The Barrier

By Wes Leigh


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Chapter Three


Sitting around the lunch table, you would think kids were planning the next sexual revolution. Girls were huddled together at nearby tables, peeking at the boys. Jack”s friends were leering back at the girls, grabbing their crotches and adjusting their boners.

Colby, a seriously clueless guy, was speaking. “This is SO fucking great, you guys!”

Trent, who loved to pick at Colby, asked, “And what makes you say that, dweeb?”

“Don”t you get it?” Colby asked. “When it comes to sex, we”re all legal now!”

“So?” Trent replied, scoffing. “It doesn”t mean any of those skanks are gonna give it up. We may be legal, but they”re still teases.”

Colby shrugged. “They ain”t the only pussies in town.” He grabbed the tent in his pants and squeezed it. “Lots of babes want this.”

Trent laughed. “Check out this dork, you guys. He thinks he”s gonna get laid by college chicks or something. Colby, you may be legal, but you”re still in high school, and no hot MILF is gonna wanna touch that tiny boy dick of yours.”

Laughter broke out around the table, making even Colby grin and chuckle.

Jack wasn”t laughing. He didn”t think it was all that funny, and he was wrapped up in his own thoughts at the moment. He hadn”t talked to his dad yet about dating other guys. It seemed kind of pointless when there wasn”t even another guy who he would take out on a date. Certainly, none of his friends would qualify.

Jack looked around at his buddies with their tented-out pants. Would he do something with any of them? Now, that was a good question. They were all horny enough to fuck a goat, and Jack could offer his services to ease their blue balls. No doubt most of them would jump at the chance to get their dicks sucked, but Jack didn”t want to be that guy, the gay boy who sucked off his friends in the school bathroom while jacking his own cock. Nope. Even the thought of it made his stomach churn.

No. He needed a guy who wasn”t getting a boner staring at the boobs two tables away. He needed a guy who would enjoy having Jack”s hand slide down into his pants while they kissed, and who would then slip a hand into Jack”s pants and rub and squeeze his own hard cock.

Jack stopped that line of thinking and looked around. His friends were still laughing and joking about getting laid. They hadn”t noticed the boner tenting out Jack”s pants, which would have been embarrassing to explain, since they all knew he was gay. Undoubtedly, it would have led to more course jokes and bawdy language, so it was a good thing his friends were so clueless. Jack pushed his cock into a more comfortable position and thought about his dilemma as he munched his food.

͠ ͠ ͠

Ian McDonald was the only other gay boy in school, as far as Jack knew. If there were other gay boys, they kept it to themselves. Jack didn”t advertise his gayness, but he didn”t hide it either. Ian, on the other hand, prominently displayed his sexual orientation to the entire school. Ian was flamboyant, wearing the tightest jeans he could pour his lower body into, styling his hair with a different color of dye every week, and talking with a deliberate lisp. Jack found himself confused by Ian”s abidinpaşa escort behavior. Was he acting that way because he was gay? Was he trying to make it clear to everyone that he was gay? Or was he naturally flamboyant, and being gay was his way of showing off his unique nature?

Whichever it was, Jack didn”t really care for Ian. Their personalities simply didn”t match up. In fact, the only thing they seemed to have in common was their sexual preference. With no other guy in school admitting that he was available, Jack felt himself backed into a corner. It was Ian or no one.

Jack found Ian sitting alone in the library during study period (his hair was blue with green streaks this week) and decided to approach him, just to talk. Ian looked up as Jack advanced, casually flipping the fashion magazine he”d been reading to one side and patting the vinyl cushion next to him on the padded bench.

“Hello, cutie. Was wondering when you”d finally get up the nerve to chit chat,” Ian said, with a smirk.

Jack sat down, nervous and a little unsure of himself. He”d never done anything like this before, so he was naturally hesitant and unsure of what to say. He held out his hand. “I”m Jack. Jack Christianson.”

Ian put his fingers in Jack”s hand with his wrist bent at an odd angle. “I know who you are, sweetie.” Ian winked. “And I”m sure you know who I am, too. Ian McDonald is my name, and sucking cock is my game. When I can I suck yours?”

Jack gulped. “Ummm … do you think we could just talk first … ummm … before we jump into bed?”

Ian gave his head a little jerk and giggled. “We don”t have to jump into bed to suck cock, but I like your style, big guy.” Ian reached over and dropped his hand on Jack”s thigh, rubbing his fingers in small circles on the fabric of Jack”s pants.

