SUB LARA – CHAPTER 2CHAPTER 2“Now, get back on that bed. I have an idea.”It seemed absurd on the face of it. I was a small woman and he was a big man. But more significant was that I was used to men with cocks about six or seven inches long when erect and Jake’s was that long soft and limp. Fully erect, as it was now, it was twice that size and as wide as my forearm. My reaction to it, though, proved not to be irrational based on his reaction to my reaction. He had encountered that reaction from other women. I didn’t know his history with women, but the immediacy of his emotional response indicated a sensitivity that belied the whole ‘big black cock’ image and persona depicted by the porn industry. Everything I knew about this man from the first rescue and leaving without recognition to the comments from Dr. Jenna to the very difficult choice to leave football for his long-term health indicated a complex, involved and considerate man.His response was interesting to me on a deeper level, too. My mumbled reaction, ‘My god! It’s huge, I don’t think I can …’ wasn’t an expression of defeat or intimidation. My reaction was a recognition that I couldn’t approach making love to this man casually in the same way I might with any man I had previously been with. His cock, the size of my forearm in so many ways, required some deliberate attention to the HOW. After all, women give birth and even that pain is said to have a short life of consciousness.My intention and question was only on the HOW. This was a man with whom I firmly believed a significant life relationship might be possible, especially after all I had been through and then learned from Dr. Jenna. I was going to make love to this man. In keeping with my personality traits, my emotional and psychological being was focused on how my physical being was going to please and satisfy him.All this was coursing through my consciousness as I kissed and licked my way up his legs to his upper body, purposely avoiding his cock, but noting it re-growing after the interruption. After sucking aggressively on his nipples and kissing my way up to his lips, my leg swung over his midsection as we probed each other’s mouths with our lips and tongues. His hands roamed over my back and ass as my hands encased his face. I moved my hips on him until my pussy was on his still lengthening, hardening cock. As we kissed, I slid my wet pussy over his cock. My juices covered his cock in short order and sliding along it became smoother. I knew his cock was glistening with my moisture.I paused with my pussy lips spread over the head of his cock. I used my hands and arms to support my upper body over him and gazed into his eyes. His eyes wandered down to my breasts encased in the lace bra. I smiled, reached behind me to release the clasps and removed the covering. Now my breasts hung above his chest and his fingers reached out to take the nipples prominently erect on each breast.His eyes returned to mine and I smiled. “Do you like them, Jake? Do my breasts and nipples please you?”His gaze was penetrating. The expression on his face was a mixture of serious intention and … maybe wonder. “Everything about you pleases me.” There was a thoughtful hesitation before expressing it as if there was a deeper consideration combined in the response. I wondered if that deeper consideration might not have been how my personality might be playing into those words I used. ‘Pleasing’ is a tenant of the submissive.He asked, “Still confident?” I nodded with a smile. “How?”My pussy started rubbing along his cock, again. “Sports training methods.” He furrowed his eyebrows. “Given a new big milestone goal, how do you achieve it?”“You break it down into manageable, but challenging mini-goals or steps.” I nodded. He smiled.“You’ll cum inside me, Jake. Then, we’ll work on getting you deep inside me after you cum. Steps.” He smiled and kissed me. And, I reacted with a growing smile. “Ooooooo … I guess I was wrong.” He questioned me with his eyes. “I thought you were already hard.” He pulled me down and kissed me hard.This time, as I worked my way down his body licking and kissing his skin, sucking and nibbling at his nipples, his moans and gasps were more pronounced and vocal. This time, as I did what I was, his imagination and anticipation were pushing him into a higher gear. By the time my face and mouth reached his cock, again, it was straining, rising off his abdomen in anticipation of contact from my mouth. I didn’t disappoint him. My mouth encircled the head of his cock and even that seemed like a mouth full. I wrapped both hands around the shaft while working my mouth and tongue over the head, sucking the precum as it seeped out. I moved one hand to his balls, massaging and fondling them as the other hand began stroking up and down the length of his shaft, my mouth and tongue never stopping.I tilted my head to take a peek at him and found his chest rising sharply, his head occasionally rising to look down his body to me, then dropping back down on the bed. One of his hands found my head and gently stroked my long hair from my head to my shoulders. I bit down at the base of the head and he moaned loudly, a sound rising