SMOOTH AS SILK 2



Fuck! He was gorgeous, Craig complimented himself as he looked at his naked image in the full length mirror on his wardrobe door, no other way of putting it, he was just fucking gorgeous.

`Was pretty fucking good before”, he told his reflection, `But now! Oh, wow, you are just fucking magically gorgeous!”

Craig wasn”t kidding himself, he was gorgeous, stunningly, amazingly gorgeous, more gorgeous than any adolescent boy of fourteen and a bit had any right to be.

Five feet five in height, thirteen inches across the shoulders and twenty-four round the waist, Craig”s slender body was early teen perfection, and add to that, five and a quarter inches, when hard, of generously foreskinned, slim-line cock, and what more could anyone want?

`You”d been some slave in Roman times”, he told his image in the mirror, `Some emperor”d have paid a fucking fortune for you”.

He wasn”t a slave in Roman times, though, he was a schoolboy in 1970″s London and nobody was going to pay a fortune for him.

`Yeah,” he told his image again, indulging in his favourite fantasy of being a slave boy for a filthy-minded, boy-addicted Roman emperor, `The emperor would have loved you like this.”

`Like this” referred to his completely hairless teenage body. His cock had looked good before, but with all his pubes carefully shaved off, it was, in Craig”s mind, utterly irresistible.

He congratulated himself on his decision to smooth himself; it looked better, it felt better and was amazing when he wanked, and he wanked a lot.

There hadn”t been much to smooth, pubes hadn”t spread too far and just a few stray hairs on his balls; nothing under his arms yet and his legs were naturally as smooth as silk, above the knee anyway, but Craig wasn”t the sort of boy to take any chances, and he”d got a tub of skin moisturiser from Boots when he got his disposable razors and used that to keep the skin of his thighs soft and silky. He used that on his pubic area as well, and put some on his cock when he wanked, which added something to his wanking, as well as keeping his ample foreskin really pliable.

`You need some action,” he told his cock, `You must be getting well fed-up with only ever having my hand on you, and even if you aren”t, I fucking am!”

Without a doubt, Craig could have got his cock some action with a decent number of the girls in his year at school, but girls weren”t on his agenda yet. He thought about them, sometimes wanked thinking about them, thinking about fucking them, and he”d decided that would come later, when he was older, say sixteen or so, but now, at fourteen, he wanted his perfect, smooth teen body and his wonderful cock to have the attention and admiration they deserved.

Girls didn”t have cocks, so, logically, they wouldn”t know how to treat a cock properly; boys did and Craig knew a few he”d be happy to wank with, but the downer with boys was that they”d probably only want to wank and Craig wanted a lot more than simply getting wanked. His young adolescent body was far too good for him to be happy with mere wanking; he wanted all the pleasures and delights a boy can have while he was still young enough to be used for those pleasures and delights.

Craig needed a man.

Craig wasn”t quite sure what a man would do with him. `He”ll obviously wank you and suck you,” he told himself, `And you”ll probably have to suck him as well.” Craig didn”t think that would be much of a problem. True he”d never sucked or been sucked, but he”d certainly thought a lot about it and was convinced he”d be okay with it. He just hoped the man who got him wouldn”t be a hairy one.

`All you have to do,” he told his mirror image, `Is find a man who goes for boys.”

There were men who went for boys; stories about them  were often in the papers, and Craig read a lot of historical novels, especially ones set in ancient  Rome or Greece, that although they never gave any real details, made it quite clear that slave boys had been very popular, and in Greece, the boys didn”t even have to be slaves.

Life as a slave boy, a boy used and enjoyed by the man who owned him, wouldn”t have been at all bad, Craig thought, but to be a boy in ancient Greece, to show himself off naked when he did his exercises, to let men look at his wonderful, naked, smooth, adolescent body knowing they wanted to get their hands and mouths on his lovely cock, and being able to choose for himself the man who would do that, was, in Craig”s mind, boy heaven.

