Submissive-In-Training–Earning her Collar


As I wandered around my condo waiting for Daniel to arrive, my mind started to travel back over the past two months and how much it had changed. If anyone would have told me that I would become a submissive-in-training to one of the most well-known Doms in the city I would have laughed in their face. I was the baby of my family, the only daughter, and I had spent my childhood fighting to become my own person. I had three older brothers and a doting father, all who wanted to coddle and pamper me and tell me what to do and not to do. When I left home at the age of eighteen I swore no man would ever try to control me like the men in my family did…but look where I am now.Daniel and I had met quite by accident when I went to a bachelorette party for one of my co-workers. She wanted to have it at Excitement, a place known as a popular club for those in the BDSM community and those wanting to try it. We were sitting there enjoying the drinks and ogling the men, especially the ones wearing tight leather, and he was one of them. Why he signaled me out I am not sure. I did not come across as dominant or submissive, or so I thought, in my demeanor or the way I dressed.At first, when he came on to me at the club I ignored him and then turned him down when he asked me for a date. At the time I did not know just who he was but knew from his ‘take-charge’ attitude that he must be a Dom. Finally, after a week of phone calls and roses I gave in and went on a date with him, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, he was a perfect gentleman. Within a month I was so enamored with him that I was ready to do anything he asked of me. The funny thing is that he never tried to get me into bed, but we had some extremely hot make-out sessions.When he asked me to be his submissive I did not hesitate one minute to say yes and tonight was to be my first training exercise. I went into the bedroom to take another quick look in my floor-length mirror to make sure that I was immaculately dressed the way Daniel had instructed me almanbahis to be. The only thing that I felt uncomfortable about was not being able to wear panties or a bra. I was not overly well endowed but had enough that I needed that extra little bit of support. Daniel told me that my size 38C tits were perfect, that they were just the right amount to fit into his mouth. As he had told me, ‘Any more than a mouthful was a waste.’Suddenly I heard the front doorbell peal. Taking a deep breath I made my way to the living room, pasting a smile on my face and opened the door. To my surprise, it was not Daniel standing there but another man dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, and light blue tie. Daniel was a well-built man, about five foot seven, dark brown hair that always seemed to need to be combed, and green eyes with flecks of gold but this man standing in front of me was a giant. At least to me because I was only five foot three and he towered over me by at least a foot. He was also built like a football quarterback with closely cropped grey hair and ice blue eyes.“Miss Zelina Mitchell, I am Jerome. Mr. Daniel is awaiting you in the limousine.”Grabbing my small clutch off the entrance table I stepped out onto the front porch, pulling the door shut behind me. As I turned to walk away, I felt him reach out and squeeze my right ass cheek, almost causing me to stumble in my five-inch heels. When I looked over my shoulder at him, I saw him leering at me, a slight smirk on his face.“That is not your ass to squeeze so keep your fucking hands off or I will slap that smirk right off your face,” I said angrily.“As you say,” Jerome said laughingWhen we walked out of the apartment building he hurried over to the limo and opened the door for me. As I went to sit down in the seat, my already short dress moved farther up my thighs so I moved to tug it down.“Don’t do that. Spread your legs,” came a voice from inside the limo. “Let him see where I will be dining tonight.”“Yes, Daniel.”Although I was a little embarrassed almanbahis yeni giriş to do that, I did as Daniel requested opening my legs wider, giving Jerome a great shot of my bare pussy as I sat down.“Nice pussy, boss,” Jerome said smirking. “I would not mind dining there myself.”As I settled in the seat, I looked toward Jerome and gave him the finger.“Your first lesson, Zelina, is that you will no longer address me as Daniel. You will address me as Master and lower your eyes when speaking to me,” he instructed me. “And you will treat Jerome with respect, understand?”“Yes, Master,” I said lowering my eyes.After shutting the door Jerome went around and got in the driver’s side. Daniel shifted in his seat until he was semi-facing me.“Are you dressed as I requested?”“Yes, Master.”“Then pull your dress up and let me see.”Without thinking I protested, saying, “But Daniel, the divider is down.”Reaching out without a warning, Daniel had a handful of my hair, saying, “I thought you had agreed a couple of nights ago that you wanted to become my submissive. If you have changed your mind, I will order Jerome to stop this fucking limousine and you can get your ass out and walk home. It is your choice. There are always other women who would be so happy to be in your position. You are either in all the way or out. There is no in-between in this type of relationship, babe.”I opened my mouth to tell him to stop and let me out but then it hit me; I was getting turned on by his dominance and wanted more. Before I changed my mind I lifted my ass up from the seat and wiggled my dress up to my waist, awaiting his next instructions.“Between my legs, bitch, take my seven-inch hard thick cock out and work him up good,” Daniel ordered. “I got a big load for you.”I scrambled off the seat and between Daniel’s knees, working the zipper down. As I did so, his cock sprang free, the engorged head brushing against my lips. I had sucked a man’s cock before but had never swallowed so I just hoped that I could do it without almanbahis giriş gagging.I wrapped my hand around it, moving it up and down as my lips and tongue worked its magic on the head and under the rim. Daniel moaned in pleasure, slouching some on the seat to give me better access. I made my way down the back of his cock and up the other side. Opening my mouth as wide as I could manage I started to take him in my mouth, my lips gripping him tightly. My hand worked its way into his pants so I could play with his balls.Daniel reached out and started to play with my hair, moaning softly. After several minutes my jaws started to become tired and ache so I started to pull back to give them a rest. Suddenly Daniel’s hands tightened in my hair, holding my head still as he began to fuck my mouth deep and hard, causing me to gag. As his grip loosened on my hair I took advantage of the situation and stopped sucking his cock.“Bitch, I did not give you permission to stop sucking my cock.”I backed away, letting his saliva covered cock slip from between my lips as I sank down on my heels taking in big gulps of air. “My jaws were getting tired and I was gagging,” I tried to explain.“You think your jaws are getting tired now, just wait until the end of the night, Zelina,” Daniel told me. “Jerome, go to the place.”“Yes sir, with pleasure.”“And now, it is time to deal with your disobedience,” Daniel said, grabbing a handful of my hair, pulling me forward until I landed across his left knee, his right leg over my legs holding them down, his left hand on my waist. “You are my submissive-in-training, Zelina, and you will question nothing I tell you to do, is that understood?” as his hand gently rubbed my exposed ass.“Yes, Master,” I said softly, figuring that he was just trying to scare me and that he would release me but I was wrong as his hand came down on my ass with a resounding smack, causing me to squeal in shock and pain.Before I could react, Daniel delivered three more hard smacks, making my ass sting. Instead of accepting my punishment, I tried to wiggle off his lap, which earned me two more extra-hard smacks and his index finger running up my sex slit and then being inserted in my ass up to his first knuckle, moving it in and out.

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