Sue And Sheila Go To The Seaside


Sue Lorimer and Sheila Mitchell were two long-time friends in their sixties with Sue being the older by a few years.They were also sometimes lesbian lovers, something that their husbands had no idea about.The two friends had booked a hotel room at a seaside resort for a few days away from their husbands and although it was almost a certainty that they would have sex together at some point, that was not the reason for the holiday.They arrived on a Monday afternoon and had a wander around the resort and spent a little time on the beach before eating in the hotel and having a couple of drinks in the hotel bar before going to bed. They were both quite tired so decided against pushing the twin beds together to make one – there would be other nights for that.They were staying until Friday morning so they had plenty of time to do what they wanted during the day, and at night.On Tuesday morning they had a look in the local gift shops then spent some time on the beach. They joked about the number of young men that seemed to be about with healthy-looking bulges in their swimming trunks.They had fish and chips to eat in the early afternoon so would not be wanting a substantial meal at night.They saw what appeared to be quite a lively pub not far from their hotel and decided that they would go there in the evening for a couple of drinks. They were just a couple of female friends having some time away from their husbands but had no thoughts of doing anything sexual, apart from with each other.Sheila had actually had an affair several years before and managed to keep it from her husband John, but Sue knew and got dangerously close to having to cover for her friend when she nearly got caught once.In the evening they got themselves ready to go out. Nothing tarty and not too much makeup but Sue had a blouse and trousers on and Sheila a blouse and skirt but as both women had wide hips and big bottom’s the trousers and skirt were a bit tight.They were still full from the fish and chips so had no need to eat.They arrived at the pub, got their drinks then sat down.It was quite lively considering that it was quite early in the evening and the music from the disco was quite loud. What became apparent was that apart from some middle-aged couples there seemed to be quite a lot of mature women, some probably older than Sue and Sheila, either on their own or in pairs or groups.There also appeared to be quite a lot of young males, either on their own or with others, and when young men and older women started dancing on the dancefloor it was clear that Sue and Sheila were at a ‘grab a granny’ night.”Not sure that this is the right place for us,” said Sheila to her friend, having no intention of getting pulled by a young man.”No, let’s just finish our drinks and then go and find somewhere else,” replied Sue, looking at a woman of about her own age getting her arse pawed on the dancefloor by a male that was not much more than a boy although obviously old enough to be in there.The women were just finishing their drinks when a male voice spoke. “Good Evening ladies, can we get you another drink?” said the male.Sue and Sheila turned their heads to see two youths, very good-looking youths really, standing by their table.”Um, no, no thanks; We are just leaving,” said Sue.”Sorry to hear that,” said the second youth.”Yeah, this is not really our scene,” said Sheila.”Not just one drink?” said the first youth, pouting and smiling.”No, we are going,” said Sheila, perhaps a bit too snappily.”I suppose that one wouldn’t hurt,” said Sue, possibly surprising herself and certainly surprising Sheila.”Sue, we are going,” insisted Sheila.”I think Sue wants another drink,” said kaçak iddaa the second youth, smiling with a killer smile.”Well, um, no; Not if my friend wants to go,” said Sue.”What is your friend’s name? I am Chris and this is Troy,” said the first youth, confusing Sue, and Sheila.”Sorry boys, but…,” started Sheila.”Oh Sheila, let the young men buy us one drink if they want to,” said Sue.”Yeah Sheila, go for it,” said Troy, again with that smile and that made Sheila crack into a smile.”Oh, alright, just one though and no messing about,” said Sheila, feeling strangely flirty.”What do you mean by messing about?” asked Chris.”I think she means that,” replied Sue, nodding towards the mature woman who was still getting her big arse groped by the young man that she was dancing with.”Oh, that,” said Chris, with a cheeky smile.”What do you ladies want to drink then?” said Troy, in case the women changed their minds.Sue and Sheila said what they wanted to drink and Troy and Chris went to the bar.”We should not be doing this, you know they are only after one thing,” said Sheila.”I know what they want but we only have to keep our legs closed; One drink won’t hurt,” said Sue.The youths returned with the women’s drinks, and drinks for themselves, and sat down. Sue and Sheila were sitting