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SIGMA BETA Restraints Josh and I moved from the Deep throat station to the Restraint station. Aaron is still getting untied from the bed: That is so fun. I want to do more of this. I had no idea i’d enjoy that so much.” Aaron was saying as we walked up. “Dude you’re gonna love this” he directed his comment to me. “I’m a little nervous honestly.” I am apprehensive about being tied down and not able to escape. “I was too dude, but it’s so fun. you’re gonna love it.” Aaron is free now, and being directed to his next station. “Hey guys, give me a sec to wipe all this down.” the station leader is Ryan. a super sexy red head with pecs for days, and shoulders like boulders and nice biceps and not exactly a 6 pack, but a very sexy tight belly that leads down to a firey bush of bright red pubes and a very white long uncut cock that is currently at half mast and dripping precum. I so badly want to lick that off his cock. But Ryan is busy wiping down the restraints, and Josh is helping him. I’m just standing here mesmerized by Ryans shelf of an ass. It’s like 2 cantelopes! FUCK!! everyone in this house is fucking gorgeous. “OK buddy, all set. I’m Ryan.” Ryan put his hand out to shake mine but was staring into his crystal blue eyes, and finally a beat later realized what was happening and shook his hand also. “So, at this station we’re gonna use a few of the restraints we have, to give you a feel of what it’s like to be restrained. Have you ever been restrained before?” Ryan asked. “No Sir.” FUCK. why’d I call him Sir. “OK Boy, so we’re gonna go slow – since you’ll be restrained we’re gonna have a safe word. If your mouth is busy, and you’re restrained you can grunt loudly, or shake your limbs to get our attention. we’ll be very focused on watching your communication, so anything that’s out of the ordinary we’re going to respond to. I want you to be comfortable, not scared. if something isnt feeling right, let me know. Sound ok to you so far?” Ryan asked. “Yeah, fine.” “We’ll use the traffic light colors as our measure of how you’re feeling. The safe word is “Red” if you say ‘Red’ everything stops and we fix the problem. If I ask how you’re doing and you say “Green”, nothing changes and we keep playing. If you say “Yellow” we’ll casually lighten up whatever the situation is and continue the scene, and keep checking in until it’s “Green” again. do you understand?” “Yeah, I’m a little nervous, but I understand and I’m ready” My cock was completely soft. I could feel sweat running down the sides of my stomach. “OK, get up on the bed, I’m going to show you each restraint before I put it on you. I’ll show you how it goes on and how it comes off. The first one we’re gonna look at are these ankle and wrist restraints. They go around your wrist or ankle, and get buckled in place, it’s usually best to buckle them snug, so they don’t rub up and down, which starts to feel like a rope burn, so make sure they’re snug. give me your arm.” Ryan instructed. Ryan put the Black leather padded wrist restraint on my left wrist, and buckled the belt snug on my wrist. “It’s important when you’re using any restraint that it’s not too tight. Make sure you can always feel your fingers and toes. and the person putting them on should make sure your fingers and toes keep the same normal color they usually have. If they start to feel numb, or turn purple, the restraints are too tight and need to come off. Don’t just readjust them. take them off and wait for everything to go back to normal. Your safety is the 100% most important thing here. Got that?” Ryan asked pointedly while staring into my eyes. “Yeah I understand” I responded. “Tell me whats the most important thing Tim.” Ryan quizzed “My safety Sir.” I answered. FUCK. theres that mezitli escort ‘Sir’ again. I think Ryan is like my ultimate military fantasy. If he was in uniform I’d probably blow my load right here. Especially since Sean hasn’t let me cum all fucking day. “Good boy. OK, let me get these other restraints on you.” Ryan put the other wrist restraint on, then put them on my ankles. They have a little weight to them, and it feels kinda hot feeling them on me, and also, having my limbs manipulated by him to get them on and snug, then feeling him slide a finger under each one to check if it’s too tight, and feel my fingers and ask me how they feel. My cock is definitely responding to this. “Next, we’re gonna attach these to the corners