Soccer Mom Tickled


Walking to my car in the mall parking lot I see a man approach me. I instantly grab my pepper spray.

“What do you want?” I ask, bringing out the can of spray.

“Woah. Hold on,” the man says.

“No, you hold on. What do you want?” I repeat.

“Just wondered if you’d like to make $500?” he says.

“What, to fuck you? Get lost creep!” I said and start to get into my car.

“No. To let me tickle you.”

“You want to pay me $500 to just tickle me?” I asked. Curious now.

“That’s all. You can keep your clothes on and everything.”

Being a single mom, an extra $500 would come in handy. My eighteen-year-old son was at soccer practice and wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours. “Let me see the money,” I say.

The man pulls out five $100 dollar bills.

“Follow me to my house,” I say, wondering if I’ll be on the news as a murder victim tomorrow.

Fifteen minutes later I’m tied to my bed with my arms over my head and my legs spread open.

“I’ve found that feet are pretty ticklish, so I’m going to take off your shoes and socks,” the man says.

“So much for keeping my clothes on,” I reply, already thinking this was a mistake.

“Just your shoes and socks,” I promise. “Unless you change your mind.”

“And why would I do that?” I ask.

“Tickling can be a turn on for some people,” he says.

“A turn on? Don’t make me laugh,” I said. Then we both looked at each other and laughed.

“Ready?” he asks.

Before I can answer he grabbed my foot and started tickling it. I burst out laughing. I never knew how tickling my feet were. At first, he sat on my legs facing away from me and tickled my feet, from the toes down to the heels. Then, from his pocket he pulled out a feather and ran that between my toes, then used the sharp end to scratch and write on my feet.

Suddenly he stopped tickling me, got up and went into my bathroom. “I figured a beautiful woman like you with beautiful hair would have a hairbrush. And look what I found?” he says, holding up my hairbrush.

Now would probably be a good time to describe myself. I’m average height, about 5’6″ with long brown hair which I usually wear in a ponytail, brown eyes, and a pretty face (at least guys say I’m pretty). My breasts are about average a 34 C cup although a bit saggy now that I’m in my 40’s. My greatest asset is my ass. It’s a little bigger than I’d like it to be, but guys seem to “accidently” bump into it on a regular basis. Once when my car was in the shop, I had to take the bus to work. This old guy, probably in his 70’s, keep grabbing and touching it. The bus was really crowded and I really had nowhere else to go. Then he was rubbing his crotch against my ass for like ten minutes. Finally, my stop arrived and as I turned to leave, I looked and saw a wet spot on the front of his pants. I looked up and the guy had a huge smile on his face. He even waved as I got off the bus. Thank God my car was fixed the next day. I know I’m not a super-hot girl and I am a single mother in her 40’s, so I’m not sure why guys like me. I sure can’t seem to find one who wants to marry me. Just weird old creepy men on the bus rubbing my ass or men in their 30’s who want to tie me up and tickle me for $500.

“Are you ready?” he asked again. And again, before I could answer, he started scratching my feet with the hairbrush. Holy shit that tickled more than the feather or his fingers. It was hard to breath I was laughing so much. He tickled me with the hairbrush for about ten minutes. Then, he straddled me and started tickling my stomach.

“I guess you do like being tickled,” he said. I looked down and noticed my nipples were hard. What he couldn’t see, thank God, was that my crotch was wet also. In hindsight it was a mistake not wearing a bra. Not only were my nipples hard, but my boobs were bounding all over the place.

When he moved to tickle under my arms his hands grazed my breasts. Then, he started batıkent escort tickling my breasts.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked. “This wasn’t part of the deal.”

“The deal was $500 for tickling you. All I said was you could keep your clothes on. Where I tickled you was never discussed,” he says, tickling my rock-hard nipples. Then, he started pinching them. I moaned. Another mistake. “You woman are all the same,” he says smiling. “You all act innocent, but when a man touches you, up go the nipples and I’ll bet your pussy is wet too.” He then straight up tickled me for another 15 minutes.

I was so relieved when he stopped, that I didn’t even notice what he was doing. “Ah, more proof you’re a slut,” he said, holding up my vibrator. I thought the hairbrush on my feet tickled, the vibrator was actually worse. He started on my feet, then moved up my legs to my thighs. When he put it on my crotch I gasped.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.” He said. Then he moved the vibrator to my stomach. When he put the vibrator on my nipples I was laughing and moaning. It tickled, but also felt good. My shirt had ridden up and most of my midsection was now exposed. When the vibrator hit my bare stomach, I laughed to hard I was crying. I closed my eyes for just a moment, then I heard something.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked genuinely shocked.

