SymoneSymone has brown eyes, shorter brown hair, and she is very petite. She doesn’t really have tits, and had a cute ass. She is around 5’2¨, mid 20s, and is very cute. She used to work with me a couple years ago. We used to flirt a bit back then, but it never went anywhere.I recently changed insurance companies and went in to get new coverage documents printed out. That’s when I saw Symone behind the front desk. It was like no time had passed when we saw each other. She jumped out of her seat to come and give me a huge hug. I was in a bit of a hurry and asked if she wanted to grab drinks later that night to catch up. She agreed and we exchanged numbers. We ended up meeting for dinner first, which went really well. There was some light flirting, but it was nothing serious. It was around 8 PM and she asked if I still wanted to go get drinks, and I said sure. There was a bar just down the block from where we were. We walked outside to the parking lot, and she followed me there. There weren’t many people in the bar. We sat and had our drinks. The flirting progressed more with the more we drank. She started to touch my leg and bahis şirketleri run her hand up my thigh. I could tell she wanted to hook up at that point. We stayed there until around 10. She asked me what my plans were for the night and I said probably to go back to my place and just hang out. She moved her hand up my pants to my hard dick and rubbed it. She asked if she could stay with me tonight. I wasn’t about to pass it up. I paid our tabs and we left. Once we got in my car, we started to make out. I lived only a few minutes away from where we were and drove us there. We went inside making out as we did. Once inside, she followed me to the bedroom.She pulled off her shirt and dropped her pants before jumping on my bed. She was not wearing a bra, but did have on panties. I disrobed and joined her on the bed too. She immediately took my cock into her mouth. She was pretty decent at sucking cock. I fingered her as she did. She then pushed me back and crawled on top of me and pulled her panties to the side. She lowered herself down onto me and I sank in deep. She felt great. She was amazing to watch ride me. She rode bahis firmaları me for a while, then asked me to do her from behind. I got behind her and reached for a small bottle of lube by the bed. I lubed up my cock and tried to push into her ass. She tightened up and told me she doesn’t do anal. I wrapped my hands around her small waist and pounded her pussy deep instead. It felt great and she didn’t seem to mind. She ended up cumming. I told her I was getting close too and she said I could blow it in her. I didn’t think twice and sank in deep as I shot my load into her. We ended up falling asleep right after.The next morning we got up, both knowing we had to eventually take off and she moved her hands to rub my cock and balls. She clearly wanted to fuck again. She mentioned that she usually used condoms and was surprised when we didn’t use one last night, and said the drinking made her not care. I asked her how she felt about taking me bare again and feel my pulsing in her once again. She let out a slight laugh, not sure what to say. I asked her what if my millions of sperm got her pregnant? She said that it happens, kaçak bahis siteleri it happens. I moved over her and said let’s take that chance. We fucked again and she orgasmed again, then moved into cowgirl on top of me. The view of her chest was amazing, as she didn’t have a huge chest, small even but she looked amazing. Her eyes looked right into me after I said I was close and she nodded as my moans increased to a crescendo. She not only didn’t seem to mind taking my massive second load, she gasped as well and I could feel her pussy shake as her body joined mine in shear pleasure. We showered and talk a bit. Symone said that this was super intense. I asked her if she enjoyed taking in millions of my sperm more than she would have ever expected, and she agreed it was enjoyable though her friends would tell her she was irresponsible. I probably don’t have her exact words yet, as she sounded more poetic, but said something along the lines of, “The feeling was overwhelming, like I needed to accept that moment and let it wash entirely over me. I never do anything I would have regret, but now I know it was meant to happen.” She then gave me a kiss on my nose. The way she talks is also very sweet but she wasn’t interested in a relationship, too many things going on in her life she said. However, she wanted to meet up again sometime, which is fine with me.

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