Subject: Tennis Partner It was my Junior year in High School. I had just made the tennis team but not by much. My coach told me I had lot’s of work to do that year and assigned me another player on the tennis team to practice with. His name was Jeremy and he was also a Junior. I had seen him around but didn’t really know him. He had blonde hair, handsome, and athletic looking. He looked like the perfect tennis player. I think he had transferred in our Sophomore year. After the first few days we worked out a plan where we would practice an extra hour each day after regular practice was over. Jeremy seemed nice enough and I was glad to get the help. The first week we worked on ground strokes and Jeremy worked with me on my grip and the mechanics of my swing. In starting out we stood together and he would get behind me grab me around the waste with one hand and hold the back of my wrist with the other hand as we went through the motions. After a couple of minutes of this we switched to the backhand until he was satisfied I had the motions correct. We then hit ground strokes for about 30 minutes and then worked on a little serving. The first week went good and I thought I was making good progress. Jeremy did as well and we were getting along good. The weather had been unusually cool the first week so we mostly played in our sweats. Thankfully the second week things had started to get warmer and we could play in our regular shorts. We had regulation tennis clothes. White polos and white cotton shorts although I think Jeremy had a pair a size too small as they really hugged his body quite close. About half way through our first work out that week I noticed Jeremy had shed his shirt. It was a bit warm that day and he pulled off his white polo shirt and was wearing one of those Underarmor tank tops underneath. I noticed how fit he looked in it. Good muscle tone, smooth tan skin. I had also noticed Jeremy’s legs. Apparently he was also on the swim team which meant he shaved his legs. I noticed myself thinking that he had as good of legs as most girls I knew. The second week of practice went well also and I could definitely feel myself improving. Jeremy had lots of complements as well although he was still clearly heads and shoulders above me. The next week we worked on the net game. We started out just like the ground strokes, Jeremy holding me in position and showing me how to move into the ball. Something felt different though when we were doing this though or maybe I just hadn’t noticed it before. It was the fact that Jeremy was so close to me. I mean he had his arm around my waste or truthfully a little below my waste and his body was pressed so firmly against my own. I mean I could feel his groin actually pressing against my bottom. And I started to think about those tight white shorts he was wearing and I could feel his breath on my cheek. Maybe it was the sun too but I started to get a little dizzy. I guess my legs got a little wobbly and I teetered a bit. Jeremy caught me though and we walked over to sit down against the fence. I sat while Jeremy went to get some water. I watched him walk over to the net in those tight little shorts. I swear I could even see his underwear kızkalesi escort they were so tight. Looked like some kind of bikini. He came back with the water bottle and gave me a drink. He then stripped off his shirt and put it behind my head. He was wearing that tight white tank again and he was standing over me his crotch not more than a few inches from my head. And he was definitely wearing a bikini. I felt like I was getting dizzy again. We decided to call it a day though. I drank some more water and Jeremy helped me up and I walked around a bit. I blamed it on the heat but I wasn’t so sure. The next days went better and I didn’t have any more incidents although I couldn’t seem to stop staring at Jeremy in a not really polite ways for guys. I mean I couldn’t take my eyes off his legs and his butt especially when his little shorts would ride up which didn’t seem to bother him. One day on a Friday, Jeremy said I had done really good that day and that we should knock off a little early. I was actually a little disappointed at this but then he suggested we take a little drive. He wanted to show me something. We got in his car and drove to a park close to the school. It was kind of hidden back a ways and I had never heard of it before. There was no one there. We parked and just sat in the car for a minute. Your really starting to improve he said. I think if you keep up the practice you might have a shot at making Varsity next year. Great, I said. That’s not really why I brought you here though, he said. I mean I’ve really enjoyed working with you this year and…but I kind of noticed something and wanted to talk with you about it. At this he turned sideways in the car and put his leg up on the seat. I looked down and couldn’t help but notice how tightly the cotton stretched over his groin and his smooth thighs. I felt him touch my hand. I want you to know that I like you, he said and he squeezed my hand. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I like you too, I said softly squeezing his hand back. I wasn’t sure he said which is why I wanted to be alone together. More butterflies. And then there was kind of a pause where we were both just kind of sitting there looking into each others eyes. He had nice big blue eyes. And then in the next moment we were somehow moving towards each other. I felt his hand reach around my neck. Our lips met and we began to kiss. Jeremy had nice full lips and they were soft, very soft. He tickled me with his tongue. I returned the favor and we began to French kiss. I had only kissed a girl once before and only for a minute. I hoped this would last more than a minute. I opened my mouth to him and felt him lean into me, his tongue pressing into my mouth. Mmmmmm I heard myself moan. Our tongues probed each others mouths. I began to feel Jeremy pulling me closer to him. I moved over on the seat and put my arm around his waste. I rubbed his back feeling his sleek tank top and then more importantly his tight cotton shorts. I was totally turned on. I felt Jeremy’s hand go up my shirt and felt his fingers rub my chest and my nipples which were nice and hard. I slipped my hand into his pants and felt tarsus escort the top of his bikini. Your bikini has been driving me crazy I said. I was hoping so, he whispered back. Do you want