“It’s sort of in the way,” he said, cutting off my shirt. I was now tied down and topless in front of a strange man. Then he really started tickling me. He started with his fingers, then moved to the vibrator, then with the feather. Making sure to pay special attention to my still rock-hard nipples. Then he leaned down and started sucking my nipples and flicking them with his tongue. As he did this he reached down and started rubbing my crotch with his finger. My yoga pants did little to hide the fact that my pussy was wet. “Would you like me to lick that wet pussy?” he asked.

He had stopped tickling me and was still sucking on my tits and rubbing my pussy. It felt so good. I could feel an orgasm building up. “Yes. Anything. Just get me off,” I said, feeling like a slut.

“So, you’re giving me permission to take off your pants?”

“Yes, goddammit. Take them off. Whatever,” I said as he pushed the vibrator tight against my wet and itchy pussy.

He pealed my yoga pants down then untied my feet one at a time to pull them off all the way. Now I was totally nude in front of a stranger who’s name I still didn’t know. A stranger who had just tickled the hell out of me to the point where my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet. Then my phone rang.

“Michael?” the man said looking at my phone.

“My son,” I replied. “Connect it and put it to my ear please,” I said. He did.

“Michael?” I asked.

“Hi, mom. We’re done with practice and Joey and Trevor are gonna come over and hang out. We should be there in about thirty minutes.”

“You’ll be home in thirty minutes huh? Okay, see you then sweety. Love you. Hahaha.”

Her started tickling me before he hung up the phone.

“Mom, what’s so funny?” Michael asked.

The stranger then put the vibrator on my bare pussy and I moaned.

“Mom? What’s that noise?” The stranger finally disconnected the call and started laughing.

“You bastard,” I said.

“Come on that was a little bit funny,” he said, tickling my sides again. I burst out laughing.

“Have you ever had an orgasm with a feather?” he asked, rubbing the feather on my clit. Then he slipped a finger in my soaking wet pussy.

“Yes, yes,” I said.

“You have?” he asked.

“No. Not with a feather. Oh my God. Don’t stop. Don’t stop,” I said.

“Wow! You are a little tickle slut,” he said. Then he placed his mouth on my pussy and started sucking on my clit. He reached up and started pinching my nipples. Then he put the vibrator on my clit and started finger fucking beşevler escort me.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” I shouted. My pussy clamped down on his finger and my body jerked and spasmed.

“Only about fifteen minutes before Jr. get’s home. What do you say you return the favor?”

“What do you-” I started to ask. The stranger had dropped his pants and shoved his cock in my mouth.

“No!” I protested. “My son will be home soon.”

“Then you better start sucking, tickle slut,” he said. It didn’t take long before he started shooting in my mouth. I swallowed what I could, but because I was tied up some leaked down my mouth.

“Okay, you had your fun. You better go now,” I said.

“Oh, I think we have a few minutes left,” he said. Then started tickling me again. After about five minutes the front door opened.

“Mom?” a voice called. “We’re here.”

“Try and be quiet,” the man whispered in my ear, as he reached up and tickled my sides again. Once again, I burst out laughing.

“Untie me,” I said between laughing.

“Have a fun afternoon,” the man said, placing the feather, hairbrush and vibrator on my stomach. Then he ran out of the bedroom and out the door.

“Hey, stop!” I heard Michael yell. Then I heard footsteps running.

“Mike, honey. Don’t come in here,” I said. “Call Mrs. Weston from next door.”

Suddenly the door burst open and Joey and Trevor walked in. “Hey, Ms. Summers. Mike asked us to come and check on you…” Trevor said, his voice fading away.

“Oh my God,” I said.

“Mom, who was that man?” Michael asked, walking into the room.

“Mike, no!” I said.

“Mom, what the fuck?” my son said. taking in the view. His two friends were still staring at my naked, tied body. Having three 19-year-olds look at my naked body wasn’t doing me any good. Especially when one of them was my son.

“Mike, honey. I’ll tell you everything. Just untie me first and let me get dressed,” I pleaded.

“No. Tell me what happened first,” Mike said, sitting on the bed. Trevor and Joey sat on the bed too. Mike looked at them but didn’t say anything.

“Fine. That guy approached me at the mall and offered to pay me $500 dollars to let him tie me up and tickle me,” I said turning red with embarrassment.

“And you agreed to be tied up naked?” Trevor asked.

“Dude?” Mike said.

“Sorry bro,” Trevor said.

“But he makes a good point,” Mike said, looking at me.

“No. Of course not,” I said.

“Then why are you naked?” Mike asked.

“God. This is so embarrassing. I got turned on, okay?” I asked.

Mike looked over my naked body, noticing my wet pussy and hard nipples. “I see,” he said. “I get the vibrator and feather, but what’d he use the hairbrush for?”

“Mike, please. Just untie me. I’ll make you guys some cookies and we can watch a movie or something. Hell, I’ll give you the $500 and you guys can go to the mall,” I said pleadingly.