Unfortunately,  Craig sighed as he admired his splendid cock, exactly one-and-a-half inches shorter when it was soft than it was when it needed wanking, though surprisingly it only got half-an-inch thicker then, he did not live in ancient Greece but in 1970″s London, and the opportunities for showing off his naked young body to men were more than just limited, they didn”t really exist, so he had to find some other way of getting a man to want him.

David Lucas did not enjoy his job, well, not all of it. Teaching Drama to bunches of teenagers who had no interest in Drama was hardly satisfying, the only compensation being that he had boys to look at. They weren”t all worth looking at, some too fat and some just too unpleasant as persons  to want to have anything to do with, but there were always some who got his juices running, and one or three who got those juices flowing freely.

David made the most of his limited opportunities for boy viewing, insisting that Games or P.E. kit be worn for Drama lessons. He provided his classes with a perfectly valid reason for this, telling them that all people are conditioned into behaviour sets by the clothing they are wearing, and if they wore normal school uniform they would behave like school children, just having another lesson, and Drama wasn”t like that. Drama was where they could escape from everyday reality, allow their minds freedom to explore and they couldn”t do that if they were wearing school uniform and thus conditioned into school behaviour thinking.

Not only that, he told them, they needed to be free to move, needed to be without the constriction of school trousers and shirts, so boys must wear shorts for drama.

Shorts were a lot shorter now than they had been when David was fourteen, shorts showed off lots of boy leg, almost hairless, young adolescent boy leg, David”s favourite variety of boy leg.

Naturally,  David did not tell his classes that by wearing shorts the boys were giving him plenty of teenage boy leg to look at and admire, and David had always been very partial to teenage boy leg.

He was even more partial to what was at the very top of boy legs as well, and at twenty-eight, he”d made close acquaintance with a fair number of those bits of boy  and relished every single one he”d felt and tasted.

His next class was one that David always looked forward to, not because as a class it was any good at Drama, or showed any more interest in it than any other class, but because it contained one boy who David thought was well worth looking at, a boy David would very much like to get a look at more of.

Craig Tomlins was adolescent boy perfection, a boy who, had he been around in the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, that  famous wall-builder would have passed by Antinous without a second glance and the ancient world would have been filled with cities called Craigopolis, and modern museums all have statues of a naked Craig on display. Michelangelo  would have used Craig as his model for `David”, and, if what was said about Michelangelo was even half-way true, used him for a lot more besides, and what Caravaggio would have done with him didn”t bear thinking about.

David thought quite a bit about what he”d like to do with Craig, and not one of those thoughts was legal, though they would probably all prove to be educational for the boy.

Fourteen year old boys, apart from the fat ones, tend to have legs that are worth looking at; they are developed enough for their legs to have some shape to them, but, on the whole, not yet old enough for those legs to be ruined by having hair grow on them, but Craig Tomlin”s legs were in a class of their own.

Long, slender legs with the subtle curves of adolescence; too long seeming for the body above them, yet perfect because of that. Hairless, but not hairless like normal young adolescent boy legs are hairless, Craig”s legs appeared to be extra hairless, smooth ankara yeni escort as silk hairless, and David had the passing thought of wondering if the boy shaved his legs, and, if he did, what else might he have shaved?

Clearly the boy knew he had good legs, was proud of his legs. P.E. shorts usually came down to just about mid-thigh, but Craig always rolled the top of his shorts over, possibly a couple of times, David thought, so his shorts were shorter, showed off more leg, and no boy would do that unless he wanted to show off his legs, unless he wanted his legs to be seen and admired.

Did he, David wondered, want his legs seen and admired by the girls? Or,  perhaps, by the other boys? Probably not for the one who admired them  the most, the man who”d love to stroke and kiss them. David mentally sighed, and contented himself with just looking.

Craig, David thought, must wear pretty tight, close-hugging briefs under those shorts so there was no danger of anything more than leg being seen, though it was impossible to even get the vaguest of ideas what there was to be seen as P.E. shorts were loose cut and there wasn”t even a hint of visible bulge. That didn”t stop David from wondering and fantasying though, and he mentally equipped the boy with about five inches when hard, quite slim considering Craig”s build, and, hopefully, with a nice long foreskin.

