Soccer Girls Ch. 03


Soccer Girls — Ch 3

[Author’s Notes: 1) there are no underage characters mentioned in this story; 2) this is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story involving Women’s College Soccer programs are not meant to be factually accurate but are there because they help advance the storyline. I have been told I’m close and that has to be good enough; and 3) I want to paraphrase a famous quote for my fellow authors:

The credit belongs to the authors who are actually in the arena; who strive valiantly; who err and come up short again and again; who know the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spend themselves in a worthy course; who at the best, know in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, if they fail, at least fail while daring greatly; so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Keep on writing folks.]

The girls finally got back to their dorm room and were so tired that they just went to bed, the next day was their first soccer camp and they had to be up bright and early for that.

The next morning, they were walking out to the athletic fields where the camp would be held. They saw two teammates standing with a third girl they did not recognize. She did have on a shirt that made it appear she was a counselor for the camp. When one of the teammates saw Katie and Melanie walking up she called out to them. The other two girls with her turned as well and the new girl said “Holy shit! It’s Bevis and Butthead!”

The two girls with her turned toward her shocked. Katie seemed angry and even Melanie’s usual smile left her face. Katie said “What did you call us?”

“I’m sorry, that’s what we called you back in the day. You guys played with the Blue Lightning a few years ago, right?”

“Right.” Katie said not sure why that would explain the name calling.

“A few years ago, my team was playing yours. And you scored this beautiful goal with a header. It was really impressive but we were kids and so we got mad and because you had headed the ball in, we called you Butthead. And since she (the new girl pointed at Melanie) was always with you she became Bevis. I know it sounds like an insult and at the time it probably was meant as one. But it was really born out of respect and even a little awe for both of you. You are both excellent players. I can’t believe we are going to be on the same team.”

“What do you mean same team?” asked Katie, still not too sure she was happy with the explanation or the person making it.

“Please, let me start over and do this right. My name is Josephine Napoli, but everyone calls me Jo. I am a transfer student, and I am going to be on the team with you girls this year. And while I have seen you before we have never been formally introduced.”

Melanie walked up to her with her hand out and said “Hi, Jo. I’m Melanie Smith. Great to have you on board.” Katie had not moved from her spot as she was still deciding what she thought about this news. When Melanie looked back and saw her, she turned back to Jo and said “And this is Katie Rogers. She can be a little stubborn at first, but it’s worth it to put in the effort to get to know her.”

Jo walked up to Katie and offered her hand. Katie shook it and said “Nice to meet you Jo. So you remember that goal?”

“Remember it, I caused it.”

“Huh?” Katie and Melanie both exclaimed.

“I was the one who fouled Bevis, I mean Melanie. That set up the kick. I had already seen she was fast, but I still couldn’t react in time. I thought for sure I was going to get the ball and she was already past me and I tripped her up. That was the penalty that gave you the free kick. Then Melanie hit that beautiful ball right to you and you headed it into the goal. You never want to be on the wrong end of a goal like that, but when I look back, it was such a beautiful goal. They’d have shown it on SportsCenter if anyone had sent it to them.”

Melanie didn’t want Katie thinking about how Jo had fouled Melanie, so she chimed in “Well, it’s all water under the bridge now. So, we are going to be teammates. That’s wonderful, where do you play?”

“Defender pretty much all the time. That’s what I have been doing and Coach Quincannon said I’d probably stay there.” Since Melanie was a striker and Katie a mid-fielder, Jo was not going to be a threat to their positions. So Katie finally relaxed and they all went to work at the camp.

That night all the girls on the team got together when camp was done to catch up with each other and meet the new girl on the team. Jo seemed to fit right in as if she’d been with them all along. She had some interesting stories about watching Katie and Melanie. Although she could only remember the one game where they actually played against each other, Jo seemed to have watched quite a number of Blue Lightning games.

Jo said “I always loved watching you two play. You complement each other so well. Speed and power. You both have it and use it differently. Melanie the way you drive your corner and free kicks, Katie escorts in london the way you can quickly change direction and fool a defender. It really is fun to watch. I am so glad I am going to be able to do it again. And even better because now I don’t have to watch it with you coming at me.”

