The Boardwalk


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I felt so exposed, as I walked down the boardwalk. Anyone down on the beach who happened to look up as I passed, skirt flapping in the breeze, would clearly see I was without panties. This is what my one true love wanted, me to sway down the boardwalk letting anyone who wanted to have a look, he had also told me if I wanted to take it even further, he had no objection. It was so delicious to feel the breeze ruffle the fine hair on my vulva, sending shivers down my spine as I strutted down the wood walkway. I was also excited, as I had picked up an admirer along the way. Glancing over my shoulder as I came upon a stairway, I saw him rushing to catch up, as I started down. On the last step I stopped, to remove my heels then stepped onto the warm dry sand, feeling it swish up between my toes.

I could hear my admirer slowly coming down the stairs to keep me in sight as I swayed down the beach along the boardwalk. The sun was bright and the sky a clear blue as a gentle breeze rustled my hair. My admirer was now about ten feet from me as I turn abruptly and headed under the boardwalk. It was cool and delicious as I enter the dark recesses, turning to confront my admirer.

He came up to me as I dropped my shoes to the sand leaning back against a piling looking him straight in the eye. He stopped just short of stepping on my toes as they wiggled in cool sand. Placing my hands on either side of his face, I pulled him down to my lips in a soft passionate kiss. As our lips parted I shushed him with my finger, I didn’t want to talk, just enjoy.

Slowly with deliberate yalova escort motion, I unfastened his trousers letting them fall to the sand in a heap. Taking his soft penis in my hand, squeezing gently, the blood rushed to fill the spongy flaccid organ, I gently pulled. It hardened in my small delicate hand, growing exceptionally thick as I stared into his twinkling eyes. Smiling I watched as he placed a tentative hand on my breast, softly squeezing. Moaning, I let him know it would be okay to continue as I applied more pressure to his now throbbing organ.

The feeling in my breast as his hand continued to tighten, was delicious. Heat was rising in me as my nipples started to stiffen to the pressure on my breast. Leaning forward, my admirer kisses my lips gently, flicking his tongue through them to caress my teeth. With his organ securely in my grasp, I start to stroke him slowly, causing a moan to escape his throat. Lips pressed together, tongues battling, hand stroking and breast tingling we stood like statues in a world of our own. The waves were crashing against the nearby breakwater in time with my beating heart. The call of the gulls mimicked my own calls of passion as my admirer pressed my breast into his palm.

Moving his hand slowly to my shoulder and pressing me down, lowering myself to my knees in the sand. Looking up into the wonderful eyes of my admirer I gently blew across his organ as it pulsed in my hand causing a smile to part his lips in enjoyment. Moving my head forward, I tenderly licked the purple gland at the head of his shaft provoking a low growl in his throat. I could feel his knees shake as I engulfed his throbbing flesh in my warm, wet mouth. Grabbing my head, he started the motion of imperative need, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. Opening my throat, I accepted yalova escort bayan his pulsing pink organ as far as I could, holding my breath, while he shuddered in ecstasy.

Slowly pulling back, allowing me to breathe once again, he smiled down at me as I continued gently sucking his magnificent organ. The fire was now raging in my loins as I slowly withdrew his member from my mouth and lie back in the sand. Spreading my thighs in invitation, I raised my arms to him, welcoming him to penetrate my body with his passion. Slowly he sank to his knees between my spread legs, gazing at my exposed hairy sex. With mouth slack and eyes burning, he slowly rubbed his turgid love organ up and down my slick opening. Placing himself against me, he slowly pressed into my body, moaning and groaning in pleasure as I whispered words of encouragement in his ear.

After what seemed like hours, he was finally impaling me to his fullest extent. I could feel his warm soft testicle resting against my burning bottom as he shook with desire. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I told him how good he felt inside me, how he should do with me as he wished. Moaning again, he withdrew from my body slowly until just the gland was inside me. Then slowly, ever so slowly, he re-entered my shaking, convulsing body, until he was inside me fully. He did this several times until without warning he started to slam into me with a force I had never imagined. It was unexpected and so hard it threw me into orgasm on the second thrust of his wonderful organ. I was now gushing as he continued his onslaught, pounding recklessly into my body as I screamed my passion into the air.

Just as suddenly he stopped, howling, as he slammed one last time into my convulsing body. I could feel the warmth spread thought my abdomen as his liquid gift flowed escort yalova into me. Clinging to each other in the ocean of passion, we panted rapidly. It was over, I had completed my task, and I had enjoyed it completely. Looking into the eyes of my lover, I saw he was happy and content as he rolled off me to lie beside my prone and sweating body.

Done with my task I started to rise to return to my true love. My admirer gently grasped my arm holding me in place as he leaned down and gently kissed me on the lips. Closing my eyes, I sank into the pure pleasure of lips touching lips, as he softly moved his lips against mine. We kissed for the longest time, longer than I could ever remember kissing my one true love. Swept away on a wave of enjoyment as our lips continued to softly press together, I felt as if I was floating on some giant wave of desire as the kiss continued, sending shivers and shakes across my body.

Looking into his eyes as he pulled away, I was disappointed our kiss could not continue. My admirer then helped me up as I straightened my skirt. Gathering my shoes, I turned to leave catching a glimpse of my admirer struggling with his zipper. Reaching out I helped him pull it up without damage to his lovely organ of love. Turning, I slowly walked away toward the stairs to the boardwalk. All the time my admirer was following, I could feel his eyes on me as I climbed the stairs taking a position just above the beach where my admirer stood looking up at me.

Looking at my watch, I saw it was time for me to meet my one true love. Reaching in my pocket I took my wedding ring and placed it back on my finger. I looked down to my admirer, indicating he should follow. He slowly climbed the stairs until he stood beside me looking down at my hand and then into my eyes with a question on his face that was plain to see.

“Yes darling our little adventure is over, we have to meet the kids at the restaurant in fifteen minutes, silly boy,” I said leaning in to kiss my husband of thirty years quickly on the lips.

# # # #

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