For David, foreskin wasn”t just important, it was vital; vital from the aesthetic point of view and vital when it came to cock enjoyment, and the more of it there was the more he enjoyed the cock it covered.

David thought about Craig a lot, thought about his legs, his slender and perfect body, his imagined cock and how wonderful it would be to suck that cock, have it spurt in his mouth and savour the cream it spurted, but he did nothing about his thoughts except have more of them, eye the boy up whenever he had the chance and wish it was legal for teachers to take their fourteen year old boy pupils to bed, or even if it wasn”t legal, it could be something he could get away with doing.

`Think he may fancy you?” Craig asked himself as he lay in bed, gently and luxuriously playing with his almost hard inches of young teenage boy perfection before he had his pre-sleep wank.

Craig had thought he”d noticed his Drama teacher frequently looking at him, and he was almost certain he”d caught the man looking with interest at his legs, so the next Drama lesson he”d rolled over the top of his shorts so he showed more leg and felt sure that Mr Lucas looked even more.

Of course, Craig had then done the only thing that made any sense, and rolled the top over more for the lesson after that, and it could have just been his imagination, but he had the feeling that his Drama teacher”s eyes hardly left his legs for the whole lesson.

`Dunno,” he answered himself, not knowing quite how a man would behave if he did fancy him and half-wishing there was a way he could let Mr Lucas have a look at his cock and imagining he was a boy in ancient Greece and making sure Mr Lucas had a really good look at all there was to see.

`Spose he does?” he asked his now almost sold cock, `You fancy letting him have a go at you?”

`Why not?” his cock answered as it completed its stiffening, getting ready to be wanked, `He ain”t bad, is he”.

No, Mr Lucas wasn”t bad, Craig agreed with his cock. He didn”t know how old his Drama teacher was – to a boy of fourteen there is almost no discernable difference between an adult of twenty something and one of fifty something – all that mattered was that Mr Lucas was a man and would probably know what to do with a cock. And with the rest of the boy who owned that cock.

Craig, of course, had heard the rumours; there were always rumours about the teachers, most of them ridiculously fanciful, and the ones about Mr Lucas were totally predictable. Mr Lucas wasn”t married, so the odds were that he was either gay or a paedophile, with the general consensus being he was a paedo. If he wasn”t, why would he have gone in for teaching?

The counter argument, proposed by those who thought he was okay, as far as teacher can be okay, was that if he was a paedo, wouldn”t he have chosen to teach in a junior school and not in a secondary one? That logic, though, was generally dismissed, it being far more salacious to label him as a paedo rather than an ordinary, common or garden gay.

Craig, though, despite giving some time to thinking about it, couldn”t discern any signs of paedophilic tendencies in Mr Lucas; it was well-known for example, that he wouldn”t teach any Year Seven or Eight classes, classes where the younger kids were, and that seemed to eliminate him as a paedo.

He did insist on boys wearing shorts, though, and Craig was dead certain that the more leg he showed the more Mr Lucas looked, so there was a fair chance Mr Lucas was gay and one of those gays he read about in the papers who went for teenage boys.

`When we do our warm-up exercises next lesson,” Craig said to himself, `Try to get it so he can get a look up your shorts”. There”d be nothing but underwear to see, of course, but if his underwear was looked at and found to be interesting, then it was a safe bet that what was inside that underwear would be even more interesting.

`Sorted”, Craig told his cock, and then he wanked it.

The more he thought about it, the more David began to come to the conclusion that the Tomlin boy was putting himself on show. It wasn”t that unusual for boys to want to be noticed; boys who felt themselves to be under-appreciated at home were not uncommon, it was almost a standard part of being a teenager, but Craig Tomlin”s appeal for attention, if that was what it was, seemed to be a shade different from the standard.

It could, of course, be nothing more than some rather active hormones; young adolescent boys, boys of fourteen, often suffered from hormonal surges – sometimes that manifested itself in a face full of acne and sometimes in a boy having a heightened awareness of his cock. Tomlin”s face was wonderfully boy-smooth and unblemished, not a single spot in sight, so, David had a little smile at the thought, it was quite possible that Craig Tomlin gave his cock a lot of exercise.

