I had to go out of town on business and have been gone for a few days. It was late when I finished my work and I decided to go on home instead of spending another night away from you. As I drive through the night all I can think about is getting back to you and holding you in my arms. Thinking about the way you feel in my arms and the smell of your skin keeps me going all night.

When I get home I don’t want to wake you so I make sure I am very quiet as I go into the house. I want to surprise you so I go into the kitchen and start getting out what I need to cook breakfast for you. I get everything ready for us to eat and walk down the hall to wake you.

When I get close to our room I hear you moaning and I ease up to the door so that I can see you. You have pushed the covers off of yourself and you are sliding your fingers in and out of your pussy. As you slide your fingers in and out you stop and rub your clit as your moans get louder. As I watch you I take my erection out of my pants and begin to slowly stroke it. You then push your fingers inside your pussy harder as your rub your clit with your hand. Your moans get louder and you begin to shake as your orgasm 1xbet yeni giriş moves through your body.

As you lay on the bed resting and breathing heavily I walk into the room. You see my erection and ask if I was spying on you. I tell you that I did watch a little but did not want to interrupt you. You tell me to get on the bed beside you so I remove my clothes and lie down also.

You get on top of me and place your pussy against my face. Slowly you move your hips around as you take my erection in your hand and begin to kiss it gently. I slide my tongue around your clit then up and down your pussy. You slide my erection inside your mouth and suck it gently as it moves it in and out. Our passion is soaring and we begin to tremble and shake as we erupt in a wonderful orgasm.

You collapse on top of me and I softly kiss your pussy as you regain your strength. You turn around and place your pussy on my erection then slowly slide back and forth on top of it. I can feel your hard clit sliding up and down my erection sending my excitement skyrocketing. We kiss passionately as you rock your hips back and forth rubbing yourself against me. You slide back 1xbet giriş and forth faster and press your pussy against me erection harder as you begin to tremble. Your moans are loud as you start shaking and your orgasm rolls through your body.

You slide off of me and lie down beside me as I move between your legs. We tenderly kiss as I get over top of you. Placing my erection against your pussy I gently push inside you. Slowly I am moving my erection in and out of you when you wrap your legs around me. Pulling yourself up against me your clit rubs against me as I move in and out of you. Our moans grow louder as I push harder into you and our passion is growing stronger. We start to tremble as our bodies pressed together and our excitement is spinning out of control. We both tense and shake as we explode in a wonderful orgasm with stars streaking through our minds.

Exhausted, we lie on the bed holding each other and kissing tenderly. I tell you that I fixed your breakfast and was on my way to tell you when I had to stop and watch you masturbate. You tell me that it excited you knowing that I still masturbated looking at you. We get out of the bed and go into 1xbet güvenilirmi the bathroom to clean up before you have your breakfast.

You get the shower ready and I get towels before we get in the shower. We gently start washing each other and my hands slide over your breasts feeling your sweet hard nipples. Softly I slide my hands back and forth over your nipples covering them with soap. As the water rinses the soap away you get down on your knees and put your lips around my erection. You slide it in and out of your mouth driving my excitement higher.

I pull you up and kiss you passionately. You put your arms around my neck and I grab your butt so together we lift you up and I press you against the wall. Placing my erection against your pussy I push inside you. Pressing you against the wall I push into you hard and fast. Your clit is rubbing against me as I move in and out of you faster. Our moans are turning to screams of passion. Trembling, I push into you harder and we begin to shake. We erupt in a beautiful orgasm and my knees are getting weak as I sit on the floor of the shower with you still wrapped around me.

We regain our strength and finish our shower. We kiss passionately and I tell you that your breakfast will need to be warmed up. Exhausted from my trip and the morning’s pleasure I go into the bedroom and lie on the bed then drift off to sleep with a smile on my face.

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