He swung the car around violently on the deserted road and drove back to check what his headlights had lit up. It was late, very late, and he’d been drinking – but nevertheless he was certain his eyes had not deceived him.He pulled up by the kerb where the bundle of rags had suddenly moved as he drove past. It was raining heavily now and as he searched for some sign, he was getting thoroughly drenched.A slight movement made him turn quickly. And then he saw the eyes. Two large bright eyes peering from amongst a tangle of rain soaked rags and attempting to find some shelter in the doorway of a derelict industrial unit. Curious, he approached slowly. The eyes locked onto his and shining with such strong emotions he felt his heart leap. Hate, loathing, fear… and yet an over-riding excitement and undeniable lust.He spoke. Gently, encouraging. Who are you? What are you doing out almanbahis here? Where do you live? The eyes blinked once and from the middle of the bundle came a muffled moan. Afraid that this strange creature may be hurt, he stepped forward with his arms outstretched.With a frightened mewl, the eyes opened wide and the rags scrabbled to back away. Keeping up the encouraging monologue, he reached out and gently raised the creature to standing.Before him stood a girl. No more than seventeen. As she rose, the rags around her shoulders fell to show soaking wet, dirty and torn jeans and t-shirt. The rain ran down her long blond hair and dripped into her face, her eyes. Those eyes. Blazing now with Heaven alone knew what.Again he questioned her. Where do you come from? What on earth are you doing out here? The girl looked at him. Mesmerising him. Shaking his head to break almanbahis yeni giriş away from her gaze, he realised that he too was saturated and the rain was still falling. In a moment he decided to take the girl to the police. They’ll know what to do with you – come on. She followed him to his car. As the car approached the Police Station, he suddenly slowed down. He’d had a pretty heavy night – probably over the limit. Not too clever, walking into a nick in this state. He looked at the girl. She caught his stare again. With an effort he pulled his eyes away and he knew. He’d take her home – go to the police in the morning – when he’d slept this lot off.He turned the lights on. You’ll probably want a bath – you’re cold and wet. In the bathroom, steam curled invitingly from the piping hot water. She appeared at the door. There you go – clean towels and use almanbahis giriş my bathrobe. Something to eat – drink? As he filled the kettle and put some bread in the toaster he thought about the girl. Who was she? He’d found her nearly forty minutes ago and she still hadn’t said a single word. Strange. Maybe she was mute, or deaf, or something. And those eyes…All the while she was eating the toast and drinking the strong hot coffee he’d made, not a word had escaped her. Now she was fast asleep in his spare bed. Well maybe in the morning he’d find out about this little mystery.He’d been asleep maybe two hours when something woke him. Disorientated, it took a few minutes for him to work out what it was. Curled around his back with her hand draped over his hip and stomach was the girl. She made a soft moaning noise and he realised she wasn’t asleep. How long had she been there?What are you doing awake? You need some sleep. He rolled out of her arms to face her. Maybe she was frightened. Needed some comfort. Want a hug, eh? He put his arm around her shoulder – she’d taken off the t-shirt he’d given her.

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