of the bed, when we do that – it’s important to notice the angle of your limbs, so you don’t get anything twisted or have any burning pain in your joints. Also your breathing isn’t disrupted in any way. We’re gonna start with a simple spread eagle, so lay on your back, spread your legs and put your arms over your head and out to the corners of the bed.” I layed back and directed my arms and legs to the corners of the bed, where there were O-Rings and caribeeners. Ryan pulled my left leg closer to the edge of the bed “how does your leg feel over here?” he asked. “It’s fine.” “OK, I’m gonna pull it a little further out, and have Josh pull yur other leg out the same way, because I want you to know where it becomes uncomfortable, don’t let us hurt you, tell us when it’s not comfortable anymore. OK?” Ryan explained “OK.” they each slowly but firmly pulled my legs apart. I could feel my muscles pulling in an unfamiliar way, then started feeling like I needed to readjust, but since both legs were being pulled, It wasn’t possible to readjust. “I think that’s the most I can take. It feels wierd at my hips and lower back.” “So that’s too far, notice where we are here. You’re a flexible guy, so you can take alot of movement, but you never want to feel like you do right now. especially since you’re gonna move around a little once you’re restrained. Josh, lets move his legs closer again. Let us know when that feeling goes away, and you are able to re-adjust yourself comfortably.” Ryan and Josh started bringing my legs back together super slowly. as I tried to re-adjust my hips and back. When I was able to wiggle a little, my back and hips felt normal, “thats good.” “OK, josh, lets clip his legs in here. and move up to his arms.” Ryan instructed. They clipped me into the carribeeners and walked up to my arms. As they passed me, I could see Ryan’s cock was getting hard and sticking up, it has a curve up which makes him even hotter. GAH, why isn’t this another deep throat station. “Your arms are a bit more flexible, but pay attention to your shoulders, it might feel better having your arms straight back rather than to the sides. Josh let’s move his arms all the way to the center, then slowly rotate them sideways towards his hips.” they touched my thumbs together over my head, then slowly rotated my arms out to the corners of the bed then slowly started moving them down. When my hands got to about 10 and 2 on a clock, I could feel my shoulders start to tense, and burn a little “AH, thats too far.” I reported. “OK, good. thanks for telling us. You can see, you can’t go in a flat circle like that – if you’re ever restrained, or restraining someone – make sure the arms don’t get rotated flat like that. Josh, lift his arm up to the sky and let’s rotate them down to his hips.” Ryan explained to Josh. They put my arms back to 11 and 1 then lifted my arms into the air and rotated them angling back down again when they reached about 4 and 8 on the clock, down to my cock, and rubbed my cock with both my hands a few strokes making precum dribble out. Ryan leaned down and put the head of my cock in his mouth and licked the precum off my cock and sucked the head. OMG this stud sucking my cock head with the weight of the restraints and his sexy ass in my view was better than any fantasy I could make up. “OK Josh, let’s rotate his arms back up over his head again, and we can clip him in.” they did, and I heard the caribeeners snap closed around the o-rings on my wrists. I was completely restained to the bed. I tugged a bit at the restraints. and realized I didn’t have much room to move. “you doing ok Tim?” Josh asked. “Yeah, I’m good. It’s a little wierd to know I’m like ‘locked up’ now.” I chuckled nervously, and was aware that my cock is now completely soft again. it was rock hard a few seconds ago. “do you need a break?” Ryan asked with concern. “No, I’m good, we can keep going.” I pozcu escort responded. “ok cool. but lets practice the traffic light responses.” Ryan focused us back on the lesson. “Green” I reported. “Good boy. OK, there’s some other restraints we’re gonna include in a few minutes, but now we’re gonna play with you a little while you’re restrained. you may not have noticed but theres a removable piece under your head so we’ll let you blow us in this position, with your head hanging down. We’re going to tickle you, and we’re gonna sit on your cock and ride you, then unclip your ankles and clip them over your head adding a