Since Katie, Melanie and Jo had played in the same tournaments for years they had quite a number of similar stories about other teams they all had faced and experiences they had shared without realizing it. Like the time a massive rainstorm appeared out of nowhere, drenched the field and then left as quickly as it had come. The Blue Lightning were not playing when the storm hit but Jo’s team was on the field for it. Since there was no lightning, they had played through the rain. Jo remembered being soaked to the bone. Melanie caught herself wondering what Jo would have looked like soaking wet.

It became the routine that when the girls would all head to bed, Jo would go back to Katie and Melanie’s room and spend another half hour or so talking more about anything and everything. It turned out that Jo had quite a significant sexual history during her two years in Junior College. Her sexual partners had been mostly, although not exclusively, women. And she had numerous experiences with multiple partners.

Melanie always found herself getting very turned on when she would hear Jo relate one of her stories. Her and Katie were the only sexual partners each other had ever had. They had never even kissed anyone else. Katie was beginning to get a little uncomfortable about all the sex talk and particularly how Melanie looked at Jo when she talked about the things she had done with other girls and women.

It all came to a head one night about a month into the camps. Melanie had gone to take a shower at night expecting that no one else would be there and she could be quick. Each floor in the dorm had its own bathroom with showers. The shower was one big tile floor with eight shower heads spaced around. There was a small partition between each shower. It was not for privacy in any way but provided a place to put soap and shampoo and any other items the girls would need in the shower.

Melanie had just turned on the water at her shower when Jo came in. She only had her towel wrapped around her and she took that off and went to the shower head right next to Melanie. Jo began a casual conversation with Melanie, but Melanie spent the next 30 seconds or so checking out Jo’s body.

Jo was built similarly to Katie. She was a little bit shorter and a little bit thicker than Katie, although no one would classify her as heavy. She was certainly in physical shape as an athlete in a physically demanding sport at the highest level of college play. The long brown hair that Melanie had always seen in a ponytail now hung down Jo’s body as she rinsed under the shower. Melanie thought back to the story of Jo being caught in the rainstorm and she realized she was getting sexually aroused looking at Jo. But that did not stop her from finishing her view.

Melanie now spent some time staring at Jo’s breasts. Melanie saw that they were lovely. They were large (she eventually found out they were 36DD) and had very large areolas and very large nipples. After having made a mental picture of every square inch of Jo’s breasts, Melanie lowered her gaze to Jo’s stomach. It was flat and tight as one would expect and athlete’s body to be. Her waist was not thin, but her hips were wide and it gave her a great curve.

Melanie continued down and noticed that Jo was completely shaved. She also noticed the hummingbird tattoo on Jo’s inner thigh.

At this point Jo cleared her throat and Melanie looked up. “I guess I should take it as a compliment Melanie, but you stopped talking to me a minute ago.”

“Oh, it was not that long. I can’t think it was more than 20 seconds.”

“You spent more than 20 second looking at just my tits.” Jo was not upset. If anything she was laughing as Melanie was acting like a little girl caught taking a cookie and Jo thought it was funny and cute. Then she looked down for a second and look back up at Melanie and said, “Do you like the tattoo?”

“Actually, yes I do. I had never thought of getting one but seeing yours I think I might.” Melanie was always a very direct person, so she decided she needed to talk to Jo about something and now was as good a time as any. “Jo, Katie and I have only ever been with each other. And while we enjoy each other very much…”

“So I’ve heard. You guys are a cautionary tale that I was told when I moved in that the walls are not very thick, and your neighbors can hear a lot of what goes on in the room here.”

Melanie blushed knowing that her and Katie had not made much effort at being quite in their room the first two years and how everyone on the team knew they were having sex because they were routinely overheard. But she continued her question “…we don’t have a variety of experience. And we are going to grow old together and when we are older, I want us to be intimate with Escort in dubai each other talking about things we did, not fantasies we’ve had. And you have had a lot of experience and you’ve quickly become a great friend to both of us. What would you think about teaching Katie and I some of what you’ve learned and give us experiences that we can relive with each other for the rest of our lives?”