from deep inside that massive chest and rumbling through his throat to escape into the room.I felt the bed shake and glanced over his hips. He was striking the surface of the bed with his fist, pressing down into the mattress. His head raised and I tilted my head to see him. His eyes were shut but his mouth was opening and closing with no sounds coming out.Then, as though an eruption from his voice, “Ooooohhhhhh … Lara … Lara … OH GOD, LARA!” His breathing was labored and ragged, “Lara … I … oh god … yesssssssssss … ohhhhhh … I can’t … I can’t hold … ohhhhhh, oooooooooo … I have to cummmmmmm!”True to my word to him earlier, I released his cock, stripped off my panties, and jump on top of his hips. I reached between my legs and held his cock straight up. I had to raise myself higher and shuffled back on my knees, praying I wasn’t taking too long. I felt the head of his cock hit my butt and I raised up higher until it was under my pussy. I wiggled my ass and his cock until I felt it at my hole. I lowered my body, only inches, but enough for the head to part my lips and hole, enough for the head to press inside me. I gasped at the feeling. I bit my lip and pressed down an inch further and gasped anew. This was only a few inches past the head of his cock and I was feeling stretched and full, even if my entire pussy wasn’t filled I had the same sensation. I opened my eyes and found him watching me, his eyes intent on mine. With our eyes locked, I clenched my pussy muscles.He gasped and I felt the first spurt of his cum shoot into my pussy. I watched him, his mouth opening, his eyes closing tightly, then opening again to lock onto me. He came and came. I lost track of the spurts of cum he sent into me. And, amazingly, he controlled his body’s impulsive reactions. He remained where I had put him, just inside me. He refrained from thrusting deeper inside. Could there be a stronger show of caring and respect?I carefully and slowly leaned forward to lie on top of him so we would remain intact. For moments, my body rose and lowered to the movement of his ragged breathing. I felt small leakage from his cock continuing inside me. I wiggled my butt and clenched my pussy walls occasionally just to let him know I knew he was there.I lifted my head and arms onto his chest, my chin resting on my folded arms. He pulled some pillows behind his head so he could see me. I smiled at him and he smiled back. For another moment we were both quiet, not awkwardly, just peacefully.“Was it good for you?”He chuckled as if to signify the question didn’t need responding to. “Yes, Lara. Very good. But … did you …?”I shook my head and kept the smile. “It felt really, really good, though.” He started to say something, but I put a finger to his lips. “No. You are not to concern yourself about my orgasms. Not tonight, okay? Tonight, it is all about you. In the process, don’t worry, I will also find my release. Allow me control for this night, then I will relinquish control to you if you wish.” He cocked his head slightly to consider me. As he did, it dawned on me what had slipped out of my mouth. It felt so natural and honest coming out, I leaned toward him, careful to keep his cock head inside me, and kissed him.I squirmed back a little to reset myself onto him. I looked back at him and saw he was about to say something. I raised my eyebrow, “If you are in control, what am I supposed to do?”I smiled, “Just lie there, don’t move.” I felt his cock flex inside me and he smiled. “Okay, that felt good. But don’t move anything else.” He flexed, again.A few minutes later, he stroked my hair. I had put the side of my head on his chest. “Are we just lying here? Are you going to get off?”“Am I so heavy?” I raised my head to look at him. He got nervous. Smart man.“No, no. Just wondering. It feels good, I’m not complaining.”I sat up, my hips rising to control the depth of his cock inside me. I lowered my hips, taking a bit more of his length, then rose up and descend a little more. I continued this, each time taking a little more of his cock. He reached up, his fingers clamping onto my nipples while his eyes watched me, shifting from my eyes to the shaft of his cock visible between his body and my pussy. I opened my eyes and watched him watching my progress. I smiled and continued to rise and slowly, carefully descend.“Clever girl.” I smiled down at him. “You were waiting for me to shrink a little.”