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This story takes place on a hot, July Saturday in 1978. My parents were driving my brother to a summer camp in northern Arizona from our home in San Diego and would not return until Monday evening. I had a job at a local country club and was scheduled to work a couple of shifts that weekend and could not join them. My sister, just back from her freshman year at a Pac-Ten school was living at home that summer, working a part-time job and partying with her friends every chance she got.

T, my sister, was a very athletic and competitive tomboy as a young girl. She excelled at every sport she ever tried and by junior-high was a top ranked swimmer in the region and state. I mostly remember her as an intense and plain looking kid who was either eating, training or competing. By her junior year in high school, she began to really transform. Her formerly plain face was now quite striking. She had short blond hair, big green eyes, dimples, a dazzling smile and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She shot up in height and began to grow some curves. Her legs were long and lean and held up a very hard, round bottom. She would commonly wear just a t-shirt with no bra around the house and her little breasts stuck out like big strawberries. This got my attention. I once had a clear view of her bare nipples down a blouse and struggled with a raging boner for nearly three days until a wet dream brought some relief. At the time I was only 13 and had not yet learned to masturbate. By the time I was 14, I was harvesting her fresh, warm panties from her hamper and would pleasure myself as I sniffed and licked her underwear.

T was homecoming queen her senior year and was an absolute knock-out. My friends would make snide remarks about being able to live under the same roof with such a beauty. I just acted indifferent and never let on. The next year, she was off to swim for a big school and we barely saw her except for a brief break around Christmas. When she returned home for that summer, she was a stunning woman. The girl was long gone.

I got up early that Saturday and worked a breakfast shift at the club. My parents and brother were gone by then and my sister was nowhere to be found. I was hoping she would be lounging with her cute friends by the pool. I played tennis with a buddy and went home to cool off in the pool. While dozing in the sun I heard the doorbell and someone pounding on the front door. I figured it was some of my friends hoping to hang out and party without my folks around. To my surprise, it was my sister in the arms of her very intoxicated friends. Jenn mumbled something about a beach party and T getting wasted on beer and tequila and having taking a Quaalude, whatever that was. The two friends pulled T up the stairs by her arms and I pushed her from behind. She was beyond staggering. We dumped her on to her bed. I remember Jenn hugging me and thanking me for being home. She insisted that T take a pee before she wet her bed and then the two drunks stumbled out of the house.

I heard the car squeal away as I looked at my passed out sister lying there on the bed. At first I figured I should just leave her alone to sleep it off. Then it occurred to me that I should be a good brother and help her use the bathroom. I went downstairs and waited for 15 minutes to pass before I would take action. It was the longest 15 minutes of my life. I went back into her room and clapped loudly to check for a response. escort izmit Nothing. Then I whistled, called her name several times, tickled her feet and even pinched the inside of her thigh. There was nothing. She just slept away. I reached down and tugged off her tight terry-cloth shorts. My heart began to pound. There was now just a slightly damp bikini bottom between me and T’s ass. I went into the bathroom, started a warm bath, lifted the toilet seat and placed a warm cup of water on the toilet tank. I walked right back into her room and untied one side of her bathing suit bottom, then the other. I nervously pulled the suit off and out from under her and was trembling as I stared at my sister’s legendary, round, white butt. It was surreal. A tuft of light brown pubic hair flecked with sand peeked out between her smooth thighs. Even though I fully expected her to wake up any second, I boldly separated her legs and was in awe as her plump, puckered labia and fuzzy asshole came into full view. I was drawn to this junction of her most private parts and found myself flicking my tongue right down her dark ass crack and stopping to touch her salty and sandy pink butt hole with my tongue. The sound of the bath water brought me back to reality and I sprang back into action.

I lifted her up and shuffled her all the way to the toilet. My erection pressed against her naked groin. I sat her down and poured the warm water down the small of her back. She instantly gushed a giant piss into the toilet. I pushed her limp torso back and marveled at the stream of pee coming from her bush. Even though I was going to bathe her, I thought I’d give her a quick courtesy wipe. I bunched up a small amount of paper and lightly dabbed her pussy as a couple of my fingers accidentally touched her thick pussy lips. Next, I pulled off her shirt and quickly untied the two knots on the back of her bikini top. I let the top drop away and squatted down to see T’s perfect breasts. They were a b-cup (I read the tag in her bra) with large protruding areolas and a soft, relaxed nipple. I cupped one in my hand as I held T up with the other. Her boobs seemed to stick straight out from her strong body. Getting her into the tub was challenging but worth the effort. Seeing T’s naked body in the bath was like art. Her deep tan from swimming and sun bathing framed her sexy white bikini areas. Her pink nipples were now erect and I had a clear view of her thick, brown bush under the water. I slid my trunks off and slowly pulled on my cock as I took in this heavenly scene.

Before I got her clean, I brushed her teeth and got her to swallow a small bit of water. It was time to get busy bathing her so I knelt down and began to wash her feet and legs with a soapy cloth. As I got to the top of her fit, brown thighs, I switched to her arms and moved my way up to her neck and face. Then I dropped the cloth in the water and soaped her hard belly with my bare hand. My other hand was busy yanking my dick. I worked my way up to her lovely tits. They felt so good under my hand. I tugged on her slippery nipples, rinsed off her chest and sucked my first tit as I massaged my penis. This was getting to be too much, so I released myself and played with her chest with two hands like it was found treasure. It was. Eventually, my hand slipped under the water to explore her crotch. I could feel where her full bush was shaved on the sides, but grew untrimmed all the way to her ass. My fingers izmit escort slid up and down her cunt lips which were now soft and relaxed in the warm water. I pushed one fingertip inside her and was delighted to find her vagina so silky smooth. I then pulled out and went down under to check out her butt. My middle finger found her anus to be tightly closed. I rubbed her opening with a small piece of soap and pushed my finger against her. This time I popped just inside of her asshole. It quickly pulsed tightly on my finger. I checked to see if T was aware, but she was still passed out. As her sphincter relaxed, I eased my finger in about half way. My cock began to buck up and down and I realized I was about to come without even touching myself. Just as I grabbed my dick a huge load of semen shot straight up with most of it landing on the side of the tub. The rest was glistening on T’s tan shoulder and arm.