Jo’s first thought was this was a crazy conversation to have in a shower. Then she asked “What about Katie, aren’t you worried about her?”

“What that she would be afraid of losing me?”

“No, that I might use my feminine whiles and experience to lure her away from you. You’re cute and all Melanie, but if I have a type, it would be Katie.”

While Jo was trying to be funny, Melanie could see that Jo was serious that she would prefer Katie over Melanie. But Melanie was not worried about either of them succumbing to Jo. “No. And again, no knock on you. You are a beautiful woman in your own right. But what Katie and I have is special. I just want to make it more special.”

“Okay. Well I just told you I would love to get into Katie’s panties. And I know we could all have some great fun together. So you need to talk to her about this and maybe we’ll see where it goes.”

“Thank you, Jo. I will speak to her tonight.”

“Now, there is one thing we could start with that I don’t think you even need to speak with Katie about first. Why don’t you scrub my back…” Melanie started to speak but Jo knew what she was about to say and cut it off “…and only my back.”

Melanie laughed and then said “Okay.” She lathered up some soap and began washing Jo’s back. It was broad and strong, just like Katie’s and Melanie was enjoying her task lost in the moment and not even registering that it was the back of someone else’s naked body that she was touching. She was just enjoying the feel of the soap and the skin and the hot water.

Katie had waited for a while for Melanie to get back. The idea had been for a quick shower and it was already taking a long time. She walked down to the bathroom and as she got to the door, she heard multiple voices talking. Then she heard Melanie laugh. Katie slowly opened the door and peeked into the shower. She saw Melanie and Jo, naked and in the same shower stall, with Melanie rubbing Jo’s back. She was rubbing it lovingly and sensuously.

Katie was overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, anger, hate and sadness. She went back to the room, got ready for bed and climbed into bed and turned off the lights. When Melanie came back from the shower, she was surprised to see the lights off. Not wanting to disturb her girlfriend she got dressed in the dark and the climbed into bed. “Katie, can I talk to you about something.”

“I’m kind of tired and I just want to go to bed.”

“It is kind of important.”

“Can’t it wait until the morning?”

“Okay sure, good night.”


“I love you.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Melanie was surprised as she did not think that Katie had been that tired when she had gone to the shower. And her tone seemed a little brusque. But she did not think too much of it that night. However, when she woke up Katie was not there and now she did realize something was wrong. Although Katie almost always woke up first, she always waited in bed for Melanie to wake up. In fact, Melanie could not ever remember a morning in this dorm room when she had not woken up to Katie looking at her and watching Melanie until she woke up.

Melanie looked around and all of Katie’s soccer gear was gone so she got dressed quickly to try to catch Katie at breakfast. But Katie was not there. When she asked some of her teammates if they had seen Katie, she was told that Katie had eaten very quickly and gone out to the field.

Melanie got out to the field to find Katie juggling with a soccer ball. This ball handling drill requires a lot of concentration (for anyone not familiar it is like playing hacky sack by yourself with a soccer ball. If that doesn’t help, Google soccer juggling). Melanie tried to talk to Katie, but Katie just kept up with her juggling giving occasional grunts or one-word answers to Melanie’s questions. Katie was not any more responsive during the day and was fairly taciturn with everyone.

Katie did not join the team after dinner but went back to her room. When the girls broke up, Jo stopped Melanie and asked “Did you talk to Katie about what we talked about last night? Is that what brought this on?”

“No, I never even got to talk to her about it and she has been like this since even last night. I thought she was just tired, but it seems as if there is something else.”

“Okay, it seems you need to talk to her about other things first. But when you do finally talk to her about what we talked about, please let me know either way. Just so I have a heads up.”

Melanie went into the room but before she could say anything Katie snapped at her “Who were you just with?”

“Jo. Why?”

“You seem to be getting really close to her.”

“We Dubai Escorts both are.”

“I’m not the one getting naked with her and touching her.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw you two in the shower last night.”