“Honestly, you stud. Your cock soft is what I have experienced before. But, I figured if you were smaller after cumming that I could work you inside me, maybe as deep as I can. Then …”“You’ll fuck me until I get hard, again?”I nodded. “You are smaller, Jake, but I am so full. I have to slowly work you deeper and you aren’t hard. Jake, I am going to orgasm before you get hard. Then … god … then, to feel you harden inside me, to grow, lengthen, expand … god, I can’t wait!” I leaned forward, some of his cock slipping back as I did it. I kissed him with all the passion I had in my being. I looked into his eyes. My mind and heart were screaming, ‘I LOVE YOU!’, but I knew it was too soon. There was another scream wanting to come out, ‘I’M bahis şirketleri YOURS, COMPLETELY, TOTALLY’, but could I? Men have taken it from me. Could I freely give it?I felt his cock flex and I squeezed in response. “Do you like that, Sir? Do you feel that?”He hesitated. I wasn’t sure why. Then he recovered, “I like your muscle control, Lara.”I smiled, pleased. “I can practice more if you like.” He only smiled.I sat up and pushed myself down his length, bottoming out finally. I grasped my breasts and squeezed. I moved my hands to his chest and used them to assist me in rising and dropping down. He was not hard, but he had never become fully soft, either. I started fucking him with a vengeance and his not-hard, not-soft cock felt wondrous sliding inside my pussy. Ooohhhhh … it felt like the biggest cock I had ever fucked because it was. I knew it was going to become something more, something bigger, something monstrous and I couldn’t wait.My arousal was at a fever level when I felt his fingers on my clit, trying to keep up with my bouncing and he was doing a wonderful job of it. I dropped down, mashing his fingers between my clit and his hard body. My body shook and my eyes flared open, my mouth open and soundless for a moment. Then, I cried out and when I did, my body shook in orgasm.He pulled my body onto his, encasing me in his strong arms, giving me security to ride out my orgasm. I kissed his chest between gasping for air, my body easing the shuddering of my body. He was stroking my head and hair with one hand and down my back with the other. I took a deep breath and slowly rose to about 45 degrees above him, feeling his cock sliding back deeper into me. My mouth opened wide, a gasp escaping as I realized the cock I was now sitting on, now impaling me, we harder, longer, and fuller than before my orgasm.He smiled up at me, “Your orgasm had an effect on me, too.”I giggled, “I can tell that and it feels wonderful.” It twitched inside me and I responded with squeezing. I smiled teasingly at him, “Since you have just cum, I was thinking I will be able to fuck you now for a lot longer.”He looked up at me, twisting my nipples between his fingers. “What will we have to do the rest of the weekend, then?”“Hmmmm … practice?”I raised up on his cock, feeling more inside me than I had realized before. I gasped and sighed as I slowly lowered my body over his cock. I moved up and down, slowly in both directions, savoring the new feeling of being impaled by this monster … and it was still growing. I bit my lower lip, a habit during concentration, pressing down a little further on each down stroke. Ignoring his face as he watched me, I pressed down harder and harder, sure now that his cock was fully erect. I pulled up to the top, then completely off it. I looked down, swung my leg to the side and grasped his cock with both hands and smiled. Yes, it was fully erect, both my hands wrapped around it and still the head was showing. I repositioned myself and sank back down before my pussy could close. I continued to press, rising, and press down. I slipped fingers underneath me to feel how much was still to go. I found only a few inches of cock not inside me and I smiled. I had never felt so full, so utterly, completely full of cock.I looked at him and he was watching me intently. He smiled up at me, “I can’t believe you almost have it all. You’re proof that the capacity of a woman’s vagina is not dictated by her physical size.”I smiled, then grunted. I was determined to finish this, not late tonight or sometime tomorrow. This was going to happen now. I was bumping against the top of his cock, but that had happened earlier, too. Our bodies were certainly resilient with our ability to expand with a c***d and return to shape later. I pressed on. I rose a few more inches, holding myself at mid-height on his cock. I looked down into his eyes, then dropped. I bottomed out and then some. But, I did it! I had his entire monstrous cock buried inside me.I opened my eyes and his smile was huge. I fucked him more aggressively, my arousal and stimulation rising steadily. My legs were getting tired from the effort and maybe he anticipated that because he pulled me to his body and rolled us over so he was now on top. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he used long, even strokes in and out of my pussy. I raised my head, looking down at his long cock coming out from inside me, then pushing back in. His cock was slick and glistening with our juices, my cum and his. We fucked this way for a long time until he grabbed my ankles and raised them over his shoulders, continuing his even thrusts into me. My mouth gaped and my breathing was ragged as a new orgasm built up inside me, spreading over my body, electrifying my nipples and clit and every fiber of my pussy in contact with his marvelous cock. When I orgasmed, I reached up to pull him to me, in the process nearly doubling up my body as his chest came down to my breasts, my knees pressed into my shoulders.He released my knees from over his shoulders as I came down from this orgasm. Then, he pulled out of me, a long slow movement of his cock leaving my spasming pussy. He turned me over and lifted my hips putting me on my knees. I spread my knees wide, knowing what he was going to