Something about Larry Pt. 02


Larry was in the kitchen when I used my key to open his door. I grabbed a beer and proceeded to watch him wash veggies in the sink. He had already lost his suit and was dressed in shorts and an age old t-shirt from some Willie Nelson concert. We chatted while I just stood there and stared. I had come to the conclusion some time ago that his face was perfect. Not that he was a Clooney or Pitt or any one of the many Ryans that grace the silver screen, I’m not saying that. It’s just that everything complimented the other features so well together. Everything fit. Those lips were meant for that smile. His nose was everything you could want in a nose, meaning it was straight and lacking any bulbous protrusions. His eyebrows were lush and groomed. His eyes had enchanting flecks of green amid the iris grey. And it was all so expressive. I could see every laugh before it happened, every spark of curiosity, every awakening of interest. I could even see the flash of anticipation when he thought of what was bound to happen between us tonight.

I approached from behind and nuzzled his neck.

“I like the way you smell of sawdust after work,” he said. “It’s earthy and reeking of virility.” He pressed his ass against me as his hips swayed. My hands wriggled under the t-shirt and encircled his chest. He was smooth from head to toe and his skin was as flawless as marble. I caressed his pecs while my kisses became ardent. Larry stretched his neck to reveal all the tender spots and moaned as I found each one. My hand rubbed down to his abs, and then further. He spun around and pushed me gently away. “Not so fast there, Mister.”

I leaned in to kiss him. His arms cradled my head for a long moment, then he pushed me away again. “Now go wash the sawdust off yourself and then we’ll have a normal, domestic meal that doesn’t include me getting my ass nailed on the table.”

“Not even as dessert?”

“Not even. I picked out a movie for us. I want to sit and snuggle and actually watch it through to the end.”

He chased me out of the kitchen with the dish towel. Later we had a lovely dinner. Salmon. Larry said I would be needing the protein. And a normal, domestic conversation ensued. We’d only been seeing each other two weeks and the concept of domesticity was new to me. Still, it was looking pretty good and felt cozy, like you finally found that thing that fit just right. We cleared the table together, then he disappeared while I settled in on the couch. A few minutes later he plopped down beside me wearing a sleek blue teddy. The top fit him snuggly with the plush nubs of his nipples clearly defined. Matching panties hugged his hips and sheathed his cock. A subtle sheen of gloss graced his lips.

“You say you want to watch the movie uninterrupted then you dress like this?”

“Learn to control your impulses, Big Guy.”

“I think my control is pretty good. You always cum first.”

“And that is appreciated but you miss the point.”

I surrendered myself to the fate of sitting idle and aroused for the next two hours. With a flick of the remote the DVD player came alive. He burrowed against my arm, hugging it, giving the bicep a caressing squeeze. “I’ve really been wanting to see this film,” he said with real anticipation. “I hope it’s to your liking. So far our tastes are pretty closely synced.”

With the slight sheen of gloss, his lips looked even more plump, moist. Our eyes melted into each others and he rose to a light, slow kiss. The opening credits went on and on and so did we. When they were over, he settled down for the show. I was pleased to see that it was a comedy intended for adults, not a pubescent boy’s costume fantasy, and I was easily swept up by the story. Still, my eyes drifted to Larry. Satin panties gathered snuggly at his package. The tucked form of his cock shimmered in the flickering light of the screen. Flaccid, it was a nice handful; erect, it was more than my mouth could take in.

After an aching glance, my eyes returned to the movie. It was a typical plot but pulled bahis siteleri off well. A blind date had turned into fiasco of charming errors. Larry began to chuckle uncontrollably. I took the opportunity to ogle him. His face was flushed and his eyes watery with tears from laughing. His chest convulsed beneath the teddy, causing his nipples to rise against the sheer fabric. His entire torso shook. Even his cock quaked in his laughter. I reached over and took his cock into my hand.


“I just want to hold it.” And that’s all I did, cup the spongy softness of his cock in the palm of my hand. I swear that’s all I did, for about 90 seconds. Then, my fingers started to knead his manhood with tiny, involuntary caresses. It was a subliminal reflex of my fingers in contact with his sex. Without turning from the TV screen, he gave an exasperated sigh. “That’s more than just holding,” he said, and draped my offending arm over his shoulder.

“Sorry,” I said in a hangdog voice.

He gave a little laugh and looked into my eyes. “You’re forgiven.”

A couple of scenes later, he abruptly grabbed the remote and paused the movie. “Intermission.” And with a quick kiss he padded off to one bathroom. I went to another. I was back on the couch when he returned. First, he gave me a long soft kiss then he leaned his back against my chest, placing his cock strategically out of reach. I reached over his shoulder and gently stroked his chest through the slinky fabric. “Behave,” he said. He held my wandering hand and started the movie again.