to see it, he said. Yesss, I whispered. And with that he undid his pants and slid them down a little. He wore a sexy little white bikini and I won’t even tell you what was running through my mind. Needless to say I had a strong urge for a closer look and Jeremy guided my head down for jus that. Before I even knew it I had pulled his bikini down to expose his penis. I couldn’t even believe what I was doing but within the next moment I put my mouth on it and began to suck him. Ooooooh, that feels good baby, he said. Yeah, that’s it. I couldn’t believe how erotic the sensation of having a cock in your mouth was. I rolled my tongue over his soft velvety head and up and down his shaft. I sucked him for about 3 or 4 minutes before he came. His warm cum shooting into my mouth. I swallowed but there seemed to be a lot and some leaked out onto my chin and back on his cock. I continued to go down on him licking up the rest of the cum. He eventually pulled my head up. Did you like it, he whispered. Yesss, I said. Good, he said and then kissed me. I still had a little cum in my mouth which we then shared between us. He eventually went down on me as well and I can’t even tell you how good he was but I couldn’t wait even the 3 or 4 minutes to cum in his mouth. Afterwards we kissed some more which I quite enjoyed. I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to tennis practice after that. We decided to work extremely hard for 30 minutes and then to go visit the park for 30 minutes or sometimes 45. It was hard to leave I can tell you. Being in his arms was unbelievable and I liked him so much. A week after our first “encounter” we were back at the park. We were just about to start kissing when Jeremy said he wanted to show me something. With that he moved over and straddled me and then unzipped his shorts. And I could just see the top of his bikini but it wasn’t white like usual. It had a white top but under this I could see what looked like pink. Take them off he said. I grabbed the waste and started to pull his shorts down. What I saw was a pink bikini with white trim and a little bow in front. I’m not sure all of the thoughts that ran through my head but all I can say is that they were erotic. Do you like it he said. Yesss, I whispered. It is so …sexy, I said. Good, I’m glad you like it. I like to wear…how should we say it…sexy things I guess. I put my hands on his bottom and noticed that the bikini had no back. It was a thong. We began to kiss. His ass was so smooth. I rubbed my hands all over it and casually let my fingers glide down his crack. Mmmmmmm he said. I like that, he whispered. Wow was I turned on. My fingers continued to explore his bottom all the way forward to his balls. When I ran my fingers over his anus he moaned again. Mmmmmmm, right there babe. Wow. I began to gently rub my finger around his anus. I noticed quite a response too. Oooooooh, let me help you he said and with that he reached back and pulled back the thong. anamur escort I pressed my finger back to his anus but this time he sat down as I did it and my finger actually pressed in a little. Ooooooh, he said. And then he did it again letting the weight of his body down against my finger. I pressed back a little and found my finger sliding inside of him. Oooooooh, yeah. Finger me baby, he said. He pressed his tongue deep in my mouth now and I pressed my finger deep inside of him. Oh yes, he said. And with that he began to move up and down on my finger riding it. That’s it, that’s it he said. Now stroke me. I then began to jerk him off with my other hand as he rode up and down on my finger. Within a minute he came, shooting his wad all over my stomach. I watched it run down to my shorts and underwear. I want your cock in my mouth, he said …or in my bottom if you want. I looked at him. I wasn’t sure about this. I told him his mouth and he smiled at me. It’s OK. Maybe next time, he said. And with that he pulled my shorts down and gave me a blow job. I thought about him all weekend and the idea of actually having intercourse with him. I became quite turned on by the thought of it by the end of the weekend and couldn’t wait for practice on Monday. I told him on Monday and we couldn’t wait to get to the park. He said he had a treat for me. He wore another pair of “sexy” panties that day. They were black and silky with lace around the edges. I couldn’t wait to feel them and then get them off him. That day he straddled me and guided my penis inside of him and we fucked for the first time. I can tell you that he held my orgasm for almost 15 minutes and by the time I came I thought I was going to pass out. That day we told each other we loved one another. I also told him how much I liked his sexy panties. On Thursday he told me he had another surprise for me on Friday. We actually didn’t have practice on Friday but we decided to do it anyway. Jeremy showed up in sweats even though it was pretty warm out. It seemed kind of curious until I saw him take them off. When he pulled them off I saw he was wearing a woman’s tennis outfit. He had on a tight white tank, a white tennis skirt, cute little socks and even a headband. I walked up to the net and met him there. He was smiling. I told you I like to wear sexy things now and again. Wow, I said. I hope that is a good wow, he said. I can assure you of that, I said. He then proceeded to lift his skirt up and give me a little preview of a pear of sleek Nike panties he was wearing. At that point I could feel myself getting hard. He laughed. You think you can make it through a practice, he said. I’m not sure, I said. The only thing I can think of right now is tearing your clothes off. Well, we better get going though so we can indulge you, he said. We practiced for only about 15 minutes before we agreed to head to the park. It was our first time together with Jeremy dressed as a girl. Thankfully it would not be our last or mine. I found out that Jeremy had a strong feminine side which I found intensely erotic. We made love that day for an hour and I learned Jeremy’s favorite positions and how to keep him going for a full 60 minutes. Next year with Jeremy’s help I did make the varsity although we continued our private lessons together both on the court and off. Jeremy and I became lovers and shared all of our fantasies together. We explored Jeremy’s feminine side and mine as well and loved each other deeply.

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