do now, but my head and upper body remained on the bed, too tired to fully support my entire weight, any longer. From behind me I heard his voice with a feeling of wonder and marvel, “You’re gaping open, but your hole is pulsing as if it is seeking something to clamp around.”Without turning my head, but mumbling into the bedding, “Then give it something to clamp around … and not your finger.” He chuckled and I relished this feeling of being so comfortable and accepting that I could still be joking with him.He aligned his cock to my opening and pressed into me. Its smooth entry was a testament to how well my body had already adjusted and accepted his massive cock. As it slowly and steadily pressed into my vagina, my breath held as it went in and in and in, finally bumping me deep inside before he pressed harder and I felt his hips against my ass. I had him completely, again! He fucked me doggy for a long time, then encouraged me to lay flat and he covered my body with his. He rolled us again, this time encouraging me to sit up, still on his cock, tucking my knees underneath me. Now in reverse-cowgirl, I took over, again. I bounced more aggressively now.He groaned and mumbled something, but I wasn’t catching it. Then, “Lara, I’m … I’m going … to cum. How … do you want …?”I looked back at him and smiling wickedly to myself. I braced my hands on his body and my feet into the bed and slowly turned on his cock until I was facing him. He groaned deeply and I could see that his climax was close, and that knowledge brought mine that much closer, too.I lay on top of him, my legs stretched out along his. “Roll us, again.” I wanted missionary for this joint climax deep inside me, but I didn’t want to lose having him in me. He did as he was commanded, adjusted his position, then thrust strongly into me. My hands on his arms, I felt him tense, his hips pressing tightly against me. I reached up, my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly to me as I felt the first of many spurts of his cum filling me, this time with his cock fully inside me. I was shocked by the apparent volume of his cumming since he had so recently already cum, but I ground my groin up into his seeking to take every drop he had to offer me.I had teased him about practicing the rest of the weekend and for much of it, we did, although, it is hard to think of it as practice when you find yourself desiring it so much. We spent the weekend together. If we weren’t mated in some part of the hotel suite, we were together in the shower, in the restaurant or bar or walking the sidewalk for a well-deserved break. But, it always led back to the suite. We were like a newly wedded couple who hadn’t ever experienced sex before. I couldn’t get enough of him and he seemed to be reciprocating in the feeling.Monday morning and I was in my usual location before going to the office. My mind was on obvious things, remembering in detail many of the things we had done, positions we had tried, and which ones needed more “practice”.My phone chimed and I dug it out of my purse. “I already miss you.” I smiled at his voice. “How’s your day looking?”“Hmmmmmm … for some reason I’ve had this really, really empty feeling since you left …” He laughed. We both did.A few days later, the mail clerk droped a small box onto my desk. She looked at me and shrugged, “No return address. It is an odd shape, though.”She moves on and I sit inspecting the box. It was smallish, about 3” square by 4” long. She was correct, of course, it was void of any indication of who it was from. The post office stamp indicates a town in Florida, though. I ripped open the wrapping, cut the taped edges and pulled the box flaps open only to discover another box. The outside of the box read, “Erotic Pleasures”. I looked up from the box and surveyed my surroundings to avoid any prying eyes. Finding none, I opened the box. Inside I found two jade colored glass Ben Wa Balls and a note in Jake’s handwriting. All it said was, “You said you would practice more.”I sat back and stared into space absently. With a cock like his filling me, Kegel exercises and holding Ben Wal balls inside me to strength my pussy will be interesting.I had decided long-distance relationships really suck. In the three weeks after that weekend at Embassy Suites, we had been together only a couple nights at my little apartment. I was desperate for some real quality time with him. He must have been feeling the same way.My phone rang at home. I checked the caller ID as I picked it up and smiled. “Hi, handsome.”He chuckled, “Hi, beautiful.” Before I could say anything more, he plowed ahead. “Do you guys have Good Friday off?” I told him we did. “Can you take the following Monday off?” I told him I was sure I could, why? “I’ll have tickets on Delta for you Thursday night. It’s a non-stop. We could have almost four days together here. You can see my place, I think you’ll like it.”“Seriously? Of course!”“Really? Just like that? I thought I might have to convince you, sell it a little.”“Jake, honey, you know who you are talking to, right? I’m bahis firmaları the one who needs to please and serve, remember?”