The ending surprised me. The blind date led to a series of fumbling misadventures and I was waiting for it to magically come together. But it didn’t. They went their separate ways, sadder but wiser.

Larry sat up abruptly as he clicked it off and turned to me. “Well? What do you think?”

“That was odd.”

He grabbed the DVD case and stood. The teddy swirled as he twisted halfway around to capture some light to read. I caught a good gander of his smooth stomach before the fabric settled and stretched lightly across his chest. There were those nipples again, glistening beneath sheer blue satin.

“I really liked it. Right? I mean they would never make it as a couple. Right?”

His cock was clearly outlined in the sheen of his panties.

“So they drank some wine, had some laughs, and learned something about themselves. That’s a happy ending in my book.”

He spoke emphatically and his energy transmitted through his entire body causing his pecs to heave and his abs to flex and even his cock to bounce, all of it hidden beneath the sexy sheen of satin.

“Right? Right? Are you even listening?”

Obviously I had been ogling. Busted. I started to make a joke but the look on his face deterred me. Disappointment. He walked to the DVD player to put the disc in its case. He had to bend low and he made a show doing it, making sure I got a long look of his beautiful ass swaddled in shimmering blue. He was making a point, and I was most certainly getting it even if I was unsure what his point was. I was confident he was going to explain it further when he stood in the middle of the floor.

“Look, I love to dress sexy. I’m a sexual being. Sometimes I express my sexuality by displaying my whole self. And I love to see the effect I have on you.”

The effect on me was unmistakable. He looked like a gift from the gods standing there. A gilded exemplar of the male form presented as his feminine inner soul.

“But our relationship feels a little one sided to me.” Larry snapped his fingers and pointed to a spot beside him. “Now get over here.”

I felt a little sheepish as I complied, like a puppy being scolded for peeing on the carpet. Two feet separated us. I loved the excuse to look into his face. His lips had a pink tint, perpetually moist and alluring. His green-flecked eyes were probing, with a depth that seemed irresistable.

“Now I’m going to go over there and sit on the couch while you put on a show for me. Come on, give me something canlı bahis siteleri to look at.”

I was flummoxed. Was he expecting me to strip tease? Now a lap dance, maybe, but I’m not a prancing, dancing sort of guy. The fact is, I’m very self-conscious and the thought of performing, even for my lover in the privacy of his living room felt like taking an acid bath in embarrassment. “This is feeling very weird.”

“Come on. Shuck that t-shirt and shed the sweatpants, Big Boy.” I started to protest … “Come on. I’m not asking you to dance or shake your booty – well, let’s not take that possibility off the table just yet – but I do want to see you in all your naked glory. Now! Underwear, too. Jesus Christ, in the last fifteen days you’ve had that dick up my cooch twenty-three times. No use in modesty now. Seriously, five times that first week-end alone.”

So I pulled down my jockeys, too. I didn’t know what to do with my arms. Dangling at my side they just felt awkward. I rested my right hand on my hip but the “I’m a little teapot” song started in my head and I became very aware of my spout. Larry saved me by directing the scene.

“I want you to feel your arms. Go ahead. Massage them. Your hands aren’t close to covering the girth of your biceps. You’re huge, Dude, and solid as a rock. Run your hands up to your shoulders and feel the strength. You wear XXL because you’re too self-conscious when people notice how stretched out a normal shirt is on you.”

He was right. I felt shy about feeling myself up in front of him. I hated when people stared at my size.

“Now feel your chest. Not like that. Really feel yourself. Like your first time getting to second base with a girl.”

I always wear a t-shirt at the lake, even in the water, because women keep checking out my chest. And then men envy the stares I get and that makes things even weirder. I don’t court the attention but I started doing push-ups every morning before breakfast when I was fourteen. I started out at 20 reps but was soon up to fifty. That adds up to over half a million push ups, for fucks sakes. Of course I’ve got a nice rack.

“There’s a few extra pounds there but still those are the hardest, most lucious pecs I’ve ever seen.”

That’s how it went. He had me stroke my abs, and my thighs. He even had me knead my butt-cheeks for him. All the while commenting on my physique; its hardness, its power; its erotic manliness.

“Now we arrive at my favorite of all your lovely muscles. I want you to take your cock in your hand. Gently squeeze it. Stroke it. Feel it grow? Your cock is alive. It’s animated by all the yearning in your heart. Look at it now, how it flushes from your hot blood, how it throbs with every beat.”

I did look. The flesh was taut. The head was plump and squishy. The shaft was coursed by thick, blue veins. If asked, I would claim it was a solid seven inches but I cheated a bit with the tape measure the day I measured. Still, it was substantial and hard as a rock. It kind of made me proud.