“Katie I was just washing her back.”

“What about her front?”

At this point, Melanie laughed a little because of that very topic in the conversation she and Jo had. However in her anger, Melanie’s laughing only deepened Katie’s ire. “What’s so funny?”

At this point Melanie was getting a little tired of Katie’s tone. It was angry and accusatory and there was no call for it. “Because when she asked me to wash her back, she made a point of say, not her front.”

“I just don’t know if I want you touching someone else’s back.” shouted Katie.

Now Melanie was starting to get angry at Katie. When she stared back at her, Katie saw that fire in the eyes she had seen a few years before at a Blue Lightning soccer practice. Despite her diminutive size, Melanie could be a little scary at times.

“First of all, I want you to know that her and I did talk about sex. And for your information she said that between the two of us, you were her type, not me.”

“Second, we were talking about it because I have been thinking. We are both the only people we’ve ever been with. And while it is great, there are all these things out there that might make it greater. And Jo knows about those things. So what I wanted to talk to you about last night was the possibility of bringing her into our bed. Let us both experience things with her and learn things from her that could make our shared experience even better.”

“Third, the fact that you would think that there is any reason to be concerned that I would be with someone else over you hurts me. I love you Katie and I want everything going forward to be about us. You know that, but it seems you have forgotten it, but you need to remember it, quick.”

Melanie turned to walk back out the door and Katie yelled, “Where are you going?”

And Melanie yelled back “I am going down to Jo’s room and I am going to sleep there. And I am going to sleep on her floor, not her bed so you know there will be nothing between us.”

As Melanie got to the door she turned to Katie and said “I do love you and I don’t want to ever hurt you, but I have to say something and I know it might hurt, but it is important. Your Mom and Dad loved each other. You always say that. And yet they found out that they could be with other people and still love each other. But they found it out when they were almost 50 years old. And then they started to enjoy it but your dad died. We are just starting our 20s. We can have all that time to have what they wanted and only just got a little taste of. Think about that tonight.”

Melanie went down to Jo’s room and told her about the fight with Katie. Melanie cried and Jo consoled her because they were friends. Jo even let Melanie sleep on her bed and she slept on the floor. This way they were not in the bed together, although Jo felt that Melanie needed the bed more after her fight with Katie.

Katie began to cry profusely when Melanie left. She hadn’t hurt this much inside since the death of her Father almost a year ago. She picked up the phone and called her mother. Not only was she the person Katie wanted to speak to at a moment like this, with Melanie mentioning her mother on her way out the door, Katie had to speak with her mother.

Carol was awakened by the phone and saw that it was Katie calling. She answered the phone in a frenzy “Katie, what’s wrong?”

“Hi mom, what do you mean?”

“Well, you’re calling me so late.”

“Oh gosh. The time difference. Sorry I forgot I am in California.”

“So, you’re okay and Melanie’s okay?”

“Yes, I’m okay and she’s okay. I’m just not sure we’re okay.”

“Oh sweety, what’s the matter?”

“We had a big fight and she’s sleeping in someone else’s room tonight.”

“What was the fight about?”

“There’s this new girl on the team this year. She’s our age and transferred from a junior college. She used to play in the same tournaments as we did, we even played against her one game. So we’ve all become good friends.”

“Well, she has been with a lot of different people. And Melanie and I have only ever done anything with each other. So Melanie says she wants bring this girl in with us so we can learn stuff from her. But last night I saw them in the shower together and Melanie was rubbing her back and giggling and I think maybe they’ve started without me. I don’t want to lose her mom!”

“I don’t think you’re going to lose her sweety. Melanie loves you.”

“Then why would she want to be with someone else?”

“Well, that can be a little complicated honey, you know that.”

“Melanie did mention you and dad?”


“I’ve told her everything you told me mom. Melanie and I have been best friends for almost five years and we’re going to get married. We have no secrets with each other. Or at least I didn’t think we did.” After a pause while Katie went into her own head to think about what she had just said, she returned to her conversation with her mother. “So how is it that you and dad loved each other but still had sex with other people?”

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