Subject: Ahn Boys 38 The yacht described herein is a compilation of attributes from the SEA CLOUD, the ATHENA, the SAVARONA among others. I’ve had an idea about adding a yacht to the story but reluctant because I wasn’t sure how to make it work, I’m not a boat guy as well as of the amount research time needed to add realism. So if I missed something or it’s not totally accurate live with it. Hugs, Tag ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The games didn’t begin right then as the boys wanted to continue to explore since they couldn’t use the swimming pools. The pools had been drained and the heating units turned off and it would take a full 2 days to get them cleaned, filled and brought up to temperature. After the boys left Augie made a phone call and got a cleaning crew to come out immediately to get the process started. Afterwards we got back down to business. At dinner that night Willie brought up the fact that we had a boat house but no boat and suggested that we purchase one. That got a round of agreement from everybody and after much discussion Augie made a suggestion. “Unless you purchase a yacht, and a big one at that, you’re not going to find anything large enough to handle this crew. Besides, a yacht would have to be moored at the marina although you could easily afford to build a suitable boat dock right here. I would suggest 1 or 2 runabouts which would fit in the boathouse. If you plan on trying to water ski, which is the most popular water sport going these days, then you’ll need something with speed. That said, people are looking to sell their boats these days or we can look around for a new boat. “Yeah Lucian, a speedboat,” Jessie said and the entire crew, man and boy, leapt on that like a starving lion on a fat gazelle. I agreed that we’d make a boat or boats a priority and get on it tomorrow. Augie said he make a couple phone calls in the morning to that end. “What’s water\ skiing anyhow,” Edward asked. Augie explained it to him and naturally the boys were all clamoring to try it. “You know,” AJ said, “I’ve been thinking. We have 4 bedroom suites and 5 primary adults, 6 if you count Jenkins and Darius although they have their own suite off the kitchen. What do you say to one of us using the boathouse apartment or the Beach house or even both.” That seemed like a laudable suggestion so we had a discussion which revealed that everybody wanted to give both apartments a go. Frankie came up with a suggestion. “Why don’t we take turns like we do houses and chores.” More discussion ensued and the plan we agreed on was that we’d each stay 3 nights then trade off. Instead of changing the sheets every time we agreed that we’d each take our own pillow, since nobody wanted to risk laying their heads on someone else’s dried drool. Just like our other homes, we’d change the sheets weekly. Of course, nobody seemed to realize that our mouths and faces had been in much more, ahem, questionable places but, what the hell. My face had been in more assholes than I can count yet the idea of using someone else’s toothbrush didn’t set well with me. Go figure. Our sexcapade that night took place outside in one of the many little nooks of lawn. Of course we could have used either of the huge expanses of lawn at both the front and the back of the house. The entire property was very well protected from view. This one was on the pool side of the house. Augie showed us where an entire closet of blankets was stored for outside use be it grassy picnic, lounging in the sun or even wrapping up in a blanket to watch the stars. There was very little light so staring would likely be a pleasant past time “You are going to play with us aren’t you Augie,” Matty asked and got a chorus of boy voices supporting that idea. “How could I refuse,” he genially replied. We got the blankets laid out and went into strip mode, which went quickly for the boys since they spent most of their time in the modern version of a swim suit, aka, trunks only. Having grown accustomed to nudity and sex the boys typically remained soft until things got going so there wasn’t a boner in the batch. bursa escort Needless to say they all needed to check out Augie since he was the new boy. The man’s body seemed in good shape for an octogenarian. Sure there was some sag but not a lot. His cock was of a middling size, probably not going past 6� inches when hard. His balls hung rather low but due to age there was more sagging and folds of scrotal skin and not the plump orbs the rest of us sported, excepting the little guys. His pubic hair was rather sparse and mostly graying, the color stimulating questions and comments mostly from the little guys. “That’s about the finest collection of plumbing as I’ve ever seen in one place,” Augie commented. Things started out as a free for all, everybody going for whatever was close at hand, or mouth and it didn’t take long before everybody but Augie was stone hard and even he seemed to come alive a little bit. Edward and Gideon did the honors for the old man, the boys trading off between being the suckee or the sucker. It would seem that both exercises helped to at start the gallant reflex for the old guy. I had my share of cocks, lips sleep where you want but have a home base. The boys changed into deck shoes shorts and undershirts and were finished just as the captain announced we were ready to sail. Everybody went topside to watch our departure amid a flurry of shipboard activity. The crew were all decked out in their uniforms which were mostly white however their