Small Town Rules Rugby Ch. 03



I, Craig Ray, got accepted into the Small Town Rules Rugby team the Purple Headed Warriors. Small Town Rules is a bit of a niche sport, a lot of people don’t know about it, but it’s just like regular rugby. With a couple of pretty big differences.

You play naked.

You play hard.

You literally fuck the other team after the game.

A lot of small towns in Australia know about it, but it’s not exactly going to be on the news in the sports section. Still, mum and dad and my girlfriend were stoked when I got in. The girly nearly wet her panties when I told her I’d be out there in the field, under the lights, getting my hole slammed by a bunch of big burly blokes. Just as well she’s into that kind of stuff, coz I fuckin love it.

The last few weeks have been a blur. First I had my physical check with the other new guys on the team- Herman, Gordon and Oli. We had to get fucked by the team coach, Davie John, our team doc Marco and our captain, Sidney Green. I say “had to” but I would have done it anyway.

Since the physical we’ve been training with the rest of the team. I thought I was pretty good but these guys are next level. Between the workouts, the special diets and all the fucking, I’ve been exhausted, coming home every night with an arse full of jizz and just falling into bed. But lately my tolerance and fitness have gone up, and I reckon I’m ready for tonight, our first big game…

First Half:

I ran out of the tunnel with my team mates, cocks flapping free. Some hard, some semi, some still soft from the cold night air. I emerged onto the grass under the big lights of the stadium to cheers and applause. I still couldn’t believe it. I was one of the Purple Headed Warriors, the premiere Small Town Rules rugby league. My cock sprang up at the site of everyone in the stands, decked out in the team colours. Scanning the crowd as I waved, I saw my folks and my girl. Mum and dad were wearing the team beanies and scarves and nothing else. A lot of the real hardcore fans were like that. My missis had on my Purple Headed Warrior jersey. I’d leant it to her before the game, since she’d get cold and there was no way I was gonna be needing it for the next couple of hours…

The excitement and adrenaline helped to distract me from my already-uncomfortable bladder. Coach has told us to smash the water before the game. Partly to stay hydrated, and partly because the only way to win a conversion was to piss in a pint glass. There had been a lot of controversy around this one, since holding in a piss is not great for your health in the long run, but for now it was still the rule. I tried to distract myself and focus on the other team as they jogged out onto the pitch.

The Catoomba Cock-Gobblers were a force to be reckoned with. They were a collection of big lads, including a few Islanders and a couple of imported poms. I felt my dick swell even more and my arsehole started to twinge as I saw Billy Andrews, the big British unit, saunter onto the field. Even mostly soft, his dick was thick as a tree trunk and a good eight inches. His bum was the definition of a bubble butt too, and I was seriously güvenilir bahis hoping I’d get with him at the end of the match, one way or another.

The ref gave us a talk before we started, but it was all a blur to me. I was flicking between nervous, excited, aroused and uncomfortable. I needed to piss badly, but I did what coach said and used that to motivate me. The sooner I got a try, the sooner I’d get relief.

Suddenly it was on. We dove into the scrum for the ball, my mates’ nut sacs and arseholes all around me. I couldn’t believe it when the ball ended up in my hands. I sprung away, sprinting like a mad man. No one was catching up to me and the crowd was going mental. This was impossible, I wasn’t even going to get tackled-

-like a tonne of bricks, Billy Andrews came out of nowhere and connecting with my torso, pushing me back. He was joined by two more of his teammates a second later. I struggled and pushed but the combined mass of the three big fellas was slowly bringing me down. Finally, dragging against this anchor of naked man muscle, it happened.

I lost control of my bladder, warm piss cascading out of my cockhead. Onto the field, onto the players holding my legs, onto me. It saturated my socks, and I could see it soaking into the hair of the player who was locked around my left thigh. I sank to the ground, defeated and embarrassed, and still the stream of hot wet piss flowed. It made a little puddle of mud around my dick, bit of wet earth sticking to my shaft as I rose.

“Fuck.” Was all I could muster.

To my surprise, Billy the big British bulldog clapped me on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it mate, happens to everyone the first few games.”

And with that he gave a wink, a gentle tap on my nutsac, and the game was back in play.

I dove back into play for the rest of the first half, but I couldn’t stop feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Eventually our Prop, Bert Maynard, scored a try but didn’t get the conversion. I should have been happy we got the points but I felt even worse- I was sure I would have had enough piss in me to get us that conversion.

The buzzer went and I slunk back into the change room with the rest of the team.


“Right lads, solid effort on the first half.” Grunted coach as we gathered around in a circle. We had only just come in from the first half but he was already straddling Maynard’s giant thighs as he lowered himself onto the prop’s hard cock.

“Maynard here scored and excellent try, so a round of applause for him.” Said coach, bouncing up and down rapidly on Bert’s meat as we clapped.

He slowed his tempo down a bit to talk about strategy for the second half, then called me over to stand in front of him. I was expected a real dressing-down, a bit of shouting, but instead he just put his hand on my shoulder in a fatherly way.

“Now don’t feel bad about what happened out there Ray. Every bloke has done it, and-” he broke off to moan as Maynard grabbed his hips and dove in DEEP.

“-every bloke has done it, nobody’s gonna give you shit for it. And if they do, you send them to me. Alright?”