Jack scooted away slightly, pushing Ian”s hand away. “The school doesn”t allow PDA,” Jack whispered.

Ian pouted. “How are we supposed to get to know each other better if we can”t P … D … A?”

Jack raised both eyebrows. “Call me crazy, but I thought it might be fun just talking first. You know … having a friendly conversation? I say what I like. You say what you like. Then we get to know each other.”

Ian shrugged. “Fine. So let”s talk. How long is your cock?”

Jack sighed. This was going to be tougher than he thought.

͠ ͠ ͠

Though it was a struggle, Jack finally managed to convince Ian to talk about himself, his hobbies, his passions. Almost everything seemed to have something to do with sex, but Jack eventually concluded that most of it was an act. Behaving provocatively was Ian”s way to deal with life and the lack of acceptance he experienced from almost everyone. It seemed Ian had decided that no one would love him because he was gay, so he why not be painfully gay and shove it down their throats?

As for Jack”s interests, Ian didn”t want to know much about him. Ian was more interested in getting down and dirty as quickly as possible. After all, as far as Ian was concerned, Jack wouldn”t be sticking around for long. No one ever did. So why not skip past all the romantic shit and get straight to the blowjob? The sooner the fun began, the better, in Ian”s way of looking at it.

It didn”t take long for Jack to realize that Ian wasn”t the guy he needed. Ian didn”t want a boyfriend, didn”t want to date, didn”t want to take it slow and learn how a relationship should develop. He was even a little bit confused that Jack seemed to want those things. Wouldn”t a quickie after school be a lot more fun and a lot less hassle?

When Jack realized he wasn”t getting anywhere with Ian, he gave up and said, “I gotta go to my locker. I need some books for my next class.”

adana escort

Ian nodded, recognizing a brush off when he heard it. “Are you sure you”re gay?” Ian asked.

“Huh? Why do you ask?”

Ian shrugged. “I”ve practically been throwing myself all over you. Dropping hints that you can have my ass any time you want it, and you keep blowing me off. Are you really gay, or are you trolling me?”

Jack felt his face turning red. “I am gay,” he said. “I came out to my parents and everyone last year.”

“That”s what I heard,” Ian replied. He leaned over and put his hand on Jack”s shoulder. “But that doesn”t explain why you change the subject every time I mention the two of us doing something sexy.”

“It”s … well, it”s kinda new for me, talking about this stuff, and I think I need to go a little slower than you. That”s all.”

Ian nodded his head. “Slow can be fun, I suppose. Like edging. You know what edging is, right?”

Jack nodded. “I”ve read about it.”

Ian smiled and ran the tip of a finger along Jack”s jaw. “I like edging. It”s fun, for a few minutes. But eventually I”ll want to stop playing with it and shoot my hot cum all over this sweet face of yours.”

Jack gulped. “I better get those books now.” He stood up. “We can talk later, maybe?”

Smirking, Ian said, “Sure. Whenever.” He picked up the fashion magazine and started flipping through the pages, ignoring Jack completely.

More confused now than when he”d started, Jack left the library and headed for his locker.

͠ ͠ ͠

It only seemed that Ian wasn”t interested in Jack. Apparently, the conversation in the library had simply served to whet Ian”s appetite.

As Jack was opening his locker, he felt a body press up against him from behind, pushing him into the wall of lockers. He turned his head and saw Ian standing behind him. Ian”s hips were pushed up against Jack”s butt. Ian”s hands were sliding up Jack”s arms and around Jack”s chest. Ian”s lips were inches from Jack”s ear, whispering, “Is it later yet? Are you ready to talk more?” To emphasize his question, Ian thrust his hips against Jack, pushing a hard lump into Jack”s left butt cheek.

Jack spun around and slid to the side. “Hey, Ian, that”s not cool, man.”

Ian wasn”t listening. He slid his hand down the front of Jack”s body and cupped his groin, squeezing gently. “Nice package, Jack.”

Jack jumped back and collided with Assistant Principal Greer. “In my office, boys,” Greer rumbled. “Now.”

͠ ͠ ͠

In the car, his dad driving, his mom rambling on in the passenger seat, Jack sitting behind them and seething at the unfairness of it all, they made the torturous drive home from school.