That did not mean, though, that the boy”s cock was available for wanking; a boy could wank five times a day and never dream of allowing it to be wanked for him, or he could suffer from the horribly common idea that it was meant for girls only. One had to know more about a boy before deciding if he had an available cock or not. Some boys did and some boys didn”t; the important thing was to work out which was which before contemplating the possibility of boy underwear removal.

David carefully made a mental list of the plusses and the minuses to aid in his decision making.

Craig Tomlin possessed the perfect young adolescent boy body, that was a given, beyond any doubt, and David cautioned himself not to allow that, and the desirability of sampling that body in a bed, to influence his calculations. To do that was to court danger, to make a premature or utterly wrong move, risk his job and bring a prison cell into the range of possible outcomes.

But David wasn”t the only one who was of the opinion that Craig Tomlin had a superb adolescent boy body, the boy”s behaviour indicated that the boy shared that opinion. The way he wore his shorts, rolling over the top so as to show as much leg as possible, would seem to demonstrate that Craig was well aware of how good his legs were. On its own, that may mean nothing at all, but, on the other hand, it could mean the boy knew his legs had some sexual appeal.

Again, that could simply just be hormones; it could be that the boy looked at himself in the mirror and thought he looked seriously good and sexy, and followed that thought by having a good wank, never even giving a thought to the possibility that there maybe someone who”d like to do his wanking for him. Boys of fourteen can have sex-crammed brains and combine that with total, utter innocence.

How innocent was Craig Tomlin?

David considered the evidence.

David couldn”t recall with any certainty if Craig had always rolled over the top of his shorts; he had the feeling that, for the first few Drama lessons, there had been less boy leg on display, but he couldn”t be certain. What he was certain of was that, for the last couple of weeks, Craig had made yenimahalle escort his shorts shorter. The boy wore his P.E. top outside his shorts and had begun to do his warm-up stretching exercises quite extravagantly, so boy skin above those shorts was sometimes available for looking at, and David had noticed immediately that the top of Craig”s shorts was rolled over at east twice.

The boy was deliberately showing off as much leg now as possible.

That, of course, did not mean he was intending it for David to view. But it might.

Then, last lesson, during the warm-up exercises, Craig had been on his back and David had been able to see right up inside the boy”s shorts, his tight, pale blue, cock-concealing briefs clearly evident, and the boy, probably unaware of the view he was presenting David with, had held his pose for several seconds, seconds that David had not wasted.

`He looked alright,” Craig smirked to himself while he was having his nightly pre-wank fondle, `Couldn”t take his eyes off. Let him have another look, just to make sure.”

Mr Lucas was no Roman emperor, but he”d do. Craig needed to be got at, and if the rumours about Mr Lucas were anywhere near true, he would definitely know what to do with a boy”s cock, and hopefully, the rest of him as well.

Trouble was, it was all very well getting his teacher interested, but how did he go about turning that interest into action?

`All very well for those boys in ancient Greece,” Craig lamented as he played with his ample foreskin,  `All they had to do was let a guy see them starkers.”

Unfortunately, he could not, in 1970″s London, do the same in front of Mr Lucas.

`Still, can let him have another look up me shorts easy enough,” he consoled himself, and, as his cock was now properly hard, he wanked it.

`Fucking hell!” David breathed lustfully in his mind as he watched, or more accurately, stared at, Craig doing his floor mat warm up exercises. Perhaps the boy had only accidentally positioned himself so that David could see right up his shorts, see all there was to see right up to the lemon briefs, that, incidentally, seemed to be hardly big enough to qualify for the name of briefs, but somehow that didn”t seem likely. Once, perhaps, could be accidental, but two lessons on the trot?

It didn”t seem at all likely, but also, it was insufficient evidence of the boy”s intention to be available. Even if Craig did know perfectly well what he was doing, how much of himself he was revealing, it could all be nothing more than a deliberate tease; the boy knowing he was sexy and just having a bit of horny fun in showing he knew that, and later having a good wank over the imagined results of his display.