“Pull it all the way downward and then let go.” It slapped against me belly with an audible pop. “It’s muscular. It’s your Man-muscle. I think it’s gorgeous. You could win a contest with that thing. It should be draped in a sash saying Mr. Cocksman.”

I had lost all sense of embarrassment and modesty. I stood naked before my lover – the sexiest, most sensuous being I’ve ever know – and felt a brazen confidence. I saw the hunger in his eyes and realized how tantalizing he found me.

“Is there any doubt why I was so attracted to you from the moment that wonderful ass plopped down on that barstool beside me?”

“Actually, I always wondered about that. You’re a beautiful man and you could win any man over with your sexual charms.”

“And yet I want you. I want your man muscle to fill me. To make me whole.”

He stood. A vision wrapped in blue satin. He lowered his panties. His cock started to rise beneath my gaze as my breathing grew hot and bothered with desire. He smiled at me lovingly, canlı bahis enticingly. Then he turned knelt on the ottoman extending from the couch. He spread his knees wide. The teddy sagged around his waist forming a shimmering backdrop to his dangling cock and balls. And there above, ensconced between the firm alabaster mounds of his voluptuous cheeks, was the spotless, smooth rosebud that leads to his inner self. It puckered and winked as he flexed his ass muscles. It drew me like a tractor beam. I knelt on the floor before him, entranced. My hands gently probed the flesh of his bubble-butt. My mouth watered. I licked my lips.

With a dollop of slobber cupped in my tongue, I licked at his hole. It felt licentious to softly, teasingly slather the tender flesh. My lover moaned and he flexed and writhed beneath my juicy ministrations. I made my tongue hard and pointy as I tickled the ring around his sphincter. I made my tongue lush and fleshy as I pressed it deeper into the opening flower of his ass.

My hand reached beneath him and gathered his cock in my palm. With achingly soft caresses, I massaged the pillowy head. Then with a teasing grip, I jacked his throbbing shaft as my tongue wandered down to the ticklish veneer of his perineum, nibbling and sucking before returning to his craning hole.

“Oh, Baby, I love how you eat my cooch. It makes me crazy, the way I desire your manhood.”

He rolled onto his back, his knees high and wide. “Penetrate me slowly all the way to your balls and be still inside me.”

I tried to comply. I entered slow enough and pushed deep enough but then to just be still in the wonderful clench of his hot ass tested the limit of my restraint. My cock protested and strained, wanting to probe with wild abandon every fold and recess of the chamber of his sex.

“Shhh. Shhh. Relax. I wish you could feel what I do. The way you fill me up. How your cock throbs and pulses. The way you press against my pleasure spot, my prostate, and make my jizz beg for release. I want you to remain deep within me and to flex the muscle of your manhood against that spot. Just flex, don’t thrust.

His eyes blazed with passion and pleaded for satisfaction. I contracted my kegels and engaged my core and I felt my cock strain as if to raise him from the cushions.

“Ohh,” He moaned and his eyes became hooded with bliss. “Could you feel it? Just relax for a second, recover, and do it again, just like that. Ohhh.”

He moaned even louder. I paused to gather myself, then I pressed up harder and held my cock firmly, deeply against the sheath that held me. He squirmed and rocked against me.

“Oh, God, can you feel it? Ohh, I feel it rolling from side to side against your cock. Do it, Baby. Lift me off this couch with your powerful cock.”

“Give me a second,” I panted. ‘I love this but it’s hard work.”

“I’m sorry, Luv. I don’t mean to …”

“No. It’s okay. I’m almost ready to go again.”

With all my strength I hoisted my cock hard against his prostate. I felt the tiny hard nub and rubbed it with my straining flesh. Then I rested for a moment. Then I strained again. And again.

Larry’s beautiful head was thrown back in rapture and mewling sounds escaped from some deep subterranean realm of ecstasy. A thread of cum drooled from his cock and puddled just below the blue hem of satin. I paused, gathered my strength, and then strained inside him one more time. He gasped and shuddered and cum erupted from his cock and shot up to his chest. I could feel his ass convulse around the shaft of my dick as the stream of jizz became a dribble and then stopped. Every muscle within Larry sagged as his heart stopped racing and his heaving chest calmed. I was exhausted, too, although still hard and eager for my own release.

I watched him as he drifted within the tiny death of sexual satiation. When he opened his eyes he smiled and managed a squeeze of my cock with his tired ass.

“You’re still hard, aren’t you?”

I was panting too hard to speak so I just nodded.

“Well I think this calls for some old-fashioned in and out action.” His hands played up and down my arms as his eyes devoured the rise and fall of my chest. “Fuck me, my beautiful man. Fuck me till you fill me with your cum”

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