shirt sleeves were a deep green and the name of the ship was stenciled across the back in large script and smaller script across the left breast but in lavender. AJ and I both raised an eyebrow. “I don’t particularly believe in the mystical type of “It was meant to be” signs,” AJ exclaimed, “but goddamn Lucian, what are the odds of that.” I agreed. The fact was though that the uniform colors, while not a perfect match, couldn’t have come closer to the colors of our Quinque logo without it being planned. Even the boys saw it and made comments. While I didn’t believe in such portends either it made me consider the fact that the boat was indeed meant to be mine. Once we cleared the dock and were pointed to the open sea the crew unfurled the sails. It was a thing of beauty not lost on anybody as people in smaller boats, along the shore and even on freighters pointed, clapped, and even tooted their horns by way of salute as we passed. The sense of wonderment and pride I felt was almost overwhelming. Once we passed into the open ocean the crew took turns changing into their work clothes, a dark blue pants and shirt with their name in lime green above the left breast. Bo Franklin met us in the main salon and went over the do’s and don’ts which were pretty much common sense. While rubber soled deck shoes were preferable, bare feet more than acceptable and in fact much of the crew would be bare footed. Stay inside the deck railings. If you go overboard while under sail, being able to find you in the open ocean might be impossible. Obviously wasting water was a no-no but thankfully the boys’ experience on the rail trip trained them well. It was definitely hands off regarding buttons, lever’s knobs, or other such things. If an area had a no admittance sign, stay the fuck away. We then took another quick trip around the ship so the boys were fully oriented. We met the ships cook whose name was actually Melvin Cooke so naturally he went by Cookie. He asked about food allergies or food dislikes but there no allergies and few dislikes among our group although everybody pretty much ruled out cooked cabbage which included sauerkraut. The tour included the bridge which fascinated the boys. Skip offered an invitation to them to hang out on the bridge in pairs and get some additional training on how things worked including manning the helm which of course everybody was gung ho for. Likewise the deck crew was committed to the same task. As the tour ended I asked Skip for a word in private so we adjourned to his stateroom which, like mine, was outfitted with a large open sitting area. “First and foremost,” I said, “I want to clarify the relationship bursa escort bayan status of our group because it will be questioned. With the exception of the black boys and the two Asian boys, the rest of the group has a net wealth of around 200 million dollars. When m\y and AJ’s wealth is added to the mix it’s close to double that. I have been tasked with legal guardianship of those boys and their wealth due to my career in education. “Secondary to that is that it’s also a sexual relationship. That was initiated by the boys, not the adults and the boys have total discretion when it comes to the who what and where of them expressing their sexuality within our group. We rarely stray outside our group and I can explain that later. “In keeping with that the boys do love to run naked or at least scantily clothed but they prefer naked. They are totally unselfconscious about their bodies. That might well mean engaging with each other in common areas. If any of that might be problematic for you or your crew then I need to know that at the outset in order to set boundaries with them. But before we get to that I should let you know that there is every probability that I am going to purchase the Sea Spirit. For now, we’re guests but at that point the boat will be the boys home. So, your thoughts.” “So far,” Skip began, “I’m hearing that the entire crew are happy and excited that the boys are on board and everyone is looking forward to interacting with them and even teaching them about the boat, the sea, and sailing. As for the boys running naked, well, the crew does as well when no one else is aboard. As far as engaging sexually in common areas, I don’t believe that will be a problem. This boat crew is unique in that they are all queer or swing both ways. A few of them are in ongoing relationships with each other. Most of them have engaged with boys of varying ages while ashore and I myself travel from time to time with a cabin boy, not uncommon among ships captain’s of years gone by and even today. The crew all know their boundaries and would not interact with a passenger but that wouldn’t stop them from appreciating said interactions among your boys although that doesn’t mean stopping their duties to watch if they should come across such a situation. Plenty of men join boat crews because of the male comraderies and the fact that such behavior is not uncommon when out of the eyes of the public.” I shared with him the history around our train crew and he nodded his head in understanding. I asked him what he and the crew would do in their down time in the event I purchased the boat. He said that maintaining a boat this size required ongoing attention and that most of the crew lived aboard ship. I brought up the notion of possibly sailing to Europe and he’d taken the ship across the Atlantic a half dozen times. “This ship can circumnavigate the globe is necessary. She’s large enough and sturdy enough to weather most