Snow White Thighs pt2


Zak’s SecretEmma was enjoying her nephew very much. Her breasts ached and she was wet – but something was wrong.As she ran her fingers over the smooth roundness of Zak’s balls and the long thick shape of his cock, she knew it was still soft. As huge as Zak’s cock was, it was still un-erect. Emma stopped and looked up at Zak, who seemed to be in a state of ecstasy. ‘Is everything OK, aren’t you enjoying this?’ asked Emma. Zak looked down at her and moved away from her touch, he sat down next to his aunt and started to cry. ‘I’ve never had an erection or an orgasm; I feel lots of pleasure when I touch myself but that’s all.’‘Oh, my poor darling.’ Emma pulled Zak close and hugged him, giving him support. She thought to herself what a shame it was to have something as beautifully large as that between his legs casino siteleri without being able to get an erection. She also wondered how big it actually would be if he did get one.Zak pulled away from his aunt and wiped his eyes with his palms. ‘Thank you, Aunt Emma, I’ve never told anyone this. I feel so frustrated sometimes and I think the dancing helps,’ said Zak. ‘Maybe that’s why I love the attention from all of those women and girls in the audience—I can’t do anything with them and that makes them safe with me.’‘Well, we could always try a few things to see if they work for you?’ Emma smiled at Zak and felt a tinge of guilt because this would allow her to do things with her nephew under the pretence of helping him. But of course, she would be helping him.Emma stood up and güvenilir casino held out her hand to Zak, she led him to her bedroom and told him to lay on the bed. My God, he looked amazing. ‘You’ll need to take that off,’ pointing at the plastic thong. Emma watched as Zak gripped either side and slid it down his hips. Emma wasn’t quite ready for how big Zak’s cock was as it sprung out, free from its harness. His balls too looked enormous. Emma felt her legs weaken and her face redden.‘You are so beautiful, Zak.’ Emma whispered as she lowered her hand down to stroke Zak’s cock. He shivered when his aunt touched him and whispered back, ‘Thank you.’Emma squeezed some almond oil into her hands and rubbed them together, she slowly ran her oily fingers up and down the length of Zak’s cock canlı casino and realised she couldn’t get them around its girth.‘That feels so nice auntie, but I can’t feel anything happening otherwise.’ Zak sounded mournful as Emma squeezed and kneaded her nephew’s balls, making them oily and slippery. Her hands moved back to his cock and she gripped it tighter, rubbing him faster and faster. But still nothing.Emma was very aroused by now and enjoying this exercise, but she wanted to help Zak more than ever. She bent forward and kissed his lips, something she had never done as she saw it as taboo.Zak sat up and brushed Emma’s hair away from her face. Her cheeks were red and hot. Zak stood and started to pull at his aunt’s t-shirt, Emma lifted her arms and let him do it. He pulled it off over her head and dropped it to the floor.There was a moment when Zak stepped back and looked at the black shiny fabric keeping his aunt’s breast in that wonderful cleavage. He reached around and unhooked her bra, Emma complied with this and moved her arms, letting him remove it.

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