Tangled Webs


I choked on my wine when I saw her. I threw up – in my pants – when she walked towards us.”Hi lover,” Cara purred, taking a seat at our table.I felt a pang of guilt and a shit-ton of panic at the unexpected appearance of the woman I had buried my cock in just a few days ago. I bravely glanced at my wife, who sat quietly staring at me. Awkward silence continued. Think, man, think!Finally, I said, “Hun, this is Cara … my-“”Secret affair,” she finished. “Well, not so secret now, I guess,” Cara chimed in with a quick laugh. “I wasn’t the only kept secret. It seems you accidentally misplaced your wedding ring while you were fucking me.””Look … I can-” My wife put her hands up. “No need to explain. I found out about her. She bahis şirketleri found out about me.”I watched and waited for the explosion. To my shock, it never came. She reached across the table and grabbed my hand. “Sure, at first I was shocked, then hurt. But, I thought about it and realized you just needed more than I alone could give. I contacted Cara and we had a heart-to-heart talk about the matter.”I glanced at Cara, trying to gauge her feelings. I didn’t have to wait long.Her hand reached over and stroked my thigh, “We decided to share you, lover.” My wife’s toe stretched underneath the table and stroked my cock. “Yes, share you.”Those words ignited a firestorm between my waist and my thighs. Share me?My bahis firmaları wife smiled. “I booked us a room upstairs, hoping we could take the first step on this new journey tonight.” Cara squeezed my thigh, “I’m in.” Raising my hand in the air, I yelled a little too enthusiastically, “Check, please!”The three of us walked, at a faster than normal pace, to the elevator. I was the meat in this lovely sandwich. Once the elevator doors closed, it was on. Cara attacked my mouth with hers as my wife snuggled my backside, reaching around to rub the bulge in my pants. In my head, I was like a puppy who sees his first bone, struggling to contain myself, thinking, Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!After the doors opened, we couldn’t get kaçak bahis siteleri to the door of our room and inside fast enough. My wife unbuttoned my shirt, while Cara worked on my belt – with her teeth! Soon, I was naked and trying to figure out whose pussy I wanted first. But, they quickly assumed control, leading me to the bed and pushing me down on my back. Cara fished something out of her purse and before I knew it my hands were raised and handcuffed to the bed.”Hey-“”Relax, lover, you’re gonna get your just dessert.”I could only watch as these sexy women embraced one another, kissing, tonguing, sucking each other’s necks. Off came their dresses and they reengaged, frantically rubbing clits together. Oh, fuck, this is hot!I love my wife. I truly do. I just needed more – you know, some variety. A guy gets tired of looking at the same tits all the time. Even if they are spectacular tits. So, I cheated and never dreamed it could work out this good. 

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