spreader bar and fuck you. Is all that ok?” Ryan asked. “FUCK. that all sounds so hot. I can’ t wait to suck your cock Sir.” UGH. why did I say Sir? I’m such an idiot. Ryan Chuckled “well you’ll get your wish handsome. we can start with that. lets get this piece off the bed, and lower your head.” Ryan pulled the piece out of the bed, it wasnt very much, but enough to lower my head down so that my mouth was inline with my throat. I could look back to Ryans hairy thighs. “I’m gonna go slow. I know you just came from Luis, so you’re probably all set for deep throating. Don’t try to blow me, just lay back and relax your throat. I’ll do the work. You are restrained and you’re not in control of this, so breathe when you can and relax through it.” Ryan instructed. Then Ryan leaned forward, I could see his thighs get closer then his fiery red, hairy balls and I felt his cock at my lips, so I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. “That’s a good boy. Open wide and relax.” Ryan leaned forward and gently twisted my nipples which elicited a deep moan from me as I closed my eyes and felt precum leak down the shaft of my suddenly rock hard cock. Ryan withdrew his cock then slid back in slowly going a bit deeper, then withdrew again, he did this a few times without hitting the back of my throat. “OK, take a breath buddy and relax that throat.” Ryan instructed as he slid his cock in without stopping this time. Ryans cock isn’t as big as Luis’ and I could take it without gagging, even though he was pushing it into my throat. When I felt his pubes on my chin, he pulled back out, trailing throat slime down along my nose and forehead. “Doing ok handsome?” Ryan asked. “Yeah, great! keep going.” I enthused Ryan slid his cock back into my throat a few more times, then started fucking my throat faster. I was taking a breath when I could, but mostly holding my breath because he was fucking faster, slapping his balls on my nose and eyes as he fucked my throat, trails of spit were running down my nose to my forehead. “OMG you’re a natural buddy. your throat is so fucking hot. I need to stop so I don’t cum.” Ryan gasped as he pulled his rock hard cock out of my throat. “Josh, come over here and fuck his throat while I get the other restraints ready.” Ryan instructed. Josh came over with a towel and wiped my nose and forehead. “You’re a mess Tim. It’s so fucking hot. Not many guys can handle this. I think you’re gonna compete for gag-the-fag for sure.” Josh laughed as he cleaned me up. Then slid his cock deep into my throat causing me to gag slightly, but I recovered as he withdrew then slid deep again. Josh did that a few times, then went deep and pressed his hips against my face and stayed in my throat for an extended period. maybe 30 secs. Then pulled out allowing me to heave in some air before he went deep again and stayed a bit longer then slid out allowing me to suck in more air before he went in deep again. Josh kept up this rhythm of going deep staying there and pressing in deep then withdrawing so I could breathe. It was so hot and I could feel my rock hard cock leaking precum the whole time. Occasionally I’d feel Ryan twisting my nipples and he wasn’t as gentle anymore. My cock throbbed and leaked every time he twisted them. “OK Josh. Let’s get these other restraints in place.” Josh slid out of my throat and wiped my spit covered face again, then helped Ryan attach more restraints to my thighs, pulling my legs wider apart and attached them to the bed, then a strap across my hips. I was tied tightly down to the bed now. Ryan checked each strap to make sure they weren’t too tight. and asked me about numbness etc. “OK Josh, you get his pits, I’ll go for his feet and we can meet at his belly. GO!” Ryan yelled. Then they both started tickling me. I screamed out in laughter. I was trying to wiggle around but i was restrained tightly to the bed. “STOP, NO.” I screamed through my laughter. Suddenly everything stopped. “How you doing Tim?” Ryan asked “I’m good.” I replied with escort bayan tears streaming down my face. “You told us to stop.” Ryan pointed out. “Oh, I think thats my natural reaction to being tickled. My brothers never stopped though” I explained. “Gotcha, so this is why we use the traffic light signs. we work on consent here, if you say stop or no, we stop. I understand your reaction, make sure you say ‘yellow’ if you need us to slow down or ease off something and ‘Red’ if there’s a problem we need to address