“How could I forget.”Thursday night, after picking me up from the airport and the 40-minute drive as the sun lost its brilliance until it was early dark, he pulled into a gated community with palm trees lining the wide streets and subdued lighting along the streets. The street lighting was short poles with the lights reflected down on the road surface but not defused into the sky. I guess in a gated community it was safe enough without obtrusive lighting everywhere.He pulled into a circular drive and stopped at the front entrance. He got my bag from the trunk and carried it inside. He told me to roam while he put the car in the garage. The entryway was three steps down and emptied directly into a semi-formal sitting area with a wrap-around leather couch and two chairs across a large coffee table with double glass door leading to the backyard. Hallways went off to the right and left into other parts of the house that I could tell from the outside were large and sprawling. A big man has a big house, I guess.An open entryway to the right was a game room complete with poker table and I was sure there would be a bar behind one of the cabinet doors. Another open entryway to the left was a formal dining room with an elaborate chandelier hanging over the table. I peeked into the dining room and found a door to a wine closet with a wrought iron grilled door covering it.Jake found me peeking into the wine room. I apologized but he assured me he meant it to feel free to roam. He remembered I like a merlot for just drinking and he came out with a bottle, poured two glasses and began a tour. “I know, it seems obscene for a single guy to have so much room, but when I was shown it, it was a steal. The guy who built it must have been an idiot and certainly needed the good advice of Innovative Financial Management. The guy went bankrupt almost immediately and was desperate. I had just been in the right place at the right time.”The house, 6500 square feet, was on an unbelievable 1.8 acres of land. There was a public lake with walking trails around it only a quarter mile away to the front of the house. At the back is a golf course, leaving few neighbors in close proximity. A huge office space was down one arm of the first floor with a theater room beyond it. He said it was a great spot to actually watch movies, but also used it to watch sports with a few guys.Down the opposite side of the house, was an elaborate kitchen that included a grilling unit set into the center island. Just off the kitchen was a dinette that sat six and opened into an outdoor room with sliding doors, which in turn opened to the very large patio and pool. He said the pool was 25 yards long so it was great for exercise. From the dinette area was the family room with a massive amount of black leather couch seating and a couple black leather easy chairs and ottomans. This room also opened to the patio and was equipped with a wall mounted TV that was between four and five feet. He admitted this was the favorite room when his guy friends were over to watch a game.He grabbed my bag from the entryway and led me further down the side past the office area where the master bedroom was located. The other side, he explained, was larger and contained another three bedrooms, each with their own full baths.I heard a bark from outside. He looked at me, still holding my bag. I smiled. He still wasn’t making any assumptions. Respect and trust were oozing from him in my estimation. I smiled and pressed the bag to the floor. He smiled and led me back through the house, leaving our wine glasses in the kitchen. We stepped outside, walking past the patioed pool area and into the grass. It wasn’t until then that I saw a quaint building to the side with muted light over a doorway.“I want to introduce someone very special. He’s been in here since I left to pick you up. It isn’t that I can’t leave him out, the yard is fully fenced and very private, but he’ll be excited and I wanted you to be ready. He’s a big boy and very friendly.” He was rambling on and it occurred to me that he might be nervous because he never mentioned having a dog before. A good thing I like dogs.I stood still where Jake indicated, a good ten feet from the building I now knew was a kennel, the fenced in run off the back of it. I heard him inside talking, but nothing prepared me for what came out. Sure, he said it was a big dog, but …Jake stepped out through the kennel door holding the leash of a Great Dane. When the dog spotted me, it pulled hard against Jake’s hold, his feet sliding on the ground from the pull of the dog. A dog that can move that man is powerful. This dog was a charcoal colored b**st standing 35 inches tall at the shoulders and weighing 165 pounds. His name was King and I knew that as Jake repeated it trying to calm the a****l. Finally, he commanded it forcefully to sit. And he did. His tail was still whipping back and forth but he stayed where he was. Apparently, that was on top of Jake’s foot because he made a big show of getting it out from under the a****l, although laughing as he did.The weekend was wonderful. It was everything I had hoped for us. His house and property were magnificent and King and I got along immediately. We enjoyed the home, property, and neighborhood. I used the pool, his training room, and walks with him and King at the lake and the neighborhood, being introduced to several couples and families. Jake was very popular in the area. There was lots of teasing about the Dolphins and Falcons meeting later in the year. I met the teenager and his parents who take care of King when Jake is gone. I waved to them as we walked down the street with King, obediently at my side.I commented to him, “They seem like good people.”