on the bed until Angel rolls off of Chelsea. Chelsea then moves Angel to lay on her side and then works the dildo back into her pussy, facing each other still and then she directs me to spoon in behind Angel and re-enter her ass. I love this position so much better and I think Angel does too as there seems to be slightly less pressure on her fuck holes. Once we’re back inside our gorgeous wife, we resume fucking her slowly, me pressing in as Chelsea pulls out and vice versa. We’re literally like an engine now, each of me and Chelsea acting as an actual piston as we fuck Angel into oblivion. And as time would have it, and Angel encourages us, we begin to pick up the pace as well. I lean back slightly for a better angle to fuck deeper into my sister while Chelsea lifts one of Angel’s legs up and over her hip to plow deeper into her.

“FUCK ME! OH FUCK!” Angel screams, having finally found her voice. “I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!” She announces but I’m still not done yet even though I feel her shudder hard this time, coating the fake cock with her juices, no doubt. “Switch, please switch,” she begs but Chelsea shakes her head. “Why not?”

“It’s not a good idea for David to move from your ass to your pussy, not without cleaning him off first. There’s nasty bacteria in there that could give you an infection,” she explains.

“Well, then clean his cock and get him in my cunt!” she demands and Chelsea grins at the childish voice Angel inadvertently used.

“As you wish,” Chelsea says and then we each pull out of her. Chelsea detaches the dildo from the strap on and gives it to Angel. “Keep yourself going with this, we’ll be back shortly,” she orders her and then I follow her to the bathroom where she takes a washrag, gets it soaked up with warm water and soap and then thoroughly cleans my throbbing cock. “Do I need to give him some more encouragement to make it back to your sister?” she asks sweetly.

“Just a few licks or sucks, because I don’t know how much longer I can last, honestly. I was starting to build up to cum in her ass until she wanted to switch,” I tell her.

She drops to her knees and sucks him for a few seconds and then stands up again and gestures towards our wife, slapping my ass like a coach on the sidelines before heading back into the game. I can’t help but laugh and grin at her but my smile changes as I return to my perfect sister, slowly fucking herself with the big, thick dildo. Her eyes open as she senses me nearing, so she pulls the fake cock out of her and I immediately lie on top of her, impaling her quickly as if magnetized to her cunt. My tongue enters her mouth at the same time, stifling her small scream of delight as I reconnect our bodies. I make love to her slowly as Chelsea works on reattaching the fake cock to her harness. She doesn’t interrupt, though, and just watches, lubing up the cock again and jerking it as if it were really her own cock; it must be a reflex for her now.

Angel breaks our kiss. “I want you to cum in me again, but I want you,” she turns her head to Chelsea, “to fuck my ass as he does. I’m not done being fucked in both holes,” she tells us.

“As you wish,” I say and then roll us onto our side so Chelsea can take the position I had a few minutes ago.

Chelsea slips in behind Angel, kissing her neck. I reach over and help guide her fake cock into Angel’s ass. I press fully into Angel’s cunt to keep the pressure going while Chelsea works her way deeper into Angel’s incredible ass. It doesn’t take her as long to begin fucking Angel as it took me, but I was able to stretch her out in advance. In no time, we’re back to our piston engine iddaa siteleri fucking of our sexy wife, moving in opposite directions, our two cocks practically rubbing against each other as we pound Angel’s lower body into a frenzy of orgasms. She even begins counting each one as they hit her, to the point where if I was in a more reasonable state, I’d question if it was just one long one. But, then again, a woman knows her body better, right? It’s after she hits the number six that my orgasm returns to where it’d been before I pulled out of her ass a while ago.

“I’m gonna to fill you up,” I tell her and her eyes open once again, boring deep into mine with aggressive lust. “I’m going to fill you to the brim with my cum,” I continue as I begin to pound into her harder and faster, my cock screaming to release the floodgates of my jizz. Chelsea has stopped pounding into Angel and is remaining buried deep in her ass instead, listening to my words with wide-eyed fascination. “Here it comes, baby,” I say, “here it comes, here it comes, here it coooooooomes,” I growl as I shove one last time into her and cum harder than I can remember ever coming before. It doesn’t seem to stop either as I blast huge amounts into her womb. I cum so much I wonder if it’s more than her birth control can handle and we may be returning with two buns in the oven…or ovens I should say.

“Holy shit,” she gasps. “How are you still gooooing?” she cries out as a seventh orgasm rakes through her; I notice Chelsea shudder as well and wonder if she came just from listening to us.

As our orgasms finally subside, we lie there breathing deeply, our sweaty bodies entangled in a mess of limbs from all three of us. As Angel and I lay there recovering together, Chelsea pulls out of her, removes the strap-on and then spoons back in behind Angel, kissing her neck and shoulders, anywhere her lips can reach, while slowly dragging her nails gently over Angel’s beautifully tanned body. I find Chelsea’s lips to kiss her as well and brush her hair back out of her face and tuck it behind her ear.

“I love you,” I mouth to her and she mouths it back in silence, giving me a wink.

Angel drifts off to sleep, literally fucked into a coma. My cock softens and slips out of her. Chelsea rolls off the bed and moves to the other one, pulling back the sheets. I get out of the bed as well and then pick Angel up and place her on one side and then Chelsea covers her up and we retreat for the shower. We get underneath the warm water and our bodies meld together, becoming one as our arms wrap around each other and our mouths suck into each other. Our tongues wrestle as we practically choke each other with them, kissing as if we haven’t kissed in years. I’m not sure if I’ll get hard from us being in the shower together, not after how hard I just came in Angel’s incredible pussy a few minutes ago. But I do want to get Chelsea to cum, so I break our kiss and drop to my knees, lifting one of her legs onto my shoulder to give me perfect access to her cunt.

I shove my tongue deep inside her and she falls against the smooth, fiberglass wall of the shower. She rocks her hips back and forth into my face, humping into me as I devour her sweet, sweet pussy. I can’t get enough of the taste of her on my tongue. She’s intoxicating, so much so that my cock doesn’t care if my balls are completely depleted of anymore sperm, he rises to the occasion. But I ignore him for now and just pummel Chelsea with my tongue until she’s screaming unintelligibly, holding the back of my head with her nails digging into my skull so hard that I swear she’s drawing blood.

I then wrap my arm around her other leg and put it over my open shoulder. She screams even more as she is now lifted off the floor completely. I stand up, moving her up the wall of the shower and she screams almost in fear but also from her orgasm as she stretches her body out behind her, holding onto the edge of the shower wall where it meets the tiled wall that fills in the gap between the shower wall and the ceiling. Her body is now completely prone as she uses what strength she has in her arms and abs to keep her from falling flat on her back from the height of my shoulders.

“Holy fuck! What the fuck are you doing?” she screams at me but keeps screaming in ecstasy as I never show her pussy mercy. “David,” she manages to say to get my attention and I can see a pained but excited expression on her face. “Can we try something without killing me?” she asks and I grin at her. “I’m going to need you to stand completely still for this, but hold my legs so I don’t fall,” she instructs so I hold my hands out for her to use with her knees for support and she manages to flip her body over and then walks down the wall with her hands, instructing me to move closer to the wall until she’s close enough to let go and allow gravity to do the rest.

Her hands find the tub floor but her pussy is too far from my face now, so I lift her by her hips and she grabs onto my thighs until her face is even with my cock and her pussy is even with mine. We continue in a standing 69 position, devouring each other’s sex until we both start cumming, her orgasm splashing me in the face triggers mine and we both gulp each other down until we’re spent.

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