Something Different


This story starts after my 18th birthday spanking. I’m still bound tightly and bent over a table with my bare ass in the air, an unfortunately obvious target for a bum fucking. The guy is also over eighteen.

Given that my sexual experience was not particularly extensive at the time I turned eighteen, it probably will not be surprising that I was an anal virgin. In fact, even though I had been left alone in the garret, naked, bound tightly with rope, bent over a table, the possibility I might be done in my bottom never occurred to me. Even after he came into the room, locked the door behind him, and we were all alone. It wasn’t until I saw the bottle of baby oil and the hardware he had brought and felt his dampened fingers at my asshole that I caught on.

I had mixed emotions about taking it in my behind. I knew girls did it, and I even knew some who had done it. Initially the thought of a guy putting his dick in my soft white bottom filled me with apprehension. But the girls I knew who had taken it said they had enjoyed it, after getting over the initial shock of having something stuck up their behind. So I looked forward to trying it, though I must admit I would have liked to have had more to say about the circumstances. I pleaded briefly to at least be untied, without success.

I was already tied firmly to the table, face down. The only concession to comfort was a towel placed directly under my snatch. I couldn’t move my upper body and my ankles were spread and tied to the table legs. He did me one better by tying my legs just above the knees to the table legs, so I couldn’t move at all. My lily-white bottom was perfectly positioned for what was to be done. I felt his finger at my asshole, cool with the baby oil lube and softly he inserted just the first joint of one finger into me. I cringed but I tried not to resist. Again and then again and again he kept sticking his finger tip in there and moving it back and forth.

Then a little further and after a bit he had his whole middle finger up me. It didn’t really hurt but it felt really weird. Then he began to turn the finger slightly and I could really feel it up inside of me.

The next step was two fingers together and film izle this time I could feel my insides being spread more than before and maybe it hurt and I tried to move but I couldn’t. He pressed a little harder and then he was in me all the way with the two fingers. He moved them in and out maybe just halfway and then some more and then further in and out, and I was beginning to get a bit of a feeling of being fucked in the ass. It felt uncomfortable but good at the same time and I started to move my hips a bit like I was on top of a guy. I could actually maybe see how I could cum by pressing my genitals into the towel underneath me on the table-top, and he kept doing it and by the time he stopped I swear I was halfway there.

Now he started with the hardware he had brought. There were butt plugs of increasing size which would help me get used to having something thicker and longer in me, leading up towards the time when I was ready to receive a guy’s dick. There were also similar things that were wider which I would need to be able to accommodate. Then there were longer ones that were ribbed and that looked more like penises, as I’d need to be able to take the increased length. Finally, there were things that were shaped like dicks with heads on them just like a guy. The hardest part of this was getting used to having the dick head enter your rectum. Once it was in it was easier taking it the rest of the way.

So we started with the hardware. I felt the point of the device at my asshole and him pushing and even with lube I could feel a stretching as it entered. It didn’t really hurt, it was just uncomfortable and it took a bit but finally it was in there and, surprisingly, it felt good. Over like the next half hour we kept trying bigger and longer things. It never really hurt and when he got one in there it almost made me feel good. With the biggest ones we wanted to try to get them all the way in and I did for the first ones but not the very last. By this time he was also naked and well erect and I could plainly see not getting the longest device in me didn’t really matter.

Anyway, by this time having something in there felt good and introduced the possibility that if I fragman izle could get relaxed and concentrate on my feelings I might be able to come. I tried to focus on relaxing, breathing and bearing down to get it in there past the initial tightness and then to see how far I could go. There was no pain but it was uncomfortable. Whatever the case with me though, he was ready to stick his dick in there. I felt I was ready to receive him. We had lube, and he promised to use it, and to go slow and gentle. He lubed my asshole and the immediate area inside me liberally, gave himself a few quick strokes to get harder and lubed his dick. The softness of my bare bum beckoned, and he moved to take advantage of the situation.

He untied some of my ropes to give himself better access to my nude body. He stood behind me. He positioned himself with his dick at the entrance to my bottom. The pillow under me gave him a way to slide his hands up under me up to feel me up. With the ropes now loosened he pulled my bare ass up just a little higher in the air off the pillow, bringing his cock up to just the right height to enter me. Thankfully, he was now hard enough to enter me. I trembled a bit, but there was no turning back.

I could feel the head of his cock at my asshole. My heart was racing. He took a deep breath and firmly began to push his hips forward. I tensed a bit and felt the head of his dick begin to enter me. He knew he was hurting me as he pushed himself in, but he didn’t stop. My asshole widened enough as his dick head pushed into me. Then the head slipped inside and I began to accept his shaft, doing the best I could take all of it. He pushed harder and I cried out. He knew he was hurting me, but he kept pushing until he had every inch of himself into me. I bit down on my lower lip against the pain of him getting in, but now with him in me it was better. He drew his cock almost out of me and leaned forward and thrust back in, intent on making me take every inch of him again.

I could feel my whole body tensing up underneath him and my tight little butt clenching onto him but as he did it more and more easily I started to relax a little and bit by bit I tried to dizi izle get into a rhythm with him. Now each time he stuck himself into me he no longer tried to get his full length into me. He began pulling back on my hips each time he thrusted and pushed my bum against him. I figured out what he was trying to do and I began to work my bum to push myself back to meet each of his thrusts, so I could have better control of what I was feeling. He began to run his fingers under me over my tummy up to my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples and I started getting hotter and hotter and I knew if I kept trying I could make myself cum.

By now the fucking he was giving me was getting to be enough to push him over the edge. He thrust myself into me half a dozen more times and one last time and suddenly he was there, and he held himself completely inside my ass as he began to cum. Harder and harder he came, and he just emptied himself into my bottom. He pushed again and again and I just screwed my eyes shut and holy shit I’m just about there myself and that was the last thing I noticed as I started to cum.

It just kind of started to happen and I prayed don’t stop, don’t stop and I can’t and I just kind of disappeared into the void and I don’t know for how long. I just tried to grind myself harder against the pillow and on and on until I couldn’t anymore and it was amazing. After a while I kind of slowly started to come back down and slowly got more aware of what was happening. Little by little there’s the room and the table and I’m tied to it, and he’s got his dick in my bum and I can feel my breath still coming hard and finally I’m pretty much all the way back and then I am and it’s quiet and finally I felt him take himself out of my bum.

I lay there panting while he cleaned himself up and he got dressed. He cut my ropes enough so I could get myself untied, and then he left. I just lay there for a while feeling the after effects. My asshole hurt some and in a way I could still feel the outline of his dick inside me. I was limp from the exertion of him pumping me and from having cum.

I untied my ropes and surveyed the damage being tied up so long had caused. I wandered downstairs, still naked, and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. The hot water on my body felt good. I didn’t really know what to make of the whole affair. I guess it was a success. At least now I can say I’ve been fucked in the ass. If anybody asks.

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