“They are. Very good. They’ve instilled in Bobby very good values. He is still thrilled anytime I have him, his dad and a few of his friends over to watch a game on the large screen.”I hugged his arm, King’s leash loosely hanging from my wrist. I look up at him from the side, “It shows you are a good man, too.” He smiled and kissed the top of my head.I was in the midst of another swim. I am addicted to swimming outside in a regulation length pool and naked. The feeling is very sensuous and it fits with Jake’s hinting. The thoughts course through my mind as I go back and forth. He has been dropping his preferences for me as subtle comments, ideas, or suggestions for the moment. Although I had both a bikini and a swimming single-piece, he teased me to use the pool naked. As I left the pool or stood at the doors early in morning, he was quick to point out the yard and pool area were very private. It was obvious he was encouraging me to be and remain naked around the pool, the backyard, and in the house.After spending most of the first day walking, investigating the neighborhood, and swimming, he elected to grill fish for dinner. He prepared it all and told me to get ready for dinner. I turned to the house, then turned back to ask what that meant. I wanted to please and ‘get ready’ could mean almost anything, but his comments so far about me around the house seemed to indicate he might have something in mind. He did. He suggested something very sexy, lingerie, lots of exposed skin. I returned to him, hugging him and looking up into his face.“Specifically, you have something in mind.”He smiled and kissed me, “Sexy lingerie, heels, and no dress.” A small shiver of excitement flowed through me as I was understanding where all this would be headed in the relationship. He had been very careful not to assume or anticipate too much as we moved closer to acceptance, but we both understood what my submissiveness meant and where it could take us.I returned with my hair done and dressed based on his suggestion and what I had available. He had apparently changed while I was busy in the shower and bathroom. He was in tan Dockers, a buttoned short-sleeve shirt, and loafers without socks. I had on a bra, panties, and 3” heels. He complimented me and made me feel like the sexiest woman he ever knew throughout dinner and the evening, making love to me in the family room later.The next day, though, he took me shopping. He clearly had something more in mind. He selected a couple thin, lacy bra/thong sets in white and black and similar sets only very sheer. He added matching stockings, both stay-up and garter belt. He then added 4” heels. The final stop was nightgowns, selecting a baby-doll and floor-length, both with matching thongs. It was now very clear what this man’s idea of sexy entailed. And, I loved the idea of giving him the very image of eroticism he envisioned.The next day, our sexuality moved in a direction I never expected. He found me catching a few rays by the pool. I was naked, of course, and he took the obvious opportunity to make love to me under the sun on the patio. I could hear light traffic on the street in front and a speedboat on the lake in the distance. As he ate my pussy, I caught the sight of a passing airliner. Outdoor sex was so stimulating. It was clear to me his attention to my pussy was not a passing effort to tease me but we were moving in the direction of a full out fuck.I swung my leg over his head, extracting my pussy from his mouth. Regardless of how good his licking and munching had been, I was more intent on getting him hard. I enjoyed his attention, but I had discovered my being near him was enough to start me juicing. I always seemed ready for sex around him. I even expressed some concern about that to him and, at first, he laughed about how that could possibly be a negative. Then seeing I had some concern, that perhaps I was just a slutty nymphomaniac or something, he held me tightly and apologized for his callousness. He went on to explain in some detail what it meant to him, that it was my body’s natural preparation for pleasing the man I had chosen to guide me. Two things came from that explanation for me: I accepted it fully since I did desire to please and serve him; and, he was thinking steps ahead, beyond the relationship we had formally discussed and that pleased me, too.I changed places with him, having him recline on the lounge I had been occupying. After I stripped off his shorts, that kaçak bahis siteleri is. Every time I sucked his cock, I attempted to take more of his cock into my mouth. I had never been one to deepthroat cocks, but I had never been involved with a man like Jake that it had