waters. We can carry enough supplies to stay at sea for a month at a time or more. Water can be an issue but we do have a desalination system although it’s rather primitive and doesn’t produce huge amounts of drinkable water.” I asked about pirates or other ne’er do well’s and Skip chuckled. “We aren’t just a pretty face Lucian; this beauty has teeth and very sharp ones at that. Every member of this crew can put a round through a gnat’s ass at 50 paces.” “Interesting. Do you remember my man Gregory?” Skip nodded his head. “Gregory is currently in charge of-teaching the boys athletics and self-defense which includes how to shoot all manner of firearms as well as the bow and use of various Asian martial arts weapons. He is also an accomplished boxer and a practitioner of the Okinawan art of karate. I on the other hand am proficient at boxing and Judo. That said, perhaps we will be in a position to do some instruction for the crew and enhance their existing skills. In addition, if any of them lack a high school diploma I help them achieve that goal if they wish. AJ is an experienced pilot and a brilliant attorney so his abilities might be beneficial to some crew members.” Skip didn’t say escort bursa anything for a good half minute. “I sensed something different about you and the group when we first met. I want to work for you Lucian and I’ll bet every man on this boat will say the same thing by the time we dock in Miami.” I stood and reach out a hand which he took. “Well I’m damned sure you’ll get your wish Skip and frankly I want you on our team.” I started toward the door but stopped. “We’ll be chatting frequently over the next week so any questions worries fears concerns thoughts or ideas you have, let’s address them. As I said before, we’re a team. Meanwhile I’d like you to give some thought about working out a system where the boys can spend a few hours at a time with you and any of the crew if they’re interested. I’m dead serious about Europe it would be better if we all were better trained.” Much of the day was spent exploring and it seemed like every 15 minutes or so a boy would find me and offer up a “did you know” regarding what they considered a surprising discovery. Accompanying our exploration was the task of getting our “sea legs”. To that end there were some funny moments for all of us. The water was fairly calm but still, boats rock and the smaller the boat the more the rocking. Prior to lunch I sat down with AJ and Gregory to discuss my talk with Skip and possible future plans. “Let me drop some salient points first,” I said. “I am definitely going to purchase the Sea Spirit. It’s just a matter of whether I do it outright or make it a corporation purchase. Second, I definitely want to sail to Europe and depending on how that goes, possibly a world cruise.” Neither man batted an eyelash. I then went on to talk about training the boys, and us, which both men agreed was necessary. Gregory suggested we dock the boat in Philly and do weekend or even week long excursions up and down the coast. We could visit New York or Newport without driving. A further suggestion was doing the same thing we did no matter where we were, assigning the boys duties or maybe even putting them on a watch system used on any large ship. “With that plan in mind AJ we need to get with Jeramiah and have him start assembling a management team, which we need to do regardless of going on cruises. That should include building our own legal team as well.” Dinner that night was a rather raucous affair. I informed Skip that I’d like the crew to take all meals with us until further notice. I wanted everybody to know each other so I further requested that everybody make a point of taking meals with different people and not just in their particular clique. At the end of the cruise each team was going to offer their thoughts or concerns about the other team. If all went according to plan we’d be spending a great deal of time together in a closed environment and I wanted everyone prepared. Skip had noted that the best time for an Atlantic crossing was November to March because of decent weather and long range weather predictability. That gave us 8 months to whip the boys and some of the crew into shape and get the organization into a cohesive working team. We spent some time out on the deck after the sun set and with a clear cloudless night it was fairly spectacular. Bo pointed out various constellations to the boys who seemed quite mesmerized by the whole thing. Breakfast would be from 6:30 to 8, no exceptions so I suggested bed time with minimal amount of playing. “I’m looking for a snuggle bunny,” I said around 9pm, “anybody interested.” Snuggle bunny was a term we used when we wanted a bed partner but no sex. Pong was the first to volunteer so off we went to my cabin. We stripped quickly and climbed into bed and snuggled up. The gentle rocking of the boat was very soothing and once again affirmed my choice of buying the Sea Spirit. “I have never been on a boat Lucian,” the boy said and when I asked what he thought about it he said it was pleasant, so far. He finally managed to walk a straight line in mid-afternoon. I chuckled and congratulated him. “I’ve been thinking Lucian. I think I want to go back to John in San Francisco. Not right away but maybe by summer time.” We talked a little bit about that and I promised him that would make sure that happened.” With that we both drifted off and I got one of the best nights sleep I’d had in years.

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