It was time to get her back to bed. I opened the drain and got a few beach towels to lie on her bed so I could dry her off. First, I brushed a bunch of sand from her bed on to the floor, pulled back her spread and covered her sheets with the beach towels. I grabbed T from behind with a dry bath towel and yanked her out of the tub and dragged her to her bed. I was sweating from the heat, the exertion and the excitement. I took quick shower to cool down. When I walked back into her room, she was lying on the bed spread eagle on her back. Man, what a sight! I had just spent 20 minutes with her in the tub and I was still in shock that I was seeing what I was seeing. I wanted to feel her cool body under mine, so I dropped my towel and mounted her. My hard on pressed against her pubic mound. I kissed her open mouth and licked her lips. I slid down to kiss and suck her nipples as I fingered her wet twat. My kissed migrated south until my face was inches from my sister’s pretty pussy. I opened the blinds so the sun could shine on this lovely sight. Her labia were long and full, I pulled them open to find a bright pink vagina. I tasted it up close. This was much better than her panties. I licked, kissed, fingered and sucked her cunt for a long time. I pushed her thighs up to her chest and got a close-up view of her hairy beaver and asshole. Her anus was also pink with a garden of short, light brown pubes circling it. I pushed my tongue against her asshole until the tip entered her. I expected a tangy taste, but there was just a faint soapy flavor. My penis was raging again so I dropped her legs and went to my parent’s bedroom where some KY jelly was stored. I lubed my cock, put a knee on either side of her and straddled her torso. Then I took her limp hands and sandwiched my rock hard dick. My hips pumped back and forth only a few times before I came across her chest and neck. I smeared her lips with a small amount of my fluid.

I knew she would wake up at some point and dreaded the thought of being caught playing with her naked body. I washed her hands and chest and went to her dresser to get her some clean underwear. Her nude, sleeping reflection in the mirror had me hard again in no time. I went back to her and turned her over. Her firm, round ass cheeks would make a great device for masturbating one more time. I lubed the crack of her bottom, pushed her glutes together and slipped my penis into this warm, hard cleavage. Since I had already come twice in a short amount of time, I was able to really enjoy this sensation izmit kendi evi olan escort for quite a while. Eventually, this odd position became tiresome, so I sat back on my heels on her bed and looked down at my tan, sweaty sister’s beautiful bare back and ass. Her pink snatch was open and her asshole was oily from my sliding dick ride. I pushed two fingers into her box and one into her butt. I pulled the finger out of her ass and brought it my nose. It was musty with her scent. I sucked the fingers I had in her pussy at the same time. I became wild with lust and did what I told myself I could not do with my own sister. I pulled T on to her side and nudged my erection into her vagina for a few pumps before I pulled it out and slipped it into her slick ass. Once I had eased it all the way in, I pumped for about one minute before I came deep inside her. This just about knocked me out. I napped next to my naked sister for a while, woke up, washed her with soapy water and again reminded myself it was time to dress her and leave her alone. Before I could pull on her panties, I was hard again and sucked her tits until I came once more. As usual, I got a little on her.

I checked on her a couple of times during the night to make sure she was OK. I worked the next morning and found T sitting at the kitchen counter when I got home at noon on Sunday. She had a pounding headache was wondering what had happened. I told her Jenn and another girl dropped her off after the beach. She didn’t remember anything after she took not one but two pills at the party along with several beers and shots. My heart nearly stopped as she complained of being very sore. She said she must have strained her hamstring playing drunken beach volleyball. That was a close one. Then she asked me how she got into this underwear and t-shirt. I told her straight faced that I helped her use the bathroom and get dressed after her bikini bottoms came untied. She looked surprised and asked if I saw her naked. “Yep, just for a moment. You were a mess T. I’m glad you’re OK.” “Oh well, thanks” she muttered as she got up and trudged back up the stairs. One of her white buns stuck out the back of the panties I had put on her the night before. She never knew.

A few summers later when I returned from my first year of college and she had just graduated, T asked me if I wanted to spend the day with her at Black’s Beach. It is a famous nude beach in San Diego. She reminded me that I got to see her naked once and that I owed her one. I laughed and said “Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that!” Yeah right. I agreed and we had a great time together at the beach. We casually stripped in front of each other and at T’s request, gave each other a full view of our respective birthday suits first thing so we wouldn’t be “hung up about it”. She commented on my fit body, and I returned the compliment mentioning something about how it obviously runs in the family. There were plenty of men who were gawking at my sister that day. We swam, drank beer, played some volleyball and just hung out naked all day. When T asked me to rub lotion on the parts of her back she could not reach, I had to practice some serious self control so I wouldn’t get hard. That day I got to freely look at her boobs, bush, butt and a couple of spectacular shots of her beaver and asshole as she lay on her belly with her legs apart. We did this only once and never again.

I know that the liberties I took with my sister that summer day were very wrong. And I did it. Although I experience guilt now and then, I still fondly recall that hot and horny afternoon that I got it on with my sister.

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