David needed more evidence before he could even think about making even the most basic of moves.

`Oh, yes, he”s interested, alright,” Craig mused as he fondled his silky smooth balls, `Gave him a longer look this time, an” he never took his eyes off me for a second.”

In fact, Craig had noticed that his teacher”s attention was so glued on peering up his shorts, he never noticed Craig having a peek to see if his display was being noticed.

`Wonder which ones he likes best,” he grinned, `Pale blue or lemon?”

Wondering that gave Craig an idea of how he may progress matters; `Lime green, next time,” he sniggered, `Or scarlet?”

Of course, Craig knew he needed to do more than just let Mr Lucas have a glimpse of his full collection of bikini slips, but did he have the nerve to ask his teacher what his favourite colour was?

Craig made sure he was the last to leave after his next Drama lesson, a lesson that had gone brilliantly, better even than Craig would have dared to hope.

He”d given Mr Lucas an ample opportunity to get a look at his scarlet slip during the warm up, an opportunity Craig noticed his teacher made full use of, and later they”d had to do an improvisation pretending to be some animal. Craig had opted to be a puppy, on its back and wanting its tummy tickled, so Mr Lucas could have another look, and this time he”d managed to catch his staring teacher”s eye and given him a wicked little grin, a grin that Craig intended to convey the message, `I know what you”re looking at, and look as much as you want.”

He sidled up to Mr Lucas as the class filed out from the Drama Studio, and when he felt there was no-one close enough to hear, he whispered, “What colour you like best, sir?” His heart was thumping a bit at his daring, but he had to do something more than just show Mr Lucas his underwear wardrobe, and he asked his question in a joking sort of way, so if Mr Lucas wasn”t interested, took it the wrong way, he could pass it off as just a joke and probably get away with it.

David didn”t answer straight away, to be fair he was more than a little surprised by the boy”s words and had to think a moment before he dared answer.

He knew what the boy was referring to, knew that Craig was aware he”d been looking up his shorts, was obviously aware that it wasn”t the first time he”d looked up them, hence the question about which colour he liked best, but any answer would confirm he had been looking, and teachers should not look up boys” shorts.

Getting at a boy”s cock involves risk, but if risks aren”t taken, boys” cocks aren”t got at, so David took a risk.

“Red, I think,” David said with what he hoped was a conspiratorial grin.

“You think so, sir?” Craig said, his heart thumping for real now as he realised he may be in with a chance of getting seen to at last, “I think I look best in the lemon ones.”

Too late to back off now, and David did not back off.

“I think you”d look more than just good in any of them,” David implied, and meant to imply, that Craig would look good in any of his slips if the slips were all that he was wearing.

“Thanks, sir,” Craig beamed and wished he knew what to do next. He had the vision of offering to give his teacher a fashion show, change from one pair to the next in front of him, but didn”t dare to say what he was thinking.

David had no idea of the vision in Craig”s mind, but he did have a pretty good idea of the general run of the boy”s thoughts. Craig knew he fancied him, wasn”t unhappy with being fancied and didn”t know what to do next.

David did, and helped the boy out.

“Don”t want to be late for your next lesson,” he said gently, “But if you want to talk to me, about, let”s say, underwear fashion, or anything else, you know where to find me any time you want.”

“Thanks, sir,” Craig smiled again. “Think you”re ace, sir.”

`If you still think that next time I see you,” David said to the air when Craig had gone, `Your cock is going to find itself in my mouth very soon now.”

David could probably have got his hand down inside the boy”s shorts there and then, but that was not the way he worked. `Always let a boy know you”re going to have his cock,” the guy who”d seduced him when he was fourteen had said, `Give him time to change his mind.” It had been good advice, `Get more cock when the boy”s happy with giving. Might get more than just cock as well,” the guy had told him, and in David”s experience that had proved to be true.

`Yes!” Craig exulted when he was home and with his cock in his hand, `I”m gonna get done!”