I nodded, instantly relieved.

“Good, güvenilir bahis siteleri now I want you to drink as much water as you can before we go back out there. But, uh, first…” he arched back, exposing his thick, rigid meat, and gestured to it. Below his ballsac I could see Maynard’s shaft appear and disappear as he continued to pound away.

“You got it coach!” I replied, sinking to my knees and deep-throating his johnson as far as I could.

All the fellas gathered around to watch. Some started wanking at the sight- me sucking Coach, while he rode Maynard’s dick. In no time at all coach grabbed the back of my head and his salty seed erupted down my throat. I took as much as I could, some dribbling out of my mouth onto my lips as I fell back onto the change room floor. Coach, still riding Maynard, grabbed a bottle of water from nearby.

“There you go Ray, wash it down.” He winked, as he began to bounce up and down hard on Maynard’s stiffy.

I did as I was told while watching the sight. Maynard got his rocks off just before the buzzer went, and he ran out on the field with his dick still slick with lube and jizz. I drained the last of the water bottle and followed him out.

Second Half:

The second half went a lot better. Once again I got a hold of the ball, but this time I was even faster on my feet. They always said I should have played AFL, not League, but then I proved ’em all wrong and ended up playing this sexy game.

We weren’t even ten minutes into the second half when I scored a try, diving over the line like my life depended on it. When my naked body hit the ground my bladder spasmed, but I found more willpower than I’d ever had in my life and kept the floodgates closed. I stood up, the pint glass was instantly handed to me, and in front of god and country I pissed in that thing so much it was overflowing.

The crowd went wild! I could see my mum and dad in the stands, waving their flags and shouting, and my girlfriend right along with them, cheering her heart out for me. I guess my dick liked all the admiration, because I’d sprung the biggest hard-on without even noticing. I basked in the glory for a moment, but then had to run back into the game. The warm feeling (and the giant stiff cock) continued for the rest of the game.

Ultimately the front row forward for the Gobblers got past us and scored a try and conversion of his own. After that we knuckled down HARD with the defensives, and there were a few tackles that were probably bordering on illegal.

At one point there was a bit of a scrum and I felt a muddy finger probing at my arsehole. I glanced back and there was Billy Andrews, cheeky grin on his face, locking eyes with me as he fingered my hole. He was technically not supposed to be there, but I don’t think anyone was too focused on that. We parted with a wink and I knew I needed to pound that fella some day. According to the rules, as forwards neither of us was gonna cop it up the arse after the match. Still, maybe some other time…

Our defense was strong, there were no more tries from the other team. Unfortunately, we didn’t score any more either. The final iddaa siteleri score put us ahead though, meaning Sidney would get to have with way with the backside of the other team’s captain.

After the Match:

We lined up after the match, indulging in the cheers and applauds from the stands, and facing off against the other team, lined up in a row. Their forward players were lined up with our back players and vice versa.

The two refs were standing at the end of the row, already fondling themselves through their shorts, as we all prepped for the grand finale of the night. In perfect synchronisation, the refs blew their whistles. We practically charged at the opposite team, clashing together in passionate embraces. Me and the bloke in front of me quickly started pashing and hugging and fell to the ground. I got him on his back, legs high in the air, and began to eat out his arsehole. He was loving it, moaning and begging, and I only brought my mouth up from his rosebud to look around once. And what a sight.

The stands were packed with people wanking. My girl was sitting in her seat, legs up on the chairs in the next row, rubbing her pussy for all it was worth. One hand was up her jersey- my jersey- fondling her perfect tits. I grinned and winked at her, then got back into munching arse.

When I decided he was slick enough with my spit, I brought my throbbing cock up to his furry pucker and gently pushed in. His eyes widened as I entered, then rolled up in his head as he relaxed and accommodated my solid shaft. As I began to pump away I again stole a glance around the field.

Billy Andrews had got a hold of our young left centre Willie Coburn and had him bent over copping the full length of that British sausage. Young Willie was being flung around like a rag doll on the end of Billy’s dick, but he seemed pretty happy with that arrangement.

Our captain Sidney was being a bit gentle with the other captain, who I think usually didn’t get fucked. They were lying on the ground, Sidney on top, the other captain’s legs wrapped around his torso. Sidney was gently sliding his long thin shaft in and out of the other man, while stroking his face and kissing him tenderly. The sight was almost romantic, except for the nearly thirty other blokes and the stand full of horny fans.

Finally, after every man had blown his load at least once, our team retired to the back room of the local pub. The beer flowed, the cum flowed, and even the bar staff who were used to us were shocked by some of the things we got up to!

I woke up the next day, late in the arvo, and started scrolling through my phone’s camera reel. As I was admiring some of the manouveres from the pub (had coach really taken two dicks at once??) a message came in from an unknown number.

“Hey mate, Billy Andrews here. Good game last night.”

Curious, I messaged back thanks, same to him.

“Let me know if you wanna come over to our team. We could use you.”

I replied thanks, but I had just started with the Warriors and this was were I was planning to stay.

“Ah that’s a right shame. If you joined us, you could get total access to this…”

The message was followed by a shot of Billy, legs up, pulling his cheeks apart to show off his tight little hole.

I managed to type “I’ll think about it, thanks” before I was overcome and spent the rest of the arvo tugging it…

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