Small School PE Teacher Part III


Mission accomplished!  The group met after school to celebrate their success.  They were able to get Mr. Crete hard in class in plain view of everyone.“I’m still jealous of the guys,” Mary said.  “They get to shower with Mr. Crete.  I would give my left tit to shower with him!”“Well, Mary, what are you waiting for?” Chad asked?“What do you mean?  Do you think I’m going to start using the guys’ locker room?”“No, but you could just start swimming at the Y.  Mr. Crete usually swims there late at night.  You could at least see him in his Speedo.”  Mary was drooling and her head was spinning.The large national health club chains had not yet discovered small towns in Wisconsin.  The “Y” is still the only option available for most small towns, and this 1970’s era Y was no different.  Simple locker rooms with cage-type lockers.  Painted concrete floors.  A few benches.  Gang-style showers with four heads on a pole.  No amenities, but they served their purpose.Privacy was never a concern for the designers of the locker rooms.  The locker rooms were located down a corridor off the pool area.  The doors were always propped open, giving anyone walking by full visual access to the shower area.  The women’s locker room was past almanbahis the men’s so the girls’ modesty was never in jeopardy.  However, all the girls had to pass the men’s locker room, allowing them to check out the guys in the shower.On Friday, Mary planned to start her new swimming routine.  The Y closed at 11:00 p.m. and she arrived at 9:00 p.m.  Mary checked in, found the locker room, and selected a locker. Mary was alone in the locker room.  Most people worked out early on Friday and then headed out to get the weekend started.  She dropped her little bag on the bench and took her bikini out of the bag.  Mary planned to wear her tiniest, white thong bikini.  She knew that when it became wet, it hid nothing.  The moment she entered the pool, her body would be visible to everyone.Mary stripped naked and looked in the mirror.  Her years of playing volleyball had given her a perfect body.  Strong, long legs, a trim waist, and full perky breasts with pointy nipples that naturally stick out.  She pulled her long brown hair and tied it back.  She quickly slipped on her bikini and took a quick shower, which immediately revealed her nipples and her trimmed patch of brown pubic hair.  Her ass was covered only by the thin almanbahis yeni giriş strip of material that was quickly hidden between the tight cheeks of her ass.  She was practically naked in that bikini.She walked down the corridor and looked in to the men’s shower area.  It was empty.  She was getting the sinking feeling that she was alone at the Y.Her disappointment turned around when she entered the pool area.  She saw one lonely swimmer doing laps in the first lane.  She could see a muscular male wearing goggles who was very focused on his workout.  As she approached the side of the pool, she could see the letters s-p-e-e-d-o on his ass.The swimmer saw a figure standing at the side of the pool.  He stopped, grabbed the side, and pulled his goggles over his head.  “Mary!  You swim here too?”She stood tall over him.  Her breasts almost falling out of the bikini top.  He could make out her camel toe and patch of thin brown hair in the transparent bikini bottoms.She squatted down giving him a better view of her pussy.  “Hi, Mr. Crete!  I didn’t know that you belong here.”He stepped back and with the water only being four feet, he showed her for the first time his perfectly chiseled chest.  In the almanbahis giriş water his biceps glistened as he put his hands on his hips and struck a pose for her. “Well, Mr. Crete, this my first time here, so I don’t know where everything is.”With that he placed his hands on the side of the pool and in one forceful thrust, he pulled himself out of the water and onto the side of the pool.  Mr. Crete was now standing in front of Mary in his small Speedos and dripping wet.  “I’ll give you a little tour,” he said.Mary sized him up and down.  Now she could see his strong legs from years of playing every sport possible.  The pouch in the front of his Speedo jiggled as he walked.  The blonde chest hair trailed off under his Speedo.“Here, let’s start over here.” He placed his wet hand on her back, guiding her to the deep end.  As Mary walked ahead of him slightly, he admired her naked ass and allowed his hand to “accidentally” slip down and touch her right cheek.“Over here is the diving well.  The depth is twenty feet, so you want to be a good swimmer over here.  The kick boards and other equipment are kept in these closets.  The sauna is to the left.  Want to sit down in it for a minute?  I could use a rest, I’ve been working out for a couple hours.”Mary and Mr. Crete entered the empty sauna.  She sat on the first level and he took a seat opposite her on the second level.  Mary was facing her teacher’s cock square in her face, separated only by a thin cloth.Mr.

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