Mr Lucas hadn”t actually said he was going to have Craig”s cock, and Craig hadn”t actually said that Mr Lucas could have it, but Craig was certain that their little conversation, and the invitation to go and see his teacher if he wanted to talk about his underwear really meant Mr Lucas was up for talking about what was inside that underwear, and for doing more than just talking about it as well.

He could have helped himself to a handful there and then, Craig wouldn”t have objected, but he saw the sense in waiting, waiting till there was more time, time for more than a quick handful, and that time would be after school tomorrow.

`Wank you tonight,” he told his cock, `But you ain”t getting one in the morning. Just in case.”

“Got lime green on today,” Craig told Mr Lucas after school the next day, “You ain”t seen them yet.” He kept it jokey, just in case he”d got it wrong, though he didn”t think he had cos Mr Lucas gave him a big smile when he turned up.

“Nice,” David smiled, “But before we discuss your choice of underwear in any further detail, I must warn you that you could be getting yourself yozgat escort involved in something you may not want to be involved in.”

Craig had to think for a bit before he fully understood what Mr Lucas was saying.

“You mean, like what”s inside me undies?” he said when comprehension dawned.


“Know that,” Craig said, “Know you”re gay.”

“And knowing that, you”ve come to talk about?” David deliberately left the sentence unfinished.

“Weren”t really thinking about talking,” Craig muttered, wondering if he”d made a mistake and got things wrong.

“Well, if you”re sure, really sure.” Again, David didn”t finish his sentence. But he did open his arms, inviting the boy in for a hug.

Craig accepted the invitation instantly, almost hurling himself into his teacher”s arms and wrapping his own around the man.

“Be very sure, Craig,” David whispered into the boy”s hair, “You”re a lovely boy and I don”t want you making a mistake you”ll regret later.”

“Won”t, sir,” Craig told David”s chest, “Want it. Wanked loads thinking about it.”

He eased his head away from his teacher”s chest, raised it so they were almost nose to nose. Craig hadn”t thought about kissing before, all his thoughts had been based around his cock, but now, cuddled and held as he was, he had the sudden urge to be kissed.

David kissed him, very gently at first, but when Craig”s lips parted and his mouth opened, it turned into a different sort of kiss, a tongue twisting, cock solidifying kiss that went on for what seemed to be forever.

“What time you have to be home?” David asked.

“Whenever.” There were far more important things to do now than go home.

“I”d like to see what the lime green ones look like.”


“Can”t do that here.”

“No. Can”t.”

“Go where we can?”

“Yeah. Please.”

It had been amazing; Craig had expected his cock would be felt, probably wanked and possibly sucked while he stood with his school trousers round his ankles, loving what was happening to his cock and terrified that they”d be caught.

It hadn”t been anything like that.

After that kiss, and kissing was something Craig”s imaginary Roman emperor had not done with him, David – he was `David” out of school now, but always `sir” or `Mr Lucas” in school – had taken him to his house and Craig had stripped down to his lime green slip so David could see what he looked like in just that, and he should have been embarrassed because he was hard and there wasn”t very much material in his slip and a good inch of his cock had pushed out above the top of them, but he and David had both just grinned and after David had a good look he was in David”s arms again and David”s hands were all over his naked back and he”d whimpered at how good that felt, and then one of David”s hands went round to his front and felt his cock and Craig just had to be kissed again.

Craig thought he remembered saying something like, “Do me properly,” but he wasn”t sure if he”d said that then or later, when he was fully naked on David”s bed, and David was telling him how wonderful his smooth as silk body was and stroking his hands all over willing young adolescent flesh.

Craig couldn”t remember David getting undressed, but he must have done because when they kissed again David”s naked body was pressed against his own and he could feel David”s hard cock pushing between his slender, smooth thighs and he”d parted his legs a bit so it could get in there properly.

David loved that Craig was smooth, kissed every inch of his front from the knees upwards, all the time telling him how beautiful he was and how amazingly wonderful his legs and groin were because they were as smooth as silk, and his thighs and pubic area were licked and kissed lots.