For the twentieth time, his mother ranted, “I knew this was going to happen. I knew it. I told you this was going to happen, but you didn”t believe me. Now look at what is happening.” She paused and turned to look back at Jack. “I knew this was going to happen.”

Jack finally exploded, “Nothing happened! I told you that!”

His mom turned bright red and snapped, “Nothing happened? Being caught in the hallway groping with another boy is nothing?”

“We weren”t groping each other, Mom!” Jack exclaimed.

“Then why did Mr. Greer say you were?”

“IAN grabbed ME. I didn”t touch him. I jumped back to get away from him when Greer caught us.”

“Mister Greer. We taught you better than that,” his mother said. “You don”t call adults by their last name.” Suddenly, Jack”s manners seemed to be more important than the fact that he”d had his dick grabbed by another boy in the middle of the school hallway.

“Yes, ma”am,” Jack mumbled. “Mister Greer.”

His mom turned to his dad and asked, “Don”t you have anything adıyaman escort to say? Or is it okay with you that your son is getting in trouble at school for sexual behavior.”

“I didn”t DO ANYTHING!” Jack cried.

His mom glared.

His dad frowned.

“It wasn”t my idea,” Jack insisted. “He came on to me. I didn”t ask for it. I didn”t want it.”

His dad took a deep breath and asked, “Do we need to discuss what it means to give consent?”

“I know what it means, Dad. And I know how to handle myself. I think I did a pretty good job, today, despite how it looks to everyone else.”

Silence fell in the car for the rest of the ride home. Jack turned and stared out the window. He”d never be able to convince his dad to let him date now. Damn Ian. Why”d he have to pull that shit?

͠ ͠ ͠

Jack”s cell phone buzzed late that night with an incoming text message. He opened it and saw it was from an unknown number.

Hey Jack it”s Ian.

Jack read the message and typed a reply.

Where”d you get my number?

Sarah gave it to me. That okay?

Jack frowned. No it”s not okay, but not much I can do about it. What do want Ian?

Wanted to apologize. Sorry about today dude.

Cool. Thanks for apologizing.

You still mad?

Yeah, but what good does it do to get mad?

You have every right to be pissed as F.

Well thanks for your approval. I”m seriously not okay with what you did today.

Yeah I understand. My bad. Won”t happen again.

Good. It better not.

Can we still be friends?

Jack had to pause a moment and think about that. Ian wasn”t a friend. They”d never really had much in common (except for both liking boys), so they”d never developed a friendship. But Jack was basically a decent human being, and he believed in giving everyone a second chance.

I suppose we can try being friends.

Cool! So whatcha want to talk about, friend?

Don”t know. You decide.

Okay. Give me a minute.

That seemed strange to Jack. What was Ian up to now? He waited and eventually his phone buzzed again with an incoming message from Ian. It was a picture of Ian, naked, stretched out on a bed with a raging boner. Underneath the picture, the message said: Let”s talk about THIS!

Jack sighed. Ian had a great body. There was no doubt of that. His cock was on the thin side, but long and cut. His pubis was shaved and there wasn”t a sign of hair anywhere on his chest or belly. He was holding his phone above his body with one hand and holding his cock away from his body with the other. He was leering at the camera, licking his lips in a sensual way.

Jack punched in a reply: Can we talk about something else instead?

Why? Don”t you think I”m sexy as F?

Yeah sure but I already got in trouble once today for stuff just like this.

Dude we can”t get in trouble for this. We”re legal now. Didn”t ya hear?

Yeah I heard. Doesn”t mean I want to do this kind of stuff yet.

Really? Wow well okay Jack. Sorry. Again.

It”s okay Ian. Let”s just take it slow okay?

Right. Slow. I forgot you like to edge. I could be edging you right now. Licking your cock from the base right up to the top. Sliding my tongue around and nibbling on the tip. Going back down to your delicious balls and sucking on them one at a time. Yeah. You like that baby. You want more right?

Jack rolled his eyes.

Stop it Ian.

Ian didn”t respond right away. After a few seconds, Jack”s phone buzzed and a closeup of Ian”s cock appeared on his screen.

Jack shook his head. He typed a reply.

Leave me alone Ian.

He selected Ian”s phone number, clicked the block caller icon in the top corner of the screen, turned off his phone, and set it on his desk.

He punched the power button on this laptop and booted it up. There was only guy he could talk to about this. Only one guy who would understand.


The end of THE BARRIER, Chapter Three


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