immediately and stop everything.” Ryan explained. “OK, sorry. you can keep tickling me, I hate it, but love it.” I consented. “Be careful what you ask for handsome” Ryan winked at me. “GO!” Ryan yelled to Josh Ryan and Josh continued tickling me mercilessly tickling my feet and arm pits and the sides of my stomach and thighs and my belly. I could barely breath through the laughter. I had tears running down my face and my cock was rock hard and leaking precum like a faucet. I couldn’t wiggle or escape and it was the hottest, worst, best feeling ever!! Then the tickling stopped and I gasped for air and tried to catch my breath and continued laughing even though I wasn’t being tickled anymore. “Josh, hop up on Tim’s cock and ride that Monster.” Ryan instructed Josh. Josh hopped up on the bed and lowered himself onto my cock. Seems Josh was already prelubed. It felt so amazing to have him slide down on my cock after that tickling session. I almost came as he hit bottom. “OH FUCK!!” I moaned. “I’m so close to cumming guys. be careful” I moaned out loud “You’re not allowed to cum handsome. Josh is gonna ride your cock, and you are not allowed to cum. Do you understand?” Ryan commanded very aggressively. “Yes Sir, but I’m so close” I moaned. “DO NOT CUM. You are not allowed to cum, do you understand?” Ryan commanded “Yes Sir.” I responded. This is harder than taking Luis’ cock skull fucking me. I haven’t cum all day because Sean told me not to, I’m so horned up. GAH! My head was still tilted back and Ryan slid his cock into my throat while Josh rode my cock. This is absolute heaven. Life does not get any better than having two super sexy muscled frat boys using my restrained body. Josh rode my cock for about 2-3 mins then pulled off. Ryan slid out of my throat and I tried to focus on what was happening but my head was swimming from the exhiliration of this sexy scene. I felt the restraints being removed from my thighs and hips, and the ankle restraints kept in place but unclipped from the bed, then Ryan crawled onto the bed between my legs while raising my ankles over my chest. My ankles were clipped to a bar and I could feel Ryan push my legs back so my thighs were on my belly. Josh’s finger slid into my hole lubing me up then I felt Ryans cock slide into my hole making me moan out load. Ryan pulled all the way back out of my hole causing me to gasp, then slid all the way back in making me moan. Ryan did this a few times teasing me with this long dicking. My hole didn’t know whether to relax or squeeze shut. Eventually it just stayed gaping open. Josh was at my head sliding his cock into my throat and they both began fucking me more quickly. Josh skull fucking my throat causing throat slime to run down my face again, while Ryan pounded away at my hole. Getting spit roasted with my head hanging down and ankles over by chest was so fucking hot. Ryan seeemed to enjoy using the bar between my ankles for leverage as I felt him pushing my legs farther forward with each slam of his hips on my ass. Somewhere in my brain i heard the dinner bell ring, and Josh and Ryan stopped their assault on my holes. and slid out of my ass and throat. My ankles were gently guided back down to the bed and I felt Ryan crawling off the bed. I laid on my back gasping for air and trying to refocus on my surroundings. Slowly becoming concious of the basement and the other guys at the other stations moving around. I almost forgot where I was. I just had the most amazing sex of my life. Ryan and Josh unbuckled the restraints from my ankles and wrists. “How are you feeling Tim?” Ryan asked as he was removing the restraints. “AMAZING!!” I moaned out loud. Josh and Ryan both laughed. “That was super hot man. You’re a great fuck.” Josh reported. Ryan helped me off the bed. My legs were shaky, and I had a little trouble standing for a second, but regained my footing quickly. “FUCK. that was so fucking HOT!!” I practically yelled out. “You’re a natural handsome.” Ryan slapped my ass as Josh led me to our next station. I’m exhausted and more excited than I’ve ever been. My cock is rock hard and leaking. I look around the room and the other candidates are in a similar starry eyed state, smiling big and being led by their mentor. I love this House. I need this in my life. “Hey Guys. I’m Ty. Welcome to the Fisting station.” The sexiest muscled God, with a long, thick cock snaking down his thigh greeted us.

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