David had taught him that there were bits of his body Craig had never thought of as being sexy, but were and gave him wonderful sexy feelings when they were licked and kissed; under his arms, his nipples, the crack right at the top of his legs beside his balls, the insides of his thighs. David”s hands and mouth went everywhere before his cock was finally sucked.

That was incredible beyond incredible! His cock in the warm wetness of David”s mouth, twenty million times better than being in his own hand! David”s lips sliding down the hard shaft, all the way down so his whole cock was in David”s mouth; David”s lips teasing his foreskin, David”s tongue poking inside his foreskin, David”s lips easing his foreskin back just a bit so his tongue could swirl around the oh, so sensitive head underneath, and all the time the wonderful knowledge that his cock was in a mouth, in a man”s mouth and he was being used as a boy is meant to be used.

He”d warned David that he was bringing him off, that he”d shoot soon if David kept doing those things, but David had kept doing all those things and Craig had shot in David”s sucking mouth and David had eaten his spunk and said how delicious it was and that he wanted to eat it again and again.

Craig had tasted his own spunk when they kissed again and hadn”t thought it anything special, but he”d never tasted spunk before so he didn”t know if it was special spunk or ordinary spunk, but he did know he really liked David eating it.

He”d sucked David as well. Probably because Craig hadn”t wanked since the night before, he didn”t really soften after he”d spunked in David”s mouth and David did have a lovely cock. Well, Craig thought it was lovely, but as it was the first one he”d seen hard, it may not have been anything special; longer than his by about an inch or so and a lot thicker and David was just like him, not a hair on him and Craig couldn”t resist wanting to feel that cock and then the need to find out what it was like to suck one just came over him and down he went on it.

It was nothing like sucking anything else, and why was that? It was only a bit of body, like a finger or something, but it wasn”t anything like a finger, it was a cock and having cock in his mouth was sooo, so, sexy, and that was because he knew it was a cock and he knew what cocks were for and he wanted to suck it so he could get David to feel something like he felt when David sucked his cock for him, and when David warned him he was about to spurt, Craig had kept on sucking, wanting David to spunk in his mouth, not just because David had let him spunk in his mouth when he sucked Craig off, but because something inside him told him that was what a boy was supposed to do when he was being used as a boy should be used and was enjoying being really a boy.

There was a lot of it, and Craig really didn”t know if he liked it or not, but he swallowed it all anyway, because he knew that was what he was supposed to do if he was being a real, proper boy, and after a bit, David had sucked him off again and eaten his spunk again.

Craig had told David about his wank fantasy of being a slave boy, bought by a Roman emperor to use for pleasure in bed, and David had laughed in a nice way and said he was sorry he wasn”t a Roman emperor and hadn”t bought Craig, but that Craig was wonderful in bed and a wonderful boy even when he wasn”t naked and smooth as silk in bed, and Craig had said he”d be naked in bed for David every chance he had and would always make sure he kept himself smooth as silk for him and David had kissed him again, and said he”d love to have Craig again.

`Fuck girls,” expressively but inaccurately, Craig thought that night in bed,
right hand full of Craig cock, `Ain”t bothering about them till I have to.” Doing it with David had been far too good for Craig to want to give himself the stress of chasing girls. `Said he wants to do me again, an” course he can do me much as he wants,” he told his cock.

Craig realised that, though later he may well find a need to use his cock, at the moment what he wanted was for his cock to be used, and David certainly knew how to use a boy”s cock. Of course, if David continued to do stuff to him, he”d be wanting more than just cock. Everything David had done to his front had been amazing, but if he kept letting David do him, and he had every intention of doing that, sooner or later David was going to want to turn him over and get at his arse.

David”s cock was nice, but it wasn”t small, would it be able to get up his arse? David was bound to want to fuck him, that was part of what boys were for, wasn”t it? And Craig had some idea of what it was to be a real boy now, and his whole body, not just his cock, told him he wanted to know the rest.

David wasn”t a Roman emperor, but a real, live Drama teacher was an acceptable substitute, Craig grinned to himself and settled down to his nightly wank, thinking about getting fucked.


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