ever seemed important to try. I was consciously trying, though I had a long way to go in that effort.I fucked him cowgirl with him staying on the lounge. That actually worked really well since it gave me the ability to use my legs like squat workouts. Just imagine, fucking and enhancing my butt at the same time. It was easier and easier for me to take his cock completely into me, taking less effort to pass the point of overcoming my body’s natural inclination to resist. It was complete pleasure now from initial penetration and definitely through orgasm.Jake moved another lounge next to the one we had been using and we lay naked holding hands. I had dosed when I felt licking between my legs. I was about to absently reach down to touch his head when I realized I was still holding his hand to the side. Whoever was licking me, it wasn’t Jake. With a start, I scooted up the lounge and stared into the massive snout of King between my legs, his wide, long tongue licking his lips, which immediately seemed very obscene to me.Jake squeezed my hand and I tore my eyes from King to look at him. He had a gentle smile on his face, “Did it feel good?” My look, I was sure, registered some shock, but I nodded. It really did, it was seeing the dog that created my reaction. He smiled and gestured with his head to King who was still watching me, “Go with it, then. See what happens.”I was still dubious, but I had, of course, heard stories of what some women have been able to do with a****ls sexually. It had just never occurred to me that I might be one to experiment with one myself. Jake’s gentle encouragement tipped the scales, though. This was something he was curious about. Please and serve, it was who I was for the right man.I leaned back into the lounge and slid back into position, spreading my legs and allowing them to fall off the sides of the lounge. There was a hesitation from King as if he was determining what was allowed due to my previous reaction. I glanced at Jake and he shrugged. I looked back at King, sat up without moving the position of my legs, and patted his head reassuringly. I then patted my abdomen just about my pussy. He watched my hands, looked up at me, again, then moved his snout to the spot between my thighs. I rested back but supported myself on my elbows so I could watch what happened. He sniffed at my pussy and it occurred to me that Jake’s cum and my scent would naturally be strong at the moment and that most likely was what had attracted him initially.When his tongue came out, swiping along my slit and flicking over my clit, I gasped. The sensation I had felt in my half-awake state was nothing like what I just felt. His long, thick, wide tongue pulled over my lips and clit hood. He seemed to stop and consider me as if weighing the effectiveness of his effort. I dropped my upper body back onto the lounge and spread my legs further. I felt my hand being taken by Jake, again, though my only thoughts were on the next lick coming from that tongue. Within only a few licks, my sighs turned into gasps that turned into low, guttural moans that seemed to roll from my mouth like thunder from a distant storm. In minutes, my hips were raised off the lounge surface as I sought his tongue more firmly on my sex. When the tip parted my lips and opened my pussy, I cried out, my legs and stomach tight in anticipation of the next contact.My orgasm on the tongue of King was amazing, possibly because I had never expected such a feeling coming from the efforts of a dog. I was collapsed on the lounge with a satisfied smile on my face, if not reflected on my entire body. I blew a large lungful of air out and sighed contentedly. I glanced down my body and found King sitting at the end of the lounger watching me. I had the strangest feeling he was watching me with a sense of expectation. I cocked my head in curiosity at him and he duplicated the movement with his own head. I chuckled at that.I felt Jake squeeze my hand and I looked over at him. He asked me how that felt and I confirmed to him what he could already guess from the moaning and obvious orgasm. He smiled and looked to King. I did as he did, then quizzically looked back at Jake. I only saw the dog still watching me. His free hand pointed down to the ground by King. I sat up to look down where Jake was indicating. What I saw made me speechless … for a moment, anyway.“My god!” I had never had a reason to think much about dog cocks and wasn’t particularly versed in the variety of cocks besides human males. I had already been shocked the first time seeing Jake’s, now I was reacting in a similar way at seeing the cock underneath his dog. It was a reddish color and large but oddly shaped, not at all like the shape of a human cock. It had a smaller tip at the head, the exposed shaft growing thicker before taping down going to the sheath.I looked over at Jake, realizing my mouth was hanging open and made a show of using a finger to push it closed. He chuckled, then his face changed and I wondered what was going through his mind. He had just talked me into letting the dog give me oral sex, could there possibly be more? Silly question.