Instead of untying me, Mike poked my sides, causing me to jump and laugh. “Mike stop,” I said.

“Come on guys, help me,” Mike encouraged. Then Trevor and Joey started poking me on the other side as well. Soon, all three boys were tickling my stomach and sides. If I thought one person tickling me was bad, three was fucking horrible. After a couple of minutes, they stopped.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. Just stop tickling me,” I said, after catching my breath.

“My feet. He used it on my feet.”

“You guys get her armpits, I’ll get her feet,” Mike instructed.

“Mike no!” I screamed, but it was too late. They started tickling me like crazy.

Trevor, who was black and Joey who was a red-head, didn’t stay on my armpits too long. My boobs and nipples were the target of their fingers and eventually the feather. I was laughing and moaning.

Mike had stopped tickling my feet and looked at me. “Mom, are you getting turned on?” he asked. Then simply beypazarı escort slipped his finger inside my dripping, wet pussy.

I moaned even louder.

“Holy shit, Mom. You’re soaking wet. Trevor, hand me that feather,” Mike said. Then, while Trevor and Joey sucked on my boobs and nipples, my son tickled my clit with the feather and finger fucked me.

“Oh God. Stop. Don’t stop. Shit, Mike you gotta stop. Fuck don’t stop,” I said contradicting myself as both guilt and pleasure overwhelmed me.

“Sorry, Mom. I gotta know what your pussy tastes like,” Mike said, then buried his head in my cunt.

“Shit!” Fuck! Mike, you’re gonna make me come. Oh, fuck I’m coming!” I shouted. My body jumping as far as my restraints would allow.

“I want a turn,” Joey said.

“Go for it,” I said.

Joey took Mike’s place and although he didn’t have the skill my son had, Jesus, I can’t believe I’m impressed with how well my son eats pussy, he did a good job too. Then, before I could even react, Mike’s cock was in my face. I naturally opened my mouth to take my son’s hard and thick, although average cock in my mouth.

Trevor kept playing with my tits. He’d pinch one nipple and flick the other with his tongue.

Joey quickly brought me to orgasm. Then before I was ready, Mike shouted, “Oh shit, Mom, I’m gonna come.” My son’s cum shot in my mouth, but I managed to swallow it all.

Then the boys decided to tickle me some more. They tickled my thighs and blew raspberries on my stomach. Then Joey and Trevor shoved their hard cocks in my face and I went back and forth sucking my son’s friend’s cocks. Then I felt a cock enter my pussy.

“Mike, I don’t think we should,” I said, in a half-hearted attempt to keep this from going too far. But it just felt too good. “Fuck, your pussy’s tight, Mom,” Mike said.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck your mom’s tight pussy,” I yelled at my son. I could feel his thick cock throbbing, like it had a heartbeat. It wouldn’t take long before he was ready to come.

“Ready or not, here I come,” Mike said with a smirk, then he shot his load inside me.

Joey was next to fuck me. He had a surprisingly long cock but not as thick as my son’s. He must not have had much experience though, because he came really quickly.

I could barely get more than just the head of Trevor’s cook in my mouth, so when he shoved it in my pussy it totally filled me up. Trevor’s cock was huge. Both long and thick. At least he gave me an orgasm before adding his load to the other two already in there. I was tired and filled up. But apparently the boys weren’t done yet. They found another feather and while Trevor and Joey tickled my nipples with feathers, Mike used the vibrator on my pussy and clit. They built me up to several orgasms before finally letting me come. I screamed and had the biggest orgasm of my life.

The boys got dressed, grabbed the $500 dollars off the dresser and Mike said, “Okay, we’re going to the mall. Thanks for the cash, Ma,” and all three walked out the door.

“Michael Patrick Summer you better not leave me tied up like this,” I shouted. Laughing, Mike returned alone. Joey and Trevor had left. “Just kidding, Mom,” he said, then untied me. Although, untying me seemed to include touching my breasts, pinching and sucking on my nipples and slipping his fingers inside my cum filled cunt. Then, before I knew what was happening, Mike had me on my knees and was licking my asshole, then he gently pushed his cock in my asshole. I’d never been fucked in the ass before and was surprised at how good it felt. The cum in my pussy was leaking out all over the bed and Mike reached down and rubbed my clit until I had another orgasm, then I felt his cock tighten up and he shot a load in my butt. We both lay there panting.

“We need to do this again,” Mike said.

“I’ll bet,” I said.

“You seem to like being tied up and tickled. I didn’t know you were such a pervert,” Mike said.

“Pervert?” I asked.

“Would you prefer slut?” Mike asked.

“I’m good with pervert,” I said.

“I thought so. Don’t worry, Mom. I have lots of friends. I think they’ll like coming over to the Summer house.”

“I guess we could call it “Summertime,” I said and we both laughed.

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