The Best Sex Ever


2019: The Greatest Lapdance and Underwater VoyeurA deep sexual moan and a sigh as she awakes, saying my name quietly Knocked out, she knows the one thing to doKissing me all over my body from head to toeI woke up, knowing how beautiful last night was to herA nutritional breakfast for me, but with her wearing black panties, sexy at her finestConsuming the healthiest flesh, she has another thing on her mindShe took me to the couch again, but with her favorite R&B tracks to seduce me moreA lapdance, the second gift almanbahis that I didn’t expect She moves erotically, bursting my heart into a whole She enjoys a swim in the poolWatching her, knowing what else she loves more than just the wall, the couch, and the bedSeeing the sun, bathing me as I walkoutShe realizes what I loved the bestJoining her by the hand as my dream is coming true, there is one thing she wanted me to seeA champion she was, the team she led to a state title as a swimmerThe deepest breath she drew, almanbahis yeni giriş going underwater from one end to the other and back to me as I floatMore than just a swim, she kissed me with a moan”Ready to have some fun?” She askedDeep breaths and inhaling deeply, she goes down under, removing my Nike Pro underwear She began the unimaginable, sucking me from the bottom Oh! Fuck! Yes! The feeling is just at the extreme and excitingNo matter how she loves it, it just had me enjoying itCouple minutes almanbahis giriş passed, I couldn’t believe it, shocked that she can hold her breath underwater like thatI just… can’t resist it all over, as she reaches up the surface”Do you want more?” She askedMy heart was thumping, my adrenaline running high as we both began to inhaleGoing down together, having the best erotic time I’ve ever dreamed of2020: The Aqua LessonMe and one woman Alessandra, a pro wrestler and swimmer were in a pool together, with an idea from her: She loves to get wet during sex, but in the water. She informed me that it’s all about holding your breath which I was not certain of, but she wanted to see what I can do. So, with three breaths, we went down underwater. 

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