Subject: Target Center (This is an excerpt of an I.M. session I had with a guy a couple years ago. It may be of interest to some `Nifty’ readers.) Some of my favorite stories are the ones where my brother Joey, and I get it on with guys in the shower at the gym. We work out together and we’re always trying to get guys horny and hard in the locker room. We’ll often soap up and start stroking our cocks just so they stand out a little, not hard really… Just to see if any guys start paying attention. Usually people will notice me right away anyhow because I’m really hairy. I have hair down to my ass and my bod is COVERED with hair, we’re talking wall-to-wall carpet here. As in, from the knuckles on my toes to the knuckles on my hands, up over my ass and back, across the shoulders, and up from my chest into the whiskers on my face. (I even have to shave my eyeBROW in half!) Joey on the other hand, hates all that hair and has been shaving since he joined the swim team way back in high school. So most people don’t even realize we’re related much less identical twins. Anyway, if we see a guy that looks sort of interested – especially if he’s a hottie — we’ll start stroking some more and getting our dicks to stand straight out. If the other guy starts reacting, one of us (or both) will go kızkalesi escort over and start sliding hands around on the guy’s body — to start with. But if nobody reacts then my brother will come over and start working my cock in front of the guys. We almost ALWAYS find at least a couple of guys that are willing to join in. We were at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis when this big studly man struts into the showers, he was tall, lean, and had the most perfect ass! The kind of bubble-butt you just want to sink your teeth into. Well I started getting an erection as soon as I saw him and then pointed him out to Joey. So the guy takes a quick shower and goes into the steam room. Well, of course, I just HAD to follow him. And so did my brother…. There were several guys in there, thankfully, which left just two spot to sit, – one of them, right next to the buff guy. I just relaxed my legs so they sort of leaned against his legs, real lightly though. That’s all it took for me to start getting a noticeable hardon. My hair is long enough that I can cover my cock if I need to so I shook my hair around and made sure that it brushed against the stud-muffin. By now my brother was fully erect – he doesn’t give a shit who sees his hardon and the tarsus escort cute guy must have seen it cuz I could see his cock was starting to fill up. He crossed his legs trying to hide his dick so I spread my hair out enough to let my own cock stick up through the `blanket’ on my lap. He noticed. I put my hand on the tiled bench and made sure my fingertips were just barely touching his ass. He didn’t move, ALWAYS a sure sign! At last, an ugly old guy left – disgusted at my brother, whose pecker was just pointing up to the ceiling for all to see. Two other guys left just a second later, which left three guys besides the stud, my brother, and me. Two of them already had erections and the third was trying to play like he hadn’t noticed anything at all…. Ok, well that was my brother’s queue; he starts beating off – looking right at the cute guy! I pulled my hair back behind me so my cock was sticking up into the air too. I adjusted myself so that my thigh was pressed right up against the stud’s. He uncrossed his legs and just reached over to my cock and started yanking on it! I just about came right then! One of the guys started sucking the guy sitting next to him while my brother came over and started sucking the stud, who was cranking on my dick. anamur escort The buff guy’s cock was SO nice. Just the right length for a comfortable fuck but as thick as my wrist! So as my brother sucked his dick I just had to taste the guys nipples. I guess he was happy cuz he started squirming and moaning. I wasn’t about to let my brother get ALL of the guys cum so we both were working on his cock and swapping spit with each other as the stud exploded with a grunt. He must have needed this bad, he came for days! We made sure to lick his dick (and balls!) nice and clean; then both took a nipple to chew on for a second as the guy reached out to both of us. He started jacking my cock and my brothers at the same time. It didn’t take long before we both sprayed him with cum. My brother gives the guy a kiss – right on the lips and just walks out, -his cock still mega-hard. I sat there until my cock deflated. But the cute guy said thanks. His cock was about at half-mast as he walked out of the steam room waving it proudly. The other two guys seemed to be having trouble getting the cum to fly, so I lent a hand, so to speak, and hightailed it out to take the shower hoping to get next to the stud. He was one big slab of man, yeow! Then as he finished his shower, he said: ‘I guess I’ll see you two next down here in the locker room next Tuesday – at 4:30.” Duly noted! We made darn sure we were there! Unfortunately, the political aide for our governor, Jesse Ventura, was arrested after, – (AFTER!) – jerking off a cop in the steam room. The activity there has all but disappeared.

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