opposite each other so Troy sat to Sheila’s left and Sue’s right and Chris sat opposite him.”Cheers,” said the youths.”Cheers,” responded the women and the glasses clinked together.Although it was only a drink, Sheila was feeling that it was wrong. She was also thinking about how good-looking, and young, the youths looked.Not much was said for a while but there was a lot of smiling.”You ladies here on holiday?” asked Chris.”Yeah, staying at The Grand until Friday morning,” replied Sue.Being optimistic, the youths both calculated that that was three nights of potential fucking.”Would either of you care for a dance?” asked Troy, as a slow song started.”Don’t think so. We have seen what having a dance entails,” replied Sheila, although the thought of one of the youths caressing her arse was very appealing.The youths both looked at Sue. “No thanks; As Sheila says, we will just have the one drink,” said Sue, also liking the attention from males forty-odd years younger than her.”Sorry to disappoint you boys, but you are wasting your time with us,” said Sheila, suddenly feeling sorry for the youths.”Sitting chatting with attractive women can never be a waste of time,” said Chris, gallantly.”Thanks for the compliment but it will not get you anywhere, honey,” smiled Sue.”Worth a try though,” laughed Chris.”Yeah, you are certainly giving it your best shot,” smiled Sheila, who although having no intention of letting it go too far was very much enjoying the flirting.There was a lot of smiling and laughing and the youths were starting to wonder if the women’s resolve was weakening, as were the women.”Okay, another drink?” asked Troy, with the glasses nearly empty.”No, thank you, really; I think that we will head back to the hotel,” said Sue, who knew that another drink might lead to another and there was no telling what that might lead to.”Okay; Can we walk you back?” asked Chris.Sheila was trying to decide if that was a good idea or not but her friend answered. “Oh, gentlemen as well; Yes, that would be nice,” said Sue.”Gentlemen as well as what?” smiled Chris.”Oh that would be telling,” replied Sue with a very sexy smile, sexier than she probably intended.The drinks were finished and the four of them got up to leave the pub. Troy opened the door for the ladies to go out and both he and Chris took their first opportunity to look at the women’s clothed backsides.Both youths kaçak bahis were impressed with both arses and Troy and Chris’s semi-erect cocks stiffened a bit more in their clothing. They had been led to believe that there was no chance of a fuck but getting to walk the women to their hotel was a start and kept them feeling optimistic.They had not paired off as such but Chris was walking alongside Sue and Troy alongside Sheila, a few steps behind. Chris held out his right hand and brushed Sue’s left hand, when he did it a second time, Sue took his hand. Seeing this, Troy and Sheila looked at each other and, with a smile, they held hands. The youth’s cocks stiffened a little bit more and, despite everything, Sue’s and Sheila’s knickers were a bit moist.They were almost at the hotel. “Well, here we are. Thank you for walking us back,” said Sue.”And thank you for the drink,” said Sheila.”Are you going to invite us in?” asked Troy, hopefully.”No, we made that clear earlier on, sorry,” said Sue.”Okay; How about a Good Night kiss then?” asked Chris.”Yes, I think we can manage that,” said Sue, putting her lips to Chris’s but her lips were soon forced apart and they were trading tongues, Sue did not resist as she felt the young man’s bulge press against her.Troy and Sheila kissed, with equal passion, and Sheila felt an aroused penis pressing against her.They then swapped and Troy kissed Sue and Chris kissed Sheila.”Good Night boys,” said Sue, when she got some breath back.”Good Night ladies; Will we see you tomorrow evening?” said Troy.”Don’t know about that,” said Sheila, not ruling it out.”We will be in the pub and we would love it if you joined us,” said Chris.”Maybe,” said Sue.They parted with smiles and waves.”Shit! Did you feel how hard their cocks were?” said Sue, as she and Sheila entered the hotel.”Yeah, I expect at their age their cocks are hard most of the time,” replied Sheila.”Maybe so, but it has made me horny,” said Sue.”Me too; Guess we will be pushing the beds together tonight,” giggled Sheila.”Too true; I need some sort of sexual release and your mouth is as good as anything,” said Sue, as they reached the lift after collecting their key from reception.The two mature women snogged in the lift to their floor.They got to their room, pushed the beds together and kissed and cuddled, still clothed, as they writhed on the beds. Clothes gradually got removed as the snogging and petting continued and eventually they were naked and Sheila’s head was between Sue’s legs, tonguing her to orgasm.Sue then licked Sheila’s cunt until she came.”Those boys really got me turned on,” confessed