“Look what happened to him while he was pleasuring you?” I did and immediately sensed where this was going? Was he actually going to tell me to do it or let me reach that decision on my own? What decision, I already thought of it. Now, I had to decide if sucking cock was sucking cock and what difference did it make what the cock was attached to. It seemed like a futile question to debate. I knew where Jake was headed with this and I have found that I like sucking cock and King had pleasured me so well …I glanced at Jake. He was only watching me at this point. I caught nothing in his appearance or facial feedback that told me anything. But I really didn’t have much question about what he had meant earlier. He was pushing me. Something had changed slightly, being here, opening up to him, my earnest effort to make our sex full for him, my slipping comments that continued to remind him and me what I had learned about myself from Dr. Jenna. Maybe it was all those things combined that seemed to open the door for him to push me a little further in our relationship. Maybe it was a preliminary to determining the extent of how our roles would be defined as we move forward. Whatever it was, I wasn’t afraid of it. That’s what I realized at that moment. I had approached him sexually to do whatever it took to please and serve him in pleasure. He tested me on my willingness to accept some level of kink and fetish. Now, he was asking if I would take another step in that same direction. As I released his hand and scooted my butt down the lounger, I wondered if there was ever any real doubt about what I would do, if there will be any doubt about what I will ever do for him.I pulled the cushion off a nearby lounge and dropped it on the patio tile. I knelt on it and patted the ground for King to come to me. He did, his massive tongue playfully coming out to swipe my face having no idea what was about to happen to him. I purposely ignored Jake now, my attention only on King. With some effort, I convinced him I wanted him to lay down and not have playtime. I reassured him with strokes to his large body and up to his head. I moved to his head, nuzzling him and giving him soft, soothing sounds near his ear as I stroked his head, ears, neck and down his side. I looked down his body as my hand moved from his side to his belly and his reddish cock was still exposed, though it might have retreated a little back in his sheath.I knew how to suck cock. What I didn’t know was how the big guy might react as I did it. I doubted this had happened to him before and I doubted that Jake would be of any help in educating me. So, I continued to ignore him.The first wayward touch of my fingers to his sheath resulted in a quick flinch from King, his head rising and looking down at his hind-end, then at me as if to question what I was doing. The quick bond we had developed, however, seemed to bypass any major concern or tension he might have felt. With that confidence reinforcement, I allowed the next touches to be bolder, gliding over the sheath. As I did that, more of his cock began emerging and his head returned to the ground. I wasn’t sure of what the proper approach to loving dog cock should be and decided right there some internet research might be helpful if such a thing was available for dogs.I decided to skip further finger manipulation and teasing and moved to using my mouth. This was going to be a major trust moment because I wouldn’t be in a position to anticipate his actions, specifically that mouth full of teeth, if he felt threatened. Now this relationship wasn’t simply a matter of trust in Jake, but also in his dog? I smiled as I smoothly moved down his body.I blew on his cock tip to get a reaction from King, then gave it a kiss. I sensed nothing from him other than a slight flinch, which I didn’t take as unexpected. I kissed the tip, again, this time allowing the tip between my lips. I felt a watery substance from the end of his cock and looked closely, my tongue licking my lips in the process. His cock seemed to be secreting frequent pre-cum. Perhaps it was to aid the female in penetration and fucking. I giggled, that won’t be my problem.I took more of his cock into my mouth, then sliding my mouth over the exposed length, noticing that the cock was penetrating my mouth deeper and deeper. I pulled away and smiled. Like master, like dog. They both had large cocks. I resumed sucking and gently fucking his cock with my mouth until I felt the tip at my throat and something forming at my lips, something that was obstructing entry past my lips. I pulled back again to find a ball at the end of his cock. It must have been the size of a baseball. I then saw his cock twitch and a whine come from his throat. I recaptured his cock in my mouth, fucking it a few more times, bumping my throat and the ball of flesh and muscle. His rear jerked and I pulled back so only a few inches was still inside my mouth. And he came. Spurt after spurt after spurt. I couldn’t swallow it all, though I tried. I sat up on my knees, looked at Jake and licked my lips. His smile seemed very pleased.* * * CHAPTER 3 to follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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