Sheila, as she lay face down as Sue caressed her arse.”Me too; Are we going to meet them tomorrow?” said Sue, admiring her friend’s rounded buttocks.”Don’t know; If we do I don’t think that they will be content with a kiss afterwards,” said Sheila.”No, they will expect more than that for their time and efforts,” agreed Sue.”So what are you saying? Meet them or not?” said Sheila, who giggled as Sue ran a finger up and down her arse crack.”Not sure…oh fuck, I don’t know,” said Sue, before the women giggled and got in the sixty-nine position to lick each other to more orgasms.The women separated the beds in the morning and went to breakfast unsure about what they would be doing in the evening.They were still unsure about their plans as they went through the day but their thoughts were mostly about what to do and what not to do this coming evening. They again ate early afternoon making an evening meal unnecessary and it was fast approaching the time when they would need to decide whether to meet Troy and Chris or not.”Fuck, I feel like a teenager worrying illegal bahis about whether or not to go on a date,” said Sue.”Me too but we need to decide very soon,” replied Sheila.”We could have an early night and push the beds together again,” said Sue, after a while.”We could. Oh shit Sue, what are we going to do?” said Sheila.”We could go out but not to that pub,” said Sue.Both women were wanting to see the young men but were concerned about the consequences because no doubt Troy and Chris would see the women going to the pub as a green light for a fuck.Sue and Sheila were certainly horny enough to accept a good fucking but they were both thinking about their husbands.”We could meet them for a drink but make it clear that we are not interested in sex with them,” said Sheila.”We could but that is not really fair on them; Besides, are we not interested in sex with them?” replied Sue, almost blushing.”I suppose that we are, a bit,” conceded Sheila.”Fuck it! Let’s meet them and what happens, happens,” announced Sue and Sheila did not protest.The women put on more makeup than they had the previous night and this time they both wore trousers, which in both cases rather emphasised the size of their buttocks.They arrived at the pub, even stopping for a moment outside before going in.Their eyes scanned the clientele. There were probably a few less mature women and fewer young men than the previous night so Tuesday must have been the official grab a granny night.Their eyes fell on Chris and Troy at the same time as the youths saw them. The young men stood up and waved them over and Sue and Sheila, both feeling strangely nervous, went to meet their date.”Hi, we were not sure if you would come or not,” said Troy, giving first Sue and then Sheila a kiss.”Nor were we,” replied Sue as she and Sheila accepted kisses from Chris.”Right, we will get the drinks; Same as last night?” said Chris.”No, yes, but we will pay; What do you want?” said Sheila.”Are you sure? Well thank you,” said Troy, as the young men said what they wanted to drink and then watched the two big arses as the women went to the bar.The women came back with the drinks and, although they had never officially paired, Sue sat with Chris and Sheila with Troy although the youths both found the two women equally attractive as did the women find the young men.Unlike the previous night, it was more relaxed. Legs were touching and arms sometimes touched as the four of them chatted and laughed. More drinks were offered and accepted, the youths seeing that as a very good sign and the laughing continued.Sue suddenly felt a hand on her thigh and her first instinct was to push it away but instead, she opened her legs wider and looked into Chris’s eyes. What was she doing? she thought to herself.Encouraged, Chris moved his hand further up her thigh and then brushed Sue’s crotch through her trousers. Still no rejection by Sue so Chris started to finger her cunt through her clothes. Sue gave a sort of squeak.Sheila looked up and her eyes met Sue’s, it was obvious to Sheila what was happening.As Chris fingered her cunt, Sue thought that she might cum in her knickers.Troy, realising what his friend was doing, put his hand on Sheila’s thigh. “Um, I think that we should drink up and move on,” said Sheila, both wanting and not wanting her cunt felt through her trousers.”Move on to where?” asked Troy, still with his hand on Sheila’s thigh.”To our hotel room,” replied Sheila, lifting any doubt about whether fucking was on the menu.”Sounds good to me,” said Chris, withdrawing his hand from Sue’s crotch, leaving her a bit disappointed but also pleased that she had not orgasmed in her knickers.”You will need condoms; Don’t know where your cocks have been,” said Sue, who did not like rubbers, not that she had any experience of them since she was dating